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Ever wanted to place just the rails on a concrete surface?
Well, with 398 pieces at your disposal, now you can.

PIMX and LE users rejoice!

This RRW compatible sleeper-less and ballast-less texture set is made to be used on concrete, asphalt, brick and stone surfaces.
I have covered almost every possible rail configuration. I left out some that would not be suitable to place on lots.

Included with this pack is a comprehensive jpeg collection of some of the possible configurations to get you started.
Remember that you can flip, mirror and rotate the tiles for even more possibilities. Your imagination is the limit.

If you have any questions or would like me to add even more configurations, please visit my thread at SCD4 to post your requests.  http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17211.340

Dependencies?  Well none, because this is it!

Simmer2 aka SM2

What's New in Version 4   View Changelog


*EDIT* Added 5 more configurations please re-download and replace.

*EDIT* Added 3 more configurations please re-download and replace (Aug 11 2016)

*EDIT* Added several more pieces please re-download and replace (Sep 12 2016)

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    • By jeffryfisher
      If I understand correctly, viaduct rail is heavy rail at an overpass level (unlike el-rail which is elevated light-rail). Please explain if I've got it wrong.
      Thinking that viaduct is just more heavy rail, I am trying to extend my region-wide heavy rail network into a few congested places by attaching some viaduct rail lines. It's not attaching
      I've tried dragging one into the other without success, even on god-mode flattened land. I've looked for puzzle piece transitions, but I didn't see anything that looked like what I needed (though the menus are so deep that I may have missed a whole ring).
      Can viaduct rail connect to heavy surface rail? If so, what is the recommended technique in NAM 36 with RRW and RUM-for-36 installed?
    • By olegario39
      i have RRW installed on my SimCity 4 game, but the variable angle pieces are still the default Maxis textures. and it kinda looks awkward on my cities

    • By rsc204
      This download contains five starter lots which can be used with my Rail Depot Pack (RDP).
      Two small 8x3 (GLR/Rail) and 3 large (GLR/Rail/HSR) lots are included. All lots are Network-Enabled for the correct transit types. Large lots also include a road connection for access to the lot. All lots require Electricity, Water and Road Access, plus provide a small number of jobs. For full details of Lot Properties, see the included readme file. Find them towards the end of your Misc. Transit menu.
      These depot lots utilise the features in RDP as follows:
      Automata Props - These lots will show your installed automata upon them. Timing is used to change the trains throughout the day. Compatible with all RDP texture options. Select your style during install of RDP. Additionally there are three styles of lots, allowing support for the following Catenary options:
      Plundere's Catenaries - Requires additional dependency Plundere's Catenary Essentials Rivit's Reskin of the above - Requires RUM for RRW German-style Catenaries - Additionally Requires SFBT Lichtsignale & Oberleitungen Props.
      Note: Only the large lots are supported for this style. No Catenaries It is possible to mix and match between these options, but you can only use one of each lot.
      Dependencies (Required for all Lots)
      MGB Rail Depot Pack (RDP) BSC BAT Props - T1 Vol2 BSCMegaProps JES Vol01 BSCMegaProps JES Vol03 Network Addon Mod SHK Parking Pack HSR Lot Only:
      HSR Stations Essentials Don't forget to install any of the optional catenary options you need (above).
      Limitations of linked-Automata props
      By utilising the resources inside my RDP dependency, these lots are able to show the installed automata upon them. Whatever automata you are using will appear, but in some cases they may not appear to fit together properly. There is simply too much variation out there to support every possible setup. In an attempt to make them as compatible as possible, I've based them off the fantastic automata made by Vester. This is because it offers such a wide variety of trains that I can verify will look as intended when used with these lots. The following automata packs have been tested to work with these lots:
      GLR/El Trains:
      VDK GLR Train Mods Vol 3
      VDK GLR Train Mods Vol 4 Passenger Trains:
      VDK Japanese Train Mods Vol 05
      VDK Train Mods Vol 06, Super Express Trains
      VDK Trains Mods, Volume 08 HSR/Monorail Trains:
      VDK Train Mods Vol 7 - HSR Of course, the option exists to simply move the props as required using the Lot Editor, where results with other automata are not ideal. You are also totally free to modify these lots and release them. They have been lotted/modded to provide great functionality whilst keeping dependencies small. I'm sure some out there can create much better looking lots than I, but all the difficult modding is done for you this way.
    • By Eggman121
      Hello everyone.
      As a side project, (one of the Many) Some of you may know that I am  working on a catenary mod for the Real Railway or RRW. This mod will be a substantial upgrade to the existing catenary mods out there and I plan to unify all the various sets into one Mod.
      Now what I am wondering and asking from the community is to post or lend me co-ordinates on google maps the various types of catenary pole styles out in Particular Europe and Japan.
      Here are some of the workings I have done so far...

      So as you can see there are a variety of poles that I have worked on with Uki Sim providing some of the pole textures. I have however had to make the poles from scratch.
      You will also note that there is actual wire above the track.
      This is still very much a work in progress and I will try to make the poles but as a community this is what I need from you to provide examples of.
      STR and DTR ortho Poles. End of track poles. Turnout poles for various turnouts like... DTR to STR DTR with STR branch off DTR with DTR Branch off Complex Turnouts The wire is basically a 3D flat plane with the wire texture attached.
      I was keeping this project private but alas I need some examples of poles to get the project moving forward. That is even if the project has too be put in the public domain.
      -eggman121 (NAM Team Member).
    • By Simmer2
      SM2 Metal Coatings Inc. is an old fictional semi-abandoned factory undergoing a much needed clean up.

      Lot size 6X4
      Lot type: IM
      Provides 20$$ jobs
      Requires power and water.

      It will connect to STR and Street network visually only for that seamless look.
      You will find it in the Landmark menu.
      SM2 Prop Pack Vol2 - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3434
      SM2 Prop Pack Vol3 - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3499
      Girafe Common spruces - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2945
      Girafe Beeches - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2995
      Have fun.

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