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CURB - Concrete Urban Retainers by Bipin - Remodelled & Retextured!

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My legendary retaining wall BATs are back! Completely remodelled and retextured, the CURB series takes a new lease on life with concrete/grey asphalt plaza textures similar to those found on many BATs and official Maxis content. Furthermore, the models have been completely rebuilt, now with sidewalk-width walk areas around the new street-level gardens above the retaining walls.


For those new to this BAT series, this set includes basic components required to build your sunken highway with CURB. One of these pieces is an underbridge lot (left and right halves are two BATs), with the other being a 15m slope, slope-conforming component that is plopped in the middle of two FARRHW ramps in a fashion similar to below:






Just be sure to make sure the top RHW-4 level is constantly 15m high, and plop the pieces where they fit. You'll notice it's pretty self explanatory. As a dependency, you'll want to download http://tinyurl.com/CURBdependency If problems persist, contact me, or watch this promotional video to see what your end result should be like:





I hope you enjoy the product! Lot's of work and many a weekend went into this.

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  • 4/6/2012 - Added dependency link.

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