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The SimPeg Agricultural Mod (SPAM) is an absolute, total and complete replacement for the game-default farming system.

The default system was never really finished before game release and was, in fact, designed to be short-lived and used only initially in starter cities. The game, as it progresses, actually is designed to kill off all desire and usefulness for farming.

We changed all that.

Not only have we changed how all the farms look... but we also changed how they play.
Originally in a city, you could hug a tree... or kiss the sky with glass and steel. Now... you can do both.

At its most basic function and goal, the SPAM is an IND MTP Replacement Mod... similar to the RES and COM MTP replacement mods.

Its primary goal is to give an MTP-ish look and feel to the game's default farm lots.

Want to know more? Yeah of course... As a matter of fact, you NEED to know A LOT more - so before you install, we invite you to Visit the Full ReadMe and learn more about these - (PLEX Legacy update: all readme information can be found in the 5 pinned threads in the above link)



* Development Stages

* Agricultural (I-R) Demand

* Employment

* Education

* No Power? No Water?

* Pollution

* Sub-Divide and Conquer

* Crop Only Lots

* Improved Lot Orientation

* Crop Selection

* Future SPAM

* SPAM Comparison

* Developer Notes on General Troubleshooting and Compatibility



This mod requires the MTP Super Pack.


By default, the SPAM files will reside in a sub-folder named "SPAM" in your Documents Plugins folder.

See the included Full ReadMe for more information!


All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Not only is your work awesome, so it your timing! I had just laid down the zones for starting a new town and was having some problems with my LEX farms; so I popped in here and came across your SPAM set just minutes after you'd posted it. Graphics/colors, query, all EXCELLENT!

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Great job. So it finally comes out. Very useful and aesthetically pleasing. Visit Peg's site for other addons to the SPAM such as the SPIC and the SPAR. 5 stars definitely. Once again, been waiting a suspenseful year for this to arrive. Now it's here. Great Job and many thanks to Pegasus, Paeng, Murimk and many others whom contributed and beta tested this wonderful mod!

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One great MOD! :thumb: I have been playing it in my new region for a few hours and have found no major problems. The SG and JMeyers farms blend in nicely so far and have had no problems with the rest of the gameplay. I love the information when you querey the farms. Those are a treat! :D I am going to have a lot of fun with this MOD!

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great work 5/5. love the way it make the farms look more unique in the game and gives you details of what crop is growing and what it is used for. i highly recommend this if you like more realistic rural areas.

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My special and heartfelt thanks to the PEGPROD Development Team and the PCG for all their tireless effort & support throughout this extensive project... and especially for putting it all together and getting it released publicly to the community.

These folk ROCK!! And it is to them that we all owe our thanks & gratitude for delivering yet another splendid addition to our beloved past time.

I'd salute you all... developers and fans alike... in the traditional SimPeg fashion. But my zipper seems to be stuck. :lol:

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[size="3"][color="#0000FF"][b]Congratulations! This upload has been chosen by the Simtropolis Staff as an STEX Feature![/b]

[b]Featured on:[/b] 14th of April, 2011

[b]Why this upload was chosen:[/b] Green Acres is the place to be, Farm livin' is the life for me, Land spreadin' out so far and wide, Keep Manhattan, just gimme...SimPeg Agricultural Modd!![/color][/size]

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        "Hof Bucken"
      A North German or Danish farm with windmill.
      Freshly thatched roofs, a clean yard and sheep under the apple tree make the idyll complete. So that the miller not only drinks beer, the whole thing is a waterworks.
      3x3 lot
      Dependencies: none
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      SMP Yellow pause thingy remover
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      Whats more it is certified by the hotdog man himself 'Ilikehotdogsalot' When asked for a quote on this mod he said "what should i say, i'm not feeling too witty today" So i think we can all be in agreement this proves it is an awe inspiring piece of work... that took me the whole of 10 seconds to make.
      Modding by mji... err.. TheQuiltedLlama
      Testing by the people who tested it.
      STEX pictures by Glenni's monkey BAT slaves.
      Instruction for use:
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      4. Load city
      5. Pause game
      6. Marvel at the absence of the yellow pause thingy.
      7. Grate some cheddar.1
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      1.If you have no cheddar, you could try grating another variety of cheese, however you do so entirely at your own risk.
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      Thank you for choosing Bipin's Industry Essentials pack! This download comes packed with four growable and ploppable warehouse and factory outbuildings, three smokestacks, a massive cooling tower, two utility buildings; one for power and one for water, as well as the essential transit-enabled lots for an HD, grungy road that may be plopped over the standard Maxis ones to give some old-time appeal! Furthermore, some filler items and extra props for the lotters out there are included.
      This is my largest upload to date. Don't forget to check out the pictures to see what's in store. You can expect to see "Vol. 2 - The Rust Belt" soon. Also be sure to check out my thread to see what's coming up after this: 
      Required Dependency Links:
      Optional Dependency Link:
      Psst... I hope you enjoy this little Festivus/Christmas present Simtropolis. I've been pretty ill recently, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from giving all you deserving members out there a gift!

