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Props to create custom SimCity 4 lots.

1,136 Files

  1. BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 01

    In the interest of efficiency and consistancy, I have merged ALL prop packs and texture packs that I created into one MEGA Prop Pack.  Some of these files were never released individually.  Most of them have had minor enhancements, and improvements over time. 
    For best results, please remove the following files from your system before installing this pack.  This pack replaces ALL of these files. Some of these files may have been slightly renamed, so if one on your system matches closely, but not exactly, it is probably the same one.
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol01.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol02.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol03.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol04.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol05.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol06.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol07.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol08.dat
    BSC BAT Props SG Vol09.dat
    BSC SG ConstructionPropsVol01.dat
    BSC SG FloraPack Vol01.dat
    BSC SG FloraPack Vol02.dat
    BSC SG FloraPack Vol03.dat
    BSC SG PondPack Vol01.dat
    BSC SG Prop Pack Bananas.dat
    BSC SG Props People Vol01.dat
    BSC Textures SG Vol 01.dat
    BSC Textures SG Vol 02.dat
    BSC Textures SG Vol 03.dat
    BSC Textures SG Vol 04.dat
    BSC Textures SG Vol 05.dat
    SG Props Grocery.dat


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  2. BSC Prop Pack Cycledogg No 1

    A MEGA collection of seasonal and evergreen trees and shrubs, fences, walls, hedges, and cars (including diagonal versions of most items).  Will be used on forthcoming lots.
    Also adds 4 trees to your mayor mode menu.  Like the default mayor mode trees, these trees start small and grow with age.
    To install, unzip, and run the .exe installer.


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  3. European car replacement mod

    This mod replaces most of the game's default automata with 98 european cars.
    Low wealth automata:
    Fiat Multipla----------------replaces----------the hatchback
    Citroen C2-----------------replaces----------the cheap wagon
    Renault Master/Kangoo----replaces----------old pickup/regular pickup
    Volkswagen Fox-----------replaces----------quad pickup
    Renault Clio----------------replaces----------cheap sedan
    2 door and 4 door Smart cars
    Meduim wealth automata
    Fiat Ulysse----------------replaces----------mini van
    Renault Megane coupe----replaces----------muscle car
    Renault Scenic------------replaces----------sport coupe
    Renault Megane sedan----replaces----------black-top coupe
    Volkswagen Touran------replaces----------SUV
    Fiat Stilo wagon----------replaces----------squareback wagon
    Renault Laguna-----------replaces----------large SUV
    Fiat Barchetta------------replaces----------commuter car
    Renault Trafic van
    High wealth automata
    Mercedes SLK---------replaces---------coupe
    Porsche 911------------replaces---------old porsche
    BMW 525i-------------replaces---------old porsche
    Mercedes S Classe-----replaces---------Luxury sedan
    Volvo XC90 SUV
    244 family props are included.
    There is a file that includes 3 German taxis.
    All 7 dat files go into your game's plugin folder.
    This is for all you European city builders out there...have fun.


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  4. BSC SFBT Street Tree Mod

    Following in jeronij's footsteps, this is another "all inclusive" mod that changes the look of your streets. The main focus is set to residential streets; however, a few commercial and agricultural zones can be altered as well. Other optional files will also change the look of the default Maxis trees on roads and oneway roads. The main goal of this mod is to add trees to streets in residential zones, as well as parked cars, which is a very common sight throughout Europe.

    Mod Details
    This mod is fully modular, so you can decide which street and road tiles should be affected by the mod, and you can also decide which trees should show up there. For this purpose, several street tree DATs have been created. It's even possible to mix the various tree styles, however the result will look best when you only install one DAT at once. More tree style DATs can be created later to use trees by other designers as well. Unfortunately, this method doesn't work for seasonal trees, but a seasonal tree version of this mod might be released later.

    Depending on wealth type and zone density, the look of the streets varies. You won't see any cars parked on the curb in high-wealth low density zones, and only medium and high density zones will have parking bays and dirt circles for the trees. Please note that the DATs for roads and oneway roads will only change the trees, but they do not add any cars or parking bays to your roads. The DAT for agricultural zones doesn't add any cars or parking bays either.

    You can install or uninstall the mod at any time you want. To update your streets with the new look (or the default Maxis look again), simply select the street tool and click on your streets, i. e. on the crossroads. The props will change automatically in a radius of a few tiles. By clicking more than one time, you can also alter the appearance of the trees, in case the first click didn't meet your liking for some reason. If brown boxes are showing up, please make sure you have all dependencies, as listed below.


