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    • By Duco
      Because I have a lot of stuff in my Landmark and Park menu, I use iLiveReader to give content a specific number. Parks, hedges, alleys, CO-buildings, IM-buildings, you name it, all in order.
      This is for easy finding. To make it more easier, here are some ‘Planning Blocks’.
      You can give each block a number. By example: In My Park menu fillers have there numbers between -10001 / -20000 and hedges, fences and alleys have the numbers between: -20001 / -30000. Now you choose a color, give it the number -20000 and you have a divider between the two ‘sub-menu’s’.

      Please see the following tutorial for info on changing the menu icon order using Reader:

      In this upload there are two folders. One Landmark and one Park.
      The one file you certainly need is: Planning_Colors.dat

      Also, they are ploppable. So if you want to be creative...

      All credits goes to @CorinaMarie, she made these things. I just changed some numbers (after reading a tutorial how to do, made by her.)
      Last but not least: These things may be freely shared.
      Related topic: https://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/18863-menu-dividers/?tab=comments#comment-1697531
    • By Pegasus
      The MTP Logging Roads is a collection of 12 ploppable lots that can be connected together to form a non-functional Logging or Fire Road network throughout your remote and mountainous regions. The collection is very similar to the PEG Scenic Drive Kit, the MTP Access Roads and even the MTP Pine Trails lots. However, this kit has some new toys tossed in to give your roads a more natural & realistic "winding road" appearance.
      These Logging Roads lots are technically parks with almost no park values... but they are located in your Misc. Transportation Menu. Being non-functional, they will provide the look of a rural road extending to remote logging operations, fire watch towers, campgrounds, etc... without the roads getting clogged up with the game's automata. None of these lots require power or water... or access to a functional road network. You can freely plop them anywhere that you like.

      All of these lots are texture-based and will conform to the shape and slope of the existing terrain. This means that you can use them with little or no terrain editing... although better results can often be obtained by preparing the terrain beforehand.

      *Using the game's functional roads to lay out a path beforehand is both fast & easy... and levels & smooths the tiles that the roads will be plopped on. This method was used to create the switchbacks shown in the picture.. although the wider, sweeping curves required some manual terrain editing.
      The lots included in this package are:
      1x Straight section. 1x Corner section 1x "Tee" section. 1x 4-way Intersection. 1x  Road-End section. 1x Street Transition section. (connects to your functional street or road network) 1x Pulloff section. 1x Parking Area section. 1x Rail Road Crossing. (functionally transit enabled for both passenger & freight rail) 2x2 Sweeping Curve section. (for more natural, wider curves) 2x2 S-Turn Right section. (jogs the road 1 tile to the right) 2x2 S-Turn Left section. (jogs the road 1 tile to the left) * The MTP Terrain Mod is not required for these lots... but it is recommended. These lots use the default MTP grassy texture that was designed to blend with the game default textures... which are also used by the MTP Terrain Mod.
      ** This lot requires the following dependencies:
      PEG MTP Logging RESOURCE
      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
      -Cori Edit: Made deps clickable linkys.
    • By RichardMH
      Any tutorial or something on how to make menu dividers? Or a way to organize in what way each ploppable building is being shown in the building menu?
    • By robdragon
      Hey folks,
      Not sure were this should go so I apologize if it is posted in the wrong thread.
      I use the damn, it's working ok I guess except that I have quite a few lots that when I attempt to plop them they cause a CTD. The lots aren't really anything to intense pretty ordinary. They are fine if I remove them from the Damn and plop them from the regular SC4 menu. Just the Damn is a problem. So far I have about 30 lots that cause the CTD's.
      I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem and may know a solution? I've looked at the lots in question in ILive Reader but not sure as what I'm looking for if it's the way they were modded.
    • By goochman25
      Hi everyone. I was watching a tutorial video ages ago when i was new to SimCity 4. In it there were roads that curved in any direction rather than the grid like roads that we all know and love. It made suburban and countryside areas look a lot more realistic because the roads gently curved instead of having the usual right angle turns. I didnt have much interest in that at the time as i was trying to learn the basics of sc4, but now id really like to make roads like that but i have no idea how. Ive searched for the tutorial again but i cant find it. Does anyone know how to do this? Is it a mod or is there some way of doing it in vanilla that i just havnt figured out?  Ive searched this site as best i can, but i havnt it, but this could be because i dont really know how to phrase what im looking for. If its a mod or plugin or something could someone please point me in the right direction? And if curved roads are available in vanilla mode could someone please tell me how to do this or direct me to a tutorial? Thanks

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