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RRetail Commercial Relots Pack Eleven 1.0.0

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About This File

Pack Eleven are relots of models by Simgoober. 

When downloading, please know the following:

  • Because this pack uses Simgoober LEX department store models, please follow the instructions in the remove list files to get rid of any models and/or lots you may already have.
  • USER BEWARE: While the LEX lots files aren't required for all of my relots, some of my relots will crash the game if you don't have Simgoober's lots downloaded. I apologize for this, but I have no idea how to get around this. Therefore his original lots are a dependency. 
  • One STEX file is required as it is not part of the department store files on the LEX


Lot Sizes:

3x4 lots:

  • SG Richardson's Department Store

4x4 lots:

  • SG Urban Department Store

5x3 lots:

  • SG Hess Department Store

5x5 lots

  • SG Monkey Wards

5x6 lots:

  • SG Neiman Marcus

6x5 lots:

  • SG Hechts
  • SG Nordstrom
  • SG Sears

6x7 lots:

  • SG Wally K's Bullseye



Other Dependencies:

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Great lots with some classic models - nice work as usual *:thumb:

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    • By Glenni
      Please delete older versions!

      This is a pack of skybridges/skywalks/skyways for your commercial or industrial areas. 
      I advice you to place these carefully, to get the right visual qualities, they can be a bit tedious to place at first, but find a suiting 
      spot and thery will fit in quite nicely. 
      There's 5 different models:
      Round modern skywalk.
      Square modern skywalk.
      Industrial metal skywalk with graffiti.
      Industrial skywalk with arched windows with white brick.
      Industrial skywalk with arched windows with red brick.
      Industrial skywalk with square windows.

      works like any bus stop but with a capacity of
      15 000 for street
      20 000 for road
      40 000 for avenue
      Thank you to: Simhottody for advice and putting up with me constantly bugging him about renders...
      B22rian and Tyberius for revamping the stats and functionality of these lots.
      BSC textures VOL 1 (need for avenue textures)
      Rockefeller center Maxis official download (need for road textures:
      Can either be found in the landmarks section on  SimCity.ea.com 
      OR http://public.me.com/zelgadis
    • By pclark06
      Building from here: http://gobanboshi.s25.xrea.com/index.html
    • By new.orendor
      These stations by uki-Sim are incredibly cool.
      I've updated them to have capacities and switch costs in line with the current NAM standards (September 2017 NAM 35). I've also included versions that will use the NAM query. To use this relot, simply download the original stations from the provided links and replace the .SC4lot files with my updated files.
      You must choose whether you want these stations to use the NAM train station query or the Maxis default.
      MAXIS: Extract the folder labeled MAXIS QUERY
      NAM: Extract the folder labeled NAM QUERY
      RRW USERS: If you have RRW installed, the textures of the through line rails will use the RRW textures.  
      Gorge Station:
      Size: 1x4 + overhang
      Capacity: 50 000 passengers
      maintenance: $10 per month
      To use this station, simply plop it on the edge of a steep slope or cliff with the arrow pointing away from the dropoff. A steeper slope generally looks nicer, but isn't necessary.

      Gorge Station 30m:
      Size: 2x4
      Capacity: 57 500 Passengers
      Maintenance: $15 per month
      To use this station, you must make sure the change in elevation over the tile adjacent to the rail line is ~30m. If the slope is much shallower or steeper, the stairs will not look right. The hole diggers included with NAM are very useful here.
      Place the station with the arrow facing towards the dropoff. The flexible foundation will conform to the slope.
      This station includes a bus stop.
      You need the original stations .sc4model and .sc4desc files for this relot to work.
      The main pages are in Japanese, but Google Chrome's auto translate is adequate
          Gorge station:
          main page: http://uki-sim.seesaa.net/article/143281360.html
              just click on the download icon in the center of the page
               (or Direct download is:  http://uki-sim.up.seesaa.net/bat/Gorge-RailStation.zip )
          Gorge station 30m:
          Main page: http://uki-sim.seesaa.net/article/143729718.html
              just click on the download icon in the center of the page
              (or direct download is: http://uki-sim.up.seesaa.net/bat/Gorge-RailStation_30m.zip )
      Final Notes:
      I encourage you to check out the rest of uki Sim's bats and props on their website. http://uki-sim.seesaa.net/
    • By RRetail
      9 more commercial relots for all STEX users to enjoy! The strip mall relots will require a LEX download which is linked at the bottom.
      Some lots will require lotplop.
      4x4 lots:
      Simgoober Mini Strip Mall all four versions are 4x4 lots link found below 4x5 lots:
      5x5 lots:
      6x5 lots:
      7x9 lots:
      Other Dependencies:
      BSC Texture Pack Cycledogg Vol 1 BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 1 LBT Mega Prop Pack Vol.1 SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures 1.0.1 SuperSHK + FA3 Parking Textures SHK Parking Pack Mushy's Trailers  (blank white 90 degrees) (Walmart 90 degrees) The strip malls needed by Simgoober are found on the LEX here. 
      You will also need:

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