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Apple trees Farm v1 4x4 1.0.0

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About This File

This is an active park farmland That Can be Placed anywhere. Now you can add a bit more variety to Their areas of crop farms. These work well Solidyne With mod. These cost nothing and give nothing. They are for decoration only.


Original Mod: Soldyne

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    • By Tarkus
      For those who haven't heard yet, Apple announced at this year's Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) that it was going to be phasing out support for 32-bit applications for macOS in 2018.  The main points of the announcement are as follows:
      Beginning January 2018, no new 32-bit applications will be allowed on the Mac App Store. Beginning June 2018, all apps on the Mac App Store must have 64-bit support. macOS High Sierra (10.13) will be the last version of macOS to support 32-bit applications "without compromise".
      As SimCity 4 is a 32-bit application, and it is very, very unlikely that Aspyr would invest in conversion to 64-bit (it would require a complete re-work of the original source code from EA), this would appear to put the future of the Mac port of the game in doubt, particularly once macOS 10.14 is released.   Since EA also built SC2013 as a 32-bit application, it would also be subject to the same.
      If so, this is a pretty huge blow on Apple's part, and even more damaging to SC4's Mac userbase than Microsoft's changes were for Windows users.
    • By brianc1327
      In my "Fairview" region:
      I decided to try putting up a "farm region".  I will probably blow it up and put in a HT industrial, commercial, or residential district like all the others that I have been building.
      I really do not much like making "farm regions," mainly because I used to have sc4 classic (I looked, and for the past 2 years-almost exactly-I have had sc4 deluxe), and in that (classic) farms could not be taxed.  Also most farms had to have a water treatment plant attached to them because of the water pollution they produce, and the ones that come with the game are huge and take up much of the space of the farm in the first place.
      These 2 problems are solved to some extent with sc4 deluxe where farms can be taxed and mods like the MCP Water and air treatment plant which treat more water and have a much smaller footprint than the in-game treatment plant, but I still don't really like building "farm regions," and will probably blow it up and remake it as either a HT industrial, commercial, or residential like I said.
      The "farm district" that I made is one of the districts in the Fairview region that has the river running through it, and I would guess that about 1/4 of it is water, with the other 3/4 being zonable land.  For my test "farm district" I think I made about 1/2 of it into farms, and about 1/4 of it as low density residential, and of course the other 1/4 is water (perhaps I will look into trying to get some screen shots and put them up as well in the near future).
      When I looked at the number of residents vs the number of farm workers, there were 1400 residents, but only 300 farm workers, and I wondered where the other 1100 people were going, but I figured that perhaps 1 or 2 from each household were going to work on the farm, and the other residents were the spouse, children, whatever of the farm worker.
      I also did some examining of the region using the traffic data view and the transportation query tool, and the only farm it showed people commuting to was the farm that was immediately next to the residential area.  I thought perhaps the "parking lot" for the farms was on that first farm, but the transportation query tool only showed enough commuters for the immediate farm (about 20 or so, I think) and not all the farm workers (300).
      Brian Christiansen
    • By CorinaMarie
      This is prolly just a rediscovery as I'm sure other peeps already know it. For this little experiment I emptied my Plugins folder and I'm playing in 641 vanilla.
      Let's look at a typical starting farm community in a new region:

      Then I bulldozed the dirt farm while leaving the farm building in place. I extended the street so it touched a new ungrown Ag zone of the same farm ground and let it grow:

      Continuing this procedure of bulldozing and extending the street:

      And finally stopping with this:

      You'll notice the city's income went from $50 per month to $251 and the number of workers remained unchanged. Just something I find interesting.
      Entry 1:
      So I've been playing SC4 for about ten years now and most of that time was spent with the vanilla version of the game. Then a year ago I saw videos of various mods and whilst aware of their existence I was rather discouraged about using them for fear of their complexity.
      Well after some disasters I finally learnt the art of building up a portofolio of plugins as well as managing them correctly. Over the last three months (after I had to remove all the plugins because I did a bad job with the management) I've downloaded about 3.6 GB of plugins: thousands of buildings, thousands more of props, NAM, SAM, X-ports, slope mods, maps, tree controllers, terrains, more utilities plus civic facilities, parks and all sorts.
      It's almost overwhelming the choices you have and I've only explored at most a third of all the content I have downloaded. So as such I am still experimenting with my new toys and this is why this CJ is going to be more like a scrapbook. There is no coherent narrative just various pictures of my cities, furthermore there will be all kinds of quirks, oddities, blips and bloopers as I mess around with this huge palette.
      I had various requests from my SimCity 2013 CJ about starting a SC4 CJ so here it goes. May I introduce the city of Tamboria (in bits and pieces!).

      This is part of Eastern Tamboria.

      Here is Tamboria's primary power plant, this is also an important regional power plant as well.

      And of course no city can function without an oil terminal...

      ... or function without substations either. It took me a while but I finally found a substation prop configuration which I found aesthetically pleasing.

      While NAM is pretty darn cool, I think the rail catenaries are totally awesome!

      Tamboria's main hospital, centre right..

      Of course no city is complete without its recreational facilities. Behold Eastern Tamboria's sport's arena which serves both for American football and for track athletics as well.

      Complimenting the mayor's generous provision of recreational areas are the mini-parks.

      Whilst designated green areas are yet another means for overworked Sims to stretch their feet.

      Last, but not least, is the downtown WTC area.
      Well that is it for this first entry. The next couple of entries will explore Tamboria more deeply, so stay tuned!
      Apologies if the interface appears in some pictures or the grid is present, this is because in my enthusiasm to take snapshots I sometimes forget to minimize the interface. Please note that I will only be posting ONE entry per week for this CJ as I have very little spare time.
      Special thanks to all those batters, lotters and modders who have given hardcore SC4 players a mind-blowing plethora of new features. Finally God bless grunge concrete and the grunge roads of paeng's!
    • By Lost-In-Sofia
      I don't use any farm mods whatsoever.
      Hello, everyone. I bought Aspyr version of SimCity 4 recently (had the Windows version for 10+ years now).
      And I have to say I have no problems whatsoever except the installation of NAM (which I get it to work just fine).
      First of all, if you found any weird concepts of my explanation, just to let you know, English is not my first language.
      Ok, so I always build my cities using the Natural Growth method. I built a lot of farms. Except recently it comes to my consideration that I have missed something.
      Which is this...

      Umm... Can you see it? The grassy pasture fields I mean. I don't, because I don't have any of them!
      If you don't understand what I mean, well basically Maxis farms you get "Anchors" and "Fields" am I right?
      And I seem to be missing one for both, which are
      "Field" - Grassy Pasture http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Grassy_Pasture and
      "Anchor" - Pedriana Plants http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Pedriana_Plants
      What's wrong with that?
      This is my entire region. And yes there are no things that I have mentioned.

      Here's my mods (I don't think it has something to do with mods)...
      Here's my test town... WITHOUT any mods. Still no Greeny Fields, desperate...

      Can somebody shed some light for me? Do I need to download something? Is this common (I doubt it)?
      Sorry if it seem so nonsense, but I really wants them. Thank you in advanced.

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