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3ds Models

3ds Model files for SimCity 4.

308 Files

  1. SliceCake Warehouses

    These warehouses, was batted by me, but i'm a bad batter, so this isn't much to go after. The ZIP folder contains 2 files, with 2 warehouses, with same size. The files can be used in Gmax, and textured. If anybody wishes to texture it and release it, pm me and get your permission. Have fun! When XXDA got time, he can probaly learn me how to texture :-)
    - Renas


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  2. Aeropolis arcologie

    Arcology = ARCHItecture + ecoLOGY.
    Well, I have time problems for to do this project, I create this in Cinema4d and convert in 3d studio object, the pack include model an a sound I desing for it.
    Just I


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  3. American Fire Vehicles

    American Fire Department Units
    Detailed Models created by Ripptide
    Automata Models created by Swamper77
    This download contains a collection of American Fire Department Units. Most of the units are additionals, which means they will appear in addition to the
    default fire truck. There is also a folder of replacement
    units that will replace the default  fire truck. The available choices are:
    - Rural Fire Truck
    - Pumper Unit 1
    - Ladder Unit
    The additionals will appear at random when you plop a fire station, dispatch a fire truck, or do UDI with the fire truck. The Fire Chief's car is an additional car that is available once a fire station exists. There isn't a mission script for it at this time and it cannot be dispatched. It has its own icon in the Land Vehicle UDI Catalog. All previous fire stations will need to be replopped for the fire chief's car to appear near them.


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  4. Island ShangriLa Hotel

    I have decided to skip finishing this project for now so that I can concentrate on finishing college and getting a real job. But since I didn't want to see the project abandoned, I've decided to go ahead and upload it to the STEX so that anyone can give it a shot at completion.

    As of now, it's about 40% completed, and just needs to have the roof worked on and the base. This would be a great download for any new BATers looking to get a start on something that already has some momentum. Please note that you'll have to stretch the model 3,000% for it to fit in the game, as I like to work with smaller numbers until I'm ready to export.

    Big thanks to everyone at SimTrop, especially HONG KONG who managed to get a lot of amazing shots of this tower and its complex, which is located in Hong Kong, China.
    Also included in the ZIP file is the beginning for a new version of the Plymouth Arcology, a massive structure that could house 25,000 sims (was originally from SimCity 2000). I hope someone creative can do something with it!
    Good luck!


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    Well hello again my friends ! this time i am very proud to present and upload 
    a very special item , it is a set of 2 car carrier semi tractors and trailers,
     they are 2 very modern Scanias super v8 ( euro style )  a red one and a blue one
    there is an empty trailer and of course one whit cars ready to be deliver to your cities
    dealerships, cab tractor is from ( Vandy automata ) did resized and modified
    and the car carrier trailer is a custom model made by me , cars on the trailer are from
    ( Mikeseith  japan replacement cars ) and vehicles reskin by me, 

           Those trucks are additional ones, they do not replace anny vehicles
    NOTE --   To show properly your game settings must be in ***** HARDWARE*****
    To install simply extract the CAR CARRIER TRUCK SET.dat into your pluggins folder 
     and you are set to go !

    Wish you good game, and have fun !        SIMFANATIK !


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  6. BSC Brick Canal Model File

    Every so often, I have recieved requests for a model to use to add to the BSC Brick Canal set.  So I decided to upload it here for simplicity.  Please feel free to use this file to make your own additions to this set.
    A couple guidelines :
    1) Unhide the LODs and see how it is done. The LODs start at ground level and go up.  The model is bigger than the LODs so BAT "sees" beyond it, which helps minimize seams.
    2) Keep canal sections on a 16m x 16m grid layout.  that way they will line up properly with other canal pieces.
    3) when practical, render the canal sections separate from buildings and such.  The larger the LODs get, the more color shift you will see on the water.  This is what causes the water to be darker in some rotations, on some larger models.
    The zip file atteached has both the GMAX file, and the textures to use.  Depending on where you place the files, you may have to re-assign the texture locations in BAT. 


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  7. Burj Nakheel

    This is nakheel tower for SimCity 4, no deception, only for users of 3dsmax, gmax users is coming soon, )in .3ds format.


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  8. USA Police Pack vol 2

    Told you about those Dodge chargers, well here there are, 24 units, some color shemes from real cities. and some others from my imagination, all lights and lightbar are fully fonctional ( red and blue ), the original .dat file are from
    ( BLAM Police pack ) and the 3d model is from ( Mikeseith ), of course i did modified  to look like a real Dodge Charger , so simply extract  the .dat file of your choice and play the game, this will replace the in game Default
    police car .
    ps - Only use only one police modd at the time, and Enjoy !


