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Props to create custom SimCity 4 lots.

879 Files

  1. Modern HD Car Props

    AndisArt presents:
    Modern HD Car Props
    This prop pack adds modern cars to your game as props (not as functioning automata/driving cars).
    There are 10 different vehicles with different colorings, totalling 30 variants. All models were rendered in HD, also know as Zoom 6.
    Vehicle models:
    ⦁    Audi Concept Car
    ⦁    Audi Roadster
    ⦁    Audi TT
    ⦁    VW Beetle
    ⦁    Futuristic Bike
    ⦁    Citroen C4
    ⦁    Mazda MX5
    ⦁    Nissan 350Z
    ⦁    Smart
    ⦁    VW Touareg
    The props can be used individually or as a prop family. Item names start with "AndisArt_PROP_carpack", followed by the model name and color. Prop family ID is 0A341980.
    There is a test lot that can be found in the landmark menu for an overview of all models.
    Extract the whole folder and copy it to your SimCity 4 Plugins folder (usually MyDocuments/SimCity 4/Plugins).
    You can now use the models in the Lot Editor or with any download that has this file as a dependency.
    The test lot is an individual file and can be deleted if not required.
    (File:  AndisArt_PROP_carpack_testlot_67ba0db8.SC4Lot)  
    Model credit: Cadnav


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  2. Nissan Skyline GT-R

    Let's face it, with any car you own there is often a reputation that comes with it. It could be the luxury sedan that cuts off everyone on the freeway. Or it could be the SUV that blows its transmission on a 3% incline. Now if you throw in "Skyline GT-R", you become royalty. Just having one will make you the star of every car show. Every bet placed at the track will be in your favor. And as for wiping the floor with every opponent, lets just say the Skyline GT-R will have no problem living up to it's reputation!
    About the Upload-
    There are ten vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 1998 Nissan Skyline GT-R, a stock representation of the R34 model. These are High-Wealth vehicles, given their average selling price. These vehicles will appear on your road networks.
    None required.
    Thank you to Art128 and APSMS for suggesting some of the colors made available!


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  3. S54 PropPack Vol.1

    Hello everybody !

    Here it is... the waited S54 PropPack Vol.1 from the KSTeam. This propack includes many props I use in my own LOTs and Krasner use too. It'll be very usefull to make your LOTs more frenchy or just european... this download includes a file .dat which groups prop families from Girafe vehicules. So the following sentence is very important !
    Make sure that you have these following files BEFORE downloading this one :
    BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 3 Thank you for reading and enjoy this prop pack. Next uploads will come in the next days. Stay tuned..
    Sciurus from KSTeam


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  4. BSC BAT Props Mike Seith Vol 01

    These are the car props for the Mikeseith dealers vol 1 lots that arepart of the BSC industrial chain.  The Mikeseith dealers vol. 1lots will be uploaded by Vlakhaas shortly. 


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  5. Hyperpack: The Ultimate Dependency Pack!

    One folder, all the dependencies you need… and even more!

    If you don’t want to read the background story, feel free to skip this paragraph. In March 2014, I lost my computer and anything I had on it, including the new under development version of Barsoom Project. One year has been past and I still can’t play SimCity 4 because of my stupid laptop. Well, at least this is what I want you to believe. The truth is that not only I’ve been playing the game all that year, but also I’ve been working on something “unthinkable”. Something that has been asked since the day 1 of the game. Something that everybody wanted it, but nobody even dared to give it a try. The day has come. The “impossible” is finally here!

    Most BATs made for SimCity 4 require a handful of dependencies in order to make it work nice and smooth. Unfortunately, hunting down dependencies can be a serious pain on your neck. Some of them are in sites that you have to register at them in order to get them, others has been forgotten even from their creators and can be found only in obscure sites, and others has been outdated and became unavailable to anybody. And as about the slap in your face when you have to download dozens of dependencies for a single building, just please don’t even get me started. I know this feeling. This is why I’m here, to put an end in this pain by introducing the Hyperpack, the fullest dependencies pack ever made.

