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    • By thianz
      THZ CRH2 Train Mod BGTCN
      This modd will change the default Maxis Trains and/or the Default HSRP train skin to that of CRH2, a High speed train operatingin in China.
      CRH2(China Railway High_speed 2)
      You can delete the CRH2_Rail skin or HSRP skin by remove the CRH2_Rail or CRH2_HSRPFolder.
      (FSH texture made & replaced by Thianz.
      but i use S3Dfromkurtangletn's Acela Mod. Thanks very much!)

      SP Thanks to SCCN,BGTCN,gamebase.tw,& Tiandu.
    • By airman15
      Keeping up with the latest auto trends is no fun. Once upon a time, everyone had a modest domestic coupe in the driveway. As time went on, those got replaced with newer, shinier models with bigger engines and now with utility features. And then there was the one-hit wonder from the early 2000's showing off one of those huge tanks with big wheels and a chrome wrap. Every trip to the dealer to get one of these high-dollar SUV's ended the same. One credit check, two sales associates pointing and laughing at your credit history, and three weeks of humiliation from that visit and you still have no replacement. Enter- the Cadillac Escalade! It doesn't matter that it's trim is a plastic veneer! Nor does it matter it's leather is synthetic! You are now at the top of the pile with all the other high rollers and that's the important part! Now you can start your own rap career or demand to see a manager the proper way!
      About the Upload-
      There are five vehicles included in this upload. Each one is a 2017 Cadillac Escalade. They are high-wealth vehicles and will appear on your road networks.
      None required.
      Components for the textures were derived from Kelley Blue Book.
    • By airman15
      Living the high life can be obtained in a myriad of ways, as long as you have the proper connections or the resources to do so. Yet, when you find your way into that lifestyle your options for vehicles are all the same garish brands that each bring you the same judging sneers from the public at large. But you don't give a Hoover Damn! You feed on it! You earned your position early on and they are only jealous! It doesn't matter if you're a small time rap star, or a failed real estate mogul, or the mayor of Podunk in Whoknowswhere County, you still deserve a chariot from which to show off in!
      About the Upload-
      The vehicle is a 2017 Cadillac Escalade and is driveable once the Mayor's House is constructed in your city. It is a replacement for the Maxis Mayor's Limousine. Also includes a second matching file for use as standard automata.
      None needed.
      Components for the textures were derived from Kelley Blue Book.

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