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RFY Viaducts 1.0

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RFY Elevated Rail Viaduct Set



The RFY Rail Viaduct Series - based on DocRorlach's monorail models - contains seventeen lots for the NAM Elevated Rail System. These can be combined to cover the default NAM viaducts. The size of the total download is due to the HD rendering of the models.

Included are:

  • two on/off ramps;
  • on-slope left/right lots;
  • a railway station;
  • several 1x1/2x1 lots;
  • left/right bridges over avenues, streets, roads, and rail tracks.

All lots are off-set, do not contain base or overlay textures, and only the railways station features jobs. The set is intended for the more grimy industrial/ghetto areas but could be used anywhere.


Optional: Players who want the uncovered NAM viaducts show the same dark brick texture as our viaducts need to download the Dark Brick NAM Viaduct Mod by rivit.


Lot Details and Information: Lot size: 1 x 1 tiles Menu position: All lots: Transportation - Rail Jobs: Station only: $ - 23; $$ - 5 Plop cost: varied Bulldoze cost: varied Monthly cost: varied Power consumption: varied Water consumption: varied Pollution: Garbage: between 2-4 over 4 tiles



To ensure the proper functionality, make sure the files mentioned below are installed in the plugins folder:


The original viaduct models were made by DocRorlach; thanks also goes to shkthrpy for his excellent cars. d_j_p_1 did the testing.



These lots were tested to the best of everyone's ability; if you still run into a problem, do not hesitate to PM me..

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    • By Craig-Abcvs
      SPAM Rural Passenger Station
      By Craig-Abcvs
      This rural passenger station is designed to compliement SPAM and MTP themed communites.   The lot will plop one of five different station buildings, and features various timed props that will appear during the day.
      The station is transit enabled for both passenger and freight trains.  The parking lot is also transit enabled for vehicles.
      Plop -         $1000
      Monthly -     $500
      Bulldoze -     $100
      Power-         61
      Water -     0
      Pollution -    0 | 0 | 0 | 0
      Menu -         Rail
      Capacity -     2000
      Taxi Occupant Group - 0 
      (Lot does not spawn endless queues of taxis)
      PEG MTP Super Pack
      **PEG SPAM Super Resource Pack
      **Note this dependency is not required if you already have the full SPAM mod installed.
      Murimk Farm Addons for SPAM Vol1: Barns 
      Unzip and place in plugins folder.  Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins

      -Cori Edit: Re-saved to update thumbnail pic.
    • By Pegasus
      The PEG-RR Trackside Series strikes again with this highly flexible rural-styled Railroad Service Yard. This 8x2 lot features a fully functional, transit-enabled double-track rail running the length of the lot... as well as a single track siding for display of the eye candy. Intended for use in rural settings, it is flexible enough to fit right into your grimiest industrial zones and even the wrong-side-of-the-tracks area of suburbia.
      Don't take this the wrong way, but this lot can go both ways... either replacing your existing rail line or plopping down next to it and connected as a siding. You can even plop it on both sides of the main line, staggered or aligned,  and create larger, intricate train yards.
      But wait... that's not all. We've loaded up this lot with more eye-candy than your local Hooter's Bar & Grill. Pretty much everything's in here except the kitchen sink. No wait... I think there's one in the shed.
      For starters, a couple of local freights can be seen daily pulled off onto the siding for service while making room for the long haul main line trains. An ore train hauling ore from Big John's Mine stops by in the morning while a logging train from the nearby logging industry (in development) pulls off in the afternoons.
      Both trains are using older steam era locos that are still earning their keep.... and both of them smoke!! (Why not? It worked for Lionel !!)  Along with that we have the facilities for tending to the steam locos and a fuel bunker for the diesels... the prerequisite tool sheds and some trucks that come and go throughout the day.
      The lot is cheap to plop and free to maintain... primarily because its purely visual and serves absolutely no functional purpose. But then, that's what my wife said about me!
      Dependencies: PEG-RR Whistle Stop
      **This file currently contains an .exe installer suitable for windows users.  These files are in the process of being updated with zip files and this message will be removed once the update is complete.
      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
      -Cori Edit: Made dep a clickable linky.
    • By Pegasus
      So... lets take inventory. We have the central Saw Mill with both trucks and rail bringing in logs for processing. We have Logging Roads to bring the logs down from the local mountains. What's missing? Oh yeah... Where the heck do the logs on the railcars come from? I'm glad you asked...
      The MTP TLC Rail Transfer Yard is a typical marshalling area where Logging Road meets Rail.The logs from the trucks are transferred to rail logging cars by HLDs (Heavy Lifting Devices) for transport to distant mills that are generally too far away for economical transport by truck. This type of operation is really more of a convenient location... than an actual facility.... pretty much wherever a road can be run down to the nearest rail. If there is also a nearby water source... so much the better.
      So what's with all the log dumping into the water... you ask. Good question. Its all about making a hard job a bit easier. Wherever possible, the logging industry has relied on conveniently located water sources for 2 primary reasons;  1. Logs are really heavy... and  2. Logs float. You can round up 20 really Brawny guys (yes, like on the paper towel commercials) and get them to move a log for you. They won't be able to roll it more than a foot or so before you hear the 'roids a-poppin'. Yet... one guy... with a long stick... can move a log on the water anywhere he wants with very little effort.
      So... when operations get a bit backed up or the trucks roll in but the trains out of Yuma aren't due in 'till 3:10... the logs just get dumped in the pond. No profit in holding up the trucks and the HLDs can pull logs from the water easier & faster than from the ground or the back of a truck. And that's why.

