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VIRM "RegioRunner" Custom Train 3

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About This File

I'm extremely excited about this one - basically, this is the kind of thing I was hoping to do when I started breaking apart the package files during the first beta; this is officially the first fan-made 3d model that's made its way into the game. It cost me many hours to make, but the end result is more than worth it for me.

This train is the so-called VIRM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NS_VIRM ), one of the more well-known trains of the Dutch railways. Apart from a few minor details, the in-game one is an exact replica.

The only very minor issue with this model is that the LODs (which are what the game displays at higher distances) have still slightly more polygons than maybe they should, but unless you have a very low-end machine, this should not be noticeable.

UPDATE (16-5-2013)

File has been modified to change the scale of the train (originally I used the real-world dimensions, but those look too small in-game; now I always multiply the real-world dimensions by 1.3). Also contains better looking LODS and bump mapping.


UPDATE (31-5-2013)


Adjusted the height of the pantograph for the electrified railroad.

Added interior maps for the train.

What's New in Version 3   View Changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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I do not have the game, but you, sir, are now officially awesome! You have the premier of achieving this breakthrough: custom models for SimCity 2013. Therefore, I'll take off my proverbial hat for you and may this be the start of a great community fix job this game was waiting for. ;)

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Oppose you are getting there first you'll be resigning vehicles and than you get further through and find out how to risking buildings!I know that EA said modding is out of the game but Oppie you have done it!You are Simcitys future buddy keep up the great stuff!Also can you try to reskin the Streetcar into a more modern Streetcar?Thank god your here Oppie :)

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Congratulations oppie. Very well done indeed and thank you for your time.


I wonder what Maxis & EA are thinking about modding. Any news people of them allowing MODs? Any tools? No?

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I've been using this and the other vehicle texture mods for a while now and have to say how much they add to my game. Thank you for making them. Although with all the bugs with trains that haven't been removed yet I have to ask: why didn't you use a Fyra model? :)

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Will you be updating the train for GU 8. Instead of replacing the textures, the mod only adds gaps between all the train cars.


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please help me.

i downloaded the train file, extracted and put the file in the right folder.

now i get some kind of TGV train and not the dutch train.


can someone help me fix this?

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