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Please Note: This is an old mod that has somehow disappeared from the STEX... although the several add-ons for it are still here. The new MTP Snow Tree Mod is in beta. It will be released shortly and it wouldn't have been very useful if you couldn't have snow under the snow covered trees. *;)

** A new collective Snow Mod is also under development.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow... This is the first of several mods that will turn your normal temperate climate cities into beautiful, snow-covered Winter Wonderlands. Like similar artic or snow mods before it, this mod changes all terrain at all elevations into snow-covered terrain. It also replaces all of the game's default lot textures into matching snow.

This is the primary mod of the collection. Others will soon follow that will complete the winter theme. Included in this mod are new textures for the terrain & replacements for all game default lot base and overlay textures... excluding hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt which are used for walkways and parking lots, etc. The mod also includes a new texture set for the streets to insure that the snow extends all the way up to the street so no sidewalks or grassy areas will show.

Highly recommended for use with this mod are the Swamper77 Street and Road Sidewalk Mod and the Sidewalk Avenue Mod . These mods, when used with the Snow Mod, will allow the snow to cover all sidewalks and grassy areas along the roads & avenue so that the snow covers all the way to the asphalt.

These are great mods that you may wish to keep installed all of the time. However, all that is required to enhance the snow mod is the RoadsNoGrass.dat file from the Street & Road Sidewalk mod... and the Uni-Density Avenues.dat file from the Sidewalk Avenue Mod.

You may choose to install only these two files in the Snow Mod folder so all snow-related mods can be easily uninstalled at anytime by simply removing the Snow Mod folder from your Plugins folder.

Some of the other mods in this Snow Mod collection include:

  • The PEG Snow Mod - MTP Patch... which replaces all custom MTP textures with matching snow textures. This allows all the MTP lots to blend ion with the snowy terrain.

  • The PEG Snow Mod - Seasonal Tree Patch... which is a small file that forces the seasonal trees to remain leafless and "wintry" all year long... or as long as the mod is installed.

  • The PEG Snow Mod - Pine Tree Patch... which covers all the PEG Pine Trees with snow to match the winter wonderland. It also works with the PEG God & Mayor Mode Pine Trees as well.

** All Snow Mods are automatic and require no in-game changes to your cities. Once installed, everything will change instantly & automatically. Once removed, your cities will fully revert back to their sunny selves with no trace of snow or other effects from any of the mods.

Like other snow mods, these terrain changes are year round. You can easily change back to normal terrain at any time just by uninstalling the mod. No lots are ever changed in any way. These mods can not be used with any other terrain mods. However, they are fully compatible with any PEG Rock mod or any water color/texture mod.

** This mod has no dependencies. **

All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.

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I love it. I remember A while ago trying to get the mod that was talked about and never was here. I love using it with the mountain theme.

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    • By paeng
      This PEG-PPOND Tahoe Pontoon Boats was made by Paeng and originally was uploaded as a forum attachment onto the PLEX and hasn't been available according to my best knowladge. I made this readme to collect all the dependencies into one place for easier acces with updated links.
      Please note with the permission of the Simptropolis Staff Members (Cori & Cyclone Boom) and Catty-CB this file has been uploaded on behalf of Paeng. It was not available anymore due to the unfortunate demise of SimPeg. All the works in this download were created by Paeng.
      * 3 1x1 Lots with offset boat props and transparent textures.
      Unzip the whole bundle, or COPY the "Paeng" folder from the *.zip into your plugin folder. You don't need to keep the "Documentation" folder. To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins.
      The PEG Terrain Kit (7 n 1) OR PEG PPOND KIT -----------------------> PEG PPOND Kit was merged into the The PEG Terrain Kit (7 n 1)
      PEG CDK3 SUPER PAK OR PEG CDK3 REC Boats Pack 1  --------> PEG CDK3 REC Boats Pack was merged into the PEG CDK3 SUPER PAK
      PEG PPOND Water Mill -  you only need the PEG-PP_Watermill_RESOURCE.dat file

      Uploaded on behalf of Paeng by Tyberius with Cori's and Catty-CB's permission.
      There is a very limited support for these files since the original creator is no longer an active developer and the original SIMPeg site is no longer available as well.
      You can ask for support in the PLEX Support Topic at Simtropolis.
      Should you need support for these items please visit the
      Paeng Production Forum
      Have fun and enjoy!
      - Tyberius06
    • By paeng
      Details from the original readme made by Paeng with updated links:
      Paeng's Urban Recreational Canals
      A series of shallow canals to create riverwalks or promenades with low sidings for more urban and recreational purposes, to mix with Peg's Ponds and Streams. 

      * 5 pcs. Walls and Extenders
      * 4 pcs. Promenade
      * 4 pcs. Narrow (single width) Canals
      * 3 pcs. Xtras (Addons)
      More Addons are planned for the future...

      * JS Seawalls V3
      * PEG Pond Kit II - Deluxe Edition  ----------->   (transparent patch)
      * PEG StreamKit-Deluxe Edition 
      * The Terrain Kit (7in1)
      * Murimk Props Vol02 v2.01 (Park Props)
      * SG 01 Megapack
      * Porkie Props Vol 01
      * SHK Parking Pack
      * SPOT
      Experiment with the various sub-sets - all pieces can be mixed freely. Some pieces will need a bit of MMP-treatment to cover up the occasional 'neuralgic' spot. When plopping MMPs take care not to overdo it, otherwise the canal pieces will just "disappear" ;-)
      It is recommended to use this set together with the Free Waters Mod.
      The pieces are set with default white bases and are compatible with my Sandstone Sidewalk Mod.
      All needed info is given via the in-game menu.
      You find all items at or near the end of the 'Parks' menu with custom icons.

