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About This File

*Download links are back online! Hurray! :)*

*Important informations are given at he bottom of the page, check it out!*

Hello people, my name is Seb !

Today I am presenting you something you might like a lot; this is the More Trade Depots mod. It alters the Storage Capacity of the storage plates from "100.0 units" to "1000.0 units" and "200.0 units" to "2500.0 units". Also, more workers are now required in order to operate the trade centers (5 employees instead of 3). *All preplaced modules have been deleted!* Placement cost has been reduced from "13.000§" to "7.500§" ; building maintenance cost have been decreased to "450§". Docks and Rail attachment limit for Large trade depot are now capped at "2". All storage plates have now the possibility to be placed twice farther in order to allow you an easier placement.

What's coming in the "Major update 2.0" ?

- «New» Storage plates with higher and lower storing capacities.
- «New» Garages for transportation trucks.
- «Add-on» Local and Regional rails for trains will be added in the menu when editing the trade centers.
- «Possibly» Unique and specifically designed rails for Cargo trains.

» How to install ?

Files with the sub-extension .data.package have to be placed in "SimCity/SimCityData" folder ;

Files with the sub-extension .udata.package have to be placed in "SimCity/UserData/Scripts" folder ;

In order to ensure the mod works properly, bulldoze your original buildings (Trade Depot and/or Trade Port), next step is to save the game. Now, if files aren't already installed just do it ; if they are, or an older version is installed, then simply exit SimCity and re-open the game after you've updated files with the new ones.*
* I'll mention the steps if new files appears or the names came to be changed.

*Important informations*

» The comeback 
Hey ! How is it going ? I'm doing pretty well if you ask me the question. During the summer, I was thinking at the "Good old times". Since the community felt a bit "dead" for SC2013, I decided to give to the game another "life".

As the days were succeeding, I was developing my modding strategies and diversifying the techniques. Soon, I was able to visualize a prototype of a mod that would have great chances of working because all the concept was based on the game mechanics. After a few weeks, I installed back SimCity and decided to come back among this community.

» The " Major update 2.0" or "SC2016"
As you have read, I am back. Yes, it is clearly written B A C K ! And for this comeback, I've decided to create the "Major update 2.0" Now, you might be able to be surprised or mindblown much more often or easily ; I have an idea of how to modify the terrain in a city (I won't spoil anything as long as there are not going to be any "Successful" prototypes).

» So... What can we expect from this event?

Pretty much all things that the smartest modders couldn't create in the active modding epoch of the game (the beginning of modding on SC2013).

Without wasting any more detail-ish sentences and lines of texts, here's a list of things you can now expect to see the day !

- Megatowers's crowns modding.
- Megatowers's floors modding.
- Greatworks modding.
- Terraforming tools
- ControlNet implementation in some facilities.
- Custom rails and transportation tubes for OmegaCo's mining modules.

What's New in Version MU-2.0.0   View Changelog


Rework of files structuration, fixed some errors, added rail freight module and port modules to both Trade depot and Trade port.

User Feedback

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Works well with my strip mining strategy. Centers take up less space. Can't wait for even higher capacity bins. Kudos

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On 01/12/2016 at 8:18 PM, teasbee said:

There are 2 links for the file when you click download; neither link works.

I am currently aware of this, thanks for reporting the issue although. :) Links should be back online for Friday 9th of December 2016. :)

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Still download link is not working . . . .  :(

News! Update 2.0.0 has been released!

  Edited by Trylk255  

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Download links are down again. I apologize... I really want to to make high quality mods that have very few issues or almost none. Also. Update 2.0 is being completely remade.

Mod should be back in early March on the STEX!

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I forgot to mention that .data.package goes into SimCity/SimCityData folder and for .udata.package it goes into SimCity/UserData/Scripts folder.

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It allows me to plop more than the normal amount but if i add more than 4 of either bays or plates then they vanish leaving me with only 4. The second map i loaded on the same region worked just fine. Both links are in the right folder. 

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    • By FeTheC
      ok ok, so know that I wouldn't use ''one of the best'' lightly, especially for this community, but I'm rather convinced that should this mod be created it may just bring a whole new aspect to the game and it is one that might just be nearing as good as a mod for larger City tile numbers (which ironically is how I came across simtropolis, anyone else remember the mod whcih finally let us build bigger cities?  )

      So my thought is this. A mod which causes time to run simultaneously accross all cities in a Region. The only way I imagine this would realistically be possible in a relatively simple manner is this... It doesn't actually happen simultaneously, but rather the mod just keeps track of time passed while in one City, and when one saves and Exits this value is kept track of and upon entering the next City that value for amount of time passed while in the other City is the amount of time the City runs before one can do anything to interfere! so basically one spends, let'S say, 2 years (730 days) in City 1A and then saves and Exits.

      scratch that above kinda, i just realized, it would actually Need to Keep track of not time passed, but rather the date, or some value like that. I might think of exactly how later but basically it would Need to be done in a manner which accomodates the fact that one might pass 2 years in City 1 another 2 months in City 2 and then 3 months in City 3 and all that time will Need to add up and be passed upon entering City 4.

