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Custom tools, modifications and enhancements for SimCity 4.

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  1. Network Addon Mod (NAM) for Windows INSTALLER

    The Network Addon Mod (NAM) combines all transportation network-related fixes, additions and new creations that have been released so far. It will add countless new features to the existing network tools, such as new overpasses, highway onramps, intersections, ped-malls, a ground light rail network, roundabouts and turning lanes.
    This is the Windows version of the Network Addon Mod, featuring an installer.  A Mac version is available here.
    NOTE: The file is available directly on the STEX once more, thanks to the benevolent Dirktator!  ModDB also remains available as a registration-free mirror, which can also be accessed here.

    Installing over previous versions: If you already have a version of the NAM installed, NAM 36 should be installed directly over top of any previous NAM releases, to ensure that your previous installation options are retained.  A clean install is not recommended, unless you do not already have a version of the NAM installed.  For more information, see here.

    Tech Support: Since NAM 36 is now the most recent release, technical support for NAM 35 and earlier is no longer available.

    Special Thanks: The NAM Team would like to extend its sincere thanks to all the members of the community for their continued support over the past 13 1/2 years the mod has existed.


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  2. SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin

    The SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin


    The SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin was originally an internal SimCity 4 file, used by Maxis during the development phase to test the game before its release to the public. However, in the years following the release of the game, Buggi, a prominent modder resident here at Simtropolis, contacted Maxis and was given permission to release this file to the public.

    The extra cheats plugin adds many additional features to the game, such as the ability to plop any building or lot at will, the ability to easily set how much money is in your city's treasury and even the ability to add snow to your terrains, as well as many other additional functions.

    However, it should be kept in mind that this file was originally never intended to be released to the public. It was built for testing purposes only. As a result, it should be treated with caution. Using this file incorrectly can lead to game instability and even crashes. No guarantees or comprehensive user guides can be provided with this file, if you choose to use it, you must do so at your own risk.

    How to use this file in the game:

    After you install (see below), enter a city and press the key combination [CTRL] + [x] to open the cheat box. Right click anywhere within the cheat box, you will see a drop down list appear. You can now select a cheat from the list by clicking on it. After you have selected a cheat, press enter to confirm your selection.

    Below is a list of all known cheat codes enabled by this file (as well as the standard game cheats) and a description of their effects. As the effects of some cheats are unknown, not all cheats have available descriptions.

    To fill in some unknowns Maxis has given me the details on a few of the missing descriptions.
    Barstuck - Once invoked, all of your small commercial services (low-density 1x3 lots) start turning into coffee bars, and then they stay that way forever.   WatchMeMove - Enables animation stepping. After it is enabled, control-shift-alt-F11 and control-shift-alt-P implement animation stepping and pausing, respectively.   GP <on | off> - Enables or disables game pause when you switch to another application. This is useful for if you go away from the game and you want it to sleep while it is in the background.    Flora (on | off) | (preserve on | off) | (propogation on | off) | (blast <splat_count> <per_splat_count> <splat radius>)   Controls flora simulation parameters. By default, during city play flora simulation is on, preservation is off, and propogation is off. Preservation refers to the keeping of trees on land when the land is developed. Propogation refers to the spreading of seeds and automatic creation of new flora life in the city.   Example(s) Flora on Flora preserve off Flora propogation on Flora blast 5 8 60  
    Installation Instructions:

    Extract the file SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin.dll to the root directory of your plugins folder. This means put the file in C:\...\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins. DO NOT put the file into a sub-folder, it will only work if placed into the main directory. Then enter your game and follow the instructions above.


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  3. Colossus Addon Mod

    This is the Windows installer. The Mac OSX Version is a little to buggy for release right now, so you can run this in WINE or download this in a NAM package with a wineskin wrapper at http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17344.msg505849#msg505849 Version 2.1.1 is coming soon and will include newly PIM-X'ed buildings, better installers for both Windows and Mac, and other little changes/bug fixes.
    There is a lot of myths about CAM out there. For a beautifully written article about what CAM is really about, see the blog by Tarkus here The CAM (Colossus Addon Mod) – Separating Fact From Fiction. This article also give a great idea on some great starter buildings.
    NOTE: If you have merged your SimCity_1.dat file with the original CAM 1.0 file, restore your original SimCity_1.dat file before running this installer.
    Welcome to the Colossus Addon Mod (CAM). CAM changes the way cities and regions develop. This is possible through the use of Growth Stages(Read in Basics of the Manual). This causes the game to progress from small stores, single houses and farms/small factories to Commercial Office towers, Residential High Rises and Large industrial factories less rapidly and much more realistically.
    The altered growth also allows the player better control their cities through the use of zoning density. If the player wanted a nice rural town, zone only light density, with some medium in larger areas. On the other side, the skyscrapers and other large buildings become more balanced and possible with very developed regions. Use of high density zoning will allow these to grow when ready.
    As with any new software or mod, be sure to read the Readme’s and this guide before installing or using the mod. Page 4 of the manual contains the specifics of installation. The manuals can be downloaded or read in both English and Japenese here, http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17318.0
    Description of new Styles
    Install Types:
    •        IR Fix Only – Will only Patch the SimCity_1.dat file. This will cause IR to be included in the totals for industry for regular SimCity 4. It will also allow normal industrial connections to work for IR. All other install types include this already. Original SimCity 4 files are backed up in the folder \Documents\SimCity 4\Original SimCity Files\
    •        Extended (InvisiChem) – This is CAM 2.1.0 Standard with extended stage ranges for larger regions. The growth I feel is more balanced and lifelike.
    •        Standard – Just like CAM 1.0 stages, just the curves have been smoothed out and the range slightly extended.
    •        Rural – Stages are set for smaller, rural style growth. Stage 15 can happen, it just will be in very large regions and very infrequently.
    •        Midrise – Stages are set to place an emphasis on growing midrise stages. This is similar to the way European cities grow.
    •        Skyscraper – Stages have been set to allow Skyscrapers to grow quickly, even in one city regions.
    All stage settings, except for the Extended version, are the values that were originally developed by RippleJet. All the new CAM 2.1.0 fixes have been included in all versions. The only difference between types is the stages for specific play style.
    Feel free to add comments here, the CAM General discussions board at SC4Devotion, or if you start a thread here at Simtropolis, let me know so I can be as helpful as possible. Feel free to discuss any myths about this mod that have circulated in the past. I will be more than happy to share what this mod is truly about, including how it helps regional play.
    Cheers everyone, 


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  4. SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4

