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Props to create custom SimCity 4 lots.

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  1. 1947 Yellowbelly Steam Train

    Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad commissioned 4 of these "Yellowbellies" in 1947 where they were produced by streamlining a Hudson 4-6-4  J class engine by wrapping it in a yellow and stainless steel cowling thus inventing the L class Hudson. This is based on #490, the only surviving member, now at a Railroad museum.

    Its a pretty rare machine, in many ways. Its amazing they were built at all, as its a pretty distinctive design. I cant help feeling its like a steam engine with white-walled tyres. ;-). Nevertheless watching one of these pass must have been very impressive.

    If anyone has profile shots of the engine or carriages I may be able to improve the textures. Also additional carriages for this set (for variety) would be welcomed. The livery is quite attractive and fits the game well.

    Single .dat file goes into \Plugins and suppresses the Maxis passenger train. Undo by removing file.

    cheers Ron
      Mar 2009


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  2. 1950s German Trains

    The German trains of the 1950-60s epitomise an era of reconstruction and growth, invention and reinvention. Files have been upgraded, props added and the whole reorganised into a mix
    as you please setup.
    This pack contains a number of options for German Trains and is in 4 parts. It is suggested to install as
    is into "RVT 1950s German Trains" and then delete the files you dont want
    1. Freight Changes (selecting these files replace MAXIS equivalents)
    DB Class 41 2-8-0 Steam Freight Loco - replaces MAXIS SantaFe Steam Engine
    DB Class E40 Electric Loco (Freight Green) - replaces MAXIS Diesel
    Boxcar Brown - replaces MAXIS Boxcar 1
    BoxCar Cyan - replaces MAXIS BOxcar 2
    MailCaboose - replaces MAxis Caboose
    Muted MAxis Textures - Changes some MAxis Textures slightly
    2. Freight Xtras (selecting these files will ADD to the freight engines/carriages available)
    DB Class 41 2-8-0 Steam Freight Loco
    DB Class E40 Electric Loco (Freight Green)
    DB Class E40 Electric Loco (Freight Red)
    Brown Boxcar, Banana Boxcar, White Refigerated Boxcar, Red Beer BoxCar, Covered wagon, Tankwagon,
    Livestock car, Low car with steel, Open cars with Coal, Sand, Glass, Ore, and Tarpaulined wagon, MailCar.
    The general look and feel is more German and less American. All selected Engines will pull consists
    of any and all Maxis and new cars
    3. Passenger Changes (selecting these files replace MAXIS equivalents)
    ONE of DB Class 23 2-6-2 Steam Passenger Loco - replaces MAXIS Passenger Engine
    DB Class E10 Electric Loco (Blue) - replaces MAXIS Passenger Engine
    DB Class V200 Diesel (Maroon) - replaces MAXIS Passenger Engine
    AND ONE of
    Suburban Carriages (Green) - replaces MAXIS Passenger Carriages
    Express Carriages (Blue) - replaces MAXIS Passenger Carriages
    4. Passenger Xtras (selecting these files will ADD to the passenger engines/carriages available (mixing them up))
    DB Class 23 2-6-2 Steam Passenger Loco
    DB Class 41 2-8-2 Steam Freight Loco which was used for passenger services because of its acceleration
    DB Class E10 Electric Loco (Passenger Blue)
    DB Class V200 Diesel (Maroon)
    Suburban Carriage Set - 4 passenger carriages in green
    Express Carriage Set - 1 Blue/3 Green carriages, light Roof
    Trains with any of the selected Engines and Carriages will occur.
    Effects of all files can be reversed by removing the files from Plugins.
    NOTE: Some artistic licence has occurred with these models - I do not profess to know a lot about German Trains.
    Enjoy Ron,
    5 March 2009
    added the DB Class E40 Electric Loco (Freight Green) to Freight Trains
    The MAXIS engine is now fully suppressed by the DB041 in Freight Trains
    V200 Diesel added along with Express Carriages
    The entire setup is now user selectable (and therefore more complicated for some)
    Props for all of my added content are now available in the files (thx Nardo69 for the original request)
    All models and textures have been renumbered into my Tex Range F5E80050-F5E80070
    Still TO DO: UDI Icon fixes etc.
    Feb 2011


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  3. 1995 London Underground tube stock automata

    This is the 1995 London Underground tube stock running on the Northern line, the 1996 stock running on the Jubilee line is very similar to the 1995 stock.
    This mod is changing the default in game El rail automata to the 1995 stock's one.
    It is my first upload to the STEX, I wish that you will enjoy it.
    I will add other London Underground Stocks in the future.
    Please add comments!!!