    This mod is not compatible with any other street mod, such as jeronij's streetside mod, ardecila's street tree mod, swamper77's no palm mod (however, the files that remove the palms from lots etc. will work fine) or Pegasus' no street junk mod. If other mods that modify the look of the streets are installed, only the one that is loaded last will determine the appearance in the game.


    If you want to use Cycledogg's or Pegasus' trees, you also have to install the following files. The files described above will use trees from all four packs by Cycledogg, so make sure these are installed properly. If you don't install the dependencies, brown boxes will show up on your streets.
    CP_PropPack_Vol01.dat CP_PropPack_Vol02.dat CPT_No8_TreeModelsPartOne.dat CPT_No9_TreeModelsPartTwo.dat PEG_MTP_RESOURCE_vol1.dat Please make sure to read the readme file for further details. This mod is using an installer, Mac users can find a ZIP version


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    4 trees which change with seasons. As they got a concrete base at the bottom, they are especially designed for street use. They're also night-enlighted, so don't place them across the lot limit in the LotEditor (they would lose their nitelight in the game).
    Don't worry: there will be no tree on your lot before the next season swap: it's normal.
    In the LE, stack together at the same place:
    [PK-tree01-fall] + [PK-tree01-winter] + [PK-tree01-summer] + [Pk-leaves-street]
    [PK-tree02-fall] + [PK-tree02-winter] + [PK-tree02-summer] + [Pk-leaves-street]
    and so on...


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    A few props you may need to make your streets a bit more "alive". Most of them are night-enlighted, so don't forget that they must not be put across the lot limit in the LE (they would lose their nitelite in the game).
    [PK-tunnel top] and [PK_tunnel whole] must be stacked exactly at the same place on your lot.
    The buses only show up a few hours in the day.
    The newspapers shop's appearance changes in the middle of the night.
    The Christmas stuff only appears between december 15th and january 14th.


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  7. BSC PEG Texture Pack Vol 01

    This file now forms part of the BSC MEGA Textures Vol01.
    Inview of the fact that many lots that were built in accordance to the PEG License agreement will now become useless due to the decision by PEG Production to withdraw their TEXTURES. BSC has decided to release the PEG Textures in their original format as they were made available to the community. Extraction from the included PEG License Agreement ... "Permission is granted to use, examine and freely distribute this product and any related material for non-commercial use only." WHo must download ... Only NEW Users of LOTS that contains PEG Textures. Lotbuilders must point their users to this file if they make use of PEG Production Textures.


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  8. NHP School and Hospital Usage and Population Graph MOD byJPlumbley

    New Horizons Productions
    NHP School and Hospital Usage and Population Graph MOD
    By JPlumbley
    Ever wondered why sims dont goto school but you have a huge EQ? Or why you have about 70% of your sims within 2 age groups?
    Well now this mod will fix those 2 problems. Your graph will look much more balanced instead of warped. And because you have more sims in the younger ages I have also fixed the problem of your under used elementary schools and have made them useful!! In a city of about 50,000 in testing I had about 4,000 sims under the age of 10 and about 3500 citywide in elementary schools. This mod was designed to have between 70-80% of your population between the age brackets 1-30going to school which is much closer to RL than the vanilla version. This is the first release, testing has shown that these values should work up until about 500,000 population beyond that has not been tested.
    Hospitals have also been modified to have usage of about 25% of your population. If you think about it in RL hospitals are always being used as a drop in doctors office for anything from runny noses to broken arms.
    No conflict are known to exsist as of this upload. To report an abnormality or confilct or any other problem please do it here:
    Population Age, School and Hospital Usage MOD
    There are no dependencies. And this MOD works with old cities, in old cities you will see and imediate jump in school usage and that will obviously cost your budgets more.

    Need to get in touch with NHP? Contact us here with any questions, comments or suggestions.


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  9. Tire

    Well, here is my first BAT and upload, a single tire that I needed to make a racetrack, you gotta laugh, I'm laughing. I followed the tutorial and managed to figure it out. It took me two weeks to make this, haha. But now that I have the process understood, I will learn more andin the future make some nice stuff for ya's (hopefully withinthis century, haha). I hope I did the zip right. Anyone let me know if your able to use it in the Lot Editor, so then I will know it's ok. If I made errors I apologize now and help me correct them. Thanks a bunch.