    All this year I’ve been sending messages and begging to all the gods and heroes of SimCity 4 community to give me the permissions I need to make the Hyperpack. It wasn’t easy. It was an arduous process, but somebody had to do it. And that was me. And finally I’ve gotten all the permissions I needed to include ALL of the dependencies ever made in a single folder. Everything you need, from the most important to the most obscure dependencies, is now in a single pack. No more hunting dependencies and spending so much time in downloading and installing them one by one. One single folder, containing 100% of all dependencies files ever uploaded in any exchange. One single pack, with anything you need!

    There was one problem, though. I hadn’t had a suitable file compressor to reduce the size of the pack. The folder is 56 gigabytes large, way too big for the Simtropolis server. The only solution I had was to upload it in an external site and give you the link you need in order to get it, plus a few instructions to make it work with no problems. The readme file can be opened only by using Microsoft Word or any other similar program, because it contains pictures for better visualization of the installation progress. Yeah, it’s not as easy as it may looks like, but keep in mind that I’ve spent a whole year to make, while you will be spending a couple of hours to download and install it. Fair trade, right?

    Hyperpack. 1 folder, endless possibilities. I hope you enjoy it. Have a nice day


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  6. Isuzu Street Sweepers

    In order to run a solid, efficient city, there are certain maintenance procedures that have to take place. You'll need road crews, power and water inspection, as well as an efficient sanitation system. But there seems to be yet another thing missing from SimCity. How do the streets stay so clean every year? It can't be the work of Sims just brushing the streets with a broom, we all know the Environmental Adviser is a liar. These Isuzu derived street sweepers will be at the forefront of your sanitation department clearing leaves and dust from your roadways and making your cities cleaner!
    About the Upload-
    These are a set of new instance street sweepers that will appear on your road networks (obviously). There are four trucks each with their own color and there are two versions included for either HD or SD render settings. Be sure to check your render settings before using them.
    None Required.
    This file was suggested by Johnfreddy and has been made available on the Exchange!


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  7. Police Car/Van Conversion Mod

    You are an elected official. You understand that you must cater to everybody's basic needs in running a city. unfortunately, law enforcement is no exception. In order to have a safe and orderly city, you must invest in a police force. But the cars you're using now were the same ones your grandfather would drive! It's time for an upgrade! Serve and protect your cities; in style!
    About the Upload-
    This mod converts both the Police Car and Police Van into a Dodge Charger and Chevrolet Suburban, respectively. There are 10 different cities included, featuring police departments from the United States and elsewhere around the world. To install, simply choose one of the folders (labelled according to your preferred render settings compatibility), and drag the next subfolder with the desired markings to your plugins folder.
    None required, but if you would like to see these units in action (besides their regular patrols), I would recommend downloading the Lots of Riots mod, which will spawn riots that allow you to actually use the police dispatch tool!


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  8. Ford Explorer

    If you're the type that wants ruggedness in a vehicle, look no further than the Ford Explorer! Most other auto makers have fallen into the habit of making SUV's that you really can't go anywhere off the map. A vehicle built to carry your equipment across all uncharted territory is a no-brainer! With a fitting name, you'll be able to make your mark in newly discovered lands (so long as your transmission holds together)! Now tell us, what will you explore?
    About the Upload-
    There are seven vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 2004 Ford Explorer. These are Low-Wealth vehicles, given their age and average selling price. These vehicles will appear on your road networks.
    None Required.


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  9. Chevrolet Impala- Taxi Edition

    Going to a strange town and finding your way about can be a challenge. You've just stepped off the plane and made your way through the terminal. After about 15 minutes of getting lost and collecting your bags you reach the street! Now what? You're supposed to go to this hotel but don't know where it is or if it exists at all. Rather than getting mugged on the way to the EL trains, just flag down a taxi and tell them where to go. It's not 2013 yet so you can get a nice whiff of stale cigarettes while being charged a pretty penny to realize you drove the longest route to your final destination!
    About the Upload-
    This mod converts the Taxi into a modified Chevrolet Impala. There are 3 different liveries included, based on various taxi companies from the United States. The liveries included are loosely based on  the Yellow Cab Co, but can blend into almost any US-themed setting within the game. The liveries are not dependent on each other and can be used together.
    None required.


