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SUGC’s ModPack For SimCity 2013

To help promote SimCity SUGC have compiled the most current mods that have been created into one downloadable and simple to install package.

Installing Instructions:

The Installer will take care of the uninstallation of the old packs/mods.

If you installed SimCity to the default Origin folder you can start installing right away. If you installed SimCity to a custom folder you need to browse to your \simcity folder and start installing there.

Some mods need a game restart after you have created a new region for them to work.

Also some mods needs a bit of background explanation how they work so if you don't get
how a mod works, please visit the respective page.

Cities of Tomorrow Expansion pack is needed for some mods.

Does not work on pirated copies of the game. Simtropolis does not support pirating in any manner.



Added: December 2014


Deletion script for old pack and mods
Author: Markus / Chappers

Author: yayie

The SimCity Decoration Pack
Author: Danny

Tree Anywere
Author: Xoxide

Buldozeble Regional Paths
Author: Xoxide

Extended Worker Detail Rollover
Author: MaxisGuillaume

Pedestrian Path
Author: Xoxide

Project Orion 3k Extended Boundary
Author: Xoxide

Unidirectional Networks (Udon)
Author: Xoxide

Oppie's C$$ Burger King
Author: Oppie

Oppie's C$$ Mcdonalds
Author: Oppie

Oppie's Central Train Station
Author: Oppie

Oppie's Museum
Author: Oppie

Oppie's Public Transport Stops
Author: Oppie

Oppies Railway Catenary
Author: Oppie

Purple Line Industries Tech Map
Author: MaxisGuillaume

Road ( Trench / Raise / Bridge / Tunnel ) Mod
Author: XoxiDe

Danny's CamMod
Author: Danny

Skye's MultiPlopper
Author: SkyeStorme / Chucksef

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Fire Vehicles
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Garbage Vehicles
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Hospital Ambulances
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Bus Vehicles
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Police Vehicles
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of School Busses
Author: CapTon

HyugaHinata's Regional Tunnels and Bridges Project
Author: HyugaHinata

Solar Storage Batteries
Author: CapTon

Windpower Storage Batteries
Author: CapTon

Reduced Snap Distance
Author: Ciaolo

Functional Guides
Author: Ciaolo

Freight Functionality Mod
Author: CapTon

Garbage Incinerator Ploppable on Road
Author: CapTon

Water Pumping Station Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Airship Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Launch Arcology No Limit
Author: Nikola

Nuclear PowerPlant Overhaul
Author: Nikola

Oil PowerPlant Overhaul
Author: Nikola

Oil Refinery Upgraded
Author: Nikola

ProcessorFactory Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Recycling Center Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Sewage Sanitizer
Author: Nikola

Sewage Treatment Plant Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Smelting Factory Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Solar Power Plant Overhaul
Author: Nikola

GIGA Trade Port
Author: Nikola

Garbage Dump Ugrade
Author: HyugaHinata

Regional Maglev
Author: Yayie

Homeless Tents
Author: Yayie

Project Akar UI Enhancement
Author: Yayie

Flame Bus
Author: Bowserking

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Recycling Vehicles
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Drone Hangars
Author: CapTon

Project Shinjida
Author: Xoxide

New One World Trade Center
Author: Danny

Mega Towers With Realistic Population
Author: Nikola

New RCI 1.1(More Workers,Shoppers and Freights)
Author: Nikola

Low Mid and High Tech Industrial Freight 1.1 (Need More Freight?)
Author: Nikola

Ploppable Great Works
Author: Danny

Streetcar Garage SnapPoints
Author: CapTon

Project Agua
Author: CraftKid

Street With No Traffic Lights
Author: MaxvSK

Old World Trade Plaza
Author: Danny

Electric power Lines
Author: MaxvSK


Credit for each mod goes to the individual author's and teams who created them.

If you like our work please visit our Facebook page:



This modpack includes mods which have been tested for compatibility with each other.


Electronic Arts (EA) does not pre-screen, endorse or officially support SimCity mods and you use this product at your own risk.


Notes: If you are having troubles with crashes on the launcher try installing without the old worldtradecenter plaza mod.

Staff Edit: Minor revision to description.

