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Textures to create custom SimCity 4 lots.

311 Files

  1. JS Dirt Paths

    This is a duplicate (additional) copy of ChrisAdams3997’s ALN Gravel Paths but using PEG’s dirt street texture.
    You can have both his original and this version installed together. This version is not a replacement. It's an addition.
    IMO, this better reflects the farm dirt roads (paths) found in the United States. These are found
    running off paved roads surrounding farms and generally lead to crop fields, barns, chicken coops,
    and livestock pasture feeding spots.
    My hat goes off to ChrisAdams3997 for his great job creating the alpha files necessary to create
    the overlay textures used on these lots. I also tip my hat to PEG for his dirt street texture which is
    (IMO) still the best dirt street/road texture created for SC4.
    Water Bug: (Paraphrased from ChisAdam3397’s Gravel Paths readme)
    Due to unfortunate circumstances, the dirt paths cause an equally unfortunate rupture in the SC4 space/time continuum (Minkowski Space) that we've come to call, quite affectionately, the Water Bug. The result is the apparent 'disappearance' of any and all texture, allowing a view through the planet to the other side of the universe. This will occur whenever you save the game or enter the water menu. It may happen at other times as well but the simple solution is the same.
    1. Select the “zone” data view button.
    2. Select the “all off” data view button.
    Now all is right in the cosmos again. Easy.
    How to use:
    All lots are in your Park Menu.
    There are 20 lots of sizes 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, and 1x3. There is 1 .dat file which contains the overlay textures.
    The 1x3 provides an eye-candy connection from the dirt path to PEG’s dirt road (street).
    I recommend using SAM (street addon mod) V3 which provides the PEG dirt streets both
    orthogonally and diagonally.
    Place the 1x3 lot where you want the dirt street be and connect to it (dragging) once to each end
    of the 1x3 lot. Basically, you can’t drag the street through the lot even though it’s transit enabled.
    The lot is fully functional once connected and your little sims (including automata) can use it.
    It allows for pedestrians, cars, buses, and freight trucks…. just like any other street.
    The remaining lots are only eye-candy and are pretty self-explanatory. A little practice to determine
    which pieces connect seamlessly to which pieces is all it takes.
    Bulldoze, Plop, and Budget Cost are each 1 simolean.
    Park Effect: 5 with an effective range of 10 tiles.
    Power and Water are each 0.
    Air and Water Pollution are -10 each with an effective range of 10.
    Lot Dependencies:
    There is only one dependency. It is needed for the PEG Dirt Street base textures (JS_Greenhouse.dat). If you don’t want the greenhouse, simply delete the JS_4x3_Agriculture_Greenhouses_3920b920.SC4lot file. If I had anticipated making more ploppable agricultural BATs I would have released the base textures by themselves. Shame on me. You can get the file here:
    Unzip the contents of the zip file to your plugins directory. I recommend you create a subdirectory
    in your plugins folder (like “JS Dirt Paths”) and extract the files to there.
    To Uninstall:
    Simply delete the installed files.
    If you have any problems, PM me.
    Have fun.
    Jay Stimson


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  2. German Autobahn Textures for RHW 4.0 Euro Interim

    This Plugin turns the RHW Euro textures into standard german Autobahn asphalt style.
    Based on the Euro Textures Mod Interim Version by MRTNRLN.
    Modified by myself with kindly granted permission.
    - all straight pieces
    - diagonal RHW4
    - smooth RHW4 curves
    - FARHW
    - all puzzle pieces and transitions
    does NOT change:
    - diagonal RHW6
    - draggable ramps
    - some chevrons are pointing in the Wrong direction (cannot be fixed)
    Put the file zzzz_UV_GermanAutobahnTexturesMod.dat into the "...My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod\Real Highway Mod" folder.
    Make sure its in the same folder as the RHW mod.
    - Rural Highway Mod (RHW) v4.0
    - MRTNRLN Euro TRM for the RealHighway V4.0 - Interim Version 01
    Please rate and comment if you like it and report bugs/errors.
    Tags: RHW real highway mod euro textures texture pack set autobahn german expressway freeway


