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    • By PaulSawyer
      A set of maps of cities from a parallel world I made quiet a long time ago for personal use.
      I placed them in separate archives, so you can choose any one you like.
      Each one is SC4M file (you'll need a SC4 Mapper), 48x48 km (12x12 tiles), 144 large cities.
      Have fun!
    • By Glenni
      Reworked February 2018: Please demolish existing versions in your city, and delete your old version from your plugins folder.
      The Transit enabling switches were also updated.
      This is a quickie, basically modeled in just a few minutes, a recreation of the remaining concrete bus sheds from my city Haugesund, Norway in the 70's.
      I've  always sort of liked these, so I wanted to put them in the game.
      Works like any bus stop
      Power: 1
      15000 Street
      20 000 Road
      Plop cost roughly 600.
      Requires the overlay textures from Deadwood's bus stop pack, if you don't want these, run the installer.
      And then delete the files EXCEPT the road textures afterwards!
      DEDWD_RT BusStops overlay textures -      https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/14766-dedwd-road-top-bus-stop-set/
      These v v v
      BSC - VIP girafe urbanpack vol. 1 -      http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3192
    • By blip2
      This is an expansion to the Canal Pack created by oppie which you can download from here.  [Archived Page]
      To install just unzip the file into your Plugins Directory.

      Gizmo's Vehicle Prop Pack v3  (For the boats)

      Please Note

      Staff Edit: Updated description from info provided by @Tyberius06.
    • By TekindusT
      The rumors we were hearing since a couple of weeks ago, seem to have become a reality. One week before the official livery launch, pictures and renders have been leaked, and all point to a modern twist on a classic livery, other than a full redesign.

      A lot of specialized outlets have already given their take on it [link], [link]. If you ask to me, I'm remarkably sad of losing the touches of yellow. That specific shade of yellow screamed "LUFTHANSA" at you every time you come across with it in Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin. Even the Apple Wallet boarding pass is nowadays yellow, and really stands out among all the generic dark blue shared by Ryanair and United to name a few. A new all blue/silver tailfin extending down to the fuselage is just one more bland, generic airline amidst them all. Same as Qantas. Same as Joon. Same as so many others. It could be Oceanic Airlines for that matter.
      I dislike the new typeface. I like Helvetica. It is reliable. It is solid. It represents everything we want to associate to an airline. I don't like strange and sad rounded approximations to Helvetica which aren't Helvetica.
      Not in love with it, probably I'll get used to see it around during the next years.
      What do you think of it? Like? Dislike?
    • By snakeboy1209
      an anyone tell me were I can fine bus stops that work

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