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    • By DBJisDa1
      I just wanted know what some people's personal preferences were, when it came to city building, specifically how your city layout is like. Is placing residential zones near industrial zones good? I lay my industry a ways back from the residential areas as to not attract to much pollution. I just dont like how the smog clouds my cities. 
    • By lmca9000
      The Total Entertainment Center of Cachamay or (Cachamay Stadium) is a multipurpose stadium located in Av. guayana in Puerto Ordaz (part of Guayana City) Bolivar State, Venezuela. The old stadium was opened in 1990 and sunjected to an expansion, modernization and remodeling over the years 2006 - 2007. 
      Capacity: 42000 
      Location: Venezuela
      No dependencies.
      A Special thanks to @korver and @matias93 for helping me with the technical problems. 
      El Centro Total de Entretenimiento Cachamay o simplemente Estadio Cachamay, es un estadio multiproposito localizado en Puerto Ordaz (parte de Ciudad Guayana) en Venezuela. 
      El antiguo estadio fue inaugurado en 1990 y modernizado, expandido y remodelado en 2006 y 2007 aumentando su capacidad a 42000 expectadores, el estadio fue una de las arenas para la Copa America Venezuela 2007.
    • By Lost Gecko
      I've just released my first assets and I decided to create a post not because there is much to see, but rather because as an inexperienced modeler it will be a good place to collect feedback and ask for advice. (I would like to keep the forum clean from my numerous questions!)
      So my project is a modular medieval wall that is currently made out of 7 parts of a 6m high set. This is the short version, which is suitable for town walls, but a 12m set is planned. I might also do a 9m version but don't quote me on that.
      The wall parts are based on the great "stone wall" template of Sparks, so they can be placed freely and conform to terrain. I tried to make their stats balanced in terms of entertainment value. I wanted the towers to avoid flattening the terrain and as I'm not good with playing with building's properties, I went with a water tower template without stats. It's not the most convenient but it works. It's also worth noting that the assets only really work well with an anarchy mod (especially the gates that I made without roads for more freedom).
      Here is the link to the collection: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=718095394
      New short pieces and the tall set are on the way, but probably not before the end of July. You can leave suggestions or feedback so that I can improve my future assets!
    • By T Wrecks
      Chelsea Tower
      2nd Edition
      BAT and original lots created by ks_JPN
      New modding, new lot design, readme & custom menu icons by T Wrecks
      Introduction / Overview
      Chelsea Tower has been BATted and uploaded to Simtropolis by ks_JPN, so all credits for the superb BAT (and it IS a superb BAT!) go to him. So why a second edition, you might wonder? Well, for once the number of jobs for such a building was considered way too low by some (including me). Others would have preferred a growable version (including me), and yet another person commented that this tower is an apartment hotel in real life so that a version as CS$$$ would be appropriate. This triggered my motivation to re-mod this beauty, and while I was at it, I found that the original version had some oddities in its files and that the icons were Lot Editor defaults, which means blurry pictures with ugly grey background.
      I hope I managed to fix all these things and answer the most important requests concerning this building. The new stats will make this hard to get, but I think that you wouldn't want to have such a characteristic and unique building popping up every twohundred metres in your cities, so I made it to be a challenge.

      All in all, you will find the following lots:
      Ploppable landmark Ploppable functional CO$$$ Growable CO$$$ (2 lot sizes) Ploppable functional CS$$$ Growable CS$$$ The lots for CO$$$ and CS$$$ are different, but for each version, ploppable and growable version share the same lot design. Lot flora is randomized and will change every time the building grows or is plopped. If you don't like palms, you can use any of the existing "No Palm Tree" mods (e.g. the one by Swamper77, which I use myself) to have them blocked and replaced by normal trees automatically.