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  10. Chevrolet Impala- Police Edition

    At the heart of any well-balanced city is an order legislated to guarantee the welfare of all who live inside it's jurisdiction. Law Enforcement is one of the most important branches to a government, ensuring safety to all. Even if it's a traffic ticket now and then or a donut shop being stormed. Your departments need a sturdy car and the Impala is the perfect fit! For when the going gets tough in the streets, these new cruisers are well-equipped to take on anything!
    About the Upload-
    This mod converts the Police Car into a modified Chevrolet Impala. There are 8 different liveries included, based on various police departments from the United States. The liveries included are not specific to any real cities, so they can blend into almost any setting within the game. The shields on each side are custom emblems from GM to promote the Impala as a police unit. Static props included.
    None required, but if you would like to see these units in action (besides their regular patrols), it's recommended to download the Lots of Riots mod, which will spawn more frequent uprisings that allow you to actually use the police dispatch tool!


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  11. IPS Prop Pack

    Introducing IPS Prop Pack, in here you will find various props and the Roundabout Fillers that I have made over the year streamlined into one neat package.

    Update: This has been updated with new props for the upcoming Avenue Roundabout Fillers. Also the Lighting Mast has no lighting rig attached, so feel free to attack your own.
    Install these into your plugins folder and to make life easier create an IPS Sub Folderin your Plug-in folder to make things easier. Enjoy Palpatine001
    These have no dependencies as do form a basic dependency package for my lots
    And no this IS NOT SPAM at all and if it was its very large for a spam file


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  12. LBT Mega Prop Pack vol.01

    This is a complete set of all LBT props into one mega file, this set includes:
    LBT Prop Pack
    LBT Prop Pack 2
    LBT Prop Pack 3
    LBT Prop PAck 4 (unique for this release)
    -Over 1,000 props different style props avalaible to use...
    This file will be essential for all and future LBT uploads!
    Props made by:
    Please use the cleanitool text file for remove old LBT prop packs.
    Hope you like!


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  13. FDNY Fire Trucks

    This is a FDNY reskin based on the Swamper77 fire trucks and will replace the default ones in the game. They are reasonably accurate representations of FDNY apparatus.
    Also of interest may our FDNY EMS ambulance for more of a New York experience.


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  14. North American Freight Cars Prop Pack

    Give realism to your railroad tracks, yards, sidings, spurs and industrial zones with these freight cars and locomotives dating from the 1980's to our modern days.
    This prop pack includes newer rolling stock pieces, some of them never seen before in SimCity 4, like:
    Autoracks Coil Cars Gondolas Boxcars Hoppers Tank Cars And so on. In this prop pack you  will find around 300 different freight cars and other objects like containers, trailers etc, all of them rendered in HD and in 20 different versions (ortho, diagonal, curve fitting and FAR versions).
    Just extract the files contained in this .rar file into your plugins folder. For uninstalling it, just delet them from your plugins folder.
    None, this is intended to be a depencency.
    Enjoy it.
    Thanks to everyone who helped me in its development, without you, this would have been such a mess. And you, for downloading.
    For more information and/or notify me of an error with this,  please visit this thread:
    Or PM at my Simtropolis profile.


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  15. Vector W8 Twin Turbo

    How nostalgic it is to reflect upon what happened during the most epic track tournaments organized! Passion engulfs favorite auto brands, particularly around the peak performers in the industry. To have that experience of being behind the wheel of a Ferrari, in the same place as Shumacher is a lucid dream within racing culture. Yet, you can only reminisce upon those races for so long before you have the next grand prix on the calendar. And don't expect it to end the same every time. In the Vector W8, the trophy is now anyone's prize. It is here to cast legacies into jeopardy. The fight to keep the racing titans in your mirror brings quite possibly the best feelings to experience! The second best comes after you make the drive home without catching fire.
    About the Upload-
    There are five vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 1990 Vector W8 Twin Turbo. These are High-Wealth vehicles, given their status as collector cars. They will appear on your road networks.
    None needed. You won't need to spend 400k+ credits in South City either.