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  4. 2005-06 NHL Box Truck Automata

    This is a pack of 31 custom box truck automata featuring the logos and colors of every team of the National Hockey League (NHL) as of the 2005-06 season. There are 30 teams, so the other scheme is that of the NHL.
    The NHL needs a boost from hockey fans in SimNation - what better way to advertise the high-speed, high-scoring NHL than seeing trucks with the teams on them around town?
    Many thanks goes to Swamper77 for the modding aspect of putting all this together.
    Special thanks to CaptCity for his assistance recovering the files!


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  5. 2012Ship

    You will see it when you builded a Cruise Ship Port .
    This is a demo version of the ship,So it looks very fuzzy.
    HD one is Coming soon.(December 2012...)


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  6. 2x2 Underground parking



    The new prop of XCenter is an underground parking, which can be used on any building.
    Everyone is allowed to use this prop for their lots.

    Parking Blue
    Parking Red
    Estacionamento.gmax, to use with other textures

    Note: To use this prop to the streets, roads and avenues need is put a base texture of the road under this prop.


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  7. 3 Thailand and Other Nation Advertisement and Have Love King Bhumiphol Pack

    It is Advertisement Prop is Good
    File Have
    Movie 1-0x5ad0e817_0xb940f799_0x2d0000.SC4Model
    Movie 2-0x5ad0e817_0xb940f799_0x2e0000.SC4Model
    Movie 3-0x5ad0e817_0xb940f799_0x2f0000.SC4Model
    Movie Loveking-0x5ad0e817_0xb940f799_0x300000.SC4Model


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  8. 45 Degree Road Signs

    45 degree diagonal road signs.
    Goes into Plugins Folder, Props Only!  Diagonal signs appear in props menu of lot editor. Signs include curve right, curve left, do not enter, rail road crossing, merge, and  traffic signal ahead. NOTE signs have poles, and are raised up to 4.0 The street lights in the picture were just put behind them.


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  9. A340-600 as

    An A340-600 airliner with a colour scheme specially designed to commemorate China Eastern's support for the Expo.I have it made into Prop now.  It can replace the original aircraft in SC4. By placing the international airport in your city, it will flying above your city by your own.


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  10. A380 as Beijing 2008

    Although the A380 has not yet put into the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games commercial airlines,but  I have it made into Prop now.  It can replace the original aircraft in SC4. By placing the international airport in your city, it will flying above your city by your own.


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    ACP(Airbus Concept Plane) v2.0 with a big Panoramic sunroof
    Graphic Options :Renderer > Hardware(Otherwise, the textures display to fail)


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  12. Acura NSX automata and residential single family props

    Now your wealthy sims can have a proper mid-life crisis in a fancyacura NSX.  Just unzip all the files into your game's pluginfolder and the game takes care of the rest.


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  13. Acura RSX Automata and family props

    Alrighty.  You asked for it and here it is.  This is a setof  Acura RSXs.  The zip file includes 5 automata (the carsthat run around in your cities) and 5 family props of the samecars.  The 10 files that read as follows:  "family prop rsxblue..." are the needed files for the props and the prop model. The files that simply say: "acura rsx blue" are for the automata.
    I suggest using both the automata and family props.
    Remember that you don't need to do anything but unzip the files to yourgame's plugin folder for the cars to run around and for them to show upin your driveways.
    Enjoy and drive safe!


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  14. Adamston V2

    *Sorry about the uploading error, This is my first time uploading to the STEX.  Heres the region again, w/ the actual .zip.*  
    Just a small map (2x2 large tiles) I have been working on for a while and decided to share w/ the community. It features a mountain, a river, a lake, an island and some coastline. It was made with the SC4 Terraformer, and rendered using Cycledogg's Terrain Mod. Hope y'all like it.


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  15. ADC Forested Streets Modd

    Thiscool modd will plant trees along your low-density residentialstreets.  You can choose what wealth levels you want it to appearat.
    NOTE: You MUST read the Readme to ensure proper functioning of this modd.
    There are two versions of this modd.  One uses Pegasus' SeasonalTrees, the other uses only the original Maxis-made trees.  On bothmodds, there is an option for NO PALMS.  This option should beused in place of Swamper77's No Palms Modd.
    Unfortunately, due to the way the game works, these trees will only appear on newly-built streets.
    Dependencies: Pegasus' Seasonal Trees (for that version).


