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Custom Lot files for SimCity 4.

5,525 Files

  1. Hole Digging Lots

    This package contains nine one-tile long lots that have been modded to dig holes, and one that does the reverse by lifting the ground level up. The hole digging lots have been designed to dig entrances for tunnels, but they can be used in many ways (digging a ditch for a sunken highway, or for an underpass are examples). New hole digging lots include an avenue digging lot an a lot for sunken highways. The pictures show how a tunnel can be created in 6 simple steps and a sunken highway in 5 steps using these lots. smoncrie


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  2. NDEX Global Essentials File

    This file is required for proper functionality of nearly all NDEX lots.  Unfortunately, due to increasingly frequent updates, we have decided to have it be a dependency for our lots so that we may update it when needed without requiring you to re-download lots.  This also shrinks each download's size by approximately 600 KB.


    This file ("NDEX Global Essentials.dat") has been updated from the one distributed with previous lots.  You should delete the one you have in your plugins folder now.  In addition, amid much heated debate, it was decided that this file - and this file ONLY - would be distributed via an installer due to the importance of placing it in the correct directory within your plugins folder.  Updates will find this file, remove it, and replace it with the newer version when issued, if the files are placed in the default folder.


    For now, Mac players can temporarily find the newest version in the recent Dakota Park Place upload.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  Once I get a website again, I will host this file in generic zip format for you to use and will post a link on this page.


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  3. Air Purification Plant

    Listed under Parks but this baby isn't your average park. It activly cleans the air around it very well for a rather nice radius. It also looks cool.


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  4. RH Airport Pack

    Dont your Sims deserve a good airport. One with plenty of take off and landing room and a ultra modern terminal where passengers can rest in comfort before their flights. Well then you need the Airport pack.
    This is Version 1.3 Refer to the manual for all other info.
    Adds over 40 other new tiles to help you build your airport the way you want it.
    And check back here often to see more updates i may find a better home for these updates or another way to do it at simtrop but until then track this lot.
    Airport pack no longer replaces ingame airports and now has a way to operate regionally along with many other new changed in V1.2.


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  5. FmBeachesForIrregularCoasts

    This pack is perfect for the irregular coasts of your cities. The depth of these beaches enables you to put them on irregular coasts by keeping alignment and some of them can be put in the corners.
    - Seagulls were removed to improve performances.
    - Version 3.0 includes 10 lots with a transit-enabled version.
    - ReadMe is now in HTML, and contains a complete description of this pack.
    Post comments, suggestions and requests here.
    Enjoy !


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    *** UPDATED: Aug 17, 2007 ***
    The bus and subway stations in SimCity require a 1x1 tile to be built. This not only takes up valuable space and makes very hard to build them after the lots have been developed (esp in downtown areas) but it is also unrealistic, as in most places in the world the bus stops are placed on sidewalks.
    So, some community members have made a set of bus stops and subways that can be placed directly on roads, known as "Road-Top Mass-Transit". The two earlier versions were made by Darkmatter, Teirusu and CJMarshall (CJM). This new version has been named Version 3.00.
    - Special thanks to cjmarshall for granting permission to build on his own work, and for the help he has provided.
    - Special thanks to memo and Andreas Roth for their modding advice and their commenting/reviewing.
    - Special thanks to Diggis and Daeley for the Menu-Management Lot.
    - Special thanks to RippleJet, Andreas Roth, AcE-cOdEr, Ennedi, Rayden, sebes, BarbyW, ebina, dmscopio, vester, ExiLe, Marco Berzacola and ussagus for their translations.
    - Special thanks to mcdrye; he has made a model specifically for the purpose.
    - Many thanks to Antoine, Gascooker, gshmails, NOB, Pooty, Porkissimo, RalphaelNinja, and SimGoober for granting permission to use their models in the package.
    - Many thanks to Thorvin, Swamper77 and Tropod for the help and the information they have provided.