      -Cori Note: The cooling tower is lacking base textures. The following is a patch by @rsc204 which will fix the water bug.
    • By Fantozzi
      Mod content:
      134 growable CAM-patible farm lots, each one individually designed, ranging from tiny romantic (stage 1) to dystopian agricultural scifi (stage 10).
      45 new or completely reworked field lots with crops like canola, cabbage, bamboo, potatoes, strawberries, artichokes, animated lifestock or elements like grow tunnels, greenhouses, vertical farms.
      250 new props/bats.
      70 new textures
      6 ploppable functional lots
      13 cosmetic puzzle pieces to add fences and farm tracks to the fields.
      Mod's purpose:
      Collecting some of the best farming stuff, adding own stuff where needed and creating something with an overall concept from it. This means building up complete themes like winery, lumber industries, lifestock farming, grain production, including different elements of the productions chains (grain -> brewery, life stock -> slaughtery) - so for each city of your region there can be different main focus of agricultural production.
      Mod's challenge:
      This mod can be very demanding on computer/game performance and there may be actions to take about this. Also setup requires some patience as you have to make certain decissions and you have to select and sort content different according to this decissions. It's recommended to wait for a rainy afternoon to install this mod.
      It's essential to read chapter 1,2 and 3 of the included documentation.
      This mod requires at least 38 dependencies (depending on your choices more). This is no put and play - you need to follow installation instructions of the documentation). Do this step by step.
      For easier management the dependencies are broken down into five sections. For performance reasons it's recommended to datpack some of the sections containing smaller files into a single bigger one after you are done and everything works.
      Section 1 (Megapacks)
      BSC Textures Vol 01.dat
      BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01.dat
      BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01.dat
      BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02.dat
      BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01.dat
      BSC MEGA Props - NewmanInc Vol01.dat
      BSC MEGA Props - NewmanInc Vol02.dat
      Section 2 (JMyer's Stuff)
      BSC Mega Props - JMyersAgriculture01.dat
      BSC Mega props JMyers Agriculture 02.dat
      JMyers Hydrophonics
      JMyers Dairy Farms
      JMyers Corn Crops Vol.2
      Section 3 (French stuff)
      Nams BAT PROPS PACK Vol 02.dat
      Nams BAT PROPS PACK Vol 03.dat
      Nams PROPS PACK Vol 1.dat
      Nams PROPS PACK Vol 2.dat
      Girafe Vines
      Girafe Wheat
      VIP RuralPack Expansion1
      VIP Agri Pack
      Section 4 (Working Man Production)
      Section 5 (the assorted section)
      Wieśpak by fordoniak
      RFR Maize Set
      Sunflower (Shadows) by HunD88
      SFBT Weinberge
      Cycledoggs Organ Works
      Cycledoggs Hankie Mill
      Optional Stuff
      Colossus Addon Mod 2.1.0 (the CAM - strongly recommended)
      A maxis farm blocker or a maxis farms replacement mod compatible with CAM or SPAM (recommended)
      Simmer2 Stone walls
      VIP Les Murets d'Aubrac
      CP Seasonal woods
      Special thanks to rsc204 and T Wrecks for the technical assistence. Many thanks to T Wrecks, OcramsRzr, rivit, matias93 and nos.17 for the creative and fruitfull ideas.
      Thanks to nos.17 and markussaage for reviewing the documentation.
      This mod is dedicated to the developers of the Colossus Addon Mod, RippleJet and IvisiChem.
      Feel free to post screenshots, discoveries, your personal favorites, critics and questions (not covered by the documentation) in the development thread.
      Happy farming.
      EDIT - on 12.20.2017:
      The link on the dependency wmp_spam_freight_props2.dat was wrong and corrected today. For all player that used the dependency links before 12.20.2017 please replace wmp_spam_freight_props.dat (wrong) with wmp_spam-freight_props2 (right) or add it. Thanks to @buckbeach47 for reporting.

      -CB Edit (9/12/2018):
      Updated dependency link for the Wieśpak file due to SimCity Polska shutting down. Thanks to @AsimPika3172 for reporting in the comments section below.
    • By odlboy
      trying for some time to get the visuals from
      to show up....
      tried it with "BTM 2"and also with "BTM 1" in the plugins folder but the top and the bottom doesnt look like on the preview pics.
      someone has a clue ?

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