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(Offline-Only) Roads With No Traffic Lights 1.5 / 1.2

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About This File

This mod adds the roads with only stop signs at the intersections.  



- High Density Street and Medium Density Street with no traffic lights.

- High Density Avenue and Medium Density Avenue with no traffic lights (version 1.1).

- High Density Streetcar Avenue with no traffic lights (version 1.2).

- Major roads and Secondary roads.

- Cars pass pedestrians at the intersections.

- You can add the traffic lights using "Road Upgrade" and remove them again according to your wishes (see screenshot below).

You should save the game after creation of region and restart the game, so you can upgrade the ordinary roads to the roads with no traffic lights.


This mod can help to reduce traffic congestion in the city. 

You need to place a road in a value "a secondary road" at first and then a road in a value "a major road" (It doesn't matter when the road crosses the Avenue).


When you use this mod with the Project Akar by Yayie (http://bit.ly/1ooMyA4), you can find these roads in "Custom Roads".

Thanks to Yayie for assistance in preparing update 1.3 and Banwashere for preparation of icons in update 1.4.




How to install: 

Unzip the files, copy and paste the .package files into your SimCityData folder.


Regional Roads With No Traffic Lights should be used ONLY WITH the main mod "Roads With No Traffic Lights".

What's New 1.5 / 1.2   View Changelog


  • Fixed the problem, when it was impossible to set the Maglev tracks and Elevated Railway;

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It's an AMAZING MOD!!! Just one question, is this available with UniDirectional Networks/UDoN? 

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    • By ScreamCon
      Ever had that feeling of accomplishment building a massive megatower city, only to have the sims flock to your neighbors... here's a mod for you.
       Unlike the regular R.C.I, mega tower apartments  can work both shifts... sounds great right? Until you realize that they overwork themselves from the large amount of excess jobs, or flock to the few and complain of no jobs(aka the apartment ran out of money). This breaks the game if trying to get more than a decent amount of mega towers.
      So... what exactly does this mod do, or incline to fix? Currently it allows the apartments to store more of the unit called "happiness", and disables the more shop complaint. Your sims can still bankrupt like normal however.
      To increase stability of apartment economics and happiness to allow larger cities.
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      - "000-OFFLINE_GameMod_ScreamCon_20180918_1.00_Mega Tower Text Fix "... the so called "Data" package fix
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      - More to come once I'm done figuring out the lama 
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      2. Apartments that have gone broke, are unhappy, and unemployed, are unlikely to be recoverable with this mod. Miracles do happen though 
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      One of the pictures features "Brenflakes" "Megatower Limit Increase 1.0" mod listed below. It was used along side this mod, awesome mod by the way
      EA/MAXIS disclaimer;
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    • By joaoarthur
      So, today I´ve began an expansion plan in my city, to create some new highways and develop the town around them, so I went out and downloaded a few intersections from the workshop, here´s the intersections I downloaded: 
      I replaced the vanilla T intersection with the trumpet one I downloaded, replaced a normal intersection with this really small roundabout and just placed the windmill one.
      And then suddenly my industry and offices said they can´t sell their goods even though I have plenty of commercial, also a lot of dead people turned up. Traffic isn´t that bad, it was like this already. What happened to my city? How can I fix it?

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      -Cori Edit: The question in this post is completely outdated due to a much newer version of NAM being available. Skip down to the question by @Eusebio Ptolomeu and the replies by @jeffryfisher and @rsc204 for the most up to date information.

      Original post follows. (Skip it tho.)
      There is a big list of traffic controllers I can choose in NAM, but to me it's quite unclear which one the best is. The NAM readme file is not really clear about this as well. I have quite a big city (the region has 800.000 inhabitants now) and it is hard to get the suburbians to work in the downtown. Which traffic controller would be the best one between:
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      - 2x Capacity
      - 5x Capacity
      - Better Pathfinding
      - Better Pathfinding 2x Capacity
      - Better Pathfinding 5x Capacity
      - Perfect Pathfinding
      - Perfect Pathfinding 2x Capacity
      - Perfect Pathfinding 5x Capacity
      And which setting would be optimal for the Colossus Addon Mod?
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      The MTP Logging Roads is a collection of 12 ploppable lots that can be connected together to form a non-functional Logging or Fire Road network throughout your remote and mountainous regions. The collection is very similar to the PEG Scenic Drive Kit, the MTP Access Roads and even the MTP Pine Trails lots. However, this kit has some new toys tossed in to give your roads a more natural & realistic "winding road" appearance.
      These Logging Roads lots are technically parks with almost no park values... but they are located in your Misc. Transportation Menu. Being non-functional, they will provide the look of a rural road extending to remote logging operations, fire watch towers, campgrounds, etc... without the roads getting clogged up with the game's automata. None of these lots require power or water... or access to a functional road network. You can freely plop them anywhere that you like.

      All of these lots are texture-based and will conform to the shape and slope of the existing terrain. This means that you can use them with little or no terrain editing... although better results can often be obtained by preparing the terrain beforehand.

      *Using the game's functional roads to lay out a path beforehand is both fast & easy... and levels & smooths the tiles that the roads will be plopped on. This method was used to create the switchbacks shown in the picture.. although the wider, sweeping curves required some manual terrain editing.
      The lots included in this package are:
      1x Straight section. 1x Corner section 1x "Tee" section. 1x 4-way Intersection. 1x  Road-End section. 1x Street Transition section. (connects to your functional street or road network) 1x Pulloff section. 1x Parking Area section. 1x Rail Road Crossing. (functionally transit enabled for both passenger & freight rail) 2x2 Sweeping Curve section. (for more natural, wider curves) 2x2 S-Turn Right section. (jogs the road 1 tile to the right) 2x2 S-Turn Left section. (jogs the road 1 tile to the left) * The MTP Terrain Mod is not required for these lots... but it is recommended. These lots use the default MTP grassy texture that was designed to blend with the game default textures... which are also used by the MTP Terrain Mod.
      ** This lot requires the following dependencies:
      PEG MTP Logging RESOURCE
      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
      -Cori Edit: Made deps clickable linkys.
    • By Synergy67
      I am experimenting on the very last unbuilt neighborhood in my Vulcan Vale huge tile city, which is nearing 100K Sims with nowhere left to build but up. I have constructed this high density housing shown below, so that in order to get out to jobs, the Sims have to go by, first, the subway, and if that doesn't grab them, second, a Park Here lot. I'll be curious to see what percentages each captures and what percentage ignores both and heads out by car. 

      I see I still have to break connection to that side road on the left, oops.

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