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Textures to create custom SimCity 4 lots.

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  1. Climate mod 1 Winter fog

    There was a missing file, sry
    This is the first part of my climate mod.

    Well, the fog starts appearing on october the 31st and stops on march. It appears at night between 20 and 6 hrs, and is more thick at twilight.
    There's no need of plopping any lot, the fog will start to appear (if it's the good hour and day) around the fields and light residential zones, and it can became really thick, depending on the hour and day


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  2. SFBT Euro Road Textures Mod by frimi2

    This mod will give the roads a more European look by changing the yellow double-line into a single white dashed line, as it is common throughout Europe. I changed every road texture, such as straight and curved pieces, crossroads and intersections, bridges and tunnels etc., as well as the textures from all new Network Addon Mod additions (roundabouts, overpasses, puzzle pieces,...). Also included is a complete set of textures for the Street Addon Mod (SAM), and textures for various lots.
    Note: This mod completely replaces the Euro Road Textures Mod by Thorvin and all previous beta versions by frimi2, so please delete them first before installing this mod! This download comes with an EXE installer, a ZIP version for Mac users can be found here.


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  3. SAM Street Addon Mod version 3

    SAM - Street Addon Mod This is a mod that will enhance your Streets. With this mod you will be receiving 8 extra Street Texture sets complete for all wealth levels.
    SAM is a breakthrough technology that uses Starter Piece Technology founded early in 2007 by Memo for Draggable GLR. By expanding the use and exploring new ideas with this technology we have been able to bring many new texture options for the Streets of SC4.
    In the latest version new inclusions are:
    - Added T21s to all sets.
    - Fixed LHD
    - Diagonal SAM from Memo and Diggis.
    - Added Stability and minor fixes
    For help READ the readme and consult the SAM Developement Thread at SC4D.
    MAC users, due to the file limitation at STEX the MAC version zip file is 12.1mb in size and is too large to be uploaded to the STEX. It has been uploaded here at SC4D LEX:

    In order to get the new functionality of diagonal SAM streets, you must install the newest NAM version (April 2008).
    Note: Due to the size, the NAM Team cannot upload the new NAM to the STEX - Dirk has been provided with the files and will update the download at the "Modds & Downloads" section as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can check out SC4Devotion's LEX for the new version:
    Windows Version: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=851
    Mac Version: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=852


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  4. THZ Ashy Traffic Textures Mod

    THZ Ashy Traffic Textures Mod. (beta).

    (it's hard for me to write in english,sorry lack readme.)(but i promise that the mod is high quality.)
    TTTMod (T.T).
    Please Install to NAM folder if u have NAM.
    Please Install to plugin folder if u don't have NAM.
    All the TTTmod is Only FSH(texture) type, u could install(or uninstall) the mod any time.
    Dependency: No. No.No.
    Suggest: NAM *June 2007.

    Maxis Road,OneWay,Avenue,Ramp


    NAM(june 2007) NAMod1 ~5.dat





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  5. Cerulean Textures V101

    This is a collection of textures built into a DAT file for use with custom lots.
    Version Notes :

    V1 : Initial release of 26 lot base textures. V2 : Added Readme File V3 : Fixed Instance Ids (all textures show up in game now!)
    V4 : Added 54 New BASE Textures V5 : Added 4 new textures. Edited ALL INSTANCE IDs. Any lots made before release 5 will not work, they must be edited.READTHE README FILE FOR MORE INFO ON THIS RELEASE. A Cerulean Architecture(CARCH) release. READ THE README FILE!


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  6. Highway ReStyling Mod Asphalt Texture Set Complete

    Highway Re-Styling Mod
    Asphalt Texture Set - Complete

    This pack contains a complete HRS-Asphalt texture set. Install it into your plugin folder and make sure it's loaded AFTER the HRS mod and/or any other highway texture mod.

    You can use these textures too when you don't have the HRS.

    TEXTURE UPDATE 05/31/2009
    Trumpet interchanges and partial-y-interchanges should be texured now (although they look a bit funky)



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  7. Terrain and climate Mods Pack

