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PEG Pond Kit Deluxe Edition

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After literally months in development and countless trips back to the drawing board, Pegasus Productions is proud to finally release this Deluxe Edition of the Pond Kit. Although similar in appearance, every lot and model have been rebuilt from the pond bottom up to eliminate the bad and make room for the good.

Improvements in the Deluxe Edition include:

1. NO SEAMS!!  That's right... those pesky hairline seams that appeared between many sections are now gone for good.

2. Improved Slope Tolerance. It is now possible to build a straight river up a modest slope. Larger areas such as ponds and lakes should still be built on level areas... but you can easily run straight sections of a river up a smooth incline.

3. WATERFALLS!!! Yes... we finally engineered an improved system for making waterfalls that are easy to plop and nice to look at. Blending old & new... texture and BAT, we now have a waterfall that will flex and stretch to fit any single-tile height slope you create. With left, center and right side waterfall lots, you can create a waterfalls  virtually any width. These lots also include the top, center and bottom of the falls all in a single lot. No more separate top and bottom lots to contend with.

4. Open Modular Architecture. The Pond Kit has been restructured from the ground up to allow easier add-ons. This includes completely new  pond styles that you will be able to change as easily as a rock or water mod style by simply exchanging a single file. This will also allow transparent versions of each style so those of you who use alternate terrain or snow mods will be able to use the ponds as well.

5. Reduced Costs... Reduced Effects. The plop and maintenance costs have been reduced significantly. Accordingly, the Park & Landmark effects have been reduced as well. Although the cost and effects for each lot was fairly modest, collectively, it all could easily add up to a significant monthly expense and and an easily capped out desirability. The new reductions should make even extensive water systems affordable and viable in rural and agricultural areas.

6. Auto Update!! Probably the best news of all for those with extensive Pond systems, this new kit will automatically update all your existing Pond lots in the game... except for the water tiles with Lilly Pads. Just remove the old files, install the new ones... and you're all set... except for replopping any Lilly Pad water tiles, of course. 

Collectively, all these new features add up to a much improved and much easier to use Pond/River development system. With these new standards now in  place, the flood gates are finally open for new add-ons, new styles and lots of new development in your cities.

**This file currently contains an .exe installer suitable for windows users.  These files are in the process of being updated with zip files and this message will be removed once the update is complete.

All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.


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The entire upload must have corrupted... even the pictures. I just re-uploaded it, downloaded and checked the file and its fine now.

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Just a FYI... the PEG Stream Kit has received the same upgrade treatrment and is now being beta testing. Also, transition lots into the ocean are under development.

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    • By nos.17
      Contains 20 lots meant to be placed roadside to add realistic (and HD) parking to your cities. Both LHD and RHD are supported.
      It's pretty obvious, but you should only install one set based on your current driving side. If you don't, the exemplars will conflict and you will end up with LHD lots.
      Special thanks go to @vortext and  @kingofsimcity for allowing me to use their amazing textures, and to  @rsc204 for the acronym inspiration. 

      Neko Props Set 1 (part 1) & (part 2)
      nos.17 Essentials (V09 or newer)
      VIP Car pack vol 1 & 2
      VIP Car pack vol 3
      UrbanPack vol.1
      R6_Prop Pack 2010_Vol1
      SHK Parking Pack
      For help/feedback/suggestions
      A Compendium of Creations
      nos.17 @ Simtropolis
      nos.17 @ SC4Devotion

      And above all... have fun!
    • By tariely
      TL-Simsim Infinity Parks Again (modules)

