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Paeng's Parks Revisited 2.05

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About This File

This park system combines three updated versions of previous park sets - Monument Park, Urban Gardens and White Sands Park. Mainly I wanted to create the possibility to lay out a good variety of parks, paths and gardens for any type of city - particularly with options for different path textures to be used on the same city tile. You can now have three very distinct park-styles in your city, each with its own character (layout, props, textures) - and you can mix and mingle them any which way you please... and even exchange or unify textures as you desire.

This will enable you to use the paths, prefab parks, ends, transitions, addons and extensions of all three park sets in one glorious citywide park system.


* Three complete parksystems, each with a unique style, textures, props and individual pieces

* A host of possible configurations - Narrow, Wide, Diagonal, Sweeping Curves, Ends, prefab Parks and more

* New park 'Sidings' for realistic-looking transitions to your roads and avenues

* Transitions between textures and/or sidewalks that can adapt to your preferred sidewalk textures and mods

* The ability to exchange or unify the base textures on the fly to suit your taste

* The option to mix and mingle sections of all three sets any which way you want

* All items designed to create extended lawns to be enhanced with MMP flora of your choice

* All items with consistent properties, descriptions and plop helpers, tightly arranged in your menus

* A host of overlay textures and custom props to make your own matching lots

* Peace of mind that future sets and addons will be made to match all of the above

Please note that there is a more in-depth Online Documentation with lots of additional info and many images available as well.


* Paeng Texture Pack v103 (updated version Sep 2011!)

* Murimk Props 02, v201 (updated version Sep 2011!)

* BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol01

* BSCBATPropsMattb325 Vol02

* BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02

* BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01

* BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol02

* Porkie Props Vol 01 and Vol 02

* SPOT (Orientation Helpers)


The aim of this overhaul is to 'streamline' the park packs as far as dependencies, general layout and possible variations are concerned. The layout and appearance of the sets have been maintained as much as possible.

Most of the pieces - including the new 'Sidings' - are layed out to give you nice spaces of well-groomed lawn that you can plant with your own choice of flora - bushes, shrubs, flowers and trees from your personal MMP collections.

If you don't want to use any of the sidings, you can safely delete the respective subfile(s).

If you want to exchange or unify any of the base textures, make sure to carefully read the separate instructions included with the 'Texture Changer 205' module (included, but packed separately).


Should you need support for these items please visit the
Online Documentation

and/or the

Support Thread


Special thanks go to the NightOwls Murimk and Shokthrpy for creating special custom props, adding to the unique appearance and feeling of these parks. Thanks also to Krio - his Kiosks continue to serve all park-visiting Sims :-)


This is a community effort with many friends chipping in - Thanks for that again!

BAT - custom 'Park Props' by Murimk & Shokthrpy
BAT - 'Kiosks' by Krio
All Textures - by Paeng

All parts are included with their creator's kind permission.
You may use them for your own lots, but please do not include them in your upload. Kindly point to this pack as a dependency.


Mod edit 29th April 2017 - Fixed formatting + dependency links
-Cori edit: Fixed one of the fixes that wasn't quite fixed.

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Possibly the best set of modular parks for SC4. Sure there are a few dependencies, but look at what you get in return. Ticks all my boxes, totally indispensable.

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Lost on Belmont


Great set. Enables smooth transitions between three compatible sets for beautiful, realistic looking parks.

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    • By BLaM French Connections
      Add a touch of style and flair to your cities, with this pack of 3 x 3 tiled plazas from BLaM FC, these are sure to be popular amongst your more discerning Sims. Pack contains 2 Plazas each with different base tiles.
      For support on this pack, and the rest of the series, and to see better pictures of all FC lots, please visit the French Connections forums at www.simcities.com
      Lot size: 3 x 3
      All other stats as per Maxis Large Plaza
      BLaM French Connections Mega Pack 2
      BLaM FC Garden and plaza props 1
      To instal
      BLaM recommends the making of a folder named BLaM within your plugins folder. The contents of the folder contained within the download zip archive may then be dragged directly to that folder.
      Lot design and creation: KT3
      Texture creation: Lou
      Custom props: KT3
      Testing: OP4
      Thankyou to the BLaM team, for thier constant support.
      All BLaM lots are tested and seen to work, and have correctly allocated ID's
      WARNING - If you have files in your plugins folder that use incorrect texture ID's, this could cause conflicts
      BLaM cannot be held responsible for such conflicts and this download is used by the user on an 'as-is' basis.
      Release Notes
      All BLaM releases are available on the SimTropolis Exchange (STEX) and the SimCities Exchange (SCExchange). Individual members may release at other locations in addition to these. Please check the relevant readme file(s).
      BLaM French Connections Tiled Plazas 4
    • By rsc204
      Please note that this upload is not mine, all the works in this download were created by Kazuki which were originally hosted here. Since those files are no longer available, they have been recovered here on the STEX, so people can continue to download them.
      This package includes six lots that can be used to create park areas, intended to be placed between road networks.
      5x4 End Piece 5x5 Centre Piece 9x1 End (edge) Piece/Pavement 5x5 FountainPark 1x2 Tree Lot/Path 2x2 Tree Lot Of course these can be free placed wherever you might want some park/plaza/walkways in your cities.
      BSC Textures vol01
      BSC Textures vol02
      BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01.dat
      BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol02.dat
      CSX MEGA Props - Vol01
    • By tariely
      Too much SC4 custom content gets lost on the web as websites come and go. Most Kazuki's content seems lost, except lots that have been salvaged on the STEX : Kazuki RedBrickPlaza Lots 1.0, Kazuki Road Divider Park Lots 1.0 and, relotted by nos17, his street stalls . Here is the original.
      Disclaimer : those are kazuki's only, I am only  saving them for the community.
      NB : I have slightly amended Kazuki's own readmes to delete the unreadable parts in Japanese.
      Dependencies :
      BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol01
      Screenshots of SC4 by kazuki
      site web (alas, images only) : http://klex.blog85.fc2.com
    • By prepo
      I made one of these parks over a year ago, never uploaded it here. Now I'm finally releasing a small set of these.
      These are 5 slightly different parks, all 1x1 size (+ overhanging parts). Plop cost $100, maintain cost $8.
      To install: just unzip and place the folder with files in your Plugins directory. No dependencies.
      A minor problem was reported by member HandsOff: "If you plop then plop them on already zoned but unoccupied lots, the zoning does not disappear. It is only visible when you lay subways."
      So plop these parks only on un-zoned land .

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