    What does this do
    Fixes a serialization bug that could corrupt the savegame, particularly when mods are installed that modify existing exemplars (i.e. prop pox). Resolves a crash-to-desktop when hovering NAM puzzle pieces over transit-enabled lots. Allows other DLLs to load into SC4's memory without a GZCOM framework. Requirements
    This fix is made for versions 640 and 641 of SimCity 4 on Windows. Version 640 is a fully-patched SC4 retail copy, and version 641 is a fully-patched digital distribution version (i.e. Steam, Origin, GOG). Although v641 is supported, it has only been officially tested on Steam.
    Unzip to Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins.
    To see if SC4Fix is working properly, check the title of your game window. If you are playing in fullscreen mode, alt-tab out and hover over the SimCity taskbar icon. The titlebar will show "SC4Fix (version #)" if loaded properly.
    Repairing cities already affected by prop pox
    Thanks to kingofsimcity for these instructions:
    In the region view, open the graphics settings and change City Detail to Low. Close and relaunch SC4. Open the offending city tile and save immediately. Exit to region without saving and change City Detail back to High. Close and relaunch SC4. Open the offending city tile and save again. Demonstration
    Click here for a video showing the ability to hover puzzle pieces over transit-enabled lots with this DLL.
    Development Thread and Source Code
    Development Thread
    Source Code


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  5. SimCity 4 Ultimate Dependency Package - April 2012

    SimCity 4 Ultimate Dependency Package - April 2012
    Every dependency... ever - all in one simple, easy to install file.
    Over the course of the past eight years, additional files required for the correct functioning of many custom creations, also known as dependencies, have become an unavoidable necessity for anyone seeking to extensively modify their game. However, due to the inability of many to read or understand readme files, very few people can actually boast of a plugins folder containing every dependency file required for their needs.
    Today however, thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of file compression, we plan to once and for all put this issue to rest.
    Approximately 10 months ago, RippleTurbine, a prominent member both here at Simtropolis and SC4inmotion.com, discovered a way to drastically reduce the filesizes of the DAT file format - the file format used to store dependency files. In a nutshell, he found that by compressing the Hex value of an exemplar to better suit the games fundamental attributes, code could be shared across various files in incremental stages known as TGI's. It sounds complicated (I know I didn't understand it at first!) but basically what this means is that a DAT file previously weighing in at about 85MB could be reduced to only as little as 265KB via this code sharing technique!
    The implications of the discovery were huge. Not only would it mean that loading times could be reduced from minutes to seconds, but that dependencies would never again work in the same way.
    Over these past 10 months, I, along with various others in the community, have been working together to construct a mega-dependency-package to end all other packages. We've systematically purged every major exchange in the community, along with several of the prominent non-English sites, to bring you a in a single download a file containing almost every dependency ever created. Best of all, uncompressed, this file came to an astounding 2.65GB, but by using our compression technique, we have managed to bring the filesize down to just a little over 1MB!
    Got a lot that's missing a base texture... don't know where on earth to find it? Lost the readme? No problems! Chances are, it's included in this download. You'll never have to go hunting again!
    Now admittedly, we haven’t got everything. Some creators were reluctant to give us permission to use their files, and others simply could not be contacted. We do estimate however that we have between 96-98% of all dependency files ever uploaded to a major exchange. Perhaps most importantly, the major ones are all there, including all files from the BCS, Network Modd Addons and SimPig teams.
    Although, despite our efforts, we know that new dependencies will not stop popping up just because of this upload. To remedy this, we plan to update this file once a year on the 1st of April.


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  6. Super Demand Mod (Not Demand Ordinance)

    Many people here will probably remember the "Super Demand Ordinances" Mod. This one is more powerful, more controllable, bug-free, and does not use ordinances.
    This set of .dat files can either maximize - set to 6000, or suppress - set to 0, demand for R$, R$$, R$$$, Cs$, Cs$$, Cs$$$, Co$$, Co$$$, I-Ag, I-D, I-M, and I-HT individually. It's a bit complex to use - a readme is included - but it works wonderfully. It stomps over demand caps, ignores occupancy availability and growth speed - though desirability is still important - and ensures maximal growth of a city, in your preferred direction. With this mod, cities can - even with only R$$$, Cs$$$, Co$$$, and I-HT - exceed the population of an entire country.
    This mod has no dependencies, but is incompatible with:
    -Colossus Addon Mod (Perhaps)
    -Super Demand Ordinance
    -Any other demand-altering mod.


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  7. 4-to-13 Plugin Converter

    4 – to – 13
    SimCity 4 to SimCity 2013 Plugin Converter
    Release 0.42 beta

    On behalf of the newly formed Modd Squad ‘13 Team, I’m proud to present to you publically for the first time, our latest release, the SimCity 4 to SimCity 2013 Plugin Converter.

    First a little background.

    Our team was formed and our efforts commenced after RippleTurbine, a prominent member both here and at SC4inmotion.com, made an interesting discovery late last year. He found that FSH files along with the LOD data contained within a standard SC4Model file could be extrapolated in such a way that allowed for the generation of a low-detail yet fully 3-dimensional version of the model. However, as was expected, the FSH files only aligned to form a coherent image at a specific angle (the isometric viewing angle of SimCity 4) and that at all other possible angles, the model would appear to have become distorted in some way.

    However, this was not the end of the road as many predicted it would be! It was soon discovered that with the help of a modified version of the BlueFish 3D scanning script (a script created some years ago by the BlueFish R&D group in an attempt to convert static PNG images to 3D geometry on the fly), a mostly accurate representation of the original model could be generated simply through scanning the low-detail model at the point where the FSH files align correctly. Two scanning passes, from the North and South views, were all that was required to completely rebuild the model, including materials, into a highly-detailed three dimensional format. From here, all that was required was to export the 3D data into OJB format (the model format used in SimCity 2013), bake in the textures and import into the game via the use of Ohpee’s geometry import hack.

    After many months of continuing development, we are now at the point where we are confident that a public release is possible (we were working on this even before the game was out!). Please keep in mind though, this is still beta software! We have yet to iron out all the bugs, and some features (such as the ability to convert night lighting) are still under development.

    Known issues:
    - Imported models are only available on the PC on which they have been installed. Loading a city with custom models on a different PC (where they have not been installed) can lead to game instability.
    - Models greater than 1024m in any direction will cause a bugged model to be generated and the import to fail. We are trying hard to find a way to remove this limitation.
    - OJB export crashes when running Mozilla Firefox at the same time. We are looking into this, possibly a co-scripting bug…
    - Simply run the standalone exe file, there is no need to install.
    - Once at the main screen, select your SC4Model file, as well as your SimCity 2013 program files directory.
    - Now press convert. A series of dialogue boxes will automatically appear and you will be able to see the conversion taking place. Once the ‘Importation Successful!’ dialogue box appears, close the program and open SimCity 2013.
    - Your imported model will be available in game as a landmark.

    As of yet, we have not implemented the night-light conversion option into the public release (this feature is currently only available in the private beta – see below for more information). This feature is still under development and will appear in future public releases. We are also working on a way to import SimCity 4 lot properties along with models, but this will also take a while to develop.