      Someone [thanks, pghpgx !], alerted me to the fact that some of the modules and parks of my earlier modular upload (Tariel-simsim Infinity Parks) did not have the same grass texture as the rest. Here they are, duly corrected : one 2x2 park (which can also serve as a module attached to other parks), two 1x3 (which can form rectangular 3x2 parks, put together), two versions of a 3x3 and finally a 4x4.  You can still use the ones with the previous grass texture as standalones, of course.
      NB : you may want LLB’s 3 addons, (in the first upload) to link all these parks & modules more funkily.
      Dependencies :
      Someone protested that I don’t disclose my lots’ dependencies up front here. So here they are (as well as in the folder).
      BSC MegaProps_MJB_Vol01.dat
      BSC MegaProps_MJB_Vol02.dat
      BSC Textures vol.01 : http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=90  [well, this one doesn't seem to click-work, but the URL is the right one]
      BSC Textures vol.02
      DEL_People MMP: in VIP Delecto Ploppable People
      Nams Props Pack Vol.1.dat
      Nams Props Pack Vol.2.dat
      Ftexture.dat (included)
      Rivit NightLights (included
      Girafe Trees : Berries, Beeches, Chestnuts, Elms, Honey Locusts, Lindens, Maples, Rowans.
      Many thanks to my technical gurus, Rsc204, Kosc and Dreadnought. And especially Rivit, who lighted my SC4world and is always generously ready to help. And the guys and gals on the forums (Twalsh, Matias93, Fantozzi, Catty-cb, Corinamarie…). We need help when we begin peeking under the hood of SC4. That the community is always there for us noobies is a constant and pleasant reassurance.

