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GnL_Dirty Industrial Texture Replacement

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EBLTeam proudly presents,


Dirty Industry Texture Replacement.


Have you ever wanted to your industrial areas to look better, not so earth like? Do you not like the maxis texture for ID lots? But don't want to spend some time reloting everything to change the textures?


Fear no more! Here is the solution!


This simple mod replaces all seven textures used in the ID lots for some concrete look textures, and also have some variations as cracks, dirt and so on.


It comes with a installer file, no dependencies, no conflicts known.


Enjoy, rate and comment!

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great new textures...im sick of the maxis ones! also, may i suggest incorporating paeng's grunge concrete textures? the grass and tire tracks would work great for this kind of thing!

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      Edit: Should note that I loaded the model with Steam Workshop disabled, but saw the error both with and without mods/other assets loaded.

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      SM2 Shocking Jimmy's Electrical Supplies is the next lot in a series of industrial supplies businesses.
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