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  3. JfCo Textures vol01

    A little pack of textures I made because I didn't find what i need for some of my creations .
    I will update this pack when necessary
    dec. 3rd 2010


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  4. Alternate NAM Rail Viaducts

    6 new NAM Rail Viaduct sets -
      Red Brick - like Viaduct des Arts in Paris
      Brown Brick - matches SC4 tunnels
      Concrete and Steel - stark modernish city look
      Sandstone - old Italian feel
    and not illlustrated
      Brown Brick Plain - as shown but no offset brickwork
      Red Brick Plain - Like Stockport viaduct in England
     Pick ONE ONLY of the above and place into Plugins, in a folder (directory) after
    NAM to override NAM viaducts, remove to revert
    rivit  23 Aug 2010


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  5. Teirusu Dashed yellow road markings.

    This is not mine, all credit goes to Teirusu, However I did get permission from STEX moderators to  re-upload Teirusu's largely unfinnished road texture mod.
    This will basically change the parallel lines on your roads into single dashed lines, on straight sections and 90 deegree  straight sections, but it will not cover curves, any high density zoning or intersections. As i said, Teirusu left this one in an unfinished state.
    That being said it is not unstable though, it's the only the textures changing, it won't make the game any more instable or any of that sort.
    Either way, you take it or leave it .
    Some will surely find a use for it, others might too. For instance it's very useful for Norwegian roads.


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  6. Multi Fsh Tool

    This is a tool that I wrote to create multi-image textures. It can also add images to a fsh file in an existing dat.

    The instance range in "instRange.txt" must be changed to your assigned range from the BSC Texture Index. Additional documentation is in the Readme. The support thread is Multi Fsh Tool

    The .NET Framework 3.5 Client profile is required on Windows Vista and XP.


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  7. Starry, Sta... Cut. No,no This one' s different. This is for Region View. In HD

    G'Day Simtropians,
    Today I have a small mod to convert the background grey mass in region view to a star filled background in HD.
    Drop this file in C:\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins to enjoy a star filled view in one's region.
    That's it really


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  8. Starry, Starry Night... Cut, Take 2

    G'Day Simtropians,
    Today, I looked into these backgrounds a little closer and deciding they were a little gummy thought I would fix them up somewhat.
    These new versions are more like HD, there are more stars and they are much more sharper at all zooms. The bottom pics show the old versions at the same zoom level.
    Thanks to everyone who downloaded, commented and rated the originals. I am going to banish them to the nether regions of the etherworld as they have become superfluous and take up space on the STEX.
    Same deal backup the png files in C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4\Plugins then overwrite with these new ones.
    That's it and thanks


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  9. GoFSH - FSH Texture Editor

    This tool is a useful aide in the texture creation process for SimCity.

    GoFSH, which has been written in VB.NET (referencing original FSHTool sources), knows how to make and split (into color and alpha bitmaps) all common FSH files (including animation sets) and make DXT1 and DXT3 FSH files from .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tiff or .png files. The process is extremely simple, requires only a few clicks and allows you much more time to concentrate on better textures.

    Additionally FSH file-sets of different scales can be created. GoFSH is built to make batch processing easy and is designed to work closely with iLive Reader. All FSH files in SimCity have been read, modified and manipulated using GOFSH as part of testing, then reloaded successfully into SimCity - so I'm quite sure it works.

    Included at installation is a quick reference and worked examples (as a .pdf) of how to use GoFSH to produce custom textures.
    Installation Notes:
    Doubleclick the .msi file and follow the prompts to install. The GoFSH installation results in 3 files - GoFSH.exe, rvtvbFSHLib.dll and rvtvbGDIP.dll, all of which are installed automatically. It can be installed anywhere. A GOFSH folder is created in the user Profile.

    It is written for Windows to use .NET v2.0 and the installer will go and get this if it is not on your computer. It is know to run well on XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10  (32 and 64bit).