      but basically, like i said, there Ends up being an amount of time for which the City one just entered will run, before one can interfere (pause Option off, you got News? it'S gonna be treated as though ignored. The landfill filled up? too bad you can build more once the time has passed. Oh no your Budget suddenly went down due to a powershortage because ur landfill is empty and chaos errupted and ur about to go bankrupt causing all your neighboring deals to no longer be in effect? you're gonna have to watch it happen  )  The only Thing which would Need to be implemented is either a way for available firetrucks to be sent out automatially, or fires still causing the game to pause and allowing one to send out firetrucks- but you wont be able to build a firestation so ya better have enough)

      so while time passing might nt be a big deal for an empty or unstarted City, It will get more and more difficult the more built up the Region is since all the cities will Need to be in a state which causes them not to ''go to hell'' so to speak, for Long enough. One can still build across all of them since while paused no time passes for any
      the other Thing i just realized, is this...(just a lil note here, I came across this idea while htinkin about how neighboring deals can easily be abused--i know i know, if one is willing to do that one might as well use a Money cheat simply-- but anyways) So the other aspect is that if possible, there should be a value for how Long one can continue to do something, or to what extent. What i mean is this...lets say you got a landfill and ur gettin garbage shipped to you, well, there is an amount of garbage which will come in at a certain rate, and the landfill will fill up (or maybe u got a WTE plant so it stays the same). So there is still an amount of garbage space left, which would Change though relative to how the neighboring cities' Situation changes and it would be nice if These values could be applied (i.e if i spend 10 years in City 2 which is sending garbage to City 3 and after 8 years at the current rate City 3's landfill is full then the deal Auto cancels at that Point--after which one can notice this and go to the other City)...idk im not tryna think more about how right now, but ill prolly touch on this later again.

      for now I'm just interested in the Responses.
      (I'm fairly newish to sc4 though sc2k n 3k were some of the first vid games i ever played) and I have as good as no actual modding experience
    • By FeTheC
      So I'm fairly (re)New to SC4, and have just about no Modding experience (mentioning this aforehand since what i say might Show this anyway).
      I was thinking it might be cool (once I am more experienced) to have a mod which causes Pollution to spread from City to City.
       We all know that one can just plop a coal factory in the Corner of the map and not have to worry about the neighboring City being polluted by it.
      My idea/thoughts around the idea is, well, as i stated, this mod would cause it to be noticable that something like a coal plant is on the edge, or whatever form of Pollution (holy sh** a nuclear melt down would now be insanely devestating) which is being caused by whatever would also spread from the neighboring city.

      So I'm not too familiar with exactly how it is coded but, I'm fairly certain that a part of the coding must define the current Level (value) of Pollution in an area, and that in the same manner which the Charts Show an incline or decline in Level of Pollution, it would be fairly simple to determine the average rate of Change (i.e is there a steady increase/decrease?). These two values could then be used, lets say values are CP=current pulltion and PR=Pollution Rate (e.g + .00001%CP/Day), oh and i just realized a third value would be Need, call it PT=Pollution Type (e.g Water,Air,Radiation, etc). These values could be used per edge tile (i.e the mod only Needs to determin what the CP and PR of each PT for the outter most tiles is) and then noted and applied to the neighboring cities edge tile (my thought is since a neighboring deal will Auto cancel if the neighbor no longer has water or power this should be possible).  

      (ok, lemme just say im gonna tlk about it as though it were simple, but know that im assuming it's not)
      Ok, then, in the same way, perhaps even using the same function or method, in which a Connection to neighboring cities is made for/by roads, pipes, electricity etc. one can have an Automatically recognized Connection on every tile (idk if this would require too much processing power, but if so it could be reduced by having an Auto Connection be per every 10 or 20 tiles and then having the inbetweens just be averaged out) and through this Connection in the same way traffic Comes across so will Pollution. So we would have a Connection per tile (imagine a street or pipe Connection on every tile except instead of a street, an invisible one) for every PT, and then (CP value of neighbor x PR value of neighbor)/(CP value of current City x PR value of current City) would travel across in the same manner in which traffic does. So instead of car traffic it would now be Pollution traffic, and instead of visible (e.g street or electric pole) Connections there would invisible but noticable Pollution connections

      Now, I'm not sure if it might useful should one attempt this endeavour to use some aspect of the neighboring deals function (I'm just thinkin bout how, if one makes a lot of Progress in one City or lets say raises a huge mountain to block all the Pollution then in the same way which neighboring deals only work so Long as the others continue to have the abilitiy to provide it, this part can be used to apply the Change in CP,n PR to the neighboring cities)

      and ooooooooooooooooooomg i just thought of a really cool possible mod which mioght already exist so im gonna have to search for it first, but! lemme know what yall think!
    • By velrox
      so, I installed BadPenaut's roads, including Narrow Roads Pack and Suburban Streets. When I open the game and access the Content Manager, I don't see the assets I installed. I tried putting the .crp files, moving them to Mods and back but it's not working. What am I doing wrong?
      Also, I enabled Network Extensions 2 and New Roads for Next, but the new roads don't appear for me.
    • By Acc3ssViolation

      Vehicle Effects is a mod I've been working on that allows some more effects to be added to vehicles via xml files, while also adding a couple of custom effects. This way we can have steam trains that have steam, propeller planes that don't sound like jets and probably many more things that look and sound like they should. Some features are still being added, but the mod can be found here!
      Current features
      Create custom sound effects via xml. Editor for creating definition files in the Asset Editor. Allows new effects to be added to vehicles. Allows replacement and removal of existing effects on a vehicle. 'wrapper' effect used to position other effects. 3 new engine sound effects, one steam, one diesel, one wheel noise. 1 new particle effect for steam exhausts on trains and boats. 1 new particle effect for diesel engine exhausts. 1 new small spot light effect with daytime visibility. MultiEffects via config to create alternating/timed effects. Propeller sound effect for planes. Planned features
      Update editor to support custom MultiEffects. Add better location preview for wrapped effects in editor. Video
      Video showing some particle, sound and light effects.
      Workshop page
      GitHub page
      If anyone has ideas, suggestions or problems concerning this mod, please leave a comment below!
    • By Kingdom city
      Alguien sabe de algun truco que reduzca considerablemente la industria a un solo edfificio por medio de un mod, y que la ciudad siempre haya trabajo y evite asi que la ciudad no crezca por no haber trabajo?

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