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Project Akar : UI Enhancement

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About This File


Please take 5 minute read before downloading Akar, thank you.

Akar is a mod that changes the UI (User interface) by adding new menu's as well as sub-menus. It provides a user friendly as well as keep everything organized, eliminate the cluttered and unorganized items. Current version works only in Offline mode. Akar is all around mod that holds every mods ever created to be implemented into the game. At this early stage, you may find mods conflicting between old and the new, we are working on that part for modders have to update their files. It is actually nothing to be concerned of but we are working on that said subject.

Not Compatible with :

•  BoC

•  UDoN-Addon

•  Bridge and Tunnel mod


Please Read "ReadMe" file in Akar and Avalon for LowRes and HighRes users.


How to install?

1. Download all Rar files.

2. Right click the rar file > Extract

3. Please read "ReadMe" file before installing Akar or Avalon

4. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder.


Currently, Akar has 7 new menus and 60 new Sub-menus including 2 Optional Sub-menus. This addition will allow modders to add their mods in its respective directory without flooding a singular menu, as for users are now pleased with the organized items rather than scouring through massive singular menu.

Custom Content menu is available along Akar base file, It is empty till modders adds new content in it.

Extended boundaries (Orion) is one part of a combination of mods that enhance the experience outside the 2k limits.

Orion, regional roads, regional UdoNs and RCIHC Plop All (Residential Commercial Industrial Hotel and Custom Building Plop) are designed to extend the city experience by working together as a collective set of enhancements.

RCIHC Plop All (Residential Commercial Industrial Hotel and Custom Building Plop) can work independently by allowing zone enhancement and even zone locking on its own but its ultimate purpose and enhancements was the combined use with the other mods to create an expand experience outside 2k limits.

With all the mods for Orion installed such as Avalon, regional roads, regional UDoN etc, users may find their menu cluttered or lags. This is where Akar was born to create, to subcategories each mods that flooded the original menu. Akar is a child from Orion and Avalon itself.

Here, we will list every mod that may be favorable for Orions:

  • Package include 2 files, You need to paste both files in your SimCityData folder.
  • "003_OFFLINE_DLC_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140231_2_1_RCIHCPLOPALL.package"
  • "002_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1_2_Avalon".
  • You MUST have Akar base file "000_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_2_0_Akar" for this to work, make sure you download and paste it in your SimCityData folder first.


How to install?

1. Download all Rar files.

2. Right click the rar file > Extract

3. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder.

4. Launch the game.

5. Save the game.

6. Quit the game.

7. Relaunch the game.

8. Resume the game.


UPDATE : 15th Aug 2014

  • All New Icons.


Note : User may see Burger King and McDonalds in the menu, its is advisable to have them alongside Avalons until we figured out how to recover the replacement original model of it.


  • If you installed MagLev as Subway by MaxisGuillaume. I've made a Subway submenu within the Mass Transit. This is entirely optional, users may or may not need this. (currently an empty Map data, users may need to rely on Maglev's map data for now)
  • If you installed Offline-Only Mod: "Park Bench" by Xoxide. I've made a Decorations submenu within the Parks menu. This is entirely optional, users may or may not need this. As it stands, modders are now about to add more items in this directory. Be sure to get them.
  • If you installed The SimCity Decoration Pack by Danny50205. I've made a "Plop Anywhere" submenu for that very purpose. Currently this only applies of HighRes users only. Coming Soon for LowRes users. Stay Tune.
  • Package include 1 file, "001_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1.0.5_AkarRoadsSet".
  • You MUST have Akar base file "000_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_2_0_Akar"
  • You need to install the Original Coastline and Waterways path and tools.
  • You need to install the Original UDoN 1.8 (Only)
  • You need to install the Original Xoxide's Pedestrian Path


Highly Recommend Mod: Be sure to follow HygaHinata's files for updates


Not Compatible with :

  • RegionalRoad-1.6.package
  • RegionalUDoN.package
  • UDoN 1.7 and and all previous version


Roads Menu : SubMenu

  • Streets
  • Regional Streets
  • UDoN
  • Regional UDon
  • Custom Roads
  • Waterways


Streets Submenu :

  • Includes all the original in-game Roads as well as Service Roads from Oil Well, Wind Power Plant and Garbage Dumb