    New Features in this Version:
    This plugin has been based on the previous work made by CJM but incorporates many additional features. The new key features are listed below:
    - Realistic Buildings and Props: the lots now have buildings and props that are likely to lie around mass-transit stops and stations, for example bus stop shelters and phone booths instead of benches and planters.
    - Selectable and Interchangeable Buildings and Props: they can be selected by the player (in any combination, rather than in "themes"). The building set can also be extended. So, it is possible to build a transit system in your own, very special and customisable style.
    - Revamped texturing system: the stations now have separate textures for the sidewalk/pavement and the road markings (now implemented as overlay textures), making their appearance customisable and compatible to the Euro Roads Textures Mod (or any other road textures scheme) and allowing to use custom road markings.
    - NAM- and CAM-Compatible Capacities: capacities have been modified, so as to match the different capacities of NAM and CAM. There are separate .dat files for each capacity configuration.
    - Non-Roadtop Stations: the package now includes three non-roadtop stations (bus, subway, combo); they use the same models and props and have common design principles.
    - GLR-in-Avenue Stations: new stations for the Avenue/GLR dual network puzzle pieces of the new NAM. These include not only busstops and subways, but GLR stations as well (all combinations).
    - Translations to German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Japanese and Chinese (both traditional and simplified).
    - Menu-Management Lot (MML), hiding menu buttons, and enabling them again by plopping a Construction Lot.
    - Additional improvements concerning the plop and maintenace cost consistency, hover and click queries, menu buttons and descriptions, lot sizes, wealth settings etc.
    Change Log:

    - Aug 30, 2005: V3.00, Release. If you have this version pls download again!
    -Aug 31, 2005: V3.01, Included locale file (was left out mistakenly)
    -Oct 14, 2005: V3.02, Updated documentation
    -Jan 28, 2006: V3.10, Added 2x1 Stations for Roads, added German Translation, updated Documentation (pls check the readme)
    -Aug 17, 2007: V3.50, Added GLR-in-Avenue Stations, MML, translations to the most SC4 languages, CAMpatible capacities, additional props/models, improved behaviour on slopes.All updates till now are backwards compatible, ie all lots plopped using an older version are compatible to the new versions. This means that you don't need to bulldoze anything when installing a newer version.
    Add-ins (these are NOT dependencies):

    - Sep 22, 2005 Additional Subway Entrance Props   - Nov 1, 2005 UK Bus-Stop Road-Markings - Updated! - Nov 20, 2005 Berlin Mass-Transit Theme   - Jan 30, 2006 German MT Road Markings - Updated! If you have trouble installing this pack, please check these Installers.

    - This plugin has multiple configuration options. Please check the documentation and take the little time necessary to CONFIGURE YOUR INSTALLATION properly. Also download and install the few dependencies required, so as to avoid BROWN BOXES.
    - If you already have a RTMTV3 installation check the readme for update instructions.


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  7. Simcity Police Headquarters

    This massive Police station will cover an entire large city with 50 patrol cars. And a built in Jail holding up to 240 inmates. But this new technologically advanced Facility doesnt come cheap at $3000 per month. But enjoy the realism of having a single police station in your cities.
    Size 6z8


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  8. Roadtop Mass Transit V3 Installers

    *** Updated: Aug 17, 2007 *

    The Roadtop Mass-Transit pack, released more than one year ago, was quite a success.
    It allows a very flexible configuration, with the props and textures being selectable by the player (by installing optional plugins). But along with this flexibility came also problems, with many players being unable to install the pack properly.

    This pack contains no new features, only installers for easier installation. If you have already installed the pack, you don't need to download this.
    This download contains three installers:
    - The main installer: it installs the main RTMTV3 folder, selecting the desired options.
    - A prop installer in a prop-family configuration (multiple busstop and subway models in the same city): contains a set of selected props (SimGoober's busstop shelters, McDrye's subways, two GLR shelters (short and long version) the small yellow phonebooth, timetable, no bus-sign). According to most players, these are the best looking models. You will need to install only one dependency, Suburban Bus Stop Set by SimGoober.
    - A prop installer in a single-prop configuration (a single busstop and a single subway model used throughout your city): contains a set of selected props (TfL busstop shelter by Stirling1, London Underground subway by McDrye, one GLR shelter (short version), the red phonebooth, timetable, no bus-sign - actually the busstop model already contains a built-in bussign). This is the simplest possible installation and requires no external dependencies.
    You will need to install the main installer plus one of the two prop installers.
    Don't just click "Next>"..Next">", please read the information shown as well.
    It is also possible to install one of the prop sets, and then modify the installation as needed (add, remove or replace props). If you have selected the prop-family set, you can add additional busstop and subway props (included in the original pack as well in the Add-Ins, released later).
    It is strongly recommended that before plopping your first RTMT station you check the documentation for Tips and Workarounds. In the prop-families case, the game selects the props to be displayed randomly, but you can force the game select specific props (esp useful when plopping a bus stop, and you want the game to select two same busstop shelters).