    Even though is now version 2.96 and the program has been very extensively tested , there could still be oddities - please read the manual and interact on my Forum Support thread. However I do not accept responsibility for your safe computing practices. Back up everything you do - even before you realise that it is valuable to you - as once lost is lost.

    rivit 1 May 2013
    This version has really changed a lot since v2.2 in 2013. For this I would like to thank RSC04 for the year or so of program development, testing and ideas we shared in coming to this version of the program.
    rivit 2 May 2016


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  10. Base Textures for Bat4Max 4.5

    Here is a set of games base textures (used for plazas and some such) that have been adjusted (in terms of Hue, Saturation and Brightness) to be used in BATed content.
      Need for such an adjustment comes from the fact that both games and BAT have own lighting that affects different items in Game and it is not really compatible. Don’t ask me why such an approach had been taken by the creators of the game in the first place, but here we are.
      This first set contains most commonly used textures, these are games own, default ones. Adjustment had been made for lighting setup in Bat4Max V4.5 only and will be most fitting with Max 2008 and newer.   Enjoy!

    on pictures four tiles marked by red arrow are BAT model with these adjusted textures applied, while tiles around it are simply plopped with games plazas (eg textures raw) to show compatibility.

    Textures are in folders named after their IID in games DAT


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  11. Terrain backgrounds 2.0 more detailed!

    Are you tired of building cities on blocks surrounded by a grid map? Well now your city will have a terrain background, so that it looks more natural. Great for city journals!
    This is my first upload, and I'll upload more backgrounds soon!
    To install, just unzip the file, and then copy them to program files/maxis/simcity4/plugins, overwritting them.
    note: make sure that before you copy, back up the 5 files, so that you can restore them if you want the old background.
    *Update* Improved for more detail, and now it matches all zoom levels.


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  12. Batch Png to Fsh tool

    This is a tool I wrote to convert multiple png / bmp images into fsh images. It takes a list of images and converts each image into a fsh file of the same name.

    The instance range in "instRange.txt" must be changed to your assigned range.

    The .NET Framework 3.5 Client profile is required on Windows Vista and XP.

    Additional documentation is in the Readme. The support thread is Batch Png to Fsh tool.


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  13. Paeng Textures Vol104

    This is a set of overlay textures (for pathways) and is a dependency for many of my lots and sets.

    The overlays are for paths of all kinds - narrow and wide paths, straight, curve, tee, cross, diagonal, wide-to-narrow-transitions etc.

    This updated version maintains all textures from the previous version and now includes a number of additional matching overlays for more intricate path-variations. Plus some... ;-)

    All you need to do is to remove the previous file -
    Paeng_Textures_v103.dat (old)

    and replace it with the one from this upload -
    Paeng_TexturePack_v104.dat (current)

    No further action required :-)

    Lot designers are free to utilize these textures, but the DAT file is not to be included with any download package. Please link to this upload instead.

    NOTICE: This pack does not contain any lots!

    To install:
    Place the DAT file in your \My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins directory.

    To uninstall:
    Delete it from your \My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins directory.


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  14. Fsh file Thumbnails for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

    This is a plug-in that I wrote that allows Windows Explorer to display thumbnails of Fsh files.

    The installer will automatically decide if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit OS and install the correct version.

    The support thread is: Fsh file Thumbnails for Windows XP, 7 and Vista.


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  15. Eagleland Project Lot Textures

    (CRITICAL UPDATE: I messed up on naming some of the families, mostly just wealth families, and therefore had to go back and fix them up.)
    Ah yes, being that this is my first upload, let me introduce myself real quick...
    I'm Arthur Macnar, a powerful black dragon who's gonna give you some great buildings to play with in your cities as well as all sorts of other artwork (although here, it's gonna be buildings and lots and stuff going for SimCity 4 Deluxe).
    Now, let me explain this thing here. I've been building up a bunch of buildngs and props to help add more variety, but I've also built my own textures. You'll need these for the lots because all of my lots will be using them. Inside, you'll find 13 base textures as well as 31 overlay textures for use on all "Eagleland Project" lots, as they'll look funky if you don't.
    Inside this zip file, you'll find the readme and the DAT file containing the textures. If you're planning on getting some of my buildings, you'll want to download this for certain. You may also, if you like them, use them on your own lots (but consult the readme for how to credit me and all that legal stuff).
    Anyway, I hope to provide you with more useful things soon...


