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    • By funforfree99
      The most up to date version of ilive reader is necesary, check the mods page of http://simtropolis.com for this program.

      How to back up simcity_1.dat

      1. Find it in your program files and then maxis then simcity 4.
      2. copy the file to your desktop and leave it there.
      3. If anything goes wrong simply replace this file.

      Lesson 1. Creating ordinances that bring in 5000 per resident.

      1. Open your ilive reader and load simcity_1.dat
      2. Open the analyser click tree then search
      3. Find the plus sign beside ordinances and open it
      4. search for the ordinance named smoke detectors
      5. click it and in the data that appears on the left choose cost per resident double click this info line and edit the value that can be edited. ( a negative number means you are losing money for purpose of this lesson change it to 50000)
      6. While we are here lets also change the flamability rating. Find the line named % effect on flamabillity and change it. (1 = normal flamability 0= no flamability 100000=super flamability)
      7. close analyser and save
      8. Test out the patch

      Coming soon how to increase fire radius.
    • By jakis
      I'd changed tilesets to the one (Chicago) in all necessary .sc4desc files by iLive's reader: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ilive-reader/
      Have to say, that all this plugins were already used in my cities on that moment.
      So, I've decided to test them in the pre-builded city. Everything were good until the moment when I noticed: when I rotate scene or zoom in/out, new models (from plugins after tileset editing) just disappearing and remaining in that state till I will save city by "ctrl+s", at this moment they appearing in their places. Ok, to be sure I decided to start new city and set the right building style, but nothing is building even after 5 years, despite the high demand.
      I don't think, I've did something wrong and I'm sure the data in OccupantGroups is fully right. Or do I need to refresh assotiated Lots?.. Or something else?..
    • By Thorx21
      This is the most glorious farming mod I've ever come across, credits to all who helped make it work. I play it with CAM 2.1.0
      And it does work. However I was thoroughly reading the Colossus farming manual .pdf regarding the installation procedure and there's one line of information I tumble over.
      There's the Sunflower dependency by HunD88 where according to the writer of the manual I have to edit the lot file if I want to use the sunflowers with CAM otherwise it supposedly overwrites CAM data. Not sure what the writer of that manual meant with this regarding consequences if undone but it sounds pretty bad if I don't.
      The colossus farming manual says this about the sunflower dependency >
      I use both, and I want to.
      Further down the manual is the list containing many ID's, including the one for Sunflowers. I need to change the ID to 0xA5F3E522 but I don't know where.
      I opened the Sunflower farm fields .lot file with Ilives reader and I'm clueless about what number to change to 0xA5F3E522.  
    • By Prophet42
      I was trying to install iLive's reader version 1.5.4 on my machine, but when it tries to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable file, I get the error 'Your machine does not meet the requirements to install this software' because apperantly I have a newer version of C++ 2010 installed.  My question is do I just uninstall the current C++ 2010 file I have and try to re-install, or is there some other work around to get Reader 1.5.4 to install?
      Currently I do have Reader version 0.93 and 1.5.2 installed and working on my machine.
      OS is Windows 7 Professional.

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