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  16. Police Car prop and driveable

    a black and white modern police car in driveable automata and a prop.
    as always you place these files in your SimCity plugins folder.


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  17. RLM Fence Props Revision 2

    This is the second revision of my prop pack that will contain all of my fences for all future lots (Feel free to use them as you wish).
    There are no dependencies, and they come with a self installer for windows users.
    (There is also a zip with no installer for manual installation)
    Mac users can use File Juicer.
    Email me at rebeccalmcgee@charter.net if you have any problems.
    NOTE: The read me file is online at http://RLMproductions.angelfire.com/RLMFenceProps.htm


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  18. nos.17 Essentials

    Version 11: 09.08.17
    This is a small pack that contains miscellaneous B62 props as well as my custom prop families and may be a requirement for some of my future uploads. This currently contains only a few props and a handful of prop families (including ones for LBT and SHK vehicles), and some custom textures; more will continually be added as I work. Check back often for updates as they come.
    Anyone may use any of the props, families, or textures on whatever projects you want, but please, refer to this file as a dependency. If you need to edit any of the attributes to fit your project, feel free to do do. Credit is not strictly required, but it'd be great if you would do so.
    For comments/feedback/critique/praise or just to see what's coming up next, visit my lot thread over at Simpeg here (may it rest in peace...), or at Simtropolis here.


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  19. Chevrolet Impala

    Getting from Point A to Point B is something everyone has to do sometime. Having a car comes in handy, yet not all cars are created equal. Some have to be garaged, some demand high grade fuel, others have fussy Air Conditioning, it's like what happened to driving an honest car that will just carry you down the road? The Impala is a perfect no-fuss, no frills sedan which maybe won't leave you stranded near that boarded-up shopping district. We hope you won't mind mute colored plastic.
    About this upload-
    There are eight vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 2004 Chevrolet Impala. These are Low-Wealth vehicles, given their average blue book value. They will appear on your road networks.
    None required


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  20. Krio Megapack

    TG Krio Megapack is a proppack for my uploads. Bats and models by Krio, modding by various BSC guys and gals, mostly RippleJet and barbyw.


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    A few props you may need to make your streets a bit more "alive". Most of them are night-enlighted, so don't forget that they must not be put across the lot limit in the LE (they would lose their nitelite in the game).
    [PK-tunnel top] and [PK_tunnel whole] must be stacked exactly at the same place on your lot.
    The buses only show up a few hours in the day.
    The newspapers shop's appearance changes in the middle of the night.
    The Christmas stuff only appears between december 15th and january 14th.


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  22. Aston Martin Vanquish

    Carefully crafting a masterpiece requires a sense of passion to set it apart from all other interpretations of your art. Automotive manufacturing is no exception. There is no such phrase as "good enough"; it all has to be "just right". Whether it's your V12 sports coupe, the Vesper Martini waiting at home or last night's explosive date- show some emotion!
    About the Upload-
    There are seven vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 2002 Aston Martin Vanquish. These are High-Wealth vehicles, given their approximate value. They will appear on your road networks.
    None required


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  23. Lowrider Props

    26 lowrider car models in HD. Each model has an Orthogonal and Diagonal variation.
    Represented marques are Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Ford.
    In the Lot Editor, props are found under the prefix CT14_LRP_O_ and CT14_LRP_D_, respectively.
    Four named prop families have been included:
    0x5F85E919 - CT14 LRP Ortho - Doors Open, Man 0x5F85E91A - CT14 LRP Ortho - Squattin' 0x5F85E91B - CT14 LRP Diag - Doors Open, Man 0x5F85E91C - CT14 LRP Diag - Squattin' One dat file is included with all the models and props.


