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KOSC presents: SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures


Take parking lots to the next level! SuperSHK MEGA Textures is the backbone of my Superparking Project, and combines the original Volume 1 alongside the newly complete Volume 2 set. This MEGA set combines both for the ultimate parking lot texture resource for SC4.


This combined set contains at total of 1281 overlay textures (352 from Vol 1).

Volume 2 contains a mind-boggling 929 new overlay textures. This set focus on expanding the core aspects of Volume 1 while adding some rather ridiculous new options. As with before, many of the new textures influences were found primarily from around North America's tech centers including Overland Park, Denver Tech Corridor, Silicon Valley, and Irvine. Additionally, some other inspiration came from various locations around the UK, including Portsmouth - these were largely responsible for my designing of a bunch of UK-style road markings.

As it is now officially part of this combined set, SuperSHK Parking Textures Vol. 1 is now obsolete! This set retains every single texture from volume 1 and provides some overall enhancements to a large amount of them, including the following:

  • Smoother curves
  • Alignment fixes
  • Smoothing and resizing of existing road markings to maintain consistency

Furthermore, the "Extra" textures included with both modular sets are also no longer necessary. To aid you in cleaning any leftover old stuff, there is a Cleanitol file included. You may also refer to it for manual deletion as well.


These textures are broken into 8 DATs. The included resource guide offers more detailed explanations.

DAT 1 - Ortho: Combines a ton of new pieces with the original Ortho set. Deals mostly with orthogonal parking and associated transitions.

DAT 2 - Islands, Paths & Curbs: Combines the original set of Islands & Curbs with Paths (excluding markings). Adds many brand new curb pieces and transitions from various different parking types.

DAT 3 - Diagonals: Combines the original set of Diagonal with new ones. Adds islands, offset diagonals and more orthogonal transitions.

DAT 4 - Markings: Contains road marking goodness! Highlights include more block-end stop markings, pathing, and an entire section of UK-specific ones. Also comes with a way to transform standard parking spaces into "boxed" ones.

DAT 5  - D-Types: Contains significant support of the original SHK diagonal-oriented spaces. Includes a full complement of transitions, curbs and some bonus special pieces including handicapped spots and an alternate style.

DAT 6 - Combo Pieces: Adds an enhanced set of standard parking and curb textures with sidewalks and grass.

DAT 7 - Miscellaneous: Includes some additional pieces that didn't quite belong elsewhere like parking-to-path transitions and S-curves.

DAT 8 - Alternate Style: Adds an alternate orthogonal parking style in two colors.

For Lotters

Included is a resource guide containing a general breakdown of the set as well as a sample lot (found in the parks menu) and layout examples. There are also PIM-X groups included, for better organization and some time saving while digging through this massive set!

Install Instructions

Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. These should show up under the overlay texture section in the lot editor and PIM-X. 

Lotters, copy the contents of PIMXGroups.txt into your groups.ini file located in the PIM-X install directory.


None. This set will serve as a future dependency for my lots. While it is technically a standalone texture pack, SHK Parking Pack is very, very highly recommended to take full advantage.

Credit to shokthrpy for the original set, which served as the template for me. It wouldn’t have been possible to create this without it! Additional thanks goes out to rsc204 & rivit for granting me tools to refine this development process, nos.17, Belfastsocrates, MushyMushy, T Wrecks for various texture tweaks and suggestions, and everyone that left a like/commented on any of my parking posts! *:D


What's New in Version 1.0.1


One very minor alignment fix with 1 texture :angry:

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The best crazy parking project I've never seen. You are the God of Parking !!! *:thumb:

Thanks a lot


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Good stuff here and thanks for the sample lot . That will help with figuring the placement of the pieces .

5/5 :thumb:

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This is a notorious dependency for just about every retail zone I download, and it's nice to see them compiled into one giant pack. The SHK parking textures are some of my favorite to use in BATs and i'd love to see more updates.

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The sheer choices available in this pack makes it a must have for any serious  lotter.!!


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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members


...and I thought it was not possible to one-up your previous uploads...well done!

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Thanks so much for the update. Great to see the PDF guide, that's really cleared up a lot of the misunderstandings I had when using them :).

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thank you for this great set of car parks and for the additional British textures   looks beautiful

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