    * Aug 17, 2007 Update: Contains the latest version of the package (V3.50)

    Note: If you already have a RTMTV3 installation, it may be preferable to consider installing the ZIP Version instead. The documentation contains specific instructions on how to update an existing installation.

    View my other lots on the STEX


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  9. Academy Awards Theatre

    *UPDATED* (See Rush Hour notes below) The stars have come out over SimCity tonight and so have the fans, to attend the presentation of the Sim Academy Awards and to get a glimpse of the glitteratti. The Academy Awards Theatre is the home of the "Mayors", a little statue that looks just like you but gives your lucky movie star Sims a status far above the rest. Get your cameras out and get ready for the big night!
    5X5 Landmark Lot
    Free to plop but 10,000 to bulldoze
    Rush Hour Notes: 11/23/03
    I tested this lot in a clean installation of Rush Hour. The only plugins in the folder were bldgprp_vol1 and vol2 along with the AATheatre lot file downloaded from the LEX today. No other lots or plugins are on my system, anywhere, except those that were on the original cd's (I am working from a clean hard drive). Also installed on the machine is the Lot Editor (downloaded clean today). I hope it works for you as well it does for me.


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  10. Super Cash Park

    Need money and tired of typing in weaknesspays over and over. Put this park in you city and get over 4 billion in one month! Normal open grass area just modded with ilive.
    WARNING!: SimCity may crash when you have $1 trillion or more.
    I have had no problems with this lot in Rush Hour though I have only used a couple of times; it should work fine.


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  11. RMIP 2 Small Airport Edition vol 1

    RMIP-2: Not Just For Runways! The goal of RMIP-2 is to increase the realism of all paved areas in SimCity 4 airports. This edition contains runway, taxiway, and apron Lots suitable for landing strips and municipal airports. Future volumes and editions will have wider runways and curves appropriate for large aircraft.
    This release features:
    - Updated asphalt runways with new shoulders and lighting
    - Taxiways with authentic shoulders, markings, and lighting
    - True-scale Approach Lighting Systems
    - Signs for runways and taxiways
    - All lots made acessible to U-Drive-It Aircraft
    - and much more!
    These Lots will appear toward the bottom of the Airports menu. I've modded them with custom names, icons, and captions. For placement instructions and further details, please consult the included readme file.
    There are no external dependencies.


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  12. RCI Query Upgrade Mod

    This is a mod I wrote after becoming frustrated with the demand cap situation in one of my cities.  I realized I had no idea what the cap status was until the desirability began to fall and buildings began to dilapidate and abandon.  As a result, I took the game's three primary developer queries (residential, commercial, and industrial) and added some details and statistics to them, and that's what you have here.  The most important information this mod features relates to the demand caps.  These caps limit growth in your cities, and the percentage you have filled is shown in all 3 'upgraded' queries.  For complete information on how demand caps work, and how to read the data in the queries, consult the enclosed HTML readme file.  It explains them all in depth, based on information from the Prima strategy guide.  Also found in the queries are somewhat simpler stats like the number of each density zoned in the active city, and the demand for the developer type, but reflective of your cap status.

    These queries replace the default residential, commercial, and industrial queries.  You don't need to do anything other than plop 'em in the right folder for them to work (see the readme file!).  This means that both the queries for the growable buildings and the plopables with jobs (both Maxis-default and STEX-downloaded) will have these new queries, unless they have their own custom one defined.

    I owe a big thanks to Daeley - without his assistance and question answering, I never would have been able to write any sort of custom UI file.

    Version 1.2 (November 12th, 2004): new readme format, STEX description updated to account for the 4.0 upgrade-induced 'bugs'.  Not much else has changed.


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  13. RMIP 2 Small Airport Edition Vol 2

    Reuploaded 29 July 2011
    Original Upload 29 May 2006

    This package extends the RMIP-2 airport pavement set with aircraft parking and several accessory lots.

    Aircraft stands on turf, asphalt, and concrete are included, plus alleyway markings, fillers, and taxiway junctions. This package pre-dates BATed aircraft -- the MAXIS regional jet, four-prop, bizjet, and single-prop are used on these stands.

    Other lots/props included in this package:
    - prefab U-Drive-It airfield
    - small aircraft hangars
    - VOR and compass calibration pads
    - windsock and tetrahedron props
    - jetbridge for MAXIS regional jet

    This upload is provided as a plain ZIP file, just like the original.