    The tool has been tested and is confirmed working with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. A Mac OS X port is currently in development which we expect to be available within a few weeks.
    ***IMPORTANT*** To run this application, please make sure your system has the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed and enabled. Most windows users should have this package installed.

    Legal issues:
    Respect the rights of the original creators! You may import any SC4 plugin you wish to SimCity 2013 for your sole use at your own PC. You MAY NOT re-upload any form of converted model, however, as these models still remain the sole property of their original creators.
    Please visit our official support and development thread for technical assistance, to file a bug report, or for information on applying to join the private development beta.

    MS’13 development team:
    Raz0r, Ohpee, MandelSoft, Ganaram Inukshuk, RippleTurbine, NX40, Polygon, z12, Tarkuz
    CaptCity, Hamish, 111222333444, Cockatoo, SimFixIt, ROFLyoshi, Jasoncw.
    Thanks for using our tools! We hope you have a wonderful day.


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  8. SimFox Day and Nite Modd

    This modd alters the look of both Day (slightly) and Night (in far more drastic fashion)view of the game.

    Days gain richer more natural looking shadows, greater overall contrast and better interaction of terrain and various models (in terms of shading).

    Nights are now much darker and less blue/purple. Yet unlike in some other similar modds they aren't completely black-hole, pitch black. The city, vegetation and terrain are all still visible in the night, albeit just so.

    Installation is very simple just unzip the content of the archive into your Pluging folder and start the game.

    Special Note on truNite buildings.

    This modd is tailor made to work with DarKNite TruNite buildings. Normal truNite ones will look overly bright and blue. So look for special DarkNite releases!

    Have FUN! Questions and suggestions for a time being may be addressed to BAT4Max thread


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  9. SimMars Beta 3

    SimMars is a mod for SimCity 4 taking the game to Mars. It will bring new buildings, transportation systems, user-interface and music and will replace the Maxis SimCity 4 content as far as possible, giving you the feeling to play a colony on Mars.

    Beta 3 is another step towards the goal of SimMars. Most main game functions and buildings have been replaced and the mod plays fairly well now. However, it is still a beta and hence unfinished. Not everything is replaced yet or fully functional.
    SimMars will install and play completely separate from your SimCity 4 installation.
    Due to the size, the installer is hosted on an external file hosting site. Download the dummy text file here to get to the download location.
    UPDATE: There's been a bug discovered where the Mars Face landmark has no model file.
    Easy fix: Download the this file and place into /My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins_SIMMARS/+Landmarks/SM_LM_MarsFace

    Download the SimMars Region Pack here to add 7 new regions to your game.

    This download is for PC users only, a Mac compatible version will be released in the future.

    SimMars Beta 3 additions since last release:
    - 180 new BATs (buildings) of all types
    - new highway, rail, subway, elevated rail, toll booths and spaceport.
    - SimMars game launcher: Beta 3 launches individually from SimCity 4 (see installation notes below)
    - new User-Interface graphics
    - new disaster (Blow-Out, replaces fire)
    - 5 new music tracks
    - the first few automata models
    - new ordinances
    - transformed news items
    Main goals for the next release are:
    - creating and modding new automata models (vehicles)
    - implementing NAM elements
    - replacing avenue and one way texture


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  10. RCImulti - MODpack for SC4 Delux/RushHour

