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Props to create custom SimCity 4 lots.

879 Files

  1. Ares I

    Ares I was the crew launch vehicle that was being developed by NASA as part of the Constellation Program. The name "Ares" refers to the Greek deity Ares, who is identified with the Roman god Mars Ares I was originally known as the "Crew Launch Vehicle" (CLV)
    you will see it when building a space center


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  2. Frex_Ceafus Commercial Van Pack- Prop Version

    Hello, I have made my van automata into props for you guys to use in Lot Editor, I hope you enjoy!
    They are in HD, so they will show up clear.
    Thanks for your support and downloads!


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  3. maxis props pictures

    Hello lot makers!
    These are nearly all maxis props in pictures (some effects with the green diamond are not involved)
    and with their names to find them in the lot editor.
    Now you know wich maxi props exist and you can see them all at once. It`s also good for making lots without dependencies or to reduce them.
    I`ve already made some groups, but you can make your own.
    Besides I`ve also made some pictures of some proppacks. They are in the folder _mixde_
    Have fun!
    and dont`t forget to use the prop families


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  4. SHK Parking Pack

    The SHK Parking Pack is a combination prop and texture pack designed to enable lotters to create varied and distinct parking lots with little or no need for multiple dependencies. This project is the result of many months of work with the overall goal of providing everything I could think of to make any configuration of parking area needed.
    There are 3 parts to this download, textures, vehicles and parking props.
    Contains a set of 5 asphalt and concrete base textures as well as a few overlays for bridging connections at various points where other textures meet.
    In addition there are 2 files which contain the bulk of the overlays. Two identical sets have been created utilizing both white and yellow space lines, that when used correctly work as a texture changer to enable utilizing either all white or all yellow space lines for any lots.
    Vehicle Props
    The largest part of the pack is the vehicle props, starting with 150 single timed and untimed vehicles in both orthogonal and diagonal varieties (300 total). In addition there are a large number of orthogonal and diagonal timed clusters (68 total).
    Both the individual vehicles and clusters utilize a special timing system that along with the included prop families enable the creation of ever changing lots with little to no chance of repetition.
    * For full details on this system and others within this pack, please refer to the included documentation.
    Parking Props
    A collection of over 100 props to add character and life to your lots, everything from shopping carts to speedbumps.
    *Note - This download contains no lots, it is intended as a dependency for my own and others future lots.
    Props, textures and modding by shokthrpy.
    Special thanks to my fellow Nightowls Paeng and Murimk, for without their knowledge, assistance, determination and occasional prod with a sharp stick would this have ever been possible.

    Feedback & Support
    I test my content as thoroughly as possible, but should you encounter any issues please visit my BAT thread at


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  5. SCAG Boeing 727-200 Prop Pack 1

    This is a pack of Boeing 727-200 props. There is a standalone model for use on taxiways, runways, etc., and a model with a jetway attached. There is a total of 31 liveries included, a full list is available in the readme. There are no lots included. Feel free to use these in your own lots as a dependency.


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  6. Pan Am DC-10

    "Space Ship. That's our DC-10. With space to move around. Space to relax. Stretch out. Even more space to see out, because the DC-10 has the largest windows of any commercial jetliner. And you can cover more space in a DC-10, too. Dc-10's fly to more cities, more often than any wide-cabin jet. So next trip, ask for the Space Ship. A DC-10. Chosen by more than 40 airlines around the world. You couldn't ask for more than the DC-10."
    -McDonnell Douglas, 1970's advertisement.

    About the upload-
    This is a revisiting of an older file I released back in 2012. It is a completely reconstructed model, including accurate proportions, better detailing, and new textures. It is an entirely new package that only shares the name and airline with the old model.

    None Required.