    With this package you get realistic climate and mountains for your cities.
    You can choose between arctic, arctic winter, tropical and middleeuropean climate. You get all you need to make realistic landscapes.
    No trees, full snow cover and no beach in arctic climate and frozenrocks with arctic winter climate, average tree and snow limits withmiddle european climate and full flora, green grass and no snow atevery height with tropical climate.
    And that's not all. The sun shines with different angles. Shadows willbe very short with tropical mod and longer with the arctic and middleeuropean mods,
    Finally the image import mod allows you to make mountains up to 3300m with greyscale map import!
    The package includes ingame region pictures of what you get with thismods and the following DAT files to copy in your my documents/simcity4/plugins folder:
    --->No beach, nearly no trees, Frozen rocks (remove other rock modsbefore), full snow cover, sun shines with an angle of 50 degrees. Withstandard image import or image import mod
    --->No beach, nearly no trees, default SimCity rocks (or you canuse another rock mod), full snow cover, sun shines with an angle of 50degrees. Standard image import or image import modded version
    --->full tree planting possible at every height, full green grass atevery height, sun shines with an angle of 90 degrees. Available with orwithout image import mod.
    --->Tree and snow limits on mountains, average middle european landscapes, sun shines with an angle of 60 degrees.
    --->you get only frozen rocks and nothing else (remove other rock mods before)
    --->you get only image import mod. Allows you make mountains up to 3300m with greyscale map import.
    For more details and instructions read the README.
    Enjoy and have fun. And it would be great if you use this mods in your city journal.


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  8. BSC Texture Pack Cycledogg V01

    A new pack bursting at the seams with base and overlay textures (over 2000 textures all together). Base textures Include several types of grasses, soils and flowering meadows, combined together in various shapes, as well as a variety of asphalt, brick, concrete, dirt and gravel. In addition, there is a large selection of overlay textures for creating roads, paths, driveways, parking areas, etc. Included are diagonals and sweeping curves. Also, there are small fragments of driveway or pathway that can be pieced together with other overlays to form more complex or unusual stuff.
    No dependencies.


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  9. Coastal Modd

    Bring new life to your coastal areas with these innovative foreshore, inshore and offshore textures.
    The Coastal Modd consists of 10 colours of rippled sea texture, 12 inshore colours, 5 sandy foreshore and
    beach colors,  4 rock foreshore colours and a transparent beach texture.
    The sea is rippled at all scales (a light breeze), cleanly tiles, and gives new realism to the surf,
    whitecaps/glints and boats in the game. Colours are based on mods previously done and so should meet most requirements, but keep in mind that your monitor affects the colours you see. 
    To apply: choose
         Zero or One .dat file from each of
        groups and put into Plugins.
    If you pick a Sandy Foreshore choose the corresponding beach texture too.
    If you pick a Rocky Foreshore you may want to make the beaches Transparent (or not).
    Tech note: SimCity  combines the three textures at the coastal margins depending on the depth - deeper=darker.
    The game defaults are brown sand, mauve inshore and light blue flat sea. Foreshore starts at 4m elevation, and the Inshore texture disappears at 50m deepth. A sun texture is also applied over the top of the scene. You can optionally choose waves (surf and whitecap highlights) from the graphics options
      Ron Aug 2009


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  10. Columbus Textures for jeronijs mod

    EDIT: This file now includes an installer, written by Andreas Roth, and a choice of 3 snowcapped versions, by jeronij.  Thanks Andreas and jeronij!
    Please remove all "terrainparameters" files from your plugins folder before running the installer.
    These are old terrain mod files.  Do not download these if you already have the Columbus Terrain mod, aka Cycledogg terrain mod, aka Cyclepuppy terrain mod.  These are the same files.  The zip file consists of the two files of terrain textures necessary for jeronij's snow covered mod.  (But as mentioned, if you have the Columbus mod, you already have these files).
    Note: this is all still beta stuff.  These terrain textures will likely become obsolete in the future.


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  11. Avene Zebra Crossing MOD

    I expanded morifari's zebra crossimg mod into all avenue intersections.
    This MOD include Maxis standard intersections and NAM intersections.
    include files
    Avenue_ZebraCrossimg_Default.dat  :Maxis standerd textureintersection
    Avenue_ZebraCrossimg_Euro_Patch.dat  :Maxis Euro texture patch
    Avenue_ZebraCrossimg_NAM_Default.dat   :NAM standard textureintersection
    Avenue_ZebraCrossimg_NAM_Euro_Patch.dat   :NAM Euro texturepatch
    Please read  readme.


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  12. UK Localisation Mod

    UK Localisation Mod v.1
    This mod is for the UK retail edition of SimCity 4 and changes the names of buildings and functions to suit UK users.
    Important! For this Mod to function correctly it must be installed as followed
    Extract into C:Program FilesMaxisSimCity 4UKEnglsh overwriting the existing file.
    This will allow the changes to take effect.
    Main Changes:
    Highways converted to Moterways
    Subways converted to Underground Railways and Tubes
    Elementary Schools converted to Primary Schools
    High Schools converted to Secondary Schools
    Jails converted to HM Prisons
    Plus More
    Readme Included in ZIP
    Help Thread
    Enjoy Everyone!