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  10. NHP New York City by beskhu3epnm

    New Horizons Productions
    New York City

    By beskhu3epnm

    New York City is the largest city in the United States and one of the world's major global cities. Located in the state of New York, the city has a population of over 8.2 million within an area of 321 square miles (approximately 830 km²) making it the most densely populated major city in North America. With a population of 18.7 million, the New York Metropolitan Area is one of the largest urban areas in the world.
    However, in SC4, it will be up to you to decide whether or not to replicate this giant, or to simply create something new.
    This map was created using new 16bit technology that makes maps 100% accurate. Created entirely from 16bit PNG greyscale (JPEG is 8bit), the map never drops below 16bits of data. It is spaced for 16m per pixel, 1:1 in the SC4 world. The elevations are 100% accurate as per DEM data. This is an exact replica!
    The map measures 7 large tiles wide by 10 large tiles long (1793x2561). A config is included in the package, however don’t limit yourself creatively, as it is all large tiles.
    The various harbors and landings in the city were represented in the DEM data, and therefore are still present. They only take a few seconds to remove, however. Do so at your own risk!!
    The Columbus Terrain Textures were used when opening/saving the city tiles in game, but any terrain mod can used to do the same.
    The PEG Brigantine Water Mod was used when opening/saving the city tiles in game, but any terrain mod can used to do the same.
    Make sure to visit our NHP Map Forum for posting your thoughts, suggestions, requests and comments + sneak peaks of future maps by the New Horizons Productions Team. Also, there are some much better screenshots of this map available in the thread. Enjoy this map, and don’t forget to comment & rate, even if you hate it!

    Check out NHP's other maps.


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  11. BSC Daeley Regional Tracking Mod

    bugs noticed:
    ** after deeper investigation by Pheonix Rising it appears the mod does not work if you start up the game with a shortcut you have created yourself. So if this mod doesn't work for you, try starting the game with the Maxis default desktop shortcut, or (if you deleted this shortcut or didn't make one) start the game though "Start > all programs > Maxis > SimCity 4" from the start menu. (Big thank you to Pheonix Rising)
    ** this mod write to savefiles to backup the information gathers. Unfortunatly, it seems this mod will occasionally be closed off in the middle of writing to a file, causing the file to be corrupt. When this happens, this can cause the game to freeze. If you are experiencing this, please look for two files called "BSCfields.dat" and "popfile.dat" in your Apps folder and delete these files. This will fix the problem but will also reset tracking. If you do not wish to lose tracking, make a backup of these files once in a while. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Daeley presents:
     the BSC Regional Tracking Mod
    The BSC Regional tracking mod is a mod designed to store specific data from your cities and make them available for the entire region to enhance regional play.
    Whenever you enter a city, you will receive a popup message asking you to track the city. With the data tracked by the mod, you can also have a look at a detailed regional population report and, for the farming lovers out there, you can look at the number of BTE fields in your region.
    Several upcoming releases from the BSC will also use this data to enhance queries or reward requirements.
    a word of caution:
    The regional tracking mod saves data dependant on the *NAME OF THE CITY. This means there are two limitations you should keep in mind during gameplay:
    1. Deleting or renaming a city confuses this mod. I advise against renaming, but if you want to delete a city, it's best to just start a new city with the same name. If you wish to just create a test city you plan on quickly deleting, you always choose *NOT TO TRACK THE CITY.
    2. Similarly, two cities with the same name in the same region (different region is ok) will result in only the data from the last one visited being saved.
    Note that cities are not tracked by default. This means when applying this mod to an old region, you need to visit each untracked city and track it, much like when you use a watermod to change the color of the water.
    If you have any other downloads by the BSC you should already have this file. If not, download the BSC essentials package: http://www.simtropolis.com/STEX/index.cfm?mode=files&filetype=BAT&Str=bsc%20essentials%20files

    have fun,
    if any problems should exist, please do not hesitate to post them on the appropriate thread in the BSC forum at simtropolis.
    26.05.05 : A bug caused the mod not to track cities with single 'quotes' or double "quotes" in their names. A fix has been made for single quotes, but double quotes are still not possible. Thanks to Guinessmonkey for tracking and reporting this bug.


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  12. Foss Construction Tower Crane

    Tower crane and its tower.
    The tower unit is 12m high, so should be raised by 12m every time to make a larger tower. Then the crane should go at a multiple of 12m hight.
    UPDATE: Added new crane, and fised the problem with the placement outlines when in the LotEditor.
    UPDATE: Added site hoarding, and Caterpiller Crane.