      Note: Ploppable and landmark versions feature individual custom menu icons that will allow you to see immediately which version is which.
      Needless to say, since this is a mere set of additional lots, you will need the original building for which this set was created. You can find it here (click).
      Apart from this unavoidable "dependency" (to ensure credit is given to those who deserve it), no external downloads are required for these new lots.
      Stats and Values
      All game-relevant values you might like to know are listed in the following overview tables.
      Parameter Growable Ploppable with jobs Occupants: 6,125 CO$$$
      (8,732 CO$$ when dilapidated) 6,125 CO$$$
      (8,732 CO$$ when dilapidated) Lot Sizes /
      Growth Stage: 3x3, 4x4
      (stage 8) 4x4
      n/a Zone Type: Dense commercial n/a Tileset(s): Euro n/a Value: § 42,012 § 42,012 Worth / Bulldoze Cost: § 2,442 § 2,442 Flammability: 35 / Stage 5 35 / Stage 5 Power consumed: 297 MWh/month 297 MWh/month Water consumed: 3092 gallons/month 3092 gallons/month Air pollution: 20 over 6 tiles 20 over 6 tiles Water pollution: 20 over 7 tiles 20 over 7 tiles Garbage generated: 6 tons/month 6 tons/month Plop cost: n/a (grows) § 140,000 TABLE 2: CS$$$ VERSIONS
      Parameter Growable Ploppable with jobs Occupants: 2,225 CS$$$
      (3,450 CS$$ / 5,086 CS$ when dilapidated) 2,225 CS$$$
      (3,450 CS$$ / 5,086 CS$ when dilapidated) Lot Sizes /
      Growth Stage: 4x4
      (stage 8) 4x4
      n/a Zone Type: Dense commercial n/a Tileset(s): Euro n/a Value: § 52,250 § 52,250 Worth / Bulldoze Cost: § 2,802 § 2,802 Flammability: 35 / Stage 5 35 / Stage 5 Power consumed: 322 MWh/month 322 MWh/month Water consumed: 3850 gallons/month 3850 gallons/month Air pollution: 31 over 6 tiles 31 over 6 tiles Water pollution: 27 over 7 tiles 27 over 7 tiles Garbage generated: 31 tons/month 31 tons/month Plop cost: n/a (grows) § 140,000 TABLE 3: LANDMARK
      Parameter LANDMARK Lot Size 3x3 Menu Position: Landmarks Plop Cost: § 140,000 Maintenance Cost: § 260/month Landmark Effect: + 70 over 20 tiles Mayor Rating Effect: +5 / 256 tiles Worth / Bulldoze Cost: § 2,650 Flammability: 35 / Stage 5 Power consumed: 565 MWh/month Water consumed: 1160 gallons/month Air pollution: 6 over 2 tiles Water pollution: 6 over 3 tiles Garbage generated: 30 tons/month Installation
      First of all, it is recommended to unzip the entire content of this ZIP into some archive folder where you keep all building versions, readme, and screenshots, and maybe even back it up onto a CD or an external HD together with your other SC4 stuff. This way, if you need to clean your HD and reinstall your OS, you can simply copy the stuff from your backup archive into your plugins folder instead of having to download all plugins anew.
      If you haven't installed the original Chelsea Tower already, do so now and proceed as outlined above. In order to keep things clear, I recommend deleting the original lot file and keeping only the .sc4model file.
      Then, simply copy the .sc4model file (the actual building model) from the original download plus the sub-folder(s) of whatever version(s) you'd like to use from this archive into a newly created sub-folder for Chelsea Tower inside your plugins folder.
      If you have already added the original Chelsea Tower to your plugins, find the folder and delete the original desc and lot files if you want to stop using them and use the ones from this archive instead. Then, copy the folders of the desired versions from this archive into your Chelsea Tower folder. If you don't mind keeping the old lots, simply copy the new lots into your plugins folder, and both will coexist.

      IMPORTANT: If you have already plopped a Chelsea Tower in your region and you want to replace the old lot with the ones from this archive, please go into the affected cities, bulldoze the tower(s), save and exit before you remove the old lots. Then, you can install the new lots, load the game and plop the new version.
      The same applies to uninstalling any version you don't like (including the ones from this archive): First bulldoze all instances of that version in your cities, then save the cities and exit. Now you can safely remove the version without running any risk to experience crashes or facing any other inconvenience.
      T Wrecks
      Thursday, June 8, 2006.
      -Cori Edit: Updated description from ReadMe file.

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