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DAMN is short for Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator


This is a collection of menu's created from the NAM 31.2 installation.  This is version 1.0 and includes all NAM 31.2 E-Series controller items with the exception of the following Project Symphony, Canals, Maxis Highways and Hole Diggers (These can be added later if there is a strong demand for them).  


DAMN-NAM includes menus for the following categories, subcategories and all associated pieces:

  • Avenues
  • El-Rail
  • FLUPs (Flexible Underpasses)
  • GLR (Ground Light Rail)
  • HSR (High Speed Rail)
  • Monorail
  • NWM (Network Widening Mod)
  • One Way Roads
  • Pedestrian Mall
  • Rail
  • RHW (Real Highway)
  • Road
  • Street
  • TuLEPs (Turning Lane Extension Pieces)

The only dependency is Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator or DAMN.  There are special instructions for installation for full compatibility with these menu's in the readme.txt file included.


**Please note that some of the menu entry's are not functional and will have a placeholder image.  To use entries that have placeholder images use another nearby entry and then tab to it from there.  This will most likely change in the future when a design change can be made in the NAM that will allow these menu's to be made compatible.


**Also if upgrading from an older version please replace your damncontrol.dat with the new file in the zip since it allows the root menu's to function.  If you don't do this the root menu's appear but are not clickable.


Upgrade instructions are now included in the readme.txt file.




What's New in Version 1.0   View Changelog


  • ## V1.0
  • All NAM items's are available with full images and descriptions. (This excludes Project Symphony, Hole Diggers, Maxis Highways and Canals)

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Just installed this one and follow your instructions the menu appeared with the DAMN NAM and then I tried to click a road but my cursor just turned red and nothing happens is there anything that I missed? btw the nam version that I've installed is version 32, is this still compatible with newer version of NAM?TIA

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I recently updated my NAM to version 32 and I was about to install the DAMN NAM, but I noticed it is made for the 31.2 version.  Has anybody else had compatibility issues with NAM 32?

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Works great in-game but in DAMN Manager i cannot touch any folders of the nam or it freezes the Manager.

Anyone had that issue?

How come the download says its version 1.0 ?

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    • By velrox
      so, I installed BadPenaut's roads, including Narrow Roads Pack and Suburban Streets. When I open the game and access the Content Manager, I don't see the assets I installed. I tried putting the .crp files, moving them to Mods and back but it's not working. What am I doing wrong?
      Also, I enabled Network Extensions 2 and New Roads for Next, but the new roads don't appear for me.
    • By Ronyx69
      So I was recently looking at some Japan driving videos and got inspired to make some highway pillars.
      I'm planning to make an entire set of various types of pillars in this style, even a 6cell over-canal pillar. (if it goes okay)
      Tell me what you think about my first attempt, I need to nail the style and the details before I start making other variations.
      Constructive criticism welcome, also any ideas.
      By the way, do pillars have LODs like regular buildings? I should just make it just the pillar, without the small details - pipe, wires, supports.
      Not sure when they're going to be done and available.


    • By RandyE
      I re-worked the Traffic Control Center and added 6 more 2x2 Park Menu lots that can be used in the the NAM avenue roundabout.  There are 3 more 'Control Tower' themed lots, and 3 different park lots, one is an amusement type using the Maxis Tilt-a-Whirl ride, one a forested rest-place with a gazebo, and the other a decorative grassy park.  All the lots use Maxis props and lighting, and have unique Park Menu icons.
      All lots have the same stats:
      Park Effect: 10 over 10, Landmark Effect: 20 over 10.
      Power Consumed: 20 MWh, Water: 10 gph.
      Monthly Cost: 50§
      Minimal water and air pollution.
      The landmark effect is a bit higher as they are feature parks, the 'Control Tower' lots having an imaginary civic function in controlling city traffic.  The roundabouts are part of the Network Addon Mod (NAM) which is specialized for transit and traffic networks, but the lots are stand-alone and can be used separately as park lots.  If using the NAM bulldoze the default lot in the center of the avenue roundabout and plop one of the 2x2 lots.  Any 2x2 lot can be used.
      The dependency file is located on SimCity 4 Devotion (SC4D) on the following linked page:
      Maxis Lot Editor (LE) Tool and Addons
      The Maxis Files for SimCity 4 are also now hosted here on Simtropolis on the page linked below: 
      Alternatively, the file below may be used instead of bldgprop_vol1.dat.  It is a better option as it combines access to all the Maxis buildings as props and adds a better hover query showing the lot name. 
      The above dependencies must be installed in your game application Plugin folder.  
      To Install this package:
      Place the 'Roundabout Variety Pack Lots' folder in the zipfile to the 'SimCity 4\Pulgins' folder in user 'Documents'.
    • By jeffryfisher
      I've requested that region-view ferry route color be customizable in the NAM. I think it would be cool for the TSCT to display and offer customization of the RGB and pattern for each transit network. However, while I am waiting, I am wondering what I can do to mod my own plugins to help my problem:
      I installed a water mod. I like it except... The new darker color in the region view renders NAM's purple ferry routes virtually invisible. I wish I could flip the ferry-route color to white (or some other bright, high-contrast RGB). Does anyone here know how to find and mod the colors and patterns of region-view network displays?
    • By kschmidt
      GLR & Tramway´s are getting back to old dual direction operation. Loops at the end of the line are fewer. GLR & Trams in SC4 now are architect on two track dual direction. Double track one way, aswell Double track one way or single one way stations would be nice. Some extra pieces one way and T switch or X cross over like pieces would be nice. Cosmeticly showing a one way direction loop or a tailback end point would be nice. Sory for the rough schema I produced I hope it will make things much more clear !
      Above you see a normal loop where all trams enter one way and depart the other way. Below is a tailback track end point where trams switch driver heads and reverse back. First a switch to go into the loop single track and another swithc making it again double required aswell reversing it back. Second there can be cosmitic pieces maybe as the crossover may reverse the direction. Little inspiration of the rail crossover by strangiatotheme 
      Dual way trams are know quit common in my area, mostly GLR, but recently aswell as normal tramline, so I would be interested or this is posible in SC4 or this maybe utopia for ever !
      Sincerely yours,

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