What's New 1.0


  • 1.0 Release

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can we get a video of the city in the 2nd screenshot?? =D

or any of the cities in any of the screenshots really?

they looks really sick

this mod pack needs youtube content badly

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I found the problem about the resources not producing in the sugc pac the resouces are still there and you can still reproduce it is they have been moved to different parts of the map and they don't show up accurately in the resource map. you can check for the resources by using the mines just lay roads were u think they are and check by not adding the mines but lay them over the surface until u can find them. they should indicate coal oil or ore underneath.

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Hey this is an awesome set of mods all in one spot, thanks for putting it together!  One question, do you know if you could use the Car Crossover Mod as well or would there be conflicts with any of the mods in the pack?

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For some reason when i try to install, it says 'click next to continue' but there is no next? It has chopped off the right side of the installation screen i think. Is there a way to fix it?

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Also finding mining issues.  Resources are not located where map says they are, and they run out really fast.  A mine depletes the resources in a few minutes of game time.  Still though a wonderful mod pack.  Learning all the aspects to it


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    • By chfzdn
      Modpacc is a good idea to ease mod distribution. As a idea, it needs site staff, coders, content creators and inventors collaboration. However, this isn't realized due to somewhat inactive KotCity and the key people don't look back again. But now, I will give you a simple but effective guide for realizing the idea:
      Please repack all mods. I wish I want to do it but I don't have time yet. I have purposed a system that allows users to make their own repack proposal. But, there's no response. Repack is crucial because too many mods violates one of the fundamental principles of the Modpacc: simplicity. Stop talking too much about redistribution issues. Talking the issues makes realizing the idea slow. Instead, we will giving chances to active content creators to upload their mods independently and for mods that created by inactive authors, as long as the site owns the files too, it's allowed to be included to the system. For problematic sites, we should contact the respective staffs. Use the dependency tracker approach instead of package manager. Package manager isn't needed if we did repacking. We need only history system and its communication system. We will create separate crawlers for each requests so if the site needs login, it will be shown to the user using popups. Sorry for my words. Thanks.
    • By nuyokcity
      I have compiled a list here of the SimCity series and related games, including the more famous ones as well as independent projects and links to various other related games.
      Please feel free to mention any relevant games and link this post to other SimCity forums as I will be updating this list over time. Some of the games in the list I found in the forums here. My goal is to make a sort of archive list of any modern city builder games so if you are looking for something older, newer, different, similar, etc you can use this list as a reference. I also recommend checking out the Mobygames database - here is a list of city builder games, merchant/trade builder games and transportation network builder games.
      If you are into ancient and medieval city building games I have also posted a similar topic in the Heavengames forums here and a copy of that thread as well as a thread of linked threads in the City Builder Games forums here. The list below will contain games from any modern city building genre, as long as there is some kind of minimal amount of building involved.
      There are a bunch of independent modern city builder games so there is a lot of potential for a new SimCity sequel or new type of game, whether done in a classic 2d style or 3d style, either developed by a big company or independently. One promising example of independent development is the ancient military rts game 0AD, which can be interpreted as a remake of Age of Empires but in 3d, more historically realistic and the game will be fully moddable - so it seems there are still ways that the rts and city building game genres can evolve.
      Maybe creating a game engine, code, or game that could be custom modded is possible at this point after over a couple decades of various city builders. A game where people could modify the setting to include various modern urban settings such as a pre-Industrial age, early Industrial age, modern age, various post-Industrial age settings, alternate histories, scifi, alien, fantasy and alternate/"what if" past, present, and future settings would be interesting. A recent example of a futuristic scifi/fantasy city-building game is Anno 2070 which is included below.
      I have added some games in this list which are not directly related to modern city building. For example the Rise of Nations and Empire Earth series are military rts games, but they feature a modern age setting either in an age-progression or standalone-age game. I also added Spore and related games and programs to this list because they are and expanded version from city to global scale building. So I felt it would be interesting to include it here as it might open up some possibilities for new game finds and ideas. As some know, the final Spore game came out to be different from the 2005 video demo, so there is still untapped potential in the genre of biological simulation and global civilization building games.