    Discution of this mod, suggestions, etc... can be done on this topic:
    RCImulti - MODpack for SimCity 4 Deluxe / RushHour by Nilo
    Release date: 05/03/2008
    The mods included in this pack was derived from findings that I made to the game´s mechanics involving
    Demand, Jobs, Workforces, Capacities, Caps and its relations.
    Look bellow for more information. Since English isn´t my primary language, please disregard eventual mistakes.
    I´ve tested extensively all the mods here, encontering no problem, crash or performance issues.
    Anyway, I'am not responsible for any problems that my arise from the use of the mods provided here, bla bla... you know the drill so use it at your own risk.
    Features and instalation:
    This pack contains several files under 4 folders:
    - Jobs*
    - Homejobs*
    - RCIDemand**
    - Extra_tools**
    * CHOOSE ONLY ONE file to install from these folders.
    **YOU CAN install one or more files from these folders.
    To install just copy the file(s) to your plugin folder (usually under \My Documents\SimCity 4\plugins\)
    The files in this folder deals with jobs generation from the Comercial and Industrial buildings of your city.
    IMPORTANT: The query window will show the original building capacity, but using the TRAFFIC QUERY TOOL you will
    see that each building will have more workers (up to 3 ou 6 times depending on the mod installed) for each I/C building.
    Works on new and existing cities.
    jobs_xx.dat - Creates x times more jobs for ALL comercial and industrial buildings.
    jobs_xx_uncapped.dat - the same with no caps to growth (no need to create connections, plop rewards, etc...)
    jobs_standard_uncapped.dat - just the uncap effect (it fixes the IHT bug - see below for more info)
    jobs_nominal_uncapped.dat - Each building will generates only jobs of the same wealth level, so what you see in the query
    window (for example IHT building with 60 jobs) is what you get (60 $$$JOBS). With no caps.
    jobs_rebalanced_uncapped.dat - Rebalanced version. Each $$ building creates 20%$$$jobs, 50%$$jobs and 30% $jobs.
    Each $$$ building creates 30%$$$jobs, 50%$$jobs and 20% $jobs. And industry Dirty will create 10%$$$jobs, 20%$$jobs and
    70%$jobs. With no caps.
    NOTE ON UNCAPPED: This mod prevents the cap to increase, but does not eliminate existing cap in your city.
    The files in this folder deals with residential caps and residential JOBS (SiMs work at home, a.k.a residential jobs)
    Note that the residencial capacity remains unchanged. A building with capacity for 200 sims will continue to support
    200 sims, but will at the same time (in addition) provide jobs (the number of jobs is a percentage of the building capacity).
    The jobs created will be of the same wealth level of the building ($JOBS for R$, $$JOBS for R$$, $$$Jobs for R$$$).
    10pct_homejobs_uncapped.dat - provides 10% of the building capacity in jobs
    25pct_homejobs_uncapped.dat - 25% jobs
    100pct_homejobs_uncapped.dat - 100% jobs - in effect you will not need  any industrial or commercial building in your city
    since all sims will work at home.... (the demand for Industrial and commercial will still be there...)
    r_standard_uncapped.dat - no jobs(normal residences) - only the uncap effect.
    *UNCAPPED = removes the cap to growth (no need to create connections, plop rewards, etc...)
    NOTE: Doesn´t affect TAX CAPS. For each population range you MUST lower taxes to a certain level, otherwise the active demand will be capped at ZERO and nothing will grow.
    The files in this folder can be combined. Each one will LOCK the respective demand in the max value possibile. No matter what
    you do in the game, the demand will remain still....
    If you want for example, max R$$$ demand and max IHT demand, just put theses 2 files in your plugin folder. To supress unwanted
    demand (to filter) just raise taxes of the unwanted developer to maximum. That way you can create specific types of cities.
    Co$$$_activedem_ON.dat - Comercial Office $$$ max active demand ON.
    Co$$_activedem_ON.dat - Comercial Office $$ max active demand ON.
    Cs$$$_activedem_ON.dat - Comercial Service $$$ max active demand ON.
    Cs$$_activedem_ON.dat - Comercial Service $$ max active demand ON.
    Cs$_activedem_ON.dat - Comercial Service $ max active demand ON.
    ID_activedem_ON.dat - Industry Dirty max active demand ON
    IHT_activedem_ON.dat - Industry High Technology max active demand ON
    IM_activedem_ON.dat - Industry Manufacture max active demand ON
    IR_activedem_ON.dat - Industry Resource max active demand ON
    R$$$_activedem_ON.dat - Residential $$$ max active demand ON
    R$$_activedem_ON.dat - Residential $$ max active demand ON
    R$_activedem_ON.dat - Residential $ max active demand ON
    These extra features provide more control over your cities.
    -desire_override.dat - Change the park and landmark effect in the overall desirability, overriding others factors such as
    traffic, pollution, crime, education, garbage, etc.....  in effect you can manipulate the overall desirability using parks.
    -easymoney.dat - Multiplies the monthly income of your taxes by 10 so you can lower taxes to 1% and still run your city easily.
    -no_fire.dat - Elininate all fires occurrences, including arson crime so you will never be interrupted again by a random fire...
    -NO_TRAFFIC.dat - Transportation won´t generate traffic. I used this to make ultra-population experiments (3.600.000 sims in
    the smallest city) and other "stress tests" that required the elimination of traffic from the equation.
    -Super_waterpipe.dat - Improve water pipe radius, requiring LESS pipes to cover your city. Especially useful in the larger
    cities due to performance issues.
    -parktools.dat - The first 4 itens in the "park menu" have the follow effects:
    1) basketball court: Creates 10.000.000 JOBS for low wealth sims (R$).
    2) ranger cabin: creates 10.000.000 jobs for medium wealth sims (R$$).
    3) tennis court: creates 10.000.000 jobs for high wealth sims (R$$$).
    4) small plaza: If you install the "desire_override mod" plopping this item will Max out desirability for the entire city,
    for all developers(residential, commercial, industrial - including Farming which will grow anywhere you place them....)
    I´ve used this tools to make super-population experiments, among other things.
    Detailed Explanation on the Concepts behind this mod
    Before ugins this mod, it´s important to quickly review how some things
    works in SimCity 4 so you can understand what the mod changes.
    Every commercial or industrial building in SC4 has a capacity that indicates how many SIMs can work in it. What not everybody
    knows is that Capacity does not equal JOBS. The game's engine will derivate the JOBS based on the CAPACITY of the building.
    It´s important to know that there´s only 3 types of JOBs:
    It can look pretty obvious since there´s only 3 types of SIMs: R$, R$$, R$$$. But we have different type of workers based
    on the level/quotient of Education (EQ). Internally the games splits the workforce in 4 levels for each wealth type, based
    on the EQ. So in the end we have 12 different "types" of workers. Actually this "workforce subsystem" has only one fundamental function in the game: Each type of the 12 workforce type will dictate what type of "developer" commercial (service or office) or industrial (dirty, manufacture or high-tech) to build by increasing its respective demands.
    So if you have a city with no shools (low EQ) there will be little or no demand for IM, IHT or even commercial offices.
    But in the end, there´s only 3 types of JOBS as stated before. So once a industrial or commercial building appears in the game (grows or if you plop) it will provide JOBS, and SIMs regardless of the EQ level, WILL work on it.
    Now that the workforce role is clarified, lets Back to Jobs x Capacity.
    Each Industry or Commerce pertains to a wealth level ($, $$ or $$$) BUT as stated before, the capacity of the building does
    not translate into JOBS. Wich means that an Industrial building wealth $$$ with capacity = 40 DOES NOT generates 40 $$$JOBS.
    For each type of commercial or industrial, the game engine will derivate $, $$ and $$$ JOBS for each building, using the
    capacity as reference. So in the previous example, the IHT building with 40 capacity will generate, based on the default game
    settings, 4 $JOBS(10%), 32 $$JOBS(80%) and 4 JOBS$$$(10%)*.
    * BUG: The game engine have a BUG that prevents the JOBS$$$ and JOBS$ for Industry Hi-tech for being created. If you ever
    wonder why wealth sims ($$$) NEVER work on IHT building, now you know why. This bug occours when you try to use(when modding the game)  similar % for each JOB type. Since the default game specs dictate 10% for BOTH JOBS$ and JOBS$$$ on IHT industry,
    the game engine will truncate theses values and will generate noone.
    So it´s possible to change the amount of Jobs generated for each developer type.
    The overall and resumed demand cycle works as follows:
    1) Industrial or Commercial building grows generating JOBS. (as explained above, it´s possible to change which type and how many JOBs each type of developer will generate).
    2) For EACH JOB ($, $$ or $$$) created, the game adds TWO "points" (200%) of the respective ($, $$ or $$$) RESIDENTIAL DEMAND. - do not confound building capacity with JOBS!!! a single building usually generates all tree type of jobs, regardless of the wealth type of the building (exception for I-D, I-R and Cs$ which for balance/concept reasons, only generates $JOBS)
    3) Residential buildings grows, generating Workers (usually 30 to 40% of residential occupancy is of workers)
    4) School (EQ) factor splits the workforce into 4 categories for each wealth level.
    5) Each one of the 12 "types" of workforce will increase the demand for certain developer types (Industry and Commercial)
    6) The new added commercial/industrial demand allows more buildings to grow, closing the cycle which then restart at step 1.
    This is the overall cycle. In the "in-betweens" other events occurs and it's possible to "hook" some commands such as increase or decrease demand, caps, etc....   every time a certain build grows, it satisfy the respective demand by 100% (changeable) of the added capacity... it also CREATES or ALLEVIATES CAPS (which can be modded too) among other possibilites.
    TO be brief, The demand cycle is very segmented and allows a great deal of customization.
    Ah and it´s worth to note that due to this segmentation, each demand type is a isolated variable and it´s possible to set the minimum and maximum values for each one at will (including regional demands)
    Look for more info on the Simtropolis.com and Simcity4Devotion.com FORUMS (modding section) for more information.


