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FREE Roads and FREE Road Upgrades (All Roads) 1.8

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FREE Roads and FREE Road Upgrades!
Those of us who would like endless road building. Here is unlimited costs. You could start designing your city right from the start.
- Everything Associated with Road Building is now 100% Free. I went through all of the road costs, and changed all their values to 0.
- There should be no costs when building roads with v1.8
- Works with Futurized roads too! (added picture)
- Should be compatible with existing road mods (as this only changes the cost of the roads)
- TUNNELS, BRIDGES and  ARCH-BRIDGES are also free.

- Streetcar Tracks and Train/Rail tracks are also free
How to Install: (Easy)
1. Unzip the downloaded file.
2. Copy and paste the Mod-idealcastle-FREERoad.package file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData 

NOTE: sometimes a new "region" will not register the free road cost. Once you restart SimCity it should work perfectly. Existing cities/regions should be good without restart.
If roads require costs, please restart SimCity, this only happens once you create a new region. (might be a Maxis issue, where you create a new region and they use the server script instead, but once restarted, you are good to go!) 
Have an older version? 
- Please delete that, download and replace with the most current.
- Version 1.7 has fixed the zoning bug, and with 1.8, every cost for roads have been set to $0 
Any issues, concerns, comments please let me know. This should not affect other road mods, as this only modifies costs.
Thanks everyone!

What's New 1.8   View Changelog


  • -- UPDATE 1.8 --
  • All Tunnels are now free. And I went through all the of road group instances, and remove all of their costs, anything associated with roads should be completely free. If it is not, please restart simcity and it should be.
  • -- UPDATE 1.7 --
  • (fixed) Bridge ARCH Upgrades. All Arch Bridges are now free. (this should complete the main roads, free to build, free to upgrade/downgrade
  • -- UPDATE 1.6 --
  • (fixed) New Cities did not register the connection from the highway with the $free roads. (Existing cities seem to work great)
  • -- UPDATE 1.5 --
  • (fixed) Bridges are now FREE for all roads.
  • -- Initial Release (1.4) --
  • Dirt Road 2 to $0
  • Low Density 4 to $0
  • Med Density 8 to $0
  • Med Density Ave 10 to $0
  • High Density 12 to $0
  • High Density Ave 20 to $0
  • High Density Streetcar Ave 30 to $0

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I used this Mod, and my Simcity recently updated and it is causing the infamous "Your city is not processing correctly." Error....After removing your Mod I have no more of these errors. Just thought you'd want to know. If you have any questions about my setup let me know. Great Mod though. Roads are $$$


NOTE: This was in Online Play

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It doesn't work with UDON roads. It still isn't free. Hoping for a fast fix. Thanks! Love the mod!

And work it to not with normal roads

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This Mods doesn't work in ONLINE mode. When starting a new city and creating roads, my budget stay at 50k$, but if I leave the game and come back, the cost of the roads is deduce from my budget. Thus, the road are not free in ONLINE mode. Also If I continue to create road, at some point I get the message "Your city is not processing correctly."


Clearly this Mods doesn't work in online mode.

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On 4/9/2014 at 4:19 PM, Idealcastle said:

Why don't I just play in sandbox mode then... one of the objects of the simulation is to manage a budget.  

That is very true. I mainly did this to increase costs, which I'm releasing a mod for that as well. to make the game more challenging. Thought some would want to have unlimited road building. 

are you nuts?????

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