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    • By gobrowns
      I use the Cleyra Map and Theme and everything looks fine when I first load it, but when I save and come back to continue, the colors are off and the graphics don't look as smooth, especially along the coasts. Any ideas what's happening? Thanks!
    • By HeatherF
      I am having a weird issue when in Region view. All large cities are showing an odd band across the bottom border of the city. As you can see in this image, the band only shows on large city tiles, not the medium cities (or the small cities if I had any in this region).

      I am playing SimCity 4 Deluxe digital version from GOG Games. My PC is a custom built running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. My Graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GT 610. My current startup options for SimCity are: "C:\GOG Games\SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -CPUCount:4 -CustomResolution:enabled -r1600x1200x32 -Intro:off -f -CPUPriority:high
      Can anyone suggest possible reasons for the bands and how I might get rid of them? They are only in the region view, not in city view so it's more irksome than critical, but I'd still like to know what is causing it.
    • By VitroOliveira
      Hello all, I have found some strange colors and lines in my game, anyone know the cause... thanks

    • By jeffryfisher
      I've recently rebuilt my PC, forcing me to reinstall SC4. After recovering my plugins and regions, I'm able to play again. However, when the game starts up, it always starts in Timbuktu now, forgetting the region that I last played in. How do I tell it to initialize in my custom region?
      When I manually switch regions, the game has forgotten where I was, always placing me in the center of the region. How do I tell the game to remember where I was when I left the region?
      Every time I start the game now, it runs day/night cycles, forgetting that I had previously set it to be all day all the time. How do I tell the game to keep that choice between sessions?
      I am sensing a pattern of forgetfulness... Is Win-7 incapable of remembering the things that were automatic in Win-XP? And no, I have not yet connected this Win-7 to the Internet (I have a few more weeks before I must activate it). Also, I am running SC4 as administrator, so file permissions shouldn't be a problem. What am I missing?
      I've Googled every keyword and phrase I can think of, but there's such a haystack of region problems that I can't find anything about initialization. I've been through all of the game settings, but I saw nothing that looked helpful. My XP version always came back to where I'd left my last region, but that was setup back in 2013, so I've forgotten how I made it work (and that was XP anyway). What do I need to do in Windows-7 to skip Timbuktu? Does anyone know where I should be looking?
    • By apeek
      Greetings everyone! Although largely unnoticed, I withdrew from the community upon the passing of my little brother in March of '16. Just prior, I discovered a secret of the software installation that could potentially benefit any style player and even help ensure the game's continued viability. However, that knowledge might have been disclosed or perhaps even documented since then. So, I must ascertain if there is any demand for the following procedure, confirmed working on Windows 7 through the recent release of Windows 10 requiring minimal freeware and no special skills:
      How to make SC4D utilize the discrete graphics adapter in your laptop for a significant performance boost.

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