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  11. Less Abandonment

    The intent of this mod is to reduce the amount of abandonment and dilapidation of high-wealth buildings. It does this in a non-cheating natural way, to prevent high-wealth buildings from growing in areas that will likely cause them to abandon in the near future. There are other mods to prevent dilapidation, but they do it by forcibly preventing dilapidation in buildings that really should dilapidate. This mod stops those buildings from growing in the first place.
    This mod changes the desirability building requirements for high-wealth construction. The default game setting is to allow buildings to grow in areas with as little as 20% desirability (or greater). Unfortunately, dilapidation of buildings also begins to occur in areas with 20% desirability (or less). So what the game does is build a nice-looking R$$$ building (or CO$$$ or whatever) in a bad area, and then it quickly abandons or dilapidates the building, creating an ugly blackened building.
    Much of the current wisdom on Simtropolis seems to state that R$$$ abandonment is the result of too-few jobs for rich sims. While this is true in some cases, my tests have shown that most of the abandonment occurs for desirability reasons. The R$$$ build houses in borderline areas, and then low desirability kills them off. Fewer R$$$ pushes up demand, and that causes more R$$$ homes to be built in borderline areas, and the cycle repeats. This mod stops that cycle by preventing those homes from being built in borderline areas.
    This mod changes the building desirability requirement to 40%-50%, instead of 20%. Thus, a high-wealth building will not grow in a borderline area.
    The result is that less high-wealth buildings will grow in your city, but those that do grow will have a much greater chance of "sticking around" without abandoning or dilapidating. You'll also notice that your cities will retain more CS$ and CS$$ buildings, rather than them all being replaced by CO$$ and CO$$$.


       (85 Reviews)



  12. Azul's MAX Money

    This modd changes the start up funds to the max($999,999,999,999,999) on Easy/Medium/Hard. This modd is not recommended to those who are realistical(my own word) in the game, recommended for those who just want to build with out limits, like me. Please make sure to use this mod on a fresh map(well new city), it won't effect the funds on current cities you have.

    If you don't like my modd, please save your comments to your self.

    I hope you you enjoy, 


       (67 Reviews)



  13. Persistent Automata Mod

    Persistent Automata Mod Version 2
    This simple mod makes automata much more persistent.  Cars will no longer fade in and out constantly.
    It is a modified version of NAM's automata controller, originally modded by Shadowman131 in 2008.
    I have continued to work on this mod and learned a lot about automata in the process.  There are now three flavors:
    *Persistent_Automata_Low.dat is a low spawn version.  It will look better in rural areas and low to medium suburbs.
    *Persistent Automata_Med.dat is a medium spawn version.  It will look better in larger suburbs or mid to high density cities.
    *Persistent Automata_Hi.dat is a high spawn version.  It looks best in high density and can make even non busy networks look congested.
    To install: * First delete any earlier version - TrafficFixes_.dat*  
    Extract the version of your choice into your plugins folder, and make sure you either delete NAM's automata controller....
    (..Plugins\Network Addon Mod\NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_.dat)
    ...or put a Z in front of the file name to ensure it loads after NAM's.
    Changes from Version 1
    *Fixed UDI problems.  There are now very few cars on the roads during UDI.  You may have to drive a few tiles to see the effect but the traffic will disappear quickly.
    *I've completely reworked commute and occupant trip clocks over all three versions to create a more realistic looking commute and normalize traffic spawn. This took a few hundred tweaks (number of versions that went intothe recycle bin) and I think the result is more realistic.
    *Normalized commute times and shortened the commute peak hours.
     In the low and medium versions, the commute is still very noticeable but doesn't clog roads as much and clears up more quickly.  In the high version there is a more defined commute and a much less congested look during off peak hours.
    *Modified the occupant trip clock to act as a counter balance to the normal commute.
     There are now a bit more cars going opposite the normal commute direction.
    *Bus traffic now will spawn in alternate directions every other tick. 
    So far, I've been unable to make buses any more persistent.  They will not obey the 10 tile minimum distance if there is a bus stop nearby.
    *Decreased freight truck traffic during commuter hours.


       (192 Reviews)



  14. Legalize Medical Marijuana

    Legalize Medical Marijuana is an ordinance
    Positive effect :
    It will increase Health Quotient.
    It will also increase Education Quotient.
    Increase demand for CS$, CS$$ and I-Ag.
    Negative effect:
    Eventually lead to poor mayor rating.
    Overwhelming abundance of happiness for your sims!
    **Important note**
    Since there can only be 16 ordinances to be displayed in game, it will not be compatible with CPR ordinance
    It is, however, compatible with other ordinances that is not modifying CPR ordinance.
    more details are written in the ReadMe! including installation process!
    No Dependencies!


       (146 Reviews)



  15. God Terraforming in Mayor Mode

    This plugin modifies the Mayor Mode Terraforming Menu to include the God terraforming tools.
    NOTE: This is meant to replace the Ctrl-Alt-Shift trick. That is this modd's purpose.
    The modd is available in 12 languages: (thanks to the people in brackets!) The game should detect which language to use automatically.
    German (Andreas)
    Dutch (Caspervg and Mrtnrln)
    Japanese (Ebina)
    Danish (Unassigned)
    French (Travis)
    Swedish (RippleJet)
    Norwegian (RippleJet)
    Finnish (RippleJet)
    Italian (Google Translator)
    Spanish (Google Translator)
    Polish (Google Translator)
    The GTM thread is located here: http://sc4devotion.c...hp?topic=5164.0
    There are no dependencies
    Please read the readme, before using, translating or redistributing. (This mod is available here and on the TPPEX, and on the LEX)


       (187 Reviews)



  16. radicle RCI demand/graph mod

    Most of you may have or not have remembered radical one,s super demand mod well this one is more powerful and unlike the other one this one is compatible with the CAM in addition i have included a graph mod that will increase the RCI demand plus bar to 65,000 so now you can have/grow stage 15 CAM. or stage 8 SimCity 4 or rush hour buildings exceeding 60,000 pretty easy if there is ever any that is. it is very important to know that there are 2 files in the zip.the fist file will max out all RCI demand types such as R$ R$$ R$$ CS$ CS$$ CS$$$ CO$$ CO$$$ I-AG I-ID I-IM I-IHT to 65,000 now just like the other one demand will always stay the same no mater what you do like let say you wanted to raise taxes to 20% to make a huge profit will demand will still be maxed out . be careful that file depends on the graph mod i made and will not work with out it. The 2ed file will increase the RCI demand range to 65,000 you may use that file any time you want or choose to use it. like most demand modes the one in that first file is 100% radical tested no crash to desktops or bugs 8) just put the 2ed file or both files in your plugins folder and enjoy 8).