      Modern city building games:
      SimCity (1984, 1993)
      Utopia: The Creation of a Nation (1991)
      SimCity 2000 (1993)
      SimCity 2000 Collection (1993)
      SimCity Classic (1994)
      SimTown (1995)
      Constructor (1997)
      Infustry Giant (1998)
      Mob Rule (1999)
      SimCity 3000 (1999)
      SimCity 3000 Unlimited (2000)
      Tropico (2001)
      Industry Giant 2 (2002)
      Atlantis Underwater Tycoon (2003)
      Tropico 2: Pirate Cove (2003)
      SimCity 4 (2003)
      SimCity 4: Rush Hour (2003)
      Locomotion (2004)
      Geniu$: The Tech Tycoon Game (2005)
      Genius: Biology (2005)
      City Life (2006)
      Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver's Paradise (2006)
      Tycoon City: New York (2006)
      City Life (2006)
      SimCity Societies (2007)
      City Life: World Edition (2007)
      City Life Edition 2008 (2007)
      SimCity Societies: Destinations (2008)
      Cities XL (2009)
      Tropico 3 (2009)
      Eco Tycoon: Project Green (2009)
      Plan It Green (2009)
      Cities XL 2011 (2010)
      Cities In Motion (2011)
      Anno 2070 (2011)
      Cities XL 2012 (2011)
      Tropico 4 (2011)
      SimCity (2013)
      Cities In Motion 2 (2013)
      Banished (2014)
      1849 (2014)
      Evopollution (2014)
      Tropico 5 (2014)
      Cities Skylines (2015)
      Cities XXL (2015)
      The Architect (?)
      Factorio (?)

      Outer space colony builder games:
      Outpost (1994)
      Outpost 2 (1997)
      Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (1999)
      Space Colony (2003)
      Space Colony HD (2010)
      Maia (2013)
      Spacebase DF9 (2014)
      PeriAreion (2015)
      Unclaimed World (2015)
      Offworld Trading Company (2015)
      Colonisation: Moonbase (?)
      Shackleton Crater (Cancelled/?)

      Other urban modelling programs:
      CityEngine (2008)
      CityScape (2008)
      IBM CityOne (2010)
      Enodo (2010)
      ArchTech (2012)

      Independent mods and games:
      Transport Tycoon (1995)
      LinCity (1999)
      Simutrans (1999)
      Open TTD (2004)
      LinCity NG (2005)
      City Empires (2007)
      My Virtual City (2007)
      City of Rauma (2007)
      MyMiniCity (2007)
      Micropolis (2008)
      Virtual City (2009)
      OpenCity (2009)
      VirtuCity (2009)
      SimCity Deluxe Gold (2011)
      Subversion (2011?, unreleased)
      Untitled project by Fritzpoll (?)
      Creatopolis (?)
      Cities of World (?)
      Utopia Unlimited (?)
      FreeTrain (?)
      SimMars (?)
      City Builder (?)
      Synekism (?)
      Urbs Urbis (?)
      Simtropolis 1000 (?)
      The Metropolis Project (?)
      ProjectCB (?)
      SimCity 5: Boomtown (?)
      Main Street MMO: Real Cities in Realtime 3D (?)
      Civitas (Cancelled, ?)
      Citybound (?)

      Other related modern age setting games:
      Rise of Nations (2003)
      Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots (2004)
      Empire Earth (2001)
      Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest (2002)
      Empire Earth 2 (2005)
      Empire Earth 2: The Art of Supremacy (2006)

      Other city builder and economic game series:
      A-Train series
      Stronghold series
      Anno series
      Patrician series
      Settlers series
      Alien Nations series
      Cultures series
      Port Royale series
      Tropico series
      SimCity series
      Impressions City Builder series
      Tilted Mill City Builder series
      Various ancient Roman city builder games
      Medieval Lords: Build, Defend, Expand
      Various merchant and trade-oriented games