    No dependencies.

    For issues with this file, and to check out (much newer) airport stuff see the AC Team boards over here.


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  14. Ground Rail 2 Elevated Rail Transition

    Ground Rail Elevated Rail Transition
    Credit to Ragutaro for the creation of this Transit Enabled Lot. I have but merely made some modifications to the Lot, to be English compatible.
    Also though, this Lot has been made UDI compatible, but only in conjunction with the NAM [Network Addon Mod ~ available from the Mods section]. In other words, you need the NAM for this Lot to be UDI compatible for EI Trains, Passenger Trains, & Freight Trains.
    PLEASE read the README file included for technical details regarding the UDI aspect of this Lot, as there is a certain methodology required in order to use this Lot for UDI to work.
    Updated info: Just some minor changes that were needed for functional purposes; & minor better visual display for the Route Query going through the Lot. Be sure to replace any existing ones that may exist in any cities (this only necessary if you have the NAM~otherwise for functional purposes it won't matter). Also though; the Capacity has been increased to 20,000 (not that it matters though, because the Lot doesn't have any impact on commute).


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  15. Downtown High School

    The Downtown High School provides young Sims all the benefits of the regular High School but is better suited for architectural integration within an urban setting. Built on a 3x2 lot.


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  16. Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

    Based on the Water Purification Lot this smaller lot (3x3) is ready to reduce water pollution heavily. And, it's radius is boosted. More jobs as well. No cost changes. I really have no idea what a Reverse Osmosis plant LOOKS like, I just know what it does, and it does it well.


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  17. Landmarks with Employment

    This puts employed people in all the towering Landmarks. This now uses real RCI functions as given by RalphaelNinja through his RCI lots.
    These lots also do not need zoning. They just need, power, water and roads. They also do not have negative effects on your commercial demand.
    Bank of America
    Bank of China
    California Plaza
    Chrysler Building
    Empire State Building
    John Hancock Center
    Korea Life/63 Building
    Living Mall
    Smith Tower
    Capitol Records
    Rockefeller Center
    Rush Hour:
    Columbia Seafirst Center
    Be sure to read the readme file included.
    Official Simtropolis tread is here: http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=38077&pageNo=1&num=&sessionID=5533A18A186C4212B9B40082AD0C9C29
    8/25 I've tweaked with demand caps so that there is demand cap relief for each building.
    10/13 Capitol Records Building and Columbia Seafirst Center have been added along with a special query.
    11/9 I've updated these lots so that they shouldn't grow on lots smaller than needed(if they grow at all.) I've also fixed the bug that caused "Tourism" to show up in the other RCI queries.
    01/02 Rockefeller Center added
    I'll be adding special landmarks such as the Alamo and Big Ben at a later date. I think you'll be suprised by the changes so keep checking here.


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  18. 1x1 Underground parking garage

    Recieves 1,500 cars in one 1x1 tile, $150 plop, $5 monthly, relieves your adjacent transit system.


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  19. RMIP 2 Small Airport Edition Vol 3

    RMIP-2: Not Just For Runways! The goal of RMIP-2 is to increase the realism of all paved areas in SimCity 4 airports. This final follow-up release of the Small Airport Edition features:
    - Diagonal Taxiways with authentic markings, signage, and lighting
    - Radio Navigation Aids by blahdy
    - Expanded passenger walkways kit
    - Diagonal apron & ramp lanes
    - New ramp-edged orthogonal taxiway pieces
    - All lots made accessible to U-Drive-It Aircraft
    - TE taxiway & runway approach crossings
    RMIP-2 Small Airport Edition Volume 1
    RMIP-2 Small Airport Edition Volume 2
    These Lots will appear toward the bottom of the Airports menu, interspersed with icons from the previous RMIP-2 releases. I've modded them with custom names, icons, and captions. For placement instructions and further details, please consult the included readme file.


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  20. Ionizer Hydro Power System

    Power, Water, Air pollution filter and a Water Treatment Plant All-in-One. A Quad functional lot, what more can you ask for. This is a serious power house!!


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  21. World Plaza

    The WorldPlaza is a park designed to fill the unused space of an avenue roundabout. There is a bronze and sliver globe in the middle.It also creates eyecandy pedestrian bridges over the roundabout. (I don't know how to do pathing) Pedestrians can still cross the roundabout, because the lot doesn't disturb it, they just wont use the bridge.

