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    • By stefmikhail
      Hi all. I recently have been enjoying SimCity 4 again, and specifically building cities with only older style buildings and other amenities. 
      There are a few things that look out of place still in the default Maxis package, but one glaring one for me is the Passenger Trains: 
      I'm hoping someone knows of a skin/automata that will allow the Passenger trains to look as they did in the late 19th/early 20th century era, i.e. steam locomotives and period appropriate cars?
      Side note: is there a mod that anyone knows of that would allow for more heavy rail usage in general, or old elevated rail lines over streets and avenues? I know NAM contains el rail pieces that go over streets and avenues, however I can't seem to allow for a junction where lines meet in this respect.
    • By airman15
      In this modern world, it has become commonplace for the public at large to own a car and drive to where they need to be. In some regions it's a way of life. Look around at the dealers or in the classifieds; cars are not much more than appliances with rubber tires. They all look and drive the same. And it really doesn't matter if it were sourced from abroad or made at the local factory. They will all leak oil and fall apart as soon as you step off the sales floor. The pages of history wish to discount that, and they say once upon a time cars had character! A set of whitewalls and a lot of chrome were all you needed! The Chevrolet Bel Air is the choice of the modern driver! You will be flying high with it's aerodynamic fins and futuristic curved windshield! They may not be smog or collision friendly like today's cars, but you can still be king of the roadside diner in one!
      About the Upload-
      There are nine vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. These are Mid-Wealth vehicles, given their status as a classic collector. They will appear on your road networks.
      None required.
    • By nos.17
      Lately your sims have been complaining about the crappy cell service in your city. Luckily, you decided to commission this new Verizon Substation in your city to boost service before the sims riot. 
      This download also contains VerizonVan.dat. It adds an extra automata van that may or may not spawn when you place the lot. Personally, I have never seen it, but I am pretty sure it works - it was created by Swamper77, an authority on automata).
      This BAT was originally created by Bobbo662 (aka B62). Unfortunately, due to real life circumstances, he was unable to finish the lot. He graciously handed his work over to me to finish and subsequently upload for yall.
      For comments/feedback/critique/praise visit my lot thread or drop me a pm. I'd be happy to help. Also, visit the website for full sized images.
      3x3 IHT Plop & Grow
           Growth Stage : 2
           45 IHT Jobs
           Plop Cost : $25000
           Bulldoze Cost : $2500
           Power Consumed : 9
           Water Consumed : 7
           Flamability : 45

      SHK Parking Pack
      BSC Mega Props - JES Vol02
      BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02
      SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures
      Mount Royal Transmission Tower

      And above all... have fun!  
    • By mikeseith
      This mod replaces most of the game's default automata with 98 European cars.

      Low wealth automata:
      Fiat Multipla----------------replaces----------the hatchback
      Citroen C2-----------------replaces----------the cheap wagon
      Renault Master/Kangoo----replaces----------old pickup/regular pickup
      Volkswagen Fox-----------replaces----------quad pickup
      Renault Clio----------------replaces----------cheap sedan
      2 door and 4 door Smart cars
      Medium wealth automata:
      Fiat Ulysse----------------replaces----------mini van
      Renault Megane coupe----replaces----------muscle car
      Renault Scenic------------replaces----------sport coupe
      Renault Megane sedan----replaces----------black-top coupe
      Volkswagen Touran------replaces----------SUV
      Fiat Stilo wagon----------replaces----------squareback wagon
      Renault Laguna-----------replaces----------large SUV
      Fiat Barchetta------------replaces----------commuter car
      Renault Traffic van
      High wealth automata:
      Mercedes SLK---------replaces---------Coupe
      Porsche 911------------replaces---------old Porsche
      BMW 525i-------------replaces---------old Porsche
      Mercedes S Class-----replaces---------Luxury sedan
      Volvo XC90 SUV
      244 family props are included.
      There is a file that includes 3 German taxis.

      All 7 dat files go into your game's plugin folder.
      This is for all you European city builders out there...have fun.
    • By mikeseith
      European car automata an family prop add-ons

      This file has been updated June 24, 2006 to be compatible with the
      Euro traffic generator

      These files include all the cars that were released in my
      European car replacement mod

      These cars have been modified to be new instances (they no longer replace any maxis cars) They run around your city in addition to all the Maxis default cars.

      In addition to the cars in the European car replacement mod, there are now 2 new cars. Renault Twingos and Moduses. There are also new family props that include the new renaults.

      Many of these cars will be able to spawn at my new Renault and Fiat Dealerships. Check the STEX for them very soon.

      All of the files beginning with MS family... are family prop files
      All of the files ending in...new instances... are the automata files
      All files go into your game's plugin folder.

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