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    • By joaoarthur
      Ok guys, so I´m new to this game, I only played SC4 and now I´ve decided to try it, and a few days later, to get the must have mods, but unfortunately TMPE and Next aren´t working and I have no idea why. The new roads from Next 2 are nowhere to be found in the game and TMPE gives this message when I load up a city, both are at their most recent versions and I got all the DLC, everyone else seems to have it solved. I tried to manually install it, but I don´t know if I put it in the correct folders, thanks in advance fellow mayors.
      "Field '.PathUnit.m_speed' not found. [System.MissingFieldException] Details: No details"
    • By caprisio
      i downloaded the mod from ronyx69 and its not working every other shape is working i dont know what is wrong with the asphalt

    • By CorinaMarie
      I finally got tired of all those little green track checkers on my rail lines. I tried the No Track Checker Mod here on our STEX and that didn't seem to affect them the least little bit. So then I tried the one by @rsc204 which is attached to this post. It didn't work for me either which really surprised me knowing the creator as well as the post following his stating it worked for them. (I even zzz'd the name and checked with DataNode to see if it was being overridden.)
      Next I extracted the trains.lua (FF30D1B5) myself (like that first mod mentioned uses) and did some tweaking. Among other things I tried I found setting the max count = 0 produced a zillion of them:

      Anyhow, after quite a lot of tweaking and testing I've created one that seems to work. Would some peeps test this in a sandbox city and let me know if it works for you and would it be worth tossing on the STEX? (Or has anyone already hosted a working blocker somewhere?)
      No Track Checker by Cori.dat
    • By Pegasus
      This mod turns your cities into Christmas... 365 days out of the year. Specifically, the mod changes ALL PEG Christmas props to display year-round in the game.

      This mod is intended for those who are in the Holiday Spirit... or would truly like to be. Christmas may only come once a year in the real world... but it can come and go about every 3 minutes or so in the game. Now, with this mod, you can enjoy the Holiday festive atmosphere in the game throughout the real-world Holiday season.

      YOU WILL NOT NEED TO RE-PLOP ANY LOTS.  Once the mod is installed, any lot using any of the PEG Christmas props will instantly  become decorated for the Holidays. Once the mod is uninstalled, all those lots return back to normal.  You can easily turn it off after the Holidays... or leave the mod installed and enjoy Christmas year-round in your cities.

      * This mod has no effect on the PEG Santa's Village as that lot uses special versions of the Christmas props that are already designed for year-round usage.

      * This mod will convert the PEG Seasonal Lot into a year-round Christmas Tree lot.

      * This mod does modify the PEG Toy Factory & PEG Reindeer Rest Stop lots. The Toy Factory building will be covered in snow and  ice year-round and the Christmas props will also display throughout the year... including the Reindeer Landing Pad. However, Old Saint Nick will still only show up near midnight on Christmas Eve.  (game time)

      * This mod also modifies the Maxis add-on landmark Rockefeller Center Christmas props to display year-round. ** The ZIP file will create a ZZZ PEG Patches sub-folder of the standard PEGPROD folder. This mod must be installed into that folder in order to function properly.

      ** This mod has no dependencies.

      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.

      -Cori Edit: Made all referenced files clickable linkys.
    • By Pegasus
      Please Note: This is another Snow Mod related upload. 

      Also Note: This mod can be used with any Snow Mod as it does not affect any snow textures.
      For use with the PEG Snow Mod, this patch file allows you to de-flower your cities. The patch file simply removes certain flora props that normally wouldn't appear in a snow covered scene. Don't worry... your lots and cities are not affected in any way. The props are still there. They just won't show... in the snow.
      Specifically, this patch hides all flower props that just look out of place in the snow.  It also conceals several of the smaller bush/brush props that would be covered up by the snow. All palm trees are replaced with pine trees... and the scrub brush that appears at higher elevations when you plant God Mode trees is also hidden.
      Just like the Snow Mod, when you are ready for springtime once again, just remove the mod and everything in the game returns to normal. By default, this mod is installed to the same folder as the Snow Mod, so simply moving that one folder out of your Plugins will uninstall all related Snow mods. 

      ** This mod has no dependencies and is designed for use with the PEG Snow Mod.
      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
      -Cori Edit: Made referenced mod a clickable linky.

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