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    • By Berethor07
      This is the fourth pack of MX monuments series and contains: two roundabouts (landmarks) and one bell tower (park):
      Caballito Roundabout is a modern sculpture located in the avenue: paseo de la Reforma in Mexico city.
      Olmeca Roundabout is based on a prehispanic sculpture: "Olmeca Heads".
      The bell Tower is located on the Basilic of Guadalupe. Today December,12 is the 476th aniversary of the apparitions of the virgen Mary in Mexico.

      Lot Details and bigger images in the readme.
      Depedencies: NONE
    • By Berethor07
      After a long time I'm uploading a pack of roundabout fillers, those are a improved versions of  "Mexico monuments pack 2"  and "Angel de la independencia"
      The roundabouts are located in the avenue "Paseo de la Reforma" in Mexico city.
      Diana Cazadora Fountain  (important: this roundabout is the only one that replace the last version on pack 2, delete  "diana cazadora 1x1" to see this)
      Angel de la Independencia
      Monument to Columbus
      Monument to Cuauhtemoc
      Palma roundabout
      Full details in the readme



      BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol  01

      By Berethor
    • By Berethor07
      Finally I releasing my tenth bat at Mexico city series, here is the Palacio Nacional my "masterpiece". Is one of the most great colonial buildings in Mexico, It was built in 1523 as home of gobernants of New Spain (Mexico), actually is a government office building and a museum, located in the downtown of Mexico city.
      Lot Details:

      Size 10x6 tiles Plop cost: $ 50,000 Bulldoze cost: $ 5 000 Dependencies NONE More info in the readme
      Special Features:
      Custom query window
      Custom query sound: National Anthem
      Provide, $$$ civic jobs
      Special Thanks:
      Debussyman for helping me with the modding of the lot
      Tested by Hableurg
      More Images:
      South view: http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/8339/uo0204ds5.jpg
      North view:
      Night View
      I hope you like it
    • By Berethor07
      The Angel of the independence is one of the most famous monuments in Mexico. Is located in the Avenue of Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City. Built in the year of 1902. The column and the angel have the height of 45 meters.
      Lot Size: 2x2
      Plop cost: 7000
      Bulldoze cost: 700
      I'll hope you like it. enjoy
    • By Berethor07
      This is the second and the last pack of monuments of the Mexcio city. The monumets are located in the Reforma avenue.
      This pack includes:  2 roundabouts and 1 memorial monument:

      Diana Cazadora Size: 1x1Plop cost: 2,500

      Monument to Columbus Size 1x1Plop cost: 4,500

      Monument to heroes boys Size: 3x1
      Plop cost: 3,000
      More info in the readme. 
      No dependencies,  Enjoy it

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