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    • By Giovanni E
      So a while ago while screwing around with modtools i stumbled upon something that seems to control how smoke effects (or spawners) behave. Editing these parameters made me discover these things:
      M_maxlifetime: controls how long the trail of smoke will be.
      M_maxspawnangle: controls the grouping of the individual smoke puffs
      M_maxstartspeed: i believe this controls the amount of smoke puffs spawned.
      there are min and max values allowing for variation in the effect. i used the factory smoke large effect to test this.
      At this point im stuck, i can edit the smoke effects without problem, however they just wont save, everytime the game is restarted they reset back to their default settings.
      I tried to look into making a mod that saves them, but i lack the knowledge on how to do so. so i hope someone can help me figure this out or wants to pick this up.
      Attached screenshots is were the prop effect parameters are located (default settings), and how the effect can look when you edit these.

    • By David_Strike13
      ola quero saber onde esta o download pois nao estou achando pode me ajuda e tambem quero pedir para vc se vc pode cria um mod que ele possa ter tsunami

      English Translation:
      Hello, I want to know where the download is since I can not find it. It can help me and I also want to ask if you can create a mod so that it can have tsunami.
    • By Cougar2004
      This mod fixes a problem with the default Maxis Space Port, which claims it "Provides a boost to high-tech industry" however, it does not. Maxis forgot to include this boost, therefore it boosts nothing but costs and some slight commercial desirability.
      This mod fixes that. A significant yet realistic (non-radical) boost to High Tech Industry is now provided. Placing the Space Port now provides 150,000 High-Tech Industry Cap Relief. This is well within the range of other similar buildings such as the Advanced Research Center, University, and Marina.
      Alternate Version
      For those who feel the default Maxis Space Port uses far too much power for its size and function, a second Mod file is provided in this download. In addition to fixing the High-Tech Boost, this ALT Mod version lowers power requirements from the default 700 to 219. This should allow most cities to stay safely under the power abilities of a single power plant with the Space Port placed.
      Additionally, the included ALT Mod version also increases the Space Port from 100 R$ Jobs to a more realistic spread of 8 R$, 104 R$$, and 16 R$$$, to cover the range of employees from Astronauts down to Janitorial staff. Water consumed is decreased slightly from 360 to 248. Monthly Cost is lowered from $400/mo to $300/mo. And Bulldoze Cost of $4200 is now $3900. No other changes have been made to how the Space Port looks or functions.
      Files Included - ( *** USE ONLY ONE of these *** )
      - 'SpacePort Fix Mod.dat' (Fix only)
      - 'SpacePort Fix Alt Mod.dat' (Fix + some additional changes)
      SimCity 4 Deluxe or Rush Hour Required for this Mod.
      This mod is safe to use with all other known Mods released as of this date on the STEX. (The AC Functional Airports Mod found at SC4Devotion.com modds this building in a large pack, so you may only use this Mod or that one.)
      Additional Notes:
      See included ReadMe.txt for Installation, Uninstall, and further details.
      Impact of this Mod will only be seen when you have met all SC4 requirements for High-Tech Industry and have placed the Space Port (from Rewards Menu) in your city, with this Mod installed.
    • By Jackson_Evans
      hi all i wanted to ask if someone is maybe willing to look into posting a new mod for SimCity 2013? i would love to see omega factory cheat and robots cheats that the building capicitys are increased and they dont run out of rrobots... i find it a pain to produce them and sadly not all mods work properly....
      also i woulld love you if you ccould mod a park and greatly extend the range that it "modernizes" the streets and houses to a full map if placed in the middle....
      i would be glad to see all roads modern without so much parks takking up needed space..... :)]
      thank and happy playing!
    • By SimCityHawk
      Hello fellow SimCity-lovers.
      The mod "God Terraforming in Mayor Mode" doesn't work when I have installed it. It simply doesn't show up on the left menu as it should. 
      I have SimCity 4 Deluxe bought on steam. Does any of you know how I can make it work? Thanks in advance.
      You can see the mod here:

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