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* Included in the Version 1.02 update is improved (closer) clustering. Existing trees will not be affected until you "paint" over them with the God Mode Flora tool.    This  PEG MTP Series  MOD upgrades the appearance of the pine trees used in the PEG God Mode Pine Tree Mod  as well as the ploppable PEG Pine Forest  lots. This a direct replacement for the  PEG God Mode Pine Tree Mod  so you can delete that after this mod is installed.

Once installed properly, this mod will automatically update all the PEG Pines used in your cities... anywhere the God Mode Mod was used... and on any lots that use the trees. You will not have to replop anything although you may wish to run the God Mode cursor over existing areas as this new mod uses different parameters and spacing.

This mod does not affect any of the older PEG Pines placed using the  PEG Mayor Mode Pine Tree Mod. Those trees still exist for backwards compatibility and you can continue to use them via the Mayor Mode menu or for your own lot development.    ** This file has no dependencies.
All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.