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  13. NDEX Texture Set Volume 1

    Thanks to geoffhaw, I have created a texture set similar to the BSC ones.  This set of 63 new base textures will be a dependency for many NDEX lots - and also updated versions of previously-released lots.  Any lot designer is free to utilize these creations, but the DAT file is not to be included within the download; instead, please link to this upload (use the link http://www.simtropolis.com/STEX/details.cfm?id=11617). 

    Updated on 2/13/2005: replaced some of the less useful textures with far better and improved ones, changed IDs, added [28] textures extracted from The Sims 2.  You will not need to re-download older lots due to this update.  (for the most part, I only changed IDs of textures I have not yet used).  I also changed the base texture dat's filename, because the comma was making it impossible for some people to extract both files.

    This texture set is in its final form now; all bugs are removed, and all of the textures are ultra-high-quality and look very good in the game.  I apologize for the inconvenience of updating this file so many times, but I'd rather just have one texture dependency on future uploads, rather than 2 separate sets.

    In order to use this set, all you need to do is drop the two DAT files into your Program Files plugins folder.  They're located (most likely) at the bottom of the base texture list in the lot editor.


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  14. UK Localisation Modd British English

    UK Localisation Modd [british English]
    Over on this side of the pond, we like to laugh at our American cousins and their peculiar use of English ("aluminum"??), but they then provide most of the media we use - films, games, TV series, etc, so I guess they have the last laugh!
    Following on from the frankly excellent work of ill tonkso, I've made some wholesale changes to the language files in the game. Too many changes to list them all, but a few examples are:
    Fire Department = Fire Brigade
    Garbage Truck = Dustcart
    Police Kiosk = Local Police Station
    Soccer Field = Football Pitch
    Also, highways are motorways, elementary schools are primary schools, high schools are secondary schools, etc, but these changes have now been implemented everywhere. All American spellings such as "favor", "neighbor", "center", "meter", "color", etc have been changed. General Americanisms such as "sidewalk" (pavement), "trash"/"garbage" (waste/rubbish/litter/refuse), "bucks" (quid), "dollars", etc have been removed and replaced. Some of the news items and opening statements have been changed - one such change being a shameless plug for Simtropolis and SC4Devotion! Many other changes, including a few Easter Eggs in there! Many English references - I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
    ill tonkso's download was used as the base, and then the extensive changes were implemented on top of that. This file is uploaded with his kind permission.
    Extract the downloaded file to C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4\UKEnglsh and make sure you overwrite the existing file.
    I've opened a thread on the Simtropolis forums on this, in case anyone wants to discuss it or suggest new ideas. Linky: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=40&threadid=99736&enterthread=y
    Please rate and leave comments (especially as this is my first upload), thanks!


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  15. RHW Asphalt Texture Replacement Mod

    LOCKED ON 1/1/2008. A newer version will be available soon, due to compatibility differences with the new NAM.
    An Asphalt texture replacement mod, this replaces the default RHW textures with new Euro-style asphalt textures. This file does not, in any way, alter the behaviour of the default RHW. Therefore the default RHW is required for this to work. The rules for dragging a RHW remain the same.
    Some changes include:
    - Improved Diagonals
    - Improved Ortho-Diag transitions
    - Improved Transitions
    - Wealth-dependent textures on the curves. This means that if anything is plopped next to the RHW, it will have grass edges on the diagonals.
    This mod is for anybody who wishes for a more 'Euro'-looking RHW mod that fits in better with the rest of the roads in the game.
    More pictures of the RHW can be found here:
    [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ]
    For technical support, visit here.

    Installation Instructions
    IMPORTANT: This file MUST load AFTER the default RHW mod for the texture replacement mod to take effect.
    Install zzz_RHWmodv2.dat into My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod\Rural Highway Mod, or any folder that loads after the NAM.

    Network Addon Mod Essentials
    RHW Mod v13

    Other information
    A patch will be released for this mod (as a separate package) when the RHWMIS (or any future versions of the RHW that result in large changes) is released. 
    (edit: Fixed some errors, included Dependency List)


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  16. Middle european climate mod V2 and Alpine forest mod V1

    I remade the middle european mod because there was a problem withplanting forests on mountains. If you use the new middle european modwith the alpine forest mod you can plant realistic looking alpineforests now. You get the different forest stages from a few trees tooak forest, mixed forest, pine forest and the high alpine bush and pineflora.
    For details how to use the mod and what you get with the differentversions read the readme. If you have questions write a private messageor use the forum. I will try to help you there.