    To use, make an avenue roundabout with north/south roads (non diagonal). Then destroy the four tiles in the middle of the roundabout. Plop the 4x4 lot in the middle, and it will overhang to be a 6x6 lot (The roundabout plus one more square on either side)

    Since the lot overhangs, don't build anything in the squares directly adjacent to the roundabout, or the park will cover it.

    See the Full Preview here before rating

    Note: I noticed the off center lot in the larger picture (second preview picture, and picture from link above) and fixed it. The first picture shows it fixed

    Link for people who's linking doesn't work:


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  22. NDEX Parking Lots by Ardecila

    There are three sizes of parking lots included in this download: "Civic", "Shops", and "Transit".  Civic is a 6x6 lot meant for downtown areas.  It increases CS demand and pays your city $75/month.  It has a functional capacity of 5,000.  Shops is a 5x6 lot designed to be plopped in front of suburban-style "Big Box" stores or supermarkets.  It increases CS demand slightly, but not as much as the Civic.  Transit is a 2x6 lot, suggested by ST member Nardo69, meant to be plopped near train or subway stations.  It acts like the default ingame garage, with a functional capacity of 3000.
    All 3 lots are transit-enabled for streets.  Remember, you cannot zone onto these lots like you would to a normal street!  You need a normal street to touch the store, either on the back or side.  Then you can plop the parking lot in front of the building.  I have tested this thoroughly, and the building will not dilapidate.
    External downloads required for use of this lot (2):
    Custom Textures: none! (all are included)
    Custom Props: BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01
    LUA Script:  BSC Essentials
    Query: none!
    The BSC Essentials download provides the functionality nessecary for features of the NDEX
    custom queries.  You must install this if you wish to see these custom queries.  The file
    bsc_Essentials_OG.dat is no longer distributed with NDEX downloads and the above link
    should be used instead.
    Functionality and lotwork by Ardecila.
    2014-03-31 - Prens: Added up-to-date links + tags.


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  23. Money Tree V.1

     Money Tree V.1 
    Lot 2x2 
    Money Generated : 1000000000 
    Pollution Reduced : Air -2000 , Water -2000 , Garbage 0 , Radiation 0 
    Pollution Radius : All 0 
    Mayor Rating : 100 , 100 / Cells 
    Landmark Effect 0 , 0 / Cells 
    Building Type : Reward 


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  24. Diagonal Jagged Edges Mod

    Diagonal Jagged Edges Mod
    This mod fixes the jagged edges that appear on half of the diagonals in the game making sunken highways look very ugly when turning the "wrong way". When using this mod the game will show more cliffs than it usually does so be careful with your slopes. What the mod really does is force the game to regard more tiles as cliffs since they are sloped correctly on all the diagonals. In the screenshots the height difference is 15m. If anyone thinks the mod is to/not enough radical You can pm me and I'll show you how to alter the value. All the credits of this mod goes to Jeronij who found out what to edit to make the edges go away. I strongly recommend using some walls with this mod.
    Included files:
    Maxis_DiagonalFix: Use this if you have no custom terrain installed.
    CP_DiagonalFix_STANDARD: Use this if you have Cycledoggs standard terrain.
    CP_DiagonalFix_SNOWCAPPED: Use this if you have Cycledoggs snowcapped terrain.
    CP_DiagonalFix_SNOWCAPPED_LOW: Use this if you have Cycledoggs snowcapped low terrain.
    CP_DiagonalFix_SNOWCAPPED_LOWER: Use this if you have Cycledoggs snowcapped lower terrain.
    How to use this mod:
    Maxis_DiagonalFix: Put this file in your plugins folder.
    CP_DiagonalFix_: Put the file suitable for your terrain where the TerrainParameters file is located. Then move that file out of the plugins folder.
    None of course
    If anyone has a terrain mod not included in this pack just make a post in the support thread and I'll include that one too. Post any questions there aswell. Again credits to Jeronij!


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  25. New High School

    Here is a new high school lot from lospantalones.
    Lot Size: 7x8 Plop Cost: $1050 Monthly Cost: $750 Student Capacity: 3500! Radius: 2200 (2/3 of a medium map!)
    This was a requested lot by a fan on the middle school I put together. This lot does not use the high school building, rather buildings that look more like the high school I went to. Includes a large soccer field with running track, two basketball courts, ample parking, and night lighting effects... This lot does NOT replace the existing high school lot, but offers another choice, with a MUCH higher capacity and radius. Let me know what you think!


       (119 Reviews)




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