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Another Minnesota building! It's almost as if I have a preference for that sort of thing.

This particular building is located by the Mississippi River's western bank, right at the heart of the western portion of the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus. Dating to 1963, it was among the first buildings to be completed as part of the university's expansion across the river. Over 50 years later, it remains the tallest university building on the western side of the river and is home to, unsurprisingly, a number of social science departmental offices. 

I've modded it as a ploppable college building as well as a growable CO$$ building. As usual, both darknite and maxisnite versions are included. The darknite scene requires this lovely mod from Simfox. Otherwise, this baby is dependency free.

Note that two versions of this model are included - one with modeled ground and one with an editable lot. I kept the editable version simple so you can play around with it freely - I'm curious to see what you all come up with!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have or bugs you find. You can also check out my current projects here

What's New 1.1.0   View Changelog


4/20/17 - added a version that does NOT contain modeled ground/plaza area.

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Whoohoo, a new upload from you! *:party:

Now that's a deliciously generic (read: versatile and useful) building, modeled, textured and lit up to your usual high standards - a sure download!

I also think you made good choices in terms of modding for both the ploppable and the growable version. Interesting choice for an inner-city college!

The only teeny-tiny bit I'm not so sure about is the fully modeled ground - that's a bit of a pet peeve for me as a lotter, I guess. *:lol:

It feels great to see your name pop up on the STEX again - hope you'll keep 'em coming, and thank you so much for this one!

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I guess there are both pros and cons for presenting the entire lot as a model.

Pros:  This is certainly a way to alleviate the need for any dependencies.  This is certainly your choice as a creator.  Personally, the presence of, or lack of dependencies has never been a factor on whether to add something to my collection.  At this point in time, I just consider dependencies as a fact of life if one wants anything more than what is often just another boring box.

Cons:  I think this possibly limits the longevity of your work by preventing others from using your building model and lotting (relotting?) it into a different setting.  I would guess this is the basis of T Wrecks pet peeve.  This, of course, might also be considered a pro if you don't want anyone else futzing with what you probably consider perfection already.  There will always be those that don't agree with the props and/or the ground textures you use, and/or the setting you chose.  Limiting their ability to "futz" with your creation could be the difference between whether your creation gets used or discarded.

BTW, well done building!

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    • By IL.
      This apartment building is available both as a landmark and a residential building.
      It's a wall to wall building, that's why it lacks to windows on the sides.

      Pollution: low
      Landmark effect: medium
      Sims capacity: medium
      No dependencies needed.

    • By SecretMbr_735754
      These lots are the largest that can be built. They are parks made up of grass textures which may be landscaped, tree-planted, and gardened with MMPs and flora to create your own fresh-air generating, health and well-being facilitating, wilderness in the city.
      There are 3 versions using a set of base textures made for this project, and 1 version using the standard grass area 1x1 park in Maxis.  Also included are a set of 6 grass base textures and 1x1 grass area lots with more pollution reduction and park effect.
      No Dependencies: There are no external dependencies. The base texture file is included in the zip file download.
      🌎 4 Versions of the Park Include:
      Ɵ AREA 64 Ecology.
      Found in the Parks Menu. Based on the Zoo Reward,  provides maximum Park Effect over 100 tiles.
      Ɵ AREA 64 Energy.
      Found in the Power Menu and providing 25x wind power.
      Ɵ AREA 64 Education.
      Found in the Education Menu and providing a School EQ boost 5x the science museum.
      Ɵ AREA 64 Transit
      Found in the Parks Menu and providing a transit capacity of 1200 in one corner of the lot.
      All lots are transit and network enabled, reduce pollution significantly, and have minimal maintenance cost. These lots will moderately impact game speed, it is recommended that only 1 be used in any city, but all 4 may be used safely.
      Why are These Lots Called AREA 64?
      The maximum number of props allowed on a lot is 1280, including base and overlay textures, so although Lot Editor will allow you to build a lot as large as 64 x 64 with 4096 base textures, when you plop the lot on a city tile it will be missing (4096 - 1280), or 2816 base textures. 
      The largest lot that can be built that fits into the 1280 limit is 36 x 35 which equals 1260 base textures.  A 36 x 36 sized lot will have 1296 textures and will be missing 16.  So, the actual largest lot you can build is 36 x 35, but you can only add 16 props to bring the total to the limit of 1280.
      Lot tiles are 16 meters wide and there are 64 of them wide in a small city adding up to 1024 meters or about 1 km.  A medium city is 128 squares or about 2 km wide (2,048 meters).  The large city, doubled in size again, is 256 x 16 = 4,096, just over 4 km wide.
      Given all the above our mega-lot is (36 x 16) x (35 x 16), factored as (576 x 560) square meters (322,560) which is about equal to one-third of a square kilometer or about one-fifth of a square mile (128 acres).
      If a football field is about 1 acre, and a city block is about 2 acres, our mega-lot is (128/2) about the size of 64 city blocks! 
      The size of 'AREA 64' is about the same percentage of conservation area (23%) defined under the principle of 'Sustainable Development' as established in 1987.  In SC4, placing this lot in the center of a large tile and populating it with flora will somewhat demonstrate the principle according to the game dynamics.
      The Blue Marble (photograph)    Credit: NASA
      The 'Blue Marble' is an iconic photograph of Earth taken at about 29,000 kilometres away on December 7, 1972, by the crew of Apollo 17 on their way to the moon.  The image is used often in conservation presentations and has been made into a base texture and used to make the color-coded menu icons for 'AREA 64'.
      Forest and Field Base Textures: (included)
      The base textures are compliant with the BSC Texture Index at SC4 Devotion. To make your own, request and use a unique personal Texture ID Range at SC4D.  The Forest and Field Base Textures .dat file may be used freely for content creation as long as reference is made to prevent duplication and potential conflicts in the game software.
    • By radgeRayden
      For some reason, my sims just don't seem to want to go to the hospital. I have whole city coverage, checked every health institution (all of them have more than enough free beds) and yet I get constant complaints about funding. Similar problem is happening with schools too, although it's not as consistent so I'm not sure if those are related. Hence, I'll focus on the health issue.
      Here's what my Health data view looks like:

      As you can see the problem is more acute around the south hospital, as even though it's more than a decade old a lot of folks are still red. The two bottom clinics are also at double digits attendence.
      I figure I could try just running the simulation a few more decades, but the north district is among the oldest and also on the red (the hospital at the top is as old as the city.
      I wonder if there's some ambulance simulation going on under the hood, and the reason health is bad is because those sims have congested roads between them and the clinics? I've also tried replopping the south hospital but that didn't fix the funding demands.
      Any insight is appreciated.
      I have the opera house fix installed btw, this never happened to me before (I played quite a lot a few year ago).
    • By kschmidt
      Hartford New University Campus

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