      Because the need for 2 types of this lot may arise... we have conveniently included two types of lots:
      1. An RCI ploppable with IND-M jobs and transit-enabled for street entrance to form a visual connection to your road network. Like any lot with jobs, this version requires power & water, road access and a local workforce.
      2. A Logging Road version that has no jobs & requires no power, water or functional road access. Just plop it anywhere & run Logging Roads up to it
      Both lots are 4x5 tiles in size... and both have non-functional transit-enabled connections on both ends of the lot for a visual-only connection to rail. Both have a gated side entrance for optional access to a Logging Road. The RCI version cost $500 to plop... but nothing to maintain. The Logging Road version cost almost nothing to plop... but $10 per month to maintain. Most of that 10 bucks is for porta-crapper chemicals & TP.
      Both lots have a custom query sound-effect... and are extensively not nite lighted in any way. The RCI version can be found in your Landmarks menu while the Logging Road version is with the other Logging Road lots in your Misc Transportation menu. Each lot is in a separate file so you can remove either one if you prefer not to use it.
      * The Logging Industry lots were designed for the MTP but have been engineered to have a minimal dependence on it. The goal is to allow players to use these lots in any non-urban setting/city without the need to move the required files in and out of the Plugins folder when switching between different city types or styles. These lotsand the MTP dependency files can remain in your Plugins folder without affecting non-MTP themed cities.
      ** This lot requires the following dependencies:
      PEG MTP Logging RESOURCE
      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
      -Cori Edit: Made deps clickable linkys.
    • By stefmikhail
      Hi all. I recently have been enjoying SimCity 4 again, and specifically building cities with only older style buildings and other amenities. 
      There are a few things that look out of place still in the default Maxis package, but one glaring one for me is the Passenger Trains: 
      I'm hoping someone knows of a skin/automata that will allow the Passenger trains to look as they did in the late 19th/early 20th century era, i.e. steam locomotives and period appropriate cars?
      Side note: is there a mod that anyone knows of that would allow for more heavy rail usage in general, or old elevated rail lines over streets and avenues? I know NAM contains el rail pieces that go over streets and avenues, however I can't seem to allow for a junction where lines meet in this respect.
    • By Bloemkoli
      This mod was made to provide more safety to the sims on your RHW. It places guardrails combined with reflector poles on networks in the countryside. And guardrails combined with more guardrails in (sub-)urban areas.
      I reccomend you put this mod in the z__NAM folder.
      If you would like the reflector poles to appear you should download: Girafe's French Road Signs:
      The guardrail props are included.
      This mod was inspired by a similar mod which placed guardrails on a few RHW networks but unfortunately isn't compatible with the new NAM Network ID's. Sadly I can't remember the author and I cannot find it on the STEX anymore.
      The models for the guardrails are made by "Snelwegfreak" and can be found in the sketchup 3dwarehouse.
      This mod would not have been possible without the NAM team, and the SC4 community that taught me everything I now about modding this game.

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