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  17. Matching Grass Modd

    The Matching Grass Modd by GMT

    Before you all ask for screenshots, they are both included in the file AND linked below at the end because there're 7 different changes and packing these into 1 picture fitting this screen would mess it all up
    I was tired of the park having all different kinds of grass, and searched forums and databases for something to solve this problem easily.
    The result: noone has ever done something like this.
    Long story short, here it is:

    The Matching Grass Modd
    This Modd overrules (yes, overrule, not replace, to save the games original dataset) several grass textures used on the standard (=original Maxis) ploppable and growable park-areas to finally fit each other.
    This means you can finaly place the open grass lot next to a park lot without having 2 types of grass.

    All this WITHOUT editing the games original content.

    7 different versions come with this download to provide a wide selection.

    INSTALLATION:Simply place ONE of the included 7 files in your plugins directory. To chose which one works best for you.

    Read included Readme for more info.
    Remove the file
    This modd overrules the game's parkgrass-textures to make them fit. This means that these texture changes will also affect ANY custom lot using these textures as a base texture.
    Maxis standard lots won't be affected. Any custom content MIGHT be affected by this, depending on which grass textures the author used for his/her work.
    Me, personally, I haven't discovered any texture changes on custom content that make this modd absolutely unusable, so I'm sure you'll like it, too. If not, just remve it again ;-)

    SCREENSHOTS (linked): 
    Standard Grass Textures
    MatchingGrassModd Overview
    (Low quality overview of all 7 versions)
    High Quality Screenshots included in download

    EDITS: nothing but spelling and text-correction


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  18. Rail Yard and Spur Textures Mega Pack 1

    Rail Yard and Spur Textures, Mega-pack 1. This pack takes the place of Vols 1, 2, & 3 of the same name.
    In this mega-pack are base and overlay textures used in the creation of more realistic railyards and industrial rail lots. Included in this set are rail spurs, multi-track switches, roadcrossings, and some miscellaneous base and overlay textures.
    The primary use for the base and overlay textures is for prop placement within the lot you are trying to create. So far, all props work normally no matter where they are placed on the tile, eg; train cars and locomotives used as props will appear and disappear according to their schedule if that is what they are supposed to do. Static props will remain..., umm..., static.
    I have created mainly BASE textures so that road overlays can be used with the track textures that have room for them, eg. track textures that use 1/2 or less of the tile space. It is understood that you can place more than one overlay texture on a tile, but this increases the number of objects used by the SC4Lot file. The ability to use a single base texture with only one overlay cuts down the number of objects used by the lot file, enabling you to place more props.
    Special Note on Textures used in the Lot Editor:
    Please keep in mind that textures by themselves CAN NOT be 'transit enabled', only lots can be 'transit enabled'. Also, you can transit enable the lot that uses these textures, but the game's automata will only use the 2 tracks in the center of the tile if it is used for Stations(Freight and Passenger).
    The game will ignore the tracks on the left and right side within the tile and if you transit enable a tile with only a single track running through it, you may see train automata running across empty ground.
    The only exception is custom made Path Files, which is beyond the scope of this Texture Pack. Future lots using these textures will possibly have custom Path Files.
    Let me know what you think. Be Constructive!
    To install:
    Just place the DAT file in your C:\Program Files\Maxis\SC4\Plugins directory.
    To uninstall:
    Just delete it from your Plugin directory.
    I use the Program Files directory because that is where I keep all of my texture/prop/game mods.
    If you use this texture pack, please give credit where credit is due.
    [Edit: found extra texture IID# that didn't belong. no worries, thing didn't show up in LE, so nobody really used it anyway.]
    north country dude, aka: Arf of the North


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  19. MHW Total Retexture Mod - US Version