      Spore series and other planet management sims:
      SimEarth: The Living Planet (1990)
      The Game of Life (1992)
      SimEverything (1994, unreleased early Spore version)
      Evolution: The Game of Intelligent Life (1997)
      Star Wars: Episode I - The Gungan Frontier (1999)
      L.O.L.: Lack of Love (2000)
      WorldKit (2003?, unreleased)
      Spore (2005, unreleased early version)
      Spore (2008)
      Spore: Creepy and Cute Parts Pack (2008)
      Spore: Creature Creator (2008)
      Spore: Galactic Adventures (2009)
      Untitled independent Spore-like game (?)
      Bowshock (?)
      The Universim (?)
      Civilization series
      Various biological simulation games
      Various Spore-like games

      Other biological simulation programs:
      Avida (1993)
      Various digital organism simulators
      Various evolution simulation programs

      Other virtual globe programs:
      Celestia (2001)
      Stellarium (2001)
      Nasa Worldwind (2004)
      Google Earth (2005)
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      Earthsim 2 (2010)
      3d Planet (2011)

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      List of related rts and city builder projects and discussions:
      - 0 AD (2000, ?) - an ancient military rts game, sort of a Age of Empires 3d "remake" but better, is open for game testing and and will have the option for custom modding.
      - Glest (2004) - is a game engine for fantasy rts games.
      - Zero-K (2010) - is an open source futuristic military rts game.
      Related thread lists
      These game lists have been cross posted on related gaming forums:
      A list of ancient city builder games here, here

      Also see:
      A list of fantasy and sci-fi rts and city builder games here, here, here

      So some options for new city builder games may be the following:
      - mod the existing games in some ways such as the many SimCity 4 mods for something different
      - research existing and past attempts at independent games that weren't completed and use some of the data if allowed and/or work on completing them
      - create new games independently from scratch which will take time if funds and talent is limited, but is certainly possible
      - it's up to gamers to post on various forums, social networks, and game mod websites to generate interest and potential collaborations
      - ideally an open source version of a city building game can be made where anyone can go in and mod it to add any historical time periods and civilizations or completely new settings, including ancient, medieval, pre-industrial, modern, post-industrial, alternate history, fantasy, scfi, alien, custom, any specific historical time/culture/location, etc.
    • By Diego Del Llano
      Pedriana Pharmaceuticals is a Comercial Ofices Building created by the Maxis Team. 
      Style: Chicago 1890
      File content:  
      -Functional Landmark with 5,500 CS$$$_Maxis Nite Version
      -Functional Landmark with 5,500 CS$$$_Dark Nite Version
      -Functional Landmark with 5,500 CS$$$_Original Maxis Version
      1.- The model presented here is an interpretation of the author. The measurements and size may vary from the original model made by Maxis.
      2.- The models are not exact replicas of the original models created by Maxis, so new features could be included, some earlier removed or altered.
      3.- If any model does not meet your requirement, you can download the original version of the maxis file offered in this file and edit it as you wish.
      4.- This is a work of exploration and experimentation that Diego Del Llano wanted to share with the community of Simtropolis. If some of this work does not satisfy you, you have the option of not downloading this file.
      5.-Diego Del Llano appreciates your understanding and wishes you to enjoy this project to the fullest.
      6.- Acknowledgments and all the credits to the original authors of this model.
    • By Diego Del Llano
      Lind Entertainment is a Comercial Ofices Building created by the Maxis Team. 
      Style: New York 1940
      File content:  
      -Functional Landmark with 4,500 CS$$$_Maxis Nite Version
      -Functional Landmark with 4,500 CS$$$_Dark Nite Version
      -Functional Landmark with 4,500 CS$$$_Original Maxis Version
      1.- The model presented here is an interpretation of the author. The measurements and size may vary from the original model made by Maxis.
      2.- The models are not exact replicas of the original models created by Maxis, so new features could be included, some earlier removed or altered.
      3.- If any model does not meet your requirement, you can download the original version of the maxis file offered in this file and edit it as you wish.
      4.- This is a work of exploration and experimentation that Diego Del Llano wanted to share with the community of Simtropolis. If some of this work does not satisfy you, you have the option of not downloading this file.
      5.-Diego Del Llano appreciates your understanding and wishes you to enjoy this project to the fullest.
      6.- Acknowledgments and all the credits to the original authors of this model.
    • By Aznan1717
      Can anyone help me with the link of Project Akar UI Enhancement base file for low resolution please? Need it badly.

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