      General warnings :
      (1) This is for SC4 Rush Hour.
      (2) I play with NAM36, RRW-EU selection (it shouldn’t interfere here, but you never know !)
      (3) I also play with Twrecks Maxis HD Tree Replacement (if you don’t use it, your trees might look a bit different ; perhaps you should use it…)
       (4) I play Nights. Hence the included RVT zNightLighting. Depending on your using or not a Light Replacement Mod, the lighting will be slightly different, but There Will Be Light. If you dont want it, you can either tweak my lights in the Lot Editor or get rid of them entirely.
      (5) I like trees. I make intensive use of trees. Especially Girafe tree collection on the LEX ; so here’s the link, once for all ; just follow it into the woods.
    • By tariely
      LLB-Tariel Obelisk Place MODULAR 2.01
      I made the original Obelisk Place for Dreadnought a.k.a. LLB, who loves obelisks, columns, statues and assorted such grand urban art. He has since brought me to the Modular side of the Lotting Force, the practical beauty of which he illustrated perfectly with this relot of the original. I added a small 1x2 addon to balance the set-up when necessary.
      The dependencies are the same as in the original
      EDIT : for some reason, the 2.0 version of the lot had problems that were only know brought to my attention. 2.01 should work correctly. If not please PM me.
      REMINDER : Necessary for the lighting :
      RVT_ParkLights2.dat (included)
      zLightCones_RVTNite.dat (included)
      Depending on your using or not a Light Replacement Mod, the lighting will be slightly different, but There Will Be Light. (If using LRM and finding your own lights too dim, take out zLightCones_RVTNite.dat).
    • By tariely
      Tariel-Simsim Infinity Parks 2x2 to 5x5
       I loved Simsim’s parks set when I came upon it way back then. Those parks were… different. Alas, the originals have disappeared from the STEX. But this Japanese batter’s website is still floating on the web, with them : http://simsim.bakufu.org/p04.html
      What I loved about those lots is that they were almost modular – almost, not quite. So they were perfect candidates for my first attempts at modularity.
      There are two 2x2s, one 3x3, one 3x4, two 4x4s and one 5x5. Relotted, with mirrored textures AND with 1x2, 1x3, 1x5 and 2x5 “modules” that make them… endlessly combinable (hence, the name). You will also find pictures of how-to-combine examples.
      LLB (Dreadnought) was kind enough to make three little 1x1 that can be used as paths linking the parks. I might make more parks paths with that texture in the future. Modular‘R’Us !
       Many thanks to my technical gurus, Rsc204, Kosc and Dreadnought. And especially Rivit, who lighted my SC4world. Also the willing victims of various beta-tests, RobertLM78, Handyman and, again, Dreadnought. And the guys and gals on the forums (Twalsh, Matias93, Fantozzi…). We need help when we begin sneaking a peek under the hood of SC4. That the community is always willing to help is a constant and pleasant comfort for us noobies. 
      EDIT : When I first DLed simsim parks, an obscure dependency was listed, Ftexture. I got it and the lots worked, i.e. the PATHS showed up. Later I was persuaded by People-In-The-Know that FTexture was not necessary. But IT IS. I thought I had corrected this here but I hadn't. and I gave a dropbox link here. But Ftexture is now included in a new set of these modular parks, TL-Simsim Infinity Parks AGAIN, ('cause it IS obscure and I doubt it can be found easily on the web nowadays.)
      Stats : They dont cost much (from 30 to 200), they have a positive effect on pollution (except, slightly, the 1x5 parking module), they are not water-guzzling and they have a nice Park & Landmark effect.
      Dependencies :  (mostly the same as my other parks & plazas…)
      BSC MegaProps_CP_Vol01.dat
      BSC MegaProps_D66_Vol02.dat
      BSC MegaProps_MJB_Vol01.dat
      BSC MegaProps_MJB_Vol02.dat
      BSC MegaProps_Misc_Vol01.dat
      BSC Textures vol.01
      BSC Textures vol.02
      DEL_People MMP: in VIP Delecto Ploppable People
      FrankU General Essentials v1.dat : in BNL essentials v.1.2
      Girafe greenery : 
      Honey Locust
      Rowan Tree
      NB : ALL Girafe content on the LEX: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_search_00.php?query=eyJsZXhfY2F0ZWdvcnkiOiI2OCIsImNyZWF0b3IiOiI0NTExNiIsImV4Y2x1ZGVfbG9ja2VkIjoiMSIsImV4Y2x1ZGVfbm90Y2VydCI6IjAiLCJxdWVyeSI6IiJ9
      LBT Mega Textures Pack vol 2
      Nams Props Pack Vol.1.dat
      Nams Props Pack Vol.2.dat
      In Nams Props Pack 1 & 2 :
      Nos.17_CarCollection_ortho.dat : in Nams Essentials 11
      PEG OWW2 Resource Pack vol01
      SF Tree pack 2 (simfox)
      Tamorr_Family_Prop_V1.dat : in Tamorr’s Resource 2.05
      VIP-Grfe_CarPack_vol 1&2.dat
      VIP-Girafe Carpack Vol3.dat
      All are on :
                     Just row-row-row your boat up & down the list.
      Necessary for the lighting :
      RVT_ParkLights2.dat (included)
      zLightCones_RVTNite.dat (included)