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  16. Additional Subway Entrance Props

    This set of Subway Entrance Props is intended for use with the Roadtop Mass-Transit package but it can be used in other lots as well.
    The prop models have been derived from two models made by Mcdrye and RalphaelNinja. These are special narrow versions specifically modified for RTMT (original models in London Underground Station and Ninja Boulevard Kiosk/Ninja Boulevard Kiosk Model).
    This pack contains twelve new props, derived from the above two models, and differ only in the railings' colours:
    - RalphaelNinja's comes in eight colours, four classic (Black, Steel Blue, Dark Green and Gray) and four modern ones (Red, Yellow, Turquoise and Deep Blue), in addition to the original White.
    - Mcdrye's comes in Black, Steel Blue, Dark Green and Metallic, and has the roundel removed. The Steel Blue colour matches the Maxis' one.
    Many thanks to Mcdrye and RalphaelNinja for their models.
    Please check the Readme for detailed installation instructions.
    See Also:
    Berlin Mass-Transit Theme (a set of Berlin bus-stops and subways)

    View my other Posts on the STEX


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  17. Adelaide Australia by blade2k5

    NHP Adelaide Australia by Blade2k5
    Map Details and Information
    When early colonists began building Adelaide City they built with stone, constructing a solid, dignified city that is  civilised and calm in a way that no other Australian state capital can match. The solidity goes further than architecture, for Adelaide City was once regarded as  a city of wowsers (read: puritan spoilsports) and was renowned chiefly for its disproportionately  large number of churches. These days the churches are outnumbered by pubs and nightclubs, and there is no denying that the city has a superb setting - the centre is surrounded by green parkland, and the metropolitan area is bound by the hills of the Mt Lofty Ranges and the waters of the Gulf St Vincent.
    Adelaide City at the time of European settlement, the area that is now Adelaide, was occupied by the Kaurna people, a peaceful group numbering around 300. Their territory extended south towards Cape Jervis and north towards Port Wakefield, and they had close ties with the Narungga of Yorke Peninsula. Modern historians know little about Kaurna social life, but we do know that they were skilled at working with skins and fibres. Even before the arrival of white settlers in South Australia, the Kaurna people had suffered epidemics of smallpox and other disease which had swept down the Murray from NSW.
    The site for Adelaide was chosen in December 1836 by the colony's far-sighted Surveyor-General, Colonel William Light, who created its remarkable design. The site was well-drained, had fertile soil and straddled the Torrens River, which guaranteed a ready water supply. The site was named after Queen Adelaide, wife of the British King William IV.
    Adelaide was unusual in that it was settled by free people - the city has no convict history. It was also unusual in that the British Government gave the colony no financial backing, so when things finally took off in Adelaide, most of the money stayed in the state. The colony promised settlers civil and religious liberty and by 1839 Lutherans fleeing religious persecution were arriving from Prussia. In 1840, 6557 Europeans lived in Adelaide; by 1851 the European population was 14,577. By the early 1840s the town had about 30 satellite villages, including the German settlements of Hahndorf, Klemzig and Lobethal, where the state's wine industry was founded.
    The capital's growth has reflected the state's cycle of boom and bust. A wheat boom in the 1870s and 80s set off a building boom, and a lot of the beautiful buildings which still line the city's streets were built during these decades. Rapid expansion also took place during WWI, the 1920s and the busy post-WWII years. After WW II, new migrants arrived from Europe (especially Italy) bringing with them the cafe culture which lends Adelaide its relaxed ambience.
    During the late 60s and 70s, South Australia made several ground-breaking political reforms, prohibiting sexual discrimination, racial discrimination and capital punishment, and recognising Aboriginal land rights (interestingly, South Australia's original settlers had been the first to recognise Aboriginal ownership of land, although it didn't stop them stealing it). As the suburbs race towards Maslins Beach in the south and Gawler in the north, Adelaide has become a linear city squeezed between the Mt Lofty Ranges and the sea. Nearby towns are becoming dormitories for city workers, although planning restrictions stop the Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and Southern Vales from being gobbled up by houses.
    Map Specifics
    Map Type:  Real World Map
    Region map size: Map is configured fo


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  18. Air China Boing777

    The Boeing 777 is a long-range, wide-body twin-engine jet airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It is the world's largest twinjet and is commonly referred to as the "Triple Seven".[3][4] The aircraft has seating for over 300 .I have it made into Prop now.  It can replace the original aircraft in SC4. By placing the international airport in your city, it will flying above your city by your own.
    If you need to paint other airlines, please contact me:


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  19. Air France A380

    How can you meet demands to carry more people in a single trip without sacrificing luxury or comfort? The answer is simple- build it bigger! Airbus and Air France are stepping in to fill in for this solution and they are ready to take to the airspace above your cities! No longer are sims waiting around in your airport waiting for the next flight to arrive. They are now flying high with style that can only be delivered by an Air France A380!
    About the upload-
    This is a replacement for the 707. It comes with two files. One is to be used for Hardware settings and the other is to be used for Software settings. Either one will change the default 707 into an Airbus A380 in Air France colors.
    This file was requested by C4creeper and has been made availiable to the STEX for all to download!