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  7. Southwest Airlines 737-300

    Sick of having to deal with being hit by hidden charges on top of having to sacrifice both arms and both legs for airline tickets? Don't you wish there was an inexpensive way to fly across the nation? Southwest Airlines is the go-to for many travelers in the United States, and for good reason! Southwest Airlines lets your luggage fly for free and every flight comes with a complimentary drink and snack! You don't have to buy into the inconveniences offered by all other airlines, and you don't have to crawl for great distances on the ground either. Spread the love, fly Southwest today!
    About the upload-
    This is a revisiting of an older project which replaces the Maxis midjet. This file features an entirely new model and updated textures. Only one file at a time can be used. I've tried every possible method to make these jets separate instances but only one jet wants to appear at a time. I hope to rectify the problem to be co-existent in the future. If you have questions, comments or any knowledge on how to resolve this problem, please PM me!
    None needed.
    The model was made by myself, but the textures were borrowed from a set of custom textures for Flight Simulator 2004, and were created by Jeroen Godee.


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  8. Cessna Citation Mustang

    Part of living in the lap of luxury means owning a private jet. Every sim who isn't rich wishes they had one, but the millionares wish they had something better to choose from than a 1960's screaming aluminum can. It's time to meet the Cessna Citation Mustang! Better stability, more luxurious and a more pleasing paint scheme are just three of many reasons why jet owners are dropping their old Sabreliners and switching to the new Mustang. Why settle for anything other than a Cessna?
    About the Upload-
    This is a simple mod that overrides the original business jet. This file is also a revisiting of an older file released in 2012 and features an entirely rebuilt model and completely different textures (based on the High Sierra Edition). There are two files included, one for HD render settings and the other for SD.
    None required.


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  9. Bipin's Crane Collection

    After a long and drawn-out series of sessions in the ST chat room, through many hours of analysis and argument, it was determined that construction props rendered in HD would be of the most demand right now. With that, I present to you, Bipin's Crane Collection! This is a collection of crane props for whatever use you want, all in different colours and/or positions.

    I hope you enjoy these props, and since they are props, that means no lots are in this download. You will have to dust off your Lot Editor to get them in-game, but that way you can let your imagination go wild! Then again, MMP sets are nice too, as of 18/3/2012 you can now download a MMP prop set here:



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  10. Krio Props

    Prop pack for Krio's future uploads in .DAT format


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  11. F-16C/D

    F-16C/D is made by SANYE. It can replace the original aircraft in SC4. By placing the area 5.1 in your city, you can drive it above your city by your own.
    Weapons configuration:
    AIM120 x2
    AIM9 x2
    KM82 x6
    but it can't drop bomb
    PNG LOGO made by FANTA1990


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  12. Prop Hedge Collection 3

    Prop Hedge Collection 3 is the third volume in the series. It has taken over 17324 shapes to model every inch of the hedge correctly (down to modeling the leaves themselves). There was so much detail that the computer started to freeze and skip, sometimes crashing the program.
    These hedges come in three new varieties:
    Light green
    Autumn Yellow
    To install, just put the files from the corresponding folder you want and put it in your plugins folder.
    No Dependencies!


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  13. Concorde

    Ah, the experience of Airline Travel.. Long lines, rude faculty, shady people you shouldn't trust, uncomfortable planes that have layers of duct tape holding vital pieces together.. you get the idea. Business is slow because the current aircraft flying around are as fast as a horse- with 3 broken legs. Well now there is a plane that can cut travel time at least in half- this plane is fast enough to shatter the sound barrier! This baby can soar in altitudes of at least 40,000 ft and still be a comfortable flight. This is the CONCORDE!
    This sleek liner can cross an ocean in a matter of hours and delays are not a problem, unless of course the whole airport is closed. It may not be the most fuel efficient, but any sim will tell you is is by far one of the most beautiful jets in the sky. In fact a survey showing that nine out of ten people say the Concorde is the superior airliner was enough for two new airlines to steal the competition from another airline that once dominated the skies. The results don't lie- with the Concorde, air travel is now much more efficient.
    And remember- Don't fly Old Timer aircraft.. Fly Concorde!
    About the upload-
    The DAT files go into your plugins folder. Once done, start the game and the Concordes should appear. The Liveries used are based on the real world markings for their respective nationalities. In the game, they can be seen parked at the Municipal Airport or International Airport. In order for this upload to work properly, make sure you have Hardware settings.
    None! Except for the file itself.