       (94 Reviews)



  17. Super Demand Ordinance

    No story with this mod. This is the first Radical mod I've done for mainstream release.
    Please do not use this mod if you want your city to grow and develop as the original game
    would allow. This mod is designed to do one thing, and that's to allow your city to grow
    at an exponential rate.
    Modified all Comercial Service, Commercial Office and Industrial zone demand to skyrocket to 500% of what it was. Small income of


       (143 Reviews)



  18. High Speed Rail Project Windows

    UPDATE: The texture conflict with HSRP and Callagrafx's "The old coach House" lot has now been updated so please reinstall

    The High Speed Rail Project (HSRP) adds two new "model variations" to the network systems. A models variation is a new set of models for a network in this case for monorail. In the early years of SC4, new technology was found by Smoncrie which allowed us to use a single puzzle piece to create a starter for a new set of textures or models for the same network, there are already a few mods that take advantage of this technology, namely draggable GLR, SAM, and RHW. At the moment, there are two new model variations included in this mod, HSR, elevated, and GHSR, a ground version. The original HSRP replaced monorail, at the time this was the best way of implementation, and was created by 3ddz, founded by Murakamon, on the 24th of February 2006, since then there has only been one release, HSRP Beta 1. This mod uses the original models from that release for HSR, and a lowered version for GHSR, no modifications were made to the models.
    Note:Please remove the old HSRP Beta 1 version that has been published by 3ddz. A Cleanitol file has been included that will do the work for you.

    You can download a compatibilty file for Shinkasen's Bullet train in the SC4D thread.

    DEPENDENCIES: Latest Network Addon Mod (At Least April 2008, but I suggest you update to the latest NAM if you have an old one)
    --- PC Version---


    1) The bulk of this mod is draggable.

    2)This replaces the old HSRP. The 2 are incompatible

    3) You will have to redraw monorail/HSRP tracks that we constructed before you installed this modd. You won't have to do this again.

    4) Any questions should be asked in the new HSRP thread at here at ST or SC4Devotion.com

    5) A Mac version (no installer) is also available; here on the STEX.


       (129 Reviews)



  19. SC4 Launcher

    SC4Launcher allows certain settings and stability issues to be set/solved before the game is launched.

    The features are as follows:
    - Borderless/Seamless Fullscreen Mode.
    - Auto-Update Feature to negate the need to constantly check the STEX.
    - Quick Launch (Launch instantly with the latest settings).
    - Auto-Save Feature with Interval selection.
    - Resolution Selection. (Auto-Detected).
    - Color Depth Selection.
    - Ability to change the number of Logical Cores used. (Auto-Detected).
    - Loading & Saving of last used Configuration.
    - Ability to set the CPU Priority.
    - Render Mode Selection (DirectX, OpenGL or Software).
    - Ability to turn audio On or Off.
    - Intro Screen/Movie Disable/Enable; and
    - The all important Force Draw On Scroll Fix.
    - Mod Manager to enable & disable mods on the fly.

    The 'Force Draw On Scroll Fix' fixes a compatibility issue that exists between SC4 and AMD cards, the fix utilizes the 'Graphics Rules.sgr' file in order to force SC4 to draw details when scrolling, regardless of AMD/ATI hardware.

    Please note: The file within the Zip/RAR Archive is an installer, please run it and point it to the root of your SimCity installation and DO NOT simply add it to you plugins folder.

    Bugs: Please report any bugs via PM or the Official thread (Link Below).

    Official Thread: http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/54082-SimCity-4-launcher-sc4launcher/


       (139 Reviews)



  20. Improved Traffic Volume View

    This Traffic Volume View offers a number of improvements to the one included with the game. Rather than the seven shades ofblue in the original, this version uses the full spectrum of color, including approximately 48 distinct color shades. The maximum volume shown for each travel type has been increased from a flat 1200 for all types in the originalTraffic Volume View to a value which is 300% of thecapacity of the underlying network for the selected travel type. (Since only one commute period is shown at a time, this is one half of the standard network capacity, which is calculated for a full day.) The legend has been increased from five to nine entries, and each color in the legend is followed by the percentage of the underlying network capacity that that color represents, as well as the actual number of Sims represented by that percentage. When a travel type may have more than one underlying network (e.g., cars may travel on streets, roads, or highways), a subtext below the legend indicates which network is being referenced in the display.
    The colors in the display have been arranged so that they are more concentrated at lower levels, in order to give finer granularity at lower volumes. Between volumes of 0% and 10%, colors change about every 1.5%. Between 10% and 130%, colors change about ever 5%. And between 130% and 300%, colors change about every 10%. Please note that while every attempt has been made to attain the greatest accuracy possible, all numbers are somewhat approximate. The numbers following each color in the legend refer to the approximate beginning of the range of that particular color.
    You may notice that starting at 100%, the colors closely follow those in the Traffic Congestion View. However, it is important to keep in mind the difference between theTraffic Congestion View and the Traffic Volume View. The Congestion View is compiled from an entire day's travel statistics, while the Volume View refers to only a single commute period. Therefore, yellow in a single volume view does not necessarily indicate congestion, and blue or green in a single folume view does not necessarily indicate lack of congestion. Furthermore, some of the volume views include non-congestion producing travel types, which are pedestrians, buses, and ferries. An experienced player may be able to look at both commute periods of certain volume views and get a good idea of congestion, but it is necessary to be careful here.
    Finally, most transit station types light up in all volume views. This does not indicate anything about usage; it is simply so you can identify them easily. Certain types of transit stations do not light up because of the way they were designed.

    Note: This file has been made largely obsolete by the June 2009 NAM, as it is bundled with all traffic simulators supported by that NAM and later ones.  The only reason to download this file is if you want to use it with an earlier NAM, or if you want to create a custom bundle of the data views, as this Traffic Volume View does not include the Combined Subway Volume View or the Subway building View.  In order to facilitate the custom use of these data views, views for all capacity levels of Simulator Z are now included.


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  21. SMP Yellow Pause thingy remover

    As featured in San Senderiz...
    SMP Yellow pause thingy remover
    by the boy formally know as evil m... err... mjig_dudy
    This mod removes the yellow thing that appears around the screen when your game is put on pause. Can be useful for taking snapshots for your CJ.
    Whats more it is certified by the hotdog man himself 'Ilikehotdogsalot' When asked for a quote on this mod he said "what should i say, i'm not feeling too witty today" So i think we can all be in agreement this proves it is an awe inspiring piece of work... that took me the whole of 10 seconds to make.
    Modding by mji... err.. TheQuiltedLlama
    Testing by the people who tested it.
    STEX pictures by Glenni's monkey BAT slaves.
    Instruction for use:
    1. Click the 'Download' button.
    2. Unzip file into MyDocuments-SimCity-Plugins folder
    3. Start SimCity
    4. Load city
    5. Pause game
    6. Marvel at the absence of the yellow pause thingy.
    7. Grate some cheddar.1
    This last step is not strictly necessary, but i implore you to carry it out all the same.
    1.If you have no cheddar, you could try grating another variety of cheese, however you do so entirely at your own risk.


       (116 Reviews)



  22. DAMN Manager


    I want to introduce my first creation for the fans of SimCity 4.

    DAMN Manager

    DAMN Manager is an alternative to the commonly used (I hope ) program SSPTool and DAMN Plugin by Stefan Wertich.