Regional Streets :

  • Includes all the original in-game Roads with regional properties as well as Service Roads from Oil Well, Wind Power Plant and Garbage Dumb

Custom Roads :

  • Includes Regional and Non Regional Amusement Park walkway, and SkyeStorme's Regional Freeway. (Modders may add their custom roads in this directory)

Waterways :

  • Includes Regional Waterway, Regional Waterway (Wide), Regional Coastline


UniDirectional Networks Menu : Submenu NEW

  • Streets
  • Regional Streets
  • Ramps
  • Regional Ramps
  • Highway
  • Regional Highway


Additional Properties :

  • Fix University's Pedestrian Path to be work outside 2k boundary. (Regional)
  • Personalized each regional roads with its respective names.
  • Added Regional Icons.
  • Added Regional Service Roads (based on Oil Well's service roads)
  • Added Regional Pedestrian Path to be use outside 2k boundary - Special Thanks to HyugaHinata


Parks Menu $,$$,$$$

  • Regional Xoxide's Pedestrian Path


University EDIT Mode

  • Regional University's Pedestrian Path


Mass Transit Trains/StreetCar

  • Regional Heavy Rail Tracks
  • Regional Streetcar Tracks
  • Regional High Density Street Car Avenue


Funshine Amusement ParkEDIT Mode, Wheels of Wonder Amusement ParkEDIT Mode, Thrilland Adventure Park EDIT Mode

  • Regional Amusement Park Walkway
  • Regional Mini-Train Tracks


UPDATE : 21st Aug 2014

  • Rearrange all UDoN Roads
  • Upgrade UDoN roads (thank to HyugaHinata)
  • Please Download UDoN 1.8 and Remove all previous UDoN version)


UPDATE : 29th Aug 2014

  • - Fix Regional Amusement Park Walkway
  • - Fix Amusement Park Mini Train Tracks
  • - Fix Service Road (Wind Power Plant)
  • - Fix Service Road (Garbage Dump)
  • - Fix Service Road (Oil Well)  
  • - Added Pedestrian Path Submenu
  • - Rearrange all Roads and Ped Path.


We understand that users may not need certain Roads that's been added into the game. We will break it down so that users may use based on he/she needs. For now AkarRoadsSet offers every roads available to cooperate with Project Orion.


BONUS for CoT Users Only.


I would like to thank everyone who is involved in this project, the patients and the motivations. All the hard work we've done to make this game more fun and diverse. Oppie, Xoxide, ProcsKalone, Nick, CapTon, Danny, Skye Storme. many more. I couldn't done it without them, even the smallest mod is a tool to learn. This mod has been such a learning curve, even for myself, I didn't expect the attention it gets from users all around the world. My thanks to all of the users because of you, I work day and night to deliver Akar at its full potential. Akar is not something new, it just never implemented into the game the way it should, perhaps overlooked by many. Once again, thank you.

Today 7/7/2014 - Reupload version Version 1.0.5 and subway has incorporated our new Icons and Images into our mod to make the game easier and more similar to the unification of graphics and style to be that of Maxis and the Original games look and feel.

Thank you Banwashere (Ban) for the hard work and dedication for becoming our community artist and champion of our new efforts in creating an identity as our graphic artist and champion of our new identity and graphic art on this subject and with all our mods that have been release and our future releases to the community. These will be added to Akar and each individual mod as are required and represent the first update of many in a series that will unify mods and our interfaces. We are very happy to have him on board and the quality that his talents will bring to our mod community and in general to our future developments..

Special Thanks to Monte Rico and Skyestorme for their reviews.

- Yayie


You may see me update the download page from time to time, that's because I update the description. File changes may changed in "Change Log", so keep an eye on that to avoid confusions. - Yayie

What's New


  • Reupload AkarRoadsSet 23rd Sep 2014
  • Minor Fix on Upgrade and Downgrade options in some roads
  • Minor Update by HyugaHinata
  • Moderator update: Reformatted description & restored default screenshot - 14th Aug 2015
  • Known Issues: Incompatibility with Roads with No Traffic Light or Bi Level Streets that cause built-in Omega Pipeline or Oppie's EL Train Tracks unable to demolish.

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