    Place the folder "Lowrider Props" into your plugins folder - for example as "Plugins/CT14/Lowrider Props".
    Remove the folder to uninstall. Any lots which use these props will be a little more empty.


    04162017 - initial release version 1.0


    Please report bugs to the development thread:

    Credits and big thanks to these authors without whose work this would not have been possible, as well as to authors further acknowledged on source pages:
    1946 Ford Bomb by Coyote56
    1957 Chevrolet Bel Air by eezerz ..
    1957 Dodge Lancer by Coyote56
    1958 Chevrolet Impala by Coyote56
    1959 Chevrolet Impala by Coyote56
    1963 Chevrolet Impala by captainkirk
    1967 Chevrolet Impala by eezerz ..
    1970 Dodge Charger by Coyote56
    1971 Chrysler New Yorker by Coyote56
    1972 Ford Gran Torino by Coyote56
    1972 Plymouth Valiant Lowrider by Coyote56
    1976 Ford Torino by Coyote56
    1977 Cadillac Sedan Deville Convertible by lowriderfreak

    1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo by Coyote56
    1979 Chrysler LeBaron by Coyote56
    1980 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight by lowriderfreak
    1980s Buick Regal by eezerz ..
    1980s Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham by Sonoma ZR-2
    1980s Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75 Limousine by eezerz ..
    1980s Chevrolet Caprice by eezerz ..
    1980s Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser by eezerz ..
    1980s Pontiac LeMans by Coyote56
    Chevrolet Square Body Blazer by Muhammed A.
    Dodge Diplomat by eezerz ..
    Dodge Monaco by Coyote56


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  24. Hardy Lebanon Cedar

    I couldn't find any Lebanon Cedar or similar type tree in mods so I made my own. It replicates a common true old world cedar tree found in cities all over the world especially in Mediterranean and semi arid regions worldwide. I attached a few photos of the tree found in the real world to give you an idea what they look like and where they belong. I have commonly seen them here in Arizona in middle elevations in places like Prescott, Bisbee and Sierra Vista. Some are even found in higher colder mountain elevations like Flagstaff where I live. This tree is typically suited for a drier type climate and usually isn't found in humid places or wet places. The tree files are resourced from BSC Mega Props Vol02.  Simply drag to your plugins folder in your SimCity folder contained in your PC's documents folder. Credit goes to BSC for yet another great model set.


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  25. HD North American 53ft Semi Trailers Vol.1

    HD North American 53ft Semi Trailers Vol.1 by MushyMushy
    This is a prop pack containing 208 unique HD 53ft semi trailer models, all of which are based on North American designs. All models are rendered at 90, 45, 22.5L, and 22.5R angles with reasonably tight LODs to provide maximum flexibility. This pack includes 53ft box trailers in several liveries with and without cabs, and later packs will include other various trailers and possibly other cabs. Please note that as this is a prop pack, there are no Lots included - you must put the props on a Lot using the Lot Editor for them to show up in-game. All props can be easily found in the LE by typing "MM_" into the search bar.
    53ft box trailers with blank white, Best Buy, Conway, Costco, DHL, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, Kroger, Roadway, rusty, Safeway, Target, custom black, Mushy's Random BATs, UPS, USPS, Walmart, and Yellow liveries. All trailers are also paired with a Mack MR688, Mack CH613, Kenworth T800, Peterbilt 352, Peterbilt 359, or a custom Peterbilt 359 in various colors. Keep in mind that this pack does not have any standalone cabs (without trailers), to get those you need to download this pack. Dependencies:
    None, this is intended to be a dependency Recommended Installs:
    I'd suggest downloading these to add more versatility and variety to your fleet of trucks:
    HD North American Semi Truck Cabs Vol.1 by MushyMushy HD North American 40ft Semi Trailers Vol.1 by MushyMushy Install Instructions:
    Unzip the downloaded file and place the included folder into your SC4 plugins folder. No readme is included due to the simplistic nature of this download.  


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