    It is a tool for creating files for Dealeys "Daeleys Advanced Menu Navigator" plugin aka DAMN.

    The program to use is very similar to its original, has some new features: adding the original lots of SimCity, menu items can be created automatically using custom templates and a few minor additions.

    I have written this program because i had have some problems with the original SSPTool.

    To not bore you any longer, I invite you to download the program, all (or almost all) the information can be found in the help files included with the program.

    Any comments are welcome, especially those critical;)

    If you have any problems with specific plugins, give me it's name and a link where to download the plugin.
    The program includes the language files in English and Polish (polski).

    ps. Please forgive me if the English contains errors. If (dare I say when) some will see (help file or user interface), please let me know.

    pss. Manager has been tested on Windows XP, VISTA (64bit), 7 (64bit) and 8 (64bit - clean install).


       (50 Reviews)



  23. Uniform Street Lighting Mod

    Uniform Street Lighting Mod
    Release 1.0 by kodlovag


    This mod is replacing the lamp posts and cones on road based networks. The goal is to create uniformly lit roads and therefore a much more realistic night scene.

    USL adds new and replaces existing in-game and NAM T21 network lots responsible for appearance of street and roadsides, avenue medians, roadside light poles etc. Also adds new light pole props and overwrites in-game ones. USL does not add or modify any textures, and therefore compatible to any
    sidewalk or road texture replacement mod.

    Supported networks
    All supported networks receive their corresponding light props. The following networks are supported:

    - Maxis Highway (MHW): all in-game and many NAM pieces including elevated-ground transition pieces, wide radius curves, on slope pieces, road under elevated highway (EHW) and similar pieces.
    - Avenues
    - Road
    - One-way
    - Road and avenue turning lanes
    - Turning Lanes Expansion Pack (TuLEP)
    - Network Widening Mod (NWM)
    - Roundabouts
    - Street: streets get the original Maxis light pole props to keep USL compatible to great streetside mods. That means street lamp post props are applied on every lots including T21s, which use the game default lamp post props, and don’t have direct support in USL.
    - Bridges: Maxis highway (both elevated and ground), avenue, road, oneway road, street bridges. All in-game and NAM bridges. Additional bridges are not supported, but can receive the modded USL lights if the game default streetlight props are applied on them.

    Unsupported networks
    The following networks are not supported by the USL and therefore don't receive USL lamp post props:

    - MHW interchanges: ramps, cloverleaf, etc.
    - Intersections: street, road and avenue intersections. Any intersections with rail, elevated rail, monorail.
    - Real Highway (RHW)
    - Tram on road: will be supported in a later release
    - Tram on avenue: will be supported in a later release. Several tram on avenue pieces have T21s in NAM, they get the modded USL street lights.
    - Street Addon Mod (SAM): Several SAM pieces have T21s, they get the modded USL street lights.
    - Wide Radius Curves: sithlrd98 made T21 mod for the wide radius curves. It uses the default street lights, so it will receive the modded USL street lights.

    USL basically can conflict with any other T21 based mod, which applies T21s on networks supported by USL. The goal is to keep these other mods usable by replacing their T21s and lamp post props. There is additional support for several mods, which would otherwise be incompatible. Therefore it’s important that USL must load after all of these mods.
    There is a list in the pdf readme containing several T21 mods which apply on the supported networks and their current compatibility state. Please read the readme! One important point is included here:
    - Light Replacement Mod, LRM V3.0: Not compatible. USL directly replaces LRM. If you have LRM V3.0 installed, please remove it. You can keep using LOTLight and Generic light replacements. Maarten works on a USL compatible version of LRM. Thanks for Maarten allowing me to use his T21s in my mod.

    Installation instructions
    It's very important, please read the included pdf readme for detailed install instructions!
    - Copy the mod into your Plugin directory. Be sure it loads last.
    - Copy only one color version!
    - Copy T21s for NWM and TuLEP only, if you have those mods!
    - Copy files from directory T21_Mods_Addons only if you have that specific mod! Otherwise they will conflict!

    How to use it in game – Tips & Tricks
    After installing this mod, you will find that several lights are automatically replaced, but other lights on supported networks are not. In order to replace the street lights on these networks, click on them with the road tool, and new lights will be applied on a few tiles radius range. This is the process, when the new and modified T21s are applied. Bridges must be rebuilt to get the new T21s. You need to do this process only once. If you want to change light pole sets or colors later, effect will be immediate.
    Any newly built network will get the USL lights immediately.
    A pole will only have light, when powered.
    Please save your game in daytime! Otherwise you will see that the light cones
    paint your roads in the region view.
    You will see many times, when you intersect an avenue with a road, that the intersection is dark, because light poles are two tiles away in both directions. You can use TuLEPs to light up the intersection. Diagonal intersections are still causing problem.
    Feel free to datpack the mod if you want to decrease loading time of the game, but take into account, that you might have hard time when you want to change pole sets or updating to a new release of USL.

    This is a great mod, you won’t want to uninstall it… But if you really want, delete the T21s first. Then click on all the networks with the road tool, where T21s were applied to replace them by the game default T21s. Just like after the installing process. Then you can remove the light pole sets too. If you see brown boxes after this process, you didn’t refresh that piece of the road. Click on it with the road tool to remove the brown box.

    Network Addon Mod (NAM) Version 29

    Optional downloads
    Network Widening Mod (NWM)
    Turning Lanes Plugin (TuLEP)
    This mod was designed to use together with a dark night mod. Day and night mod by Simfox or similar mod is recommended. But it works with standard Maxis night too.

    Support thread

    Thanks to
    Maarten (mrtnrln) for allowing using files from his great LRM mod and for revising this readme.
    Xannepan for the name of the mod.
    NorbyToG for helping in beta testing.
    Mod edit 3rd May 2017 - Fixed formatting


       (90 Reviews)