    MHW Total Retexture Mod version 1.2 - US textures
    This mod is now included in the Network Addon Mod (from version 31 onwards)
    What is the MHW Total Retexture Mod?
    This mod will totally retexture your Maxis Highways to match any US styled textures. This will retexture every single Maxis highway texture, including the NAM interchanges.
    Are there any issues?
    Unfortunately, due to the way Maxis Highways are UV-assigned, there are some texture issues, mainly with the NAM interchanges. This cannot really be easily avoided from a texturer's point of view, but the current texture issues aren't really that serious.
    If you happen to spot any other issues, please let me know.
    How do I install this mod?
    To install this mod, unzip the downloaded file to Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins. 
    IMPORTANT: Ensure the included .dat file is INSIDE a folder in your Plugins, for example the path might be Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins/zz_folder-name/retexture.dat
    If you have the NETWORK ADDON MOD v31 or higher...
    I'd recommend that you install this texture mod using the Network Addon Mod's installer. If you didn't select it during your install, you can run the installer again without removing your existing installation, and tick the box which can be found in the Textures section.
    I have an issue/question/request!
    Please post in the Development and Support thread.
    Recommended Mods:
    Network Addon Mod, available here.
    Incompatible Mods:
    This mod is incompatible with any other mod which alters the textures/models of the Maxis Highways, for example Project Symphony included in the Network Addon Mod, or any other Maxis Highway retexture mod.
    Looking for a Euro version?
    There's one available here.
    There's also a version of this mod available which alters the Ground Maxis Highway models. Find it here.
    Thanks, Sam.


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  20. Region Transport Legend

    Region Transport Legend Mod  
    The Region Transport Legend Mod will change the colours of transport types in the region view. The colours are based on a range of maps for my past and upcoming City Journal. Features — Motorway / Highway — Dual Carriageway / Avenue — Road — Rail / Elevated Rail / Monorail --- Ferry Route   Airports and Seaports also feature new icons, and developed areas are displayed with a semi-transparent white area.   Features a unique custom legend sign. Installation Instructions Remove any previous region legend mod. Place the HammoRTLM.dat file (included in download) into your ../SimCity/Plugins/ folder. Conflicts and Bugs This mod has been thoroughly tested and there are no known bugs. (Works with NAM, ANT & RHW.) ? This mod will conflict with any other region transport legend modifications. Usage You may use this mod however you please. For those of you who know about DATs and want to adjust or change the colours then feel free. You may also re-release this file, however, you mus  


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  21. Shopping Center Parking Pack 4 and More

    Updated to fix conflict with other textures.
    This is a Mega Pack. It includes Packs 1, 2, 3 and the new pack 4.
    Those same-ol' parking lot textures in SC4 are getting pretty old, aren't they? And putting a lot of them together to make a big parking lot usually doesn't show the desired effect. Now you can make really nice, really big parking lots for your sim Super-Stores!
    This adds several new base textures and overlays for making large, shopping-center-like parking lots. No lots are included, these are textures only.
    This pack includes Packs 1, 2, and 3, plus all new overlay textures exclusive to this pack. These overlays can be "stacked" by pressing Ctrl+D before plopping these into the lot editor.
    You may not redistribute these files without special permission. However, you may list them as a dependency by linking to this download.


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  22. SimCity Societies Landscapes Mod

    I have created a package which adds a whole lot of new Landscapes to SimCity Societies. The picture here shows only about half of them.
    They make quite a good addition to any city.
    Let me know what you thinks.
    To install, just download the SCSPack file and double click it to install it.


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  23. No More Yellow Lines Mod

    To continue the trend of "No More!" mods, I've created the No More Yellow Lines mod to remove the ugly, unrealistic yellow lines at street and street/road intersections and replace them with more realistic, bold, white stop lines commonly seen at many American intersections.
    Some intersections will have the white lines, while others will be bare. I thought this would add more variety, because not all intersections in the real world have white lines.
    This mod is compatable with the NAM, and any other mod that doesn't edit street or street/road intersections. No Left Hand version planned so far, but if someones willing to edit the textures to fit, feel welcome to. To uninstall, simply delete the dat file from your plug-ins folder.
    For support, requests, and more pictures:


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  24. Road Intersecting Street Crosswalk Reduction Modd

    EDIT: Unnecessary files were removed from the download. No re-download is necessary, as the modd itself is exactly the same.
    The Road-Street Crosswalk Reduction Modd will remove the unrealistic crosswalks in the street-intersecting-road textures. It will change a total of 40 textures in two categories: a street ending on a road and a street crossing a road.
    To install, simply place this folder somewhere in your Plugins directory.
    This modd is just eye candy. It does not affect any part of your transportation network.
    There are no dependencies.
    More instructions and more pictures are included in the readme.


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  25. Volcanic modd

    I made this modd for a CJ some time ago, and I thought I share it with the community, it is a lava replacement texture + a basalt rock modd, it is intended to make more realistic volcano scenes.

    A big thanks to Psycho_Teddy for the testing and shots
    You can choose to have them both, or the lava and rock mods separated
    How to install it:
    The zip comes with 3 files:
    zzz_volcanic - installs both lava and rock textures
    zzz_volcaniclava -installs only the lava texture
    zz_volcanicbasalt - installs only the basalt texture


       (39 Reviews)




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