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  13. BART Talent elevated and subway train

    Due to popular request: I modded my BART commuter train into an elevated train, so you can use it with both transportation systems. Since the cars are a bit longer than the Maxis ones, it might look odd when the train changes from el to subway, but otherwise it works quite well.
    This mod will replace the original el-train/subway cars. There are two files included, one for the engine, and one for the wagons. Put both into your plugins folder (My DocumentsSimCity 4Plugins) and make sure no other el-train mod is installed.


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  14. NTA Modern Bus

    I added the Euro version of this set for the Left Hand Drive MOD. I also added a green bus for an extra bus line for your city.

    This is a set of modern passenger buses for your Sims. They are electric and have solar panels on top for extra energy. A perfect bus for a modern and clean city!
    This MOD contains both US and Euro version (Left Hand Drive). Please install only one of them at a time.
    Extract all the files inside of zip file into your My Documents\Simcity4\Plugins folder.
    None! Just unzip in your plugins folder. Make sure you don't have other custom buses that would conflict with this mod.
    If you have any issues with this or any other station feel free to PM me (brenda_xne). I would also love to see screenshots of your cities using my creations.


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  15. SFBT Cow Pat

    Ploppable Mayor Mode trees have become popular recently, and developers quickly realized that the same method can be applied to any prop, so we also have seen ploppable bushes and shrubs, boats, coral reefs and even rocks. Small things like these are often used by city journalists in order to recreate the real world as detailed as possible.

    T Wrecks created a wonderful city journal in the German SimForum, showing open lands with smooth hills and lots of agricultural zones. Even the smallest village gets lots of attention, and so every detail has to be perfect. One thing, however, was missing: realistic livestock paddocks! If you have ever been to any rural area in the world, the first thing you notice in a cow paddock are lots and lots of cow pats.

    Finally, this important detail has been recreated for SimCity as well. Simply open your Mayor Mode menu, select the SFBT cow pat and plop as many as you want. Other than their real-life counterparts, those doesn't smell, and they won't affect the ground water at all!


    This download doesn't have any external dependencies!


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  16. One World Week Flag Props

    Just something special i made for 'One World Week'. This is a collection of Flag Props from various countries around the world plus 4 more flags from Simtropolis Various CJ's.
    Real World Flags:

    Great Britain
    New Zealand
    United States
    South Africa
    CJ's Included:


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  17. Police Car prop and driveable

    a black and white modern police car in driveable automata and a prop.
    as always you place these files in your SimCity plugins folder.


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  18. NHP Our Mini Earth Pack

    This is my third upload as NHP member, this is the map of my CJ Our Mini Earth, the config size 63x35 use it by your own. The map of the entire earth (not scaled) it shows realistics details of many sides of the earth, if you want the map looks like mine you have to use many terrain mods for this and change your plugin folder every when you load the game.
    This map was made with 3 different ways to upload into SimCity
    You'll see 3 files inside the zip, PICK ONLY ONE for render.
    Normal Process.zip - this file is just the grey map and
    the config. For install it:
    1.- Make a folder name into your documents / SimCity 4 / regions
    2.- Add to that folder your region name
    3.- Extract the jpg and cofig file of Our_Mini- Normal Process or Our_Mini_Earth Normal process for snow mod of jeronij into the folder that you crated.
    4.- Load your SimCity 4 and press at the same time ctrl + shift + alt + r and you’ll see a blue box in the game.
    5.- Find the jpg file in your region of SimCity 4 documents.
    6.- Your computer should render it, you must wait...
    for jeronij snow mod.zip - like the first file but this just special for jeronij snow modd and columbus terrain modd.
    For SC4 TerraFormer and Mapper.zip - This is recommended file that is showed at STEX, this file is more detailed and realistic. You can also use mods.
    For this file you need SC4Mapper or SC4 TerraFormer V1.0c or recent. (it does not work with past versions)
    Instructions for SC4Mapper:
    1.- Open NHP SC4Mapper
    2.- Select create region icon
    3.- Select SC4M icon
    4.- Search the SC4M file in the downloaded zip and open it
    5.- You'll see the region, click on save region icon and add the name to it, wait it to load.
    6.- Open your SimCity 4 and it will show you the SC4TerraFormer texture, to change it you have to open every city and save it.
    Instructions for SC4TerraFormer:
    1.- Open SC4TerraFormer v1.0c or recent.
    2.- File and open any region that you have
    3.- Again file create a new region
    4.- Put the name of your region in the white box
    5.- Add the downloaded SC4M file into it
    6.- It will open the region, save it
    7.- Open your SimCity 4 and it will show you the SC4TerraFormer texture, to change it you have to open every city and save it.
    Thanks for read it...
    If you use this in you Cj's credit me for the region
    I don’t care about copyrights but use it by your own.
    Special thanks to all NHP members...
    Visit Our Mini Earth! http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=36&threadid=85908&STARTPAGE=1&FTVAR_FORUMVIEWTMP=Linear



