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    • By adamoteentitans
      hey there friends
      since my city is getting destroyed and abandoned by the '' the lack of the chocolate sprinkles'' and the curse of the ''poor transport of other zones'' and the evil lack of demand for some zones which leave me with abandoned sad houses
      anyone got answers for these problems because i got nothing (and i added transport ) it didn't work so or any special kindof tweaking i can do ''wink'' ''wink''
    • By adamoteentitans
      does anyone know a tutorial on how to use the BAT of SC3000 to create custom content or can anyone help or guide me on how to use it
      I can't wait to start learning and creating new buildings and sharing them 
      but I need some help please 
    • By adamoteentitans
      I have been started playing SimCity 3000 for a while now and I like it a lot but I am bad at it especially the demand gets me everytime 
      so I am trying to make a super demand mod like the one in the SimCity 4 for SimCity 3000 
      the only problem is I never made a mod in my life so I need so help and guidance and a superdemand mod would help a lot of people too 
    • By terragaroa
      Hello guys
      i just have done some research before start a new city and thought about share with you the best of what i found 
      first thing is this vídeo, explaining How to make an attractive city, by the School of Life.
      this video shows 6 topics about how a city can be prettier :
      not be so chaotic or so ordered must have visible life must be compact must have easy orientation and some mistery must have a ordered scale must have local places to go  [Click to see the video]
      take a look and post your opinion
      maybe i make some posts like this one, what do you think about it?

    • By LittleMac
      Hello guys. As i am a person who loves documentaries, this is a project that I always wanted to do, hope you enjoy it. In this series we tell the story of the fictional city of Anchieta, using Cities: Skylines! From it's emergence in a small town, until the transformation into a metropolis, we will follow this journey through history, geography, architecture and urbanism! This is the first episode, from the foundation of the village until it's evolution to become a imperial city. Don't forget to subscribe and like the video for more content if you like it!
      Link of the first episode: 
      Some maps that i did:


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