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About This File


Hello I updated the mod 



!!U need to start a new game if u want to make the mod work!!




What's New 2.0.0



How to install?

1. Download the RCI mod file

2.Go to (My computer\local disk\program files\Origin games\Simcity\Simcitydata)

3. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder.

4. Launch the game.

5. Save the game.

6. Quit the game.

7. Relaunch the game.

8. Resume the game.

This mod does not need project akar or avalon files. This is one separate mod. The buildings will be in the government buildings section(where the town hall and mayors house is). This mod has every single building in simcity 5 except the futuristic ones.

!! If you have any problems/bugs, let me know !!

 There will about 35-45 pages in the government buildings. Some of the buildings are not organized in low wealth to high wealth.

ENJOY your mod!! :)

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On 10/26/2016 at 0:45 PM, Lacedupchick19x said:

Doesn't work :( The download is displaying an error.


What do u mean by a "download error"? Can we see a screenshot of the error?

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On 8/30/2016 at 2:05 PM, coolboy_22 said:


i know what he means. Project Akar has way too many mods and it starts glitching

Well,Thanks For Correcting Me,I Haven't Played Simcity 2013 In Awhile After Getting A Better PC.I Got Rid Of My Old Laptop For My New Raidmax PC.I Had The Game Installed Onto It When I Got It,And It Works,Even Though I Needed A New Graphics Card For Me To Able To Play Cities Skylines,But This Will Be A Replacement For The Time Being : D

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this mod isn't working for me. I did as instructions said, but even tho I can see the objects under the government tab I can not place them. help ?


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does this mod include the buildings for CoT?

also,  I know I have to start a new game to get it to work, but once I do that can I use this on a previously made city?


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