      Depending on your using or not a Light Replacement Mod, the lighting will be slightly different, but There Will Be Light. (If using LRM and finding your own lights too dim, take out zLightCones_RVTNite.dat).
    • By catty-cb
      I had indexed the PLEX for a project I was working on which ended up proving to be quite useful when SimPeg went permanently offline as at least we knew what had been on the site which meant it was a lot easier to track down those plugins on the STEX, but for whatever reason a number of those plugins were not on the STEX.
      So this is the missing list I did originally, since then a number of these plugins have been uploaded, so this topic is to work out what's been uploaded, what still needs to be uploaded and what's still missing.
      BEX PEG 9x9 PPond Water Plop by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      Cruise Ship Port for CDK 3 by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      Cruise Ship Port for CDK 3 Ends by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      Cruise Ship Port for CSX Pier Mall by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      Cruise Ship Port Fillers by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      Cruise Ship Port Fire Station by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      CW Soldier Props2 by Pegasus    
      Deadwood Sunken Plazas MML - By Chrisim by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      DEDWD Raised Park MML By Chrisim by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      Dr Gonzo's ArtGolf Golf Course MML by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      Drawbridge - No Scows Version by Pegasus    
      Fanta SPAM-MMP by Craig-Abcvs    
      Faux Walls by Paeng    
      FiRE by Becca (RebaLynnTS)
      Gettysburg Seminary by Guest    
      Horses by Paeng
      How to Float Your Boat by Pegasus    
      MMS (Modular Motel System) 1 - Parking Lots by Becca (RebaLynnTS)
      MMS (Modular Motel System) 1 - Transitions by Becca (RebaLynnTS)
      MMS (Modular Motel System) 1 - Plaza Lots by Becca (RebaLynnTS)
      MMS (Modular Motel System) Resources by Becca (RebaLynnTS)
      MMS (Modular Motel System) Set One by Becca (RebaLynnTS)
      MMS (Modular Motel System) Texture Pack by Becca (RebaLynnTS)
      MPK (Modular Parking Kit) - Core Set by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      NBVC Lumber Yard by Pegasus    
      Nightowl Extenders by Paeng    
      NOB Walls and Bridges by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      OWW2 CSP Transitions by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      Paeng's Urban Canals by Paeng    
      Parking Lots Vol 02 by Paeng    
      Parks Administration by Paeng    
      PEG BlackBeard's Fountain PLaza by Pegasus    
      PEG CDK-OWW Ferry Landing by Pegasus    
      PEG Common Sims (GMAX) by Pegasus    
      PEG CSK Add-On 2: A Means to an End by Pegasus
      PEG CSK SCOWS Prop Pack by Pegasus
      PEG CSK2 Hanging Gardens by Pegasus
      PEG CSK2 Random Traffic by Pegasus
      PEG CSK2 Small Port (Functional) by Pegasus
      PEG Forest Add-On 1 by Pegasus    
      PEG Forest Pack by Pegasus    
      PEG Hanging Gardens PATCH 07-06-05 by Pegasus    
      PEG Memorial Park - Funeral Fix by Pegasus    
      PEG Military Aircraft Props - Volume 1 by Pegasus    
      PEG Modular Construction Units by Pegasus    
      PEG Mountain Trail Head by Pegasus    
      PEG Pier Rail Props by Pegasus    
      PEG Pine Forest by Pegasus    
      PEG Pond 3x2 Water NAM Extender by Pegasus    
      PEG Ponds - Patch 6-1-4-05 by Pegasus    
      PEG PPOND Locks by Pegasus    
      PEG PPond Swing Bridges by Pegasus    
      PEG Seasonal Woods - MTP Update Patch by Pegasus    
      PEG Stream Kit - Patch 6-14-05 by Pegasus    
      PEG Trail Park 2 - Add On Pack 1 by Pegasus    
      PEG Trail Park 2 - Boardwalk Style by Pegasus    
      PEG Trail Park 2 - Country Roads Add-On by Pegasus    
      PEG Trail Park 2 - Trail Blazer Edition by Pegasus    
      PEG Trail Park 2 by Pegasus    
      PEG-BAT Sat-Com Center by Pegasus    
      PEG CDK3 Basics Cement Patch by Pegasus    
      PEG CDK3 Small Ferry Landing by Pegasus    
      PEG MTP Avenues by Pegasus    
      PEG MTP CS$$ Replacement Mod by Pegasus    
      PEG MTP CS$$$ Replacement Mod by Pegasus    
      PEG MTP Terrain Mod 2 by Pegasus    
      PEG OWW2 Patch 2 - Budget Fix by Pegasus    
      PEG OWW2 PierSet by Pegasus    
      PEG-SF SkyFarm DIY Kit by Pegasus    
      Pond Park Family Resort by Paeng    
      RCi Beach Lots by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      Schmucker House by Guest    
      Seasonal Tree - Southern Hemisphere Mod. by Pegasus    
      SG Nimby Pack by Paeng    
      SimCity 4 Selector by Becca (RebaLynnTS)    
      Streetside Diagonal Parking by Paeng    
      The Three Islands by Vandy    
      Transitions and Turbulences by Paeng

      EDIT: Colour Codes
      GREEN has been uploaded to the club

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