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Modern HD Car Props (incl. MMP) 1.1

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About This File

AndisArt presents:

Modern HD Car Props (incl. MMP)


This prop pack adds modern cars to your game as props (not as functioning automata/driving cars).
There are 10 different vehicles with different colorings, totalling 30 variants. All models were rendered in HD, also know as Zoom 6.

Vehicle models:

⦁    Audi Concept Car
⦁    Audi Roadster
⦁    Audi TT
⦁    VW Beetle
⦁    Futuristic Bike
⦁    Citroen C4
⦁    Mazda MX5
⦁    Nissan 350Z
⦁    Smart
⦁    VW Touareg

The props can be used individually or as a prop family. Item names start with "AndisArt_PROP_carpack", followed by the model name and color. Prop family ID is 0A341980.

There is a test lot that can be found in the landmark menu for an overview of all models.

Can also be used in Mayor mode under tree menu as MMP (Mayor-Mode-Ploppable). If you do not wish to have this function you can delete the file AndisArt_PROP_carpack_MMP.dat  in the download folder. Special thanks to @Girafe for the MMP modding



Extract the whole folder and copy it to your SimCity 4 Plugins folder (usually MyDocuments/SimCity 4/Plugins).

You can now use the models in the Lot Editor or with any download that has this file as a dependency.

The test lot is an individual file and can be deleted if not required.
(File:  AndisArt_PROP_carpack_testlot_67ba0db8.SC4Lot)  


Model credit: Cadnav.com

MMP modding: Girafe


What's New 1.1   View Changelog


UPDATE:   MMP added (Mayor-Mode-Ploppable), can now also be used in Mayor mode under tree menu. If you do not wish to have this function you can delete the file AndisArt_PROP_carpack_MMP.dat

Special thanks to @Girafe for the modding!

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Urban Constanta

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

outstanding <3 can you please make them as mmp also :D 


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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

thank you for updating the vehicles for this old game to keep it fresh   beautiful highly detailed models

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very cool!! Can these be used in CitiesXL too?

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Wonderful ! (I would have liked to see them in a parking though : depending on the parking style, some cars are sometimes just a tad too big.)

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Wonderful work! I'll have to put these to good use *:)

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    • By mfcnr
      Here's the situation. I'm trying to add traffic stains to my roads(as can be seen in the pics). The only way I know how to do this is by superimposing props, problem is that I hit the prop limit, no more!  That is unacceptable. I'm wondering if there is some way to colorize, in other words stain the given game roads and use them as upgrades on existing roads without using props. After all, all we talking about is changing the existing color pixelization on the asset with no additional program elements. Is there some way of doing this? And I hope outside of using the Asset Editor which always crashes for some reason.

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    • By Wiimeiser
      For some reason MMPs are clicking twice, causing them to jump up by two stages with each click instead of one. This makes it physically borderline impossible to use any odd numbered variations except the first (by dragging) and last (if there are an odd number of entries)(NB once you move the cursor off a MMP you can no longer click to change it). Is this a known bug? Can it be fixed? Or will I have to give each prop entry its own button in the menu to be able to use all of them?
      EDIT: Changing an already modified one works. Single clicking also works, but the input has to be held for only one frame. What might be going on is the instruction that tells the MMP to stop updating runs in real time while the instruction that updates the MMP runs based on framerate, so it's possible having more than the original FPS breaks MMP inputs (for reference I get 100+ FPS in Gmod), meaning it's a game code error that can't be fixed. If only there was a way to display the game's framerate we could know for sure...
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      ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION (13 July 2011):
      "Hey there. I'm IDS, and I'm just another high school kid who's played sim games since kindergarten. I've downloaded several gigabytes of content from the STEX over the years, and for a long time I've wanted to give back, but learning how to BAT was too complex for me and the maps I made were pretty unappealing.About a month ago I downloaded 3dsMax and pushed through a handful of tutorials, including the infamous BAT tutorial. A month later, I'm at the point where I'm only mildly embarrassed of my creations. I really can't go on much further on my own without some advice, and besides, what better way to learn than to know what I need to improve on? Criticism is more than welcome, I know I'm new to this and am still pretty green, so just be honest "
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       riverview tower, bloomington, mn
       hiawatha bank tower
       retro theaters
       booth manor, minneapolis, mn
       anderson hall, minneapolis, mn
       postwar houses, minneapolis, mn
       paramount theater, bristol, tn
       lang-nelson, st. louis park, mn
       social sciences building, minneapolis, mn
       ralph rapson hall, minneapolis, mn
    • By IL.
      This apartment building is available both as a landmark and a residential building.
      It's a wall to wall building, that's why it lacks to windows on the sides.

      Pollution: low
      Landmark effect: medium
      Sims capacity: medium
      No dependencies needed.


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