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  19. NDEX Postal Vehicles by Ardecila

    This set of files allows postal trucks to be spawned into your cities, and cruise around your homes and businesses.  You must install both DAT files into your plugins directory for this to work.
    Only included are American Postal Vehicles; but eventually I or others will release packs for other countries onto the STEX.
    Before you can see these trucks in your cities, however, you also need to plop some sort of Post Office lot in your city.  It makes no sense to see trucks without a Post Office!  There are or will be several Post Office lots on the STEX, and most of them will spawn these trucks.  If the lot works with my system, the description will tell you so.
    For Developers: If you would like to release a pack for another country, or would like to customize the Postal Vehicles for your own region, then all 3 files in the "ADC_Postal_US.dat" need to be replaced.  Also, if you would like one of your custom lots to spawn these vehicles, you must add the Occupant Group 0x000af11b to the lot.


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  20. CTA L Trains Modd v2

    Are you tired of the colorful, square boxes Maxis tried to pass off as transit?  Do you crave a higher level of realism?
    I present the Chicago Transit Authority's 3200-series rapid transit vehicle.  Featuring full night-lighting and textured detail, the model has accurate sizes and proportions.
    Textures have been cleaned up and corrected since version 1, and glowing headlights have been added.


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  21. BLaM Signage Volume 1

    This pack of props contains the 26 letters of the alphabet (all capitals) situated on frames to enable you to make "Hollywood" style city name signs, or indeed any similar signs you might need. Also included in the archive are the three test lots you see in the picture: one showing all 26 letters, one showing the word "Simtropolis" and one showing the word "Simcities". As these are test lots they do not have custom icons, nor do they cost anything or have any effect on the game. They are purely to illustrate the use of the props. Of course, to use these lots in game you need to have the props installed.
    The letters are contained in the file BLaM_signs_clean.dat. The test lots in the file BLaMSignsTestLots.dat. All props can be found in the Lot Editor with the format BLaM_signs_[letter]_clean, this naming being used as I intend to do weathered and rusty versions at a later date.
    As these are props there are no statistics. You are free to use these props in anyway you feel fit, but please do not include the props with any files you release, but instead point users to this file as a dependency. Many thanks.

    To instal
    BLaM recommends the making of a folder named BLaM within your plugins folder. The contents of the folder contained within the download zip archive may then be dragged directly to that folder.
    BAT: op4
    Thank you to the entire BLaM team for their constant support.
    Release Notes
    All BLaM releases are available on the SimTropolis Exchange (STEX) and the SimCities Exchange (SCExchange). Individual members may release at other locations in addition to these. Please check the relevant readme file(s).
    BLaM Signage Volume 1 v1.0


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  22. No Palm Mods

    These mods will remove the palm trees from your cities to help make you city look more temperate. The "No $$$ Palms" mods remove the palm trees from your streets and roads. You will have to rebuild your streets and roads in high wealth areas for the changes to take effect. The "No Palms Props" mods alter the palm tree props to look like a pine tree or a deciduous tree. Please READ the readmes associated with each mod group. They are in separate folders in the zip.


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  23. BNSF GE Dash9 44CW

    This is the first in a series of railroads I plan to release this in.
    -> Includes custom headlights.
    -> Optionally replaces the in-game GP38.
    If you want to paint or modify your own, download the
    GE C44dash9w Model Kit!


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  24. FF KTX Train mod

    FROGFACE: KTX express train mod
    Modified from Oppie's TGV model
    This mod changes the trains to look like the KTX "Korea Train Express" trains in South Korea
    more info from the official website: http://ktx.korail.go.kr/eng/
    Install this into the main plugins folder, not the "mydocuments" one
    Comes with:


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  25. Euro school bus

    The Simtropolis-member "Glenni" asked me to create a new school bus, that fits into european cities. It was a long way to go, but finally there it is: My new euro school bus! Maybe the model is not perfect, but it is much better than the yellow one. 

    Note: While I was creating the new dat-file, there where some problems with the new school bus, but I think I brough it to work. If somebody of you gets an graphic-bug during the game, please tell me. Of course I tested the file, but you never know...

    How to install the new school bus?
    Put the .dat-file into your plugins- folder!

    Are there any dependencies?

    Have fun with the new model!


       (31 Reviews)




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