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  14. X48B

    The X-48B prototype of the future large aircraft, and now I have it made ​​into SC4 for a vehicle,you will see it fly over your city when you build a International Airport,It will replace the 707 aircraft。


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  15. Vintage Car Props

    This is a small collection of vintage car props from the 1920s-1950s era for your lots. Included is:
    1. Sedan Black
    2. Sedan Blue
    3. Sedan Gray
    4. Wagon Blue
    5. Wagon Red
    6. Boxy Wagon Yellow
    No dependencies
    FYI: These are NOT automata
    You can see these in action in my city journal: City Noir
    Pictured here:

    Thanks for downloading!


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  16. LBT Gas Station Prop Pack 1 & 2

    Same prop pack file that were deleted a month ago, sorry for it...
    Use only for paeng's gas station lots...
    Move the Gas StationProp Pack 1 and 2 to your plugins folder of your documents.
    New gas stations will come soon!


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  17. Seaport Storage Area 1

    Hi, I’m back with the new edited Seaport Storage Area 1. Sorry about last time, the building was suddenly yanked off. Same stats as before= This lot is ploppable and is found in the landmarks menu. I took about 12 minutes on this and will probably make a version 2. It requires no power and no water. It has a landmark effect of 30 over a range of 18 and has a YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard) mayor rating effect of 5 over a radius of 256. It is a high wealth building and is 4X7. I added a few things. I included an extra file of the seaport storage that can be placed only on land (there is also the sea version).
    BY= Rayan Thomas, James Kevin and the rest of the LANGHAM team.


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  18. Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1

    Need more rocks? Yeah, of course you do, everyone does! Now, here's some more for you.
    This is a set of 35 rocks divided into 5 categories, each represented with its own item in your Mayor Mode Flora menu.
    The following sets are included:
    - Flat rocks - 8 rocks, with a blind prop in the end of the plop cycle.
    - Mossy Flat rocks - 8 rocks, with a blind prop in the end of the plop cycle.
    - Round rocks, small - 5 rocks, no blind prop.
    - Round rocks, medium - 9 rocks, no blind prop.
    - Round rocks, large - 5 rocks, with a blind prop in the end of the plop cycle.
    The rocks are found near the end of the Mayor Mode Flora menu.
    There is also included a set of prop exemplars for all the rocks, in case you'd like to use them for lotting purposes.
    This file has no dependencies.
    Unpack into the plugins folder (in 'My Documents').
    If you have comments or find yourself in need of support please visit the Murimk Productions thread over at Simpeg.
    - Batting and modding by Murimk
    - Testing, artwork and advice by Paeng
    Thank you to SimPeg community for support.
    Thank YOU for downloading!


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  19. SCAG Dependency 2

    A very small and simple prop pack that is required for upcoming SCAG releases. Please download and install following the installer process.
    No readme is included, for any questions please post to SCAG Help at SC4D, or send me a PM on Simtropolis.


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  20. Jwong's Automata Mod - Part 1: Low Wealth Cheap Sedans

    Replaces all automata with more relative models found in real life:

    Cheap Blue Sedan - 2005 Proton Gen-2 1.3 (silver) Cheap Green Sedan - 1998 Opel/VauxhallAstra G 1.6 (silver) Cheap Red Sedan - 2003 Rover 400/45 1.4 (blue) Cheap Beige Sedan - 1995 Nissan Primera 2.0 Te-V (green) Cheap Sky Blue Sedan - 1997 Citroën Xsara 2.0i (gold) Cheap Yellow Sedan - 2006 Renault Laguna II Sport Tourer 2.0 (silver)
    Download "+ (filename).zip" to add the automata to your game. Download "(suffix) - (filename).zip" to replace the automata in your game.  
    Simply place the six .dat files into C:/.../Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins
    Click here for the development thread to this mod and get the latest updates!

    Note: May interfere with other automata mods that replace the default cars, so if you want to use this mod, you may need to remove those mods from you plugin folder (buses, police car, ambulance,(etc) replacements mods are ok)



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  21. Gizmo Waterflora as Props

    Of course you may donwload this file but in fact it is obsolete since april 1st, 2016. You can find its content in the BNL Essentials:

    This is a very simple mod.