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  16. Coastal Modd

    Bring new life to your coastal areas with these innovative foreshore, inshore and offshore textures.
    The Coastal Modd consists of 10 colours of rippled sea texture, 12 inshore colours, 5 sandy foreshore and
    beach colors,  4 rock foreshore colours and a transparent beach texture.
    The sea is rippled at all scales (a light breeze), cleanly tiles, and gives new realism to the surf,
    whitecaps/glints and boats in the game. Colours are based on mods previously done and so should meet most requirements, but keep in mind that your monitor affects the colours you see. 
    To apply: choose
         Zero or One .dat file from each of
        groups and put into Plugins.
    If you pick a Sandy Foreshore choose the corresponding beach texture too.
    If you pick a Rocky Foreshore you may want to make the beaches Transparent (or not).
    Tech note: SimCity  combines the three textures at the coastal margins depending on the depth - deeper=darker.
    The game defaults are brown sand, mauve inshore and light blue flat sea. Foreshore starts at 4m elevation, and the Inshore texture disappears at 50m deepth. A sun texture is also applied over the top of the scene. You can optionally choose waves (surf and whitecap highlights) from the graphics options
      Ron Aug 2009


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  17. Rail Yard and Spur Mega Pak 1 version 2

    Rail Yard and Spur Textures, Mega-pack 1 VERSION 1.02
    In this mega-pack are base and overlay textures used in the creation of more realistic railyards and industrial rail lots. Included in this set are rail spurs, multi-track switches, roadcrossings, and some miscellaneous base and overlay textures.
    The primary use for the base and overlay textures is for prop placement within the lot you are trying to create. So far, all props work normally no matter where they are placed on the tile, eg; train cars and locomotives used as props will appear and disappear according to their schedule if that is what they are supposed to do. Static props will remain..., umm..., static.
    I have created mainly BASE textures so that road overlays can be used with the track textures that have room for them, eg. track textures that use 1/2 or less of the tile space. It is understood that you can place more than one overlay texture on a tile, but this increases the number of objects used by the SC4Lot file. The ability to use a single base texture with only one overlay cuts down the number of objects used by the lot file, enabling you to place more props.
    **VERSION 1.02 NOTES:
    These are the very same textures that were released back in 2006, with ONE exception: They have a different TGI number. The reason for this re-release is that the original TGI numbers used "0" as a wealth indicator which may or may not cause a problem when the Lot using the original textures became abandoned, the rail textures on the Lot then became "randomized",...sometimes,...not a big problem if the Lot was a Rail Station, but on Industrial Lots that are 'plopped' it would cause some visual discrepancies,...no game crashes, just the Lot looked odd after abandonment,...solution then was to re-plop the Industrial Lot.
    In VERSION 1.02, the wealth indicator was given the value "4" which would prevent this randomization effect. You can still use both packages as my older Industrial creations have not been updated yet with this package. Over time and Real Life permitting, Mega-Pak version 1.00 will be phased out.
    Special Note on Textures used in the Lot Editor:
    Please keep in mind that textures by themselves CAN NOT be 'transit enabled', only lots can be 'transit enabled'. Also, you can transit enable the lot that uses these textures, but the game's automata will only use the 2 tracks in the center of the tile if it is used for Stations(Freight and Passenger).
    The game will ignore the tracks on the left and right side within the tile and if you transit enable a tile with only a single track running through it, you may see train automata running across empty ground.
    The only exception is custom made Path Files, which is beyond the scope of this Texture Pack. Future lots using these textures will possibly have custom Path Files.
    Let me know what you think.  Be Constructive!
    To install:
    Just place the DAT file in your Plugins directory.
    To uninstall:
    Just delete it from your Plugin directory.
    If you use this texture pack, please give credit where credit is due.


       (43 Reviews)



  18. ARS Textures

    ARS (Artificial River System) Textures
    Version 1.00
    These Textures are required files for the ARS sets.
    Please unzip file to your plugins folder.


