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    • By RRetail
      My second package of props needed for various things to come or that you can use for your own purposes.
      A Safeway banner as a prop is included as the pumps for it did not render exactly like they were supposed to.
      No dependencies as this is meant to be one.
    • By Framit
      Just a question for experts programmers
      Could anyone save a small script into a prop and execute the script when loading the prop?
    • By AmiPolizeiFunk
      Am I not allowed to add lights to an asset with DummyBuildingAI?
      I saved the asset w/o the light just fine. Then I placed one prop light, tried to save again and boom, error. Anybody know what's going on here?

    • By The British Sausage
      It's looks likely that the US, France, Israel and Saudi Arabia will be -- at a minimum -- conducting air strikes against the Syrian government and military. Within three days.
      If Russia stands it ground and does protect its ally then that means fighting US, Israel and NATO air units and possibly other military units: special forces and the like.
      There's only two outcomes to this:
      1. A limited military clash where both sides' noses get a bit bloodied, then a ceasefire.
      2. Unstoppable escalation as US/NATO/Israel and Russia lose all control.
      Finally this is for every member of this site, especially those living in the US, UK, Europe and Russia:
      Should -- God forbid -- the worst happen there'll be only one indication, one warning- the power goes out, the phones stop working and anything electrical is dead or frazzled. That's an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack from a nuclear warhead detonated high above in the atmosphere to disrupt a countries communications and power grid. This is the first phase of a nuclear salvo.
      After that -- depending on where you live in the US or Europe -- you have a minimum of five minutes until the first warheads and MIRVs of the nuclear salvo strike.
      Let's pray the US/NATO stands down.
    • By Retep Molinari
      Hey y'all!
      So often when working with prop anarchy, I can't get things to work right. All of the assets start flashing or disappearing at different zooms. Any idea what this may be?

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