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PEG Pond Kit Deluxe Edition

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After literally months in development and countless trips back to the drawing board, Pegasus Productions is proud to finally release this Deluxe Edition of the Pond Kit. Although similar in appearance, every lot and model have been rebuilt from the pond bottom up to eliminate the bad and make room for the good.

Improvements in the Deluxe Edition include:

1. NO SEAMS!!  That's right... those pesky hairline seams that appeared between many sections are now gone for good.

2. Improved Slope Tolerance. It is now possible to build a straight river up a modest slope. Larger areas such as ponds and lakes should still be built on level areas... but you can easily run straight sections of a river up a smooth incline.

3. WATERFALLS!!! Yes... we finally engineered an improved system for making waterfalls that are easy to plop and nice to look at. Blending old & new... texture and BAT, we now have a waterfall that will flex and stretch to fit any single-tile height slope you create. With left, center and right side waterfall lots, you can create a waterfalls  virtually any width. These lots also include the top, center and bottom of the falls all in a single lot. No more separate top and bottom lots to contend with.

4. Open Modular Architecture. The Pond Kit has been restructured from the ground up to allow easier add-ons. This includes completely new  pond styles that you will be able to change as easily as a rock or water mod style by simply exchanging a single file. This will also allow transparent versions of each style so those of you who use alternate terrain or snow mods will be able to use the ponds as well.

5. Reduced Costs... Reduced Effects. The plop and maintenance costs have been reduced significantly. Accordingly, the Park & Landmark effects have been reduced as well. Although the cost and effects for each lot was fairly modest, collectively, it all could easily add up to a significant monthly expense and and an easily capped out desirability. The new reductions should make even extensive water systems affordable and viable in rural and agricultural areas.

6. Auto Update!! Probably the best news of all for those with extensive Pond systems, this new kit will automatically update all your existing Pond lots in the game... except for the water tiles with Lilly Pads. Just remove the old files, install the new ones... and you're all set... except for replopping any Lilly Pad water tiles, of course. 

Collectively, all these new features add up to a much improved and much easier to use Pond/River development system. With these new standards now in  place, the flood gates are finally open for new add-ons, new styles and lots of new development in your cities.

**This file currently contains an .exe installer suitable for windows users.  These files are in the process of being updated with zip files and this message will be removed once the update is complete.

All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.


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The entire upload must have corrupted... even the pictures. I just re-uploaded it, downloaded and checked the file and its fine now.

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Just a FYI... the PEG Stream Kit has received the same upgrade treatrment and is now being beta testing. Also, transition lots into the ocean are under development.

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    • By tariely
      TL-Nexis and DM Waterfront Parks and Promenade Modular Set
      I blame Nexis (mrbisonn) for this set. He sent me a nice model of an anchor and… I let it ran away and make babies with Don Miguel Waterfront Promenade lots. Here’s the result. Six parks, five of which work as waterfront pieces
      Content :
      TL-DM WTF Park Paths 
      TL-DM WTF Addons Paths
      That you can variously combine with :
      TL-DM WTF Large Promenade 11x4
      and its modular versions : 
      TL-DM WTF PromenadePark East
      TL-DM WTF PromenadePark Center 5x5
      TL-DM WTF PromenadePark West
      and with : TL-Nexis WTF Anchor Park 6x5
      and its fully waterfronty version (to be combined with the paths):
      TL-Nexis WTF Anchor Park 6x5 Open
      The original Don Miguel sets are here : Waterfront Promenade and Waterfront Promenade Set 2
      And go have a look at both Nexis and Don Miguel’s Content, why don’t you ?
      Many thanks to my technical gurus, Rsc204, Kosc and Dreadnought. And especially Rivit, who lighted my SC4world and is always generously ready to help. And the guys and gals on the forums (Twalsh, Tyberius06, Matias93, Fantozzi, Catty-cb, Corinamarie…). We need help when we begin peeking under the hood of SC4. That the community is always there for us noobies is very comforting.
      Dependencies :
      TL-DM Waterfront Parks :
      BSC MegaProps CARCH vol.1
      BSC MegaProps MJB vol2
      BSC MegaProps Misc vol.1
      BSC MegaProps - SG vol.1
      JENXPARIS_Prop_Bridge_Light_Cone_R1.dat (in NAM 34 and up)
      PEG Texture Pack vol.1 (PEG_Overlay textures_vol.1.dat)
      Simfox 8 Chestnuts
      Simfox TreePack2
      Tariel-Rivit’s Essentials (must load after the NAM)
      Twrecks Maxis HD Tree Replacement
      ***Girafe trees always Necessary for Twrecks Maxis Trees HD replacement ***:
      Ashes - Beeches - Canary date Palms - Cypresses - Lindens - Rowans - VIP orange fagus Seasonal Flora
      wmp_power_props01.dat, in WMP Power Lots.
      Girafe Trees : beeches, chestnuts, cypresses, elms, lindens, Norway maples, rowans,
      TL-Nexis Anchor Park : sames deps,  plus :
      NetworkAddonod_Props.dat (in NAM 34 & up)
      Nexis_BigAnchorA-0x5ad0e817_0x27f918cf_0x30000.SC4Model (included)
      TL-Nexis_BigAnchorA-0x6534284a-0xd71a70d1-0x991945f6.SC4Desc (included)
      SM2 Roundabout Tiles_Tex.dat, in SM2 Roundabout Sculptures Set
      and Moar Girafe Trees : birches, common spruces, conifers !
      Same deps for all the the paths.
      General warnings :
      (1) This is for SC4 Rush Hour.
      (2) I play with NAM36, RRW-EU selection (it shouldn’t interfere here, but you never know !)
      (3) I also play with Twrecks Maxis HD Tree Replacement (if you don’t use it, your trees might look a bit different [not these trees !] ; perhaps you should use it…)
       (4) I play Nights. Depending on your using or not a Light Replacement Mod, the lighting will be slightly different, but There Will Be Light. If you dont want it, you can either tweak my lights in the Lot Editor or take them out of my Essentials  folder dep.
      (5) I like trees. I make intensive use of trees. Especially Girafe tree collection on the LEX ; so here’s the link, once for all ; just follow it into the woods, when indicated.
    • By WolfZe
      A modular fire station.
      Each part can be used independently as a fire brigade.

