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PEG One Flag Many Nations Mod

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PEG One Flag Many Nations Mod
By Pegasus

The One Flag... Many Nations mod allows Lot Developers to place a generic flag on their lots which will then display the user's specific or chosen national flag when that lot is used in their game. The player decides which flag will be displayed by installing the one modified flag .dat files enclosed in this mod.

Players should follow the Installation instructions below very carefully. Developers can learn more as to how this mod works in the Developer's Notes section below.

This is an updated version of the original mod and is dramatically reduced in size. To use this mod, the player must have the Maxis Day of Peace Add-On properly installed on their system:

- Direct Download Link

(Other Maxis Files can be downloaded here.)

Please note that this mod merely references the flag graphic images contained in the Day of Peace Add-On. Additional flags can not be added unless created by Maxis or a 3rd party developer. If your flag isn't included and/or you prefer not to have a flag displayed on lots that use this mod, simply don't install this mod.

All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.

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Guest hahei


Great Job! Hyronymus: It's actually been on simpeg for ages! :)

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[quote name='hahei' timestamp='1339230501']
Great Job! Hyronymus: It's actually been on simpeg for ages! :)
I meant the updated version and I checked it before I submitted it. On SimPeg it's still a 2011 version.

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[quote name='Hyronymus' timestamp='1339229401']
Wow, you're hosting it here before on your own site :).

It's been on simpeg for a long time. Have no clue what your talking about ??

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The link: https://public.me.com/zelgadis. I can't enter the site it says thta it's closed. what can i do? I cant't find a tab for registration at mobile me

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[quote name='Lloyd0728' timestamp='1342167400']
The link: [url="https://public.me.com/zelgadis."]https://public.me.com/zelgadis.[/url] I can't enter the site it says thta it's closed. what can i do? I cant't find a tab for registration at mobile me

has original maxis files now that the official sc4 site has gone away

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The day of peace flag prop is now available here:

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So... How do I get the Canada flag?

You just unzip the file, select the canada flag file "PEG_OFMN_Flag_CAN.dat" and place it in your plugins folder. All the other files you can delete (unless you plan to use one of them instead of the Canadian flag). Only one flag file can be used at a time.

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