  24. Pacific Northwest Tree Controller

    Pacific Northwest Tree Controller
    by: Blunder
    This is a seasonal tree controller designed to give trees generated by your god-mode flora brush the appearance of flora from the Pacific Northwest. The lower elevation features maples intersperced among large conifers, the middle elevation transitions from large to small conifers, and the upper elevation consists of shrubby meadows and small firs. (see pics) It also includes MMPs for each of the brushes used by the God-Mode tool and then some. This tree controller has been optimized to be placed on Lowkee's excellent Appalacian Terrain, and has been calibrated to avoid cliffs generated by using a 15m DJEM.
    For further previews, see this entry of my CJ.
    UPDATE: 17 dec. 2012. File updated. Turns out i missed a value in the flora-table that was allowing forest scenes to show up in rare instances. Also i forgot to merge the blocker's blank model into the dat, both of these have been fixed. Please redownload and overwrite the old file.
    Due to game mechanics there are no such thing as compatible tree controllers. Therefore you must remove whatever existing tree controller you are using (such as CP's, Heblem's, or a God Mode patch like for the PEG pines). BUT FIRST you must bulldoze all flora planted with that tree-controller. For this reason it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you switch tree controllers only when starting new cities; new regions would be even better. Loading a city tile that has trees on it from a tree controller that no longer exists in your plugins will result in a Crash To Desktop.
    1. Do what it says under Compatibility; bulldoze all trees from your previous controller on tiles you will play on, then remove the old controller file from your plugins.
    2. Place this tree controller file in your /Plugins directory.
    3. Install all of the dependencies in your /Plugins directory too.
    4. If you have the Pacific Northwest MMP Flora package installed, remove it. It merely duplicates the MMP files in this controller and will create 11 redundant MMPs in your mayor menu.
    If you wish to switch to a different tree controller you must follow the same steps as when you installed this one. However with this controller there is a difference. If you wish to keep the flora planted with this controller simply install the alternate Pacific Northwest MMP Flora package and the old trees can stay: no bulldozing.
    Known Issues:
    1. CTD- As mentioned above, any flora from an old tree controller must be removed before the old tree controller file is deleted from your Plugins or a crash will occur. A lesser known issue is that if the file with the old MMP brush is gone but the model file still exists in the plugins, the tree will still show up and the game will be playable. However if that tree gets destroyed (either by bulldozing or by changing the elevation of the terrain underneath it) this will also cause a crash.
    2. Performance- All tree controllers have a significant detrimental effect on your game's speed because of the large number of items they place in your city. Testing indicated that this controller only had a slightly more detrimental impact than CP's tree controllers, so if you can run one of his, you should be able to run this one without much hassle. However if game performance becomes an issue for you, try disabbling your shadows and dialing down your graphics settings during tree planting.
    3. Terrain Mods- This tree controller was optimized for use with Lowkee's Appalacian Terrain Mod. If you use another terrain mod the placement of flora can be less than ideal. For instance, on many of CP's terrain mods the middle elevation trees will land on snow, and the subalpine meadows won't show up until you get very high above the snowline.
    For average users:
    I believe Lowkee is in the process of updating his seasonal flora patches. When/If a new version of these becomes available, update it.
    For advanced users only, Optional:
    If you use reader, the value to change this can be found in the file z_LK_FloraTuningParameters_Seasonal_#TerrainName#.dat. To change it, open the file using reader. The value you want to change is the last one: Flora: elevation scale range. Experiment to find what value works for your terrain mod. The best result will be an elevation close to that of your snowline (hint: the extra cheat "terrainquery" is useful). Do this at your own risk.
    Now that I've made you read about those issues, it's time to download the deps.
    Yes there are several. No i don't care, because if you use custom flora at all you probably have most if not all of these.
    BSC MEGA PROPS CP01 - earth day 2012 update (be darn sure you have the updated version)
    CPT No. 8&9 Tree Models
    giraffe's parasol pines (only used in the Coastal Fir MMP, not a requirement for god-mode)
    giraffe's norweigian maples
    giraffe's subalpine firs
    giraffe's bushes
    Lowkee's seasonal flora patch (only necessary if you DO NOT use Lowkee's terrain mod)
    First off, a huge THANK YOU!!! goes to CP and Giraffe for making the flora models used in this controller. The second Thanks goes to Vortext for letting me use the terrain brush and maxis blocking exemplars that he already whipped up for his own controller, as well as letting me peek under the hood of how his worked. Mad Kudos go to Lowkee, both for creating the Appalacian Terrain Mod that this was designed to work with and for his driblets of knowledge on the inner workings of flora that are left on various webpages. This controller absolutely would not be possible without these guys.
    Also props to my testing crew; Vortext, simcoug, 7238320, tariel, and reform. I also owe thanks to all the people who commented and offered their input during this project. And, of course, a big thanks to YOU for using this mod.
    Q: I installed your mod and now i can't play because i get a CTD! Help!
    A: go up and read Issue 1.
    Q: I did that and now there's brown boxes!
    A: You missed a dependency.
    Q: Ok i got all the dependencies but it looks like there are trees missing in some areas.
    A: Your version of CP01 is old. Make sure you have the updated version and delete the old one.
    Q: I like your tree controller but i don't want to give up using CP's. What should i do?
    A: I am working on a set of MMPs that cover the core of CP's controller. Look for these soon. In the meantime some of his stuff is availible from other MMP files (Lowkee has made a couple)
    Q: I like that swap out idea but want to keep all my old CP flora. Can't you just modify CP's controller so we can keep both?
    A: Regretably NO because 1- that's plagiarism, and 2- his file has over 500 exemplars in it so that's a lot of work.
    Q: Do i really have to plant stuff on Sept. 1 for it to align with the seasons?
    A: Not quite. If you plant your items anytime from Aug. 5 to Sept. 4 it will change at the same time, so don't sweat it too much, you just have to get the calendar close. Also, having stuff change at different times can produce some nice effects; don't be affraid to experiment.
    Q: Why am i getting trees showing up on cliffs?
    A: These brushes are calibrated to stay off of the cliffs generated by a 15m DJEM. All 15m DJEMs set the cliff value in your terrain mod to a specific value. If you have trees showing up on large amounts of rocky areas, it means you are not using a 15m DJEM. Because of game mechanics and rounding, it is possible that you may have an occasional tree showing up on the shallowest parts of cliff-faces.
    Q: Nice! Will you make X now?
    A: I have two other controllers planned, although it will likely take me a long time to finish them. I also have a small palm controller requested by someone to finish. So no, i am not taking requests, sorry. However i welcome all input and suggestions, so head over to my production thread, Blundered BATs, at simpeg.com.


       (59 Reviews)



  25. NHP School and Hospital Usage and Population Graph MOD byJPlumbley

    New Horizons Productions
    NHP School and Hospital Usage and Population Graph MOD
    By JPlumbley
    Ever wondered why sims dont goto school but you have a huge EQ? Or why you have about 70% of your sims within 2 age groups?
    Well now this mod will fix those 2 problems. Your graph will look much more balanced instead of warped. And because you have more sims in the younger ages I have also fixed the problem of your under used elementary schools and have made them useful!! In a city of about 50,000 in testing I had about 4,000 sims under the age of 10 and about 3500 citywide in elementary schools. This mod was designed to have between 70-80% of your population between the age brackets 1-30going to school which is much closer to RL than the vanilla version. This is the first release, testing has shown that these values should work up until about 500,000 population beyond that has not been tested.
    Hospitals have also been modified to have usage of about 25% of your population. If you think about it in RL hospitals are always being used as a drop in doctors office for anything from runny noses to broken arms.
    No conflict are known to exsist as of this upload. To report an abnormality or confilct or any other problem please do it here:
    Population Age, School and Hospital Usage MOD
    There are no dependencies. And this MOD works with old cities, in old cities you will see and imediate jump in school usage and that will obviously cost your budgets more.

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