    A long time ago Gizmo released his Waterflora mod. It contains eight flora props that can be plopped throuhg your Mayor Mode Menu. With this small file installed you have these eight water plants available as props in your Lot Editor menu.

    The last location I know of the dependency is:
    But it is in back up mode at the moment.
    You need to download the file Waterflora-V2.dat.

    I hope you will be able to find it.

    Have fun!


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  22. FrankU Farm Prop Families Maxis and BSC

    Of course you may donwload this file, but in fact is has become obsolete since april 1st, 2016. Its content is now part of the BNL Essentials V2.0 or later.
    Prop Families are useful to make variation in your lots without having the neccessity to make a large amount of different lots.
    I am fond of them and have made a series of about 69 prop families.
    have fun with them.
    The read me file gives you all details of the Prop Families, including images of all of them.

    The download contains two sets of prop families:
    1. The Maxis Prop Families. You don't need any dependency for these to work.
    2. the Maxis and BSC Prop Families. For these you need the following dependencies:
    BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01.dat
    BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol01.dat
    BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol01.dat
    BSC MEGA Props JRJ Vol04.dat
    BSC MEGA Props JRJ Vol05.dat
    BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01.dat
    BSC MEGA Props - RT Vol01.dat
    BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01.dat
    BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01.dat

    That is quite a lot, but on the other hand: these are quite old files that are used by many uploaders, so you might have them all already.

    Have fun with them!


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  23. Murimk Farm Addons for SPAM Vol02: Farmhouses

    This set includes three different farmhouses, all in multiple variations. They are designed to blend in with, and expand on SPAM (SimPeg Agricultural Mod) by Pegasus and the Pegprod Team.
    Farmhouse 1 - six variations
    Farmhouse 2 - four variations
    Ranchhouse 1 - five variations
    There are no lots in this set, only props!
    There are no dependencies to this set, but it's likely to be used as a dependency for other sets. :wink:

    * The lots on the picture are by Paeng, and NOT included in this pack.
    You can choose to use only a specific model from the set, or you can use one of the included prop families, one for each type of house.
    They are all modded as props - not buildings (residental)! The model XMLs are still included, so it will be possible to make building exemplars using PIM (Plugin Manager).
    The three model collections are split into three different dat files, so the hardcore collectors can choose which pack(s) to install.
    As mentioned above - these are just props that can be used to make any lot you like. Do not include them in your upload though - please point to this pack as a dependency.
    BATting: Murimk
    Testing and advice: Fellow NightOwls Paeng and Abcvs
    Should you need support for these items please visit the
    Murimk Productions Forum at SimPeg.


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  24. Train Prop Pack vol.1

    Hey there Simtropolis! A lot of you might know the great train props made by the SFBT. I used them and find some missing for my purposes, so it was time for the BAT. And now its here for you to download!
    What you get:
    This Prop Pack is the third of many to come featuring european style vehicle Props.
    This pack focuses on vehicles mostly used by the german main rail company("Deutsche Bahn")
    It contains more then 50 props.Here is a list of whats in there:
    - 6 engines (including the "Taurus" in diffrent versions)
    - the ICE 2 seperated in engine,waggons
    - Intercity wagons
    -12 fright wagons (featuring,Container-,car transporter,log wagons)
    -Metrorail vehicle based on the german 423 (Munich s-bahn)
    -wagons for the "Rollende Landstraße"
    -nuclear waste wagon
    -a lot of nighlighted props
    -opened waggons for maiking railyards lookin alive
    -and some more
    Dependencies: None, this might be one
    Want to use it?: If you want to use this Props for your upcoming lot projects feel free to do so (but not forget to credit me when using them)
    Thanks to: All members of the Simforum who supported me with their help,ideas and criticism. Special thanks to Logan123 and KBS386 for special insiration and a lot of pictures
    whats left to say:
    - You can find the Props under the prefix "SCF_"
    -Have fun using them
    Greetings to all SC player out there


       (48 Reviews)



  25. Georgia State Patrol

    I made this car, because Jazz098 requested me. I have just reskinned one of the Simfanatik's "USA Police Pack V2" car.
    Installation instructions: Simply put the .dat file to My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins
    No dependencies


       (11 Reviews)




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