       (10 Reviews)



  19. MSS Textures

    MSS (Modular Storage System) Textures
    Version 2.00
    These Textures are required files for the MSS sets.
    Please unzip file to your plugins folder.


       (17 Reviews)



  20. Railyard Mega Pack 2

    Single Track and new Multitrack switch combinations are included in this texture pack for Lot developers. Switch combinations are longer than standard Maxis switches and are more realistic looking. These designs came from the RAM development project and are being released so that Lot builders can make use of the RAM single track sets.
    WARNING-This is a Dependent file. It is used for Lot building only.
    Pardon the presentation quality, but this is just a quick and dirty release of textures I was using during the design phase of the RAM-Single Track Mod. I have not been playing SC4 for a while now, but thought the community would find these useful.


       (56 Reviews)



  21. shoRt-mAn Base Texture Set

    I guess the other one wasn't a custom idd range but this has it and 42 textures instead of 30(12 NEW textures)
    also delete the Garbage Dump file i uploaded and i will update that tomorrow!

    thanks and sorry for the first one


       (20 Reviews)



  22. LBT Mega Texture Pack vol.02

    IF YOU DOWNLOADED THIS FILE BEFORE JUNE 3, 2009, PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD AGAIN, a major bug was fixed, and now every texture should work propely! thanks!
    This is a complete set of textures, for future LBT releases, this file soon will replace all LBT old texture
    packs as like:
    LBT Texture Pack 01
    LBT texture pack 02
    and the original file of textures located in the prop pack 01.
    The old texture files will remain until all lots gets updated, after so, will be deleted and replaced by this
    texture pack.
    Textures made and configured by:
    -Victor Gonzales


       (91 Reviews)



  23. Unified sidewalk texture & BSC Parks texture

    This pack contains a set of Cold Color textures which can unify the sidewalk and the BSC parks texture------just make them look the same.
    The sidewalk mod will replace the default street,road and avenue sidewalk textures with these new ones. BUT no diagonal textures were included.
    Just like the "BSC Parks Texture Set",you can ONLY choose one coupe of"bsc_parks_texture_XX.dat" and "sidewalk mod XX.dat" into your plugins folder,and keep the others away.
    Cuz all the textures use the same ID,and only the last loaded one is used.
    No dependencies.
    And at last,special thanks to Deadwoods, Pegasus,and all the other creators for these excellent textures!
    Enjoy guys, and please do not grudge your messages


       (43 Reviews)



  24. BTM HSR patch

    BTM HSR patch
      This is an optional download for the Bullet Train Mod (BTM) / Shinkansen Mod created by APTX, making it compatible with the High Speed Rail (HSR) mod. This patch was made by Warrior for use with the BTM.  If you are using both of these mods at the same time, you will need this patch.
    -It should also be noted that you may have to redraw your BTM network with this patch installed.
      Extract all the files included to your SC4 Plugins folder. For windows users that’s “my documents/SimCity 4/plugins”. This mod will also work for Mac and other operating systems.   Dependencies: BTM version 1 (right screenshot) or 2 (left screenshot), HSR Mod, NAM.

    There is no included readme, see the Bullet Train FAQ and HSRP for additional information and support.

    This mod is optional!  Do not download it if you do not wish to use the BTM with HSR!


       (26 Reviews)



  25. Bullet Train Texture 2 (800

    Bullet Train Texture 2 (800în)
    This one of two texture sets for the train of the Bullet Train Mod (BTM) / Shinkansen Mod created by APTX . It will reskin the default monorail into a bullet train (800în). It will work for BTM version 1 or 2. However, the BTM is not a core dependency as this texture will both work for the High Speed Rail (HSR) mod and the standard monorail network. 
    This bullet train texture resembles some of the older, classic bullet train designs, and has the distinct “bullet” shaped nose. You can only have one bullet train texture installed at a time. 
    Extract all the files included to your SC4 Plugins folder. For windows users that’s “my documents/SimCity 4/plugins”. This mod will also work for Mac and other operating systems. 
    Dependencies: None, but highly recommended for use with BTM version 1 or 2. There is no included readme, see the Bullet Train FAQ for additional information and support.


       (20 Reviews)




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