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  20. Air France Airbus A350

    We understand. The hassle of going through the airport security. The long wait times for your flight to arrive. And then boarding just to wait for the time you'll arrive at your destination. Airline travel hasn't been one of the most painless experiences; and it's about to change for the better. Designed to offer a much more relaxing flight, and featuring the greenest and most advanced aeronautical engineering to date. 
    About the upload-
    This file is a replacement of the Maxis 767. It will appear in the skies above the city (with an international airport or other lot which spawns the plane) as well as in the region view.
    None required.
    This file was originally requested by C4TheArchitect and has been made available for all to download!


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  21. Air France Regional Set

    Flying is an excellent means of travelling that offers some spectacular views. but not everyone can learn to fly, let alone those styrofoam RC toys that come from a hobby shop. There are planes that are capable of takimg you where you need to go, but who's willing to fly them? Air France is a top-of-the-line carrier that will take you anywhere! Whether it's to the next town or across the countryside, you'll be flying with one of the best names out there!
    About the upload-
    This is a set of aircraft which replace several Maxis aircraft. They appear at the airport and will be seen flying around your city. There are three aircraft included:
    -An Embraer ERJ-135, which replaces the business jet.
    -A Lockheed Constellation, which replaces the Douglas DC-7
    -And lastly, an RJ-85, which replaces the BAe-146. This aircraft is a remodel of the original, but keeps some of the original texturing intact.
    Some of the texturing used was taken from online sources. The textures fro the ERJ-135 were found on Google Images, the RJ-85 textures are from Maxis and the Constellation textures were originally for Flight Simulator 2004 and were created by Julien Scavini and hosted on Flyaway Simulation.
    This file was requested by C4creeper and has been made available to the STEX for all to download!


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  22. Airbus A340 MEGA Prop Pack By tabi

    Unlock; sorry for the wait! The airlines are as followes;
    Air Canada
    Air France
    Cathay Pacific
    Egypt Air
    Turkish Airlines
    Olimpic Airlines
    And Much More!


       (2 Reviews)



  23. Airbus A380 Gate Prop Pack By tabi

    Unlock:Sorry Everyone for the locking! unlocked once again for the public sorry!!


       (10 Reviews)



  24. Airco Props

    4 props you can use in the lot editor. I've converted my 3ds props I made some time ago, more will follow when I make some more time. Airco 1 is a medium sized airco that can be used for small companies. Airco 2 is a small airco that can be used for small companies but also for homes. Airco 3 is the same as airco 2, only this is a version you have to stick on your wall, great for people that don't have space at a roof or floor. Airco 4 is a larger airco great for medium sized companies.


       (4 Reviews)



  25. Alamosa

    Here it is - my best map yet!  It was created by taking USGS data on a plateau in southern Colorado (look up Alamosa or Monte Vista on Google Maps).  I changed the scale (it is about 1 : 1.5).  I also ADDED a major river.  Overall, this is a very playable map and has a lot of variety. 
    Alamosa is my largest city - 49 large city tiles (7x7)(28kmx28km). The download is a .SC4M file* (which is why this is uploaded in props) and I have also included a config.bmp file, though a new one could be created to suit your tastes.
    ps - the real Alamosa, although I have never been there, appears to be in a VERY dry climate.  So I included a screenshot rendered with the painted desert mod.
    You must have either SC4Mapper or SC4TerraFormer.
    *If there is demand for this, or any of my other maps to be converted to images that can be rendered directly in SC4, I can post them.  PM me. 
    The primary screenshot shows the region rendered with the Columbus Terrain Mod.  The secondary screenshot shows the region rendered with the Painted Desert Mod. 
    In SC4Mapper:
    1. Open SC4Mapper
    2. Click "Create Region"
    3. Click "SC4M"
    4. Locate and select the file you downloaded (alamosa.sc4m)
    5. Click "Save Region"
    6. Name it whatever you would like.
    7. Quit SC4Mapper
    8. Launch SimCity4
    9. Load the region you just created in SC4Mapper.
    10. Play. (Don't be alarmed by the colors; when each tile is opened, the colors will change to your normal ones.)
    In SC4TerraFormer:
    1. Create a new folder in your "regions" subdirectory. This will be the name of the region.
    2. Copy of move the contents of the zip folder to the new region folder.
    3. Launch SC4TerraFormer.
    4. Select the region folder you just created.
    5. Click "Ok".
    6. The full program will launch. Close the "Overview" window.
    7. On the menu on the left, click "Global Tools."
    8. Under "Global Tools," select "Import image."
    9. Navigate to the region folder and select the .SC4M file. (alamosa.sc4m)
    10. With "scale factor" set at "Default factor," select "Ok."
    11. Save and exit SC4TerraFormer.
    12. Load the region you just created.
    13. Play. (Don't be alarmed by the colors; when each tile is opened, the colors will change to your normal ones.)


       (7 Reviews)




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