      Unzip the whole bundle, or COPY the "Paeng" folder from the *.zip into your plugin folder. You don't need to keep the "Documentation" folder. To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins.

      Thanks to the folks at simpeg.com for valuable feedback! :-)
      Thanks to Murimk for some additional props.
      Uploaded on behalf of Paeng by Tyberius with Cori's and Catty-CB's permission.

      There is a very limited support for these files since the original creator is no longer an active developer and the original SIMPeg site is no longer available as well.
      You can ask for support in the PLEX Support Topic at Simtropolis.
      Should you need support for these items please visit the
      Paeng Production Forum

    • By RandyE
      Previews: (1) Clouds (2) Stars (3) Forest (4) Streets (5) Ocean (6) Snowfall (7) Cityscape
      17 Folders of Background Sets for SC4 These are 17 sets of backgrounds for the City (Mayor) view that are easily installed, changed, or switched back to the default blueprint grid background that comes with the game.  I've included a high contrast version of the default so the grid can be seen clearly. Each of the 5 background files in each folder corresponds to a zoom level from the widest overview to narrowest close-up view in the game.
           The default backgrounds included with the game are found in the form of 5 .png graphics files named Background3D0.png through to Background3D4.png in the SC4 install directory under Plugins. Before using the replacement sets of backgrounds make a backup copy of the 5 default files that come with the game. I zip them up in a zip folder and leave them in the Plugins folder for easy access.
      Further Instructions for Installing Region and City View Backgrounds
      Initially, I found a set of solid color backgrounds which demonstrated how easy it is to create and switch backgrounds, so for the basic instructions and a solid color set refer to the file Custom Region View Backgrounds which includes solid colors for the region view as well as the city view.     Custom Region View Backgrounds  
      Creating the Backgrounds The cloud and star pictures were adapted from seamless background textures found in the commons. All other pictures are adapted from SC4 graphics, and previews as created using the in-game terra-former.
           The following details are not necessary for installation and use of these backgrounds but are provided for further interest in the topic. City View Backgrounds Technical Details There are 5 backgrounds in each folder for each of the 5 zoom levels from 0 to 4. In the game there are actually 6 zoom levels but the same background is used for zoom 5 (4) and 6.

      For the cloud backgrounds and mostly for the star backgrounds I did not adjust magnification as the sky and stars normally appear fixed in the sky from ground perspective.

      The cloud backgrounds are high brightness which may be further adapted using a paint program. The textures will maintain their form for a variety of changes to saturation and hue, brightness and contrast.

      Each zoom level 'in' from the outermost zoom is 2x in magnitude, so each zoom 'in' is twice as close as the previous zoom. The backgrounds are 128x128 pixels .png formatted at 16m colors.
      The magnifications are 2048 (16x), 1024(8x), 512(4x), 256(2x), 128(1x) for the canvas sizes. 512 pixels = 1 kilometer and 2048 pixels = 4 kilometers total for the large tile.
      The picture you start with will be transformed into the isometric view in the game. Vertical and horizontal lines are shifted to an isometric flat plane background so some adjustments must be made to keep lines vertical and horizontal.
      Vertical lines are achieved by subtracting 22° (90°-23°=67° ). So if you have a picture that has right angles, vertical shapes that you want to appear vertically in the city view, subtract 23°, or rotate 23° to the left to get the picture upright.
         Horizontal lines change slightly with zoom level above zoom zero, they will appear parallel at zoom 0, but slightly obtuse from zoom 1 to 4. The horizon can be brought back parallel by subtracting 5° from zoom zero through to zoom 3. I did not bother adjusting the horizontal as my backgrounds conform to the isometric horizon of the game view, skewed only slightly by 5°.

      Isometric angles:

      Zoom 0: 30° (isometric)
      Zoom 1: 35°
      Zoom 2: 40°
      Zoom 3 and 4: 45°

      The city view rotation is around a square as similar to the axis of a compass. The vertical lines become horizontal when rotated east and west, but remain vertical north and south.

      I noticed a slight stereoscopic effect at zoom 3 on the Heavy Starfield background.
      If you focus your eyes beyond the screen you may see SC4 in 3D field perspective.
      The effect is similar to autostereograms: "An autostereogram is a single-image stereogram (SIS), designed to create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional (3D) scene from a two-dimensional image."
      Please use the comment section below or PM if any questions, critiques or problems installing and using the backgrounds.
    • By tariely
      I have begun a massive project, relotting Diggis ponds. And I need some more boats. So I went looking for moar boats, like WMP skulls and punts, SG Grandpa Al's fishing boat et al. And Peg's beautiful sailboats.
      But this doesn't go into the "Can't find it" thread, because I am supposed to have them -- they are supposed to be in PEG CDK3 SUPER PACK, and indeed, they show up as "sailboat" in the Reader , (the ones I am looking for). But. I can't find them in the L.E. !!! 
      First I had uploaded LAK7 pack of boats for plopwater (PEG, CAL, NOB) made with them.  I have the deps for that --among which PEG CDK3 etc., as indicated in the readme. It works for CAL boats. PEG's remain AWOL.
      I even tried Paeng SmallBoat MMP (which sports both CAL and PEG's boats.) But additional snag here : when I tried to verify with the Reader that the boats were indeed there (and under which name), it refuses to open  both the BSC CAL Small boats.dat and the SmallBoats.dat. UH ??? 
      I've scoured the L.E. in all directions, and item by item. I can't find those dratted boats. 
      HELP ?

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