      Dependencies: none
    • By Simmer2
      SM2 Modular Solar Power Plant.
      Solar power, clean green power and most importantly, renewable!
      As the name implies, you can build any size plant you like, from a single 1x1 lot to 1000's of them.
      It comes with a 2x2 step up transformer in order to feed the power grid and also a pair of container sized DC to AC inverters which can be plopped every few rows to give it a realistic feel.
      The inverters and the step up transformers also act as power generators, each one respectively outputs 200 units for the inverters and 300 units from the transformers. You can use them separately if you'd like to do so.
      The photovoltaic panels rotate on its X axis at intervals during the day for a total of 5 moves thus giving the assemblies a somewhat "animated" feel to them for even more realism.
      Best placed on flat surfaces.
      Photovoltaic panels lot : 100 units of power
      Step up transformer : 300 units of power
      Inverters lot : 200 units of power.
      I set plop and maintenance cost of the panels lot close to zero, so plop away!
      Don't forget that you can also set power output from 0 to their max output for all the lots by using the power slider.
      SM2 Essentials http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3586
      SM2 Mega Prop Pack Vol1 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3640
      SM2 Mega Prop Pack Vol2 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3645
      Textures included.
      Have fun and post pics of your setup.
    • By Pegasus
      Faster than a speeding Llama... ( a really old one... with gout )...
      More Powerful than my breath after a Tequila and burrito binge......
      Able to leap tall brown gift boxes in a single install.
      "LOOK !! Up on the STEX !! Its a Mod !! Its a Lot !! Its... its..."
      "Oh forget it. Its just a dependency."
      You asked for it! And now you got it! The all-inclusive... the all encapsulating...one size fits all... MTP SUPER PACK !!

      * Tights & Cape sold separately. Tights void where prohibited. Do not wear capes near jet aircraft engines. Installation of the SUPER PACK may not enable you to fly.

      The MTP SUPER PACK combines all the standard MTP dependencies into a single download... and also includes a substantial amount of new material that will be used in future development. This file will be the primary MTP dependency listed on all future MTP lots.
      Please Note: This dependency contains no material that alters the appearance ofgame default props or textures... and will not interfere in any way with playing a non-MTP or rural themed city.

      The MTP SUPER PACK combines both MTP props and textures into a single download. However, it will install props and textures as separate files to make any future updates easier and faster.
      The MTP SUPERPACK replaces the following previous MTP dependencies... which can now be removed from your Plugins folder:
      * PEG Mountain Theme Pack
      ( PEG_MTP_RESOURCE_vol1.dat & PEG_MTP_TEXTURES_vol1.dat )
      * PEG-MTP Texture Pack Volume 2
      ( PEG-MTP_TEXTURES_vol2.dat )
      * PEG-MTP Resource Pack 2 [beta]
      ( PEG-MTP_RESOURCE2_b102.dat )
      * PEG Pine Tree Mod [ resource file only ]
      ( PEG-MTP_GM-TreeMod_RESOURCE )

      ** This dependency has no dependencies. 

      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
      Moderator note (September 9th 2018):
      File updated to version 1.02 from the old PLEX (thanks to @Tyberius06 for providing the updated files). The older v1.01 is available in the changelog section below.

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