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    • By HONG KONG

      Hong Kong / Asia BAT Team
      Presents: Akiba (Japanese) Onoden
      BAT created by 2ch.net Simplayer 
      Modding, lot design, & base texure by HONG KONG

      To install the Akiba Ononden, place the building files, 
      and Dat file in your My Documents\SimCity4\Plugins folder.
      Dependencies: none

    • By HONG KONG
      The new texture toned-down version !

      BAT by : 2ch.net Simplayer / Modding by : HONG KONG

      To install the Meiyuan Dafangdien(Plumflower Park Hotel),place the model, desc, and lot files in your My Documents\SimCity4\Plugins folder.

      No dependencies!

    • By HONG KONG

      Hong Kong / Asia BAT Team
      Presents: Asian City Block Pack
      BATs created by 2ch.net Simplayer
      Modding, lot design, costum query & base texure by HONG KONG
      Check out the Hong Kong /Asia BAT Team thread at Simtropolis
      If you want to build a realistic asiatic city, here is the solution.All buildings are exactly as in the reality:confusing animates with many people, colors, smells, voices, goods, stuff and garbage behind lit fronts.
      We call it hard core city blocks and I bet some will survive.
      To install the Asian City Block Pack, place the building files,
      and Dat files in your My Documents\SimCity4\Plugins folder.
      10 x CS$$ plop, 10 x CS$$ grow, 3 x CO$$ plop
      No dependencies!
    • By SimRabbit
      Leever and Associates is a architecturial firm located in Trenton City. Leever McHanson is a well known architect in SimNation, designing from shops to malls to skyscrapers.
      Landmark Functional, Growable Lot and Landmark Lot are included. These have the same values. Hope they are right.
      Plop Cost: 10,000
      Bulldoze Cost: 500
      Jobs: 1500
      Grow Stage 8
      Nightlights are kind of repetitive so bare with me, this is my 3rd BAT, and this won't happen next time.
      Thanks to Simgoober for his tutorial to convert Landmarks into RCI ploppables. Jasoncw, SimFox and others who have helped me out.
      Please visit my BAT thread for help and support https://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=37&threadid=90471&enterthread=y
      Made by SimRabbit

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