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  9. BLaM Police Cars MEGA PACK 3

    BLaM nerdly_projects
    Cop Cars Mega-Pack 3
    by nerdly_dood 
    This is a mega-pack containing several new police car mod packs, in addition to one pack that has already been available (Yellow Fire Trucks). In all, it contains a pack of Austrian police cars with the new EU-regulated paint job, a pack of police and sheriff cars based on the Broward County, FL sheriff's office, a really big pack of black and white police and sheriff cars, one Bloomingdale, CA police car mod, one smallish pack of police cars with a dark blue stripe, a small pack of military police cars, a smallish (smaller than I had hoped) pack of "Cop Cars Through the Ages", a pack of orange American fire trucks, one Allen, TX police car mod, one Italian State Police (Polizia di Stato) police car mod, and a pack of yellow fire trucks.
    All police cars change your police car props to a model that's more detailed than most props and identical to the cars driving on your streets.
    Each one has its own readme file.
    I had planned to include an updated, more detailed version of Swamper77's Euro emergency vehicles (available on the SC4Devotion LEX) with this upload, but I decided not to include it with this pack.  When I release it (as a separate upload) it will include versions with text in different languages as well as some with no text at all.  If you really want the current version, PM me or post in one of my development threads and I'll send it to you or attach it to a post on one of the threads.

    Installation:  Pick A SINGLE dat file, put it in your SimCity plugins folder and play the game!
    Help and Support:Click here to report EVEN THE SLIGHTEST PROBLEM except to report that the lights on top seem bent, I cannot help that.

    Requests:Post in the same thread, but YOU MUST SHOW A PICTURE, don't just tell me you want Thistown USA police, I need to know what it looks like, UNLESS you can describe it rather quickly, as in "It has a classic American paint job, except the back doors are black too, with red and blue lights on top and it has a seven-point star on the front doors with a blue circle inside, and arched over that is the words 'HIGHWAY PATROL'." Which, by the way, is a quick description of the California Highway Patrol cruisers.


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     6  brand new modern Euro style Scania semi tractors , 6 new containers semi trailers
     resized , reskined ,  ( Swamper Vandy Automata set ) and 2 new dump truck one whit load
    and one empty, those trucks are Additionals and they do not replace anny existing ones
    ,and you can play them whit the previous pack whitout conflicts
    Credits - Swamper77 , Klyte 45
    PS - your in game graphic settings mus be in ** HARDWARE **
    To install simply extract the TRUCK PACK VOL 5 .dat into your pluggins folder
    whish  you good game and have fun  , Simfanatik !


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  11. NDEX Chronos Palms gmax File

    Here is the gmax model file for NDEX's Chronos Palms Condos, modeled by DuskTrooper.  You can use and alter this model as you wish, but please do not redistribute (either the original gmax file or an exported one) without specific consent from both DuskTrooper and I.
    Due to the extreme versatility of the Chronos Palms Condos (and in order to educate people interested in BATting about how the DuskTrooper does it), we have decided to release the GMAX scene for this building.
    You can see an example of some variants here.
    (enlarged version of the above picture)
    (the released version's height is the same as the one on the left's)

    Enjoy ... and please remember to comment and rate!
    Also, check out the NDEX nightmap set for the BAT on the STEX.
    Search for "NDEX Nightmap Set".


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    Yes it is me again ! , ok this time another special upload, a pack of 14 new additional truck units
    6 new  International 9400 simple cab semi tractors each one whit a different color, and to go whit theses tractors
    i also made 6 new additional semi trailers , Evergreen , Evergreen 2 , Maersk , Hanjin , M S O , Hapag Loyd
    i think those will be realy needed in your portuary installations and your industrial zones, and also i did
    2 new dump trucks , i did uses ( Swampers Vandy Automata set ) whit is permission, thanks to him.
    All the new 3d model files have been modified and resized to fit whit all the new truck props available on the STEX

     PS - Theses vehicles are new instances and they do not replace anny existing ones
     to show properly your game setting must be in  **** HARDWARE **** 

    So to install simply extract the TRUCK PACK VOL 4 .dat into your pluggins folder
    and your ready to see those trucks working , wish you good game to all !

    Simfanatik !


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  13. One Bryant Park GMAX

    This is a GMAX version of One Bryant Park. It is located in New York City. Please convert this into a SC4 Model with SimCity 4 GMAX because whenever I do all the things that SimCity 4 GMAX needs, it won't work!
    If there are any problems, please comment me on the problem.


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  14. Replacement School Bus

    OK ! This time , i have been waiting for someone to make a mod that change the original in game bus,
    and FANTA1990 Dit it ! , are'nt you tired of thoses underscale ingame ghost like school busses ,
    this is my version of it ,a modern Thomas flat nose , of course the vehicle replace the in game one
    but  ( WILL NOT ) be spanned by the schools , that is the reason why i did make a prop version of it.
    As usual there are  2 files , SIMFAN SCHOOL BUS Software 256 - for thoses who are running in software 
    and SIMFAN SCHOOL BUS HD 512 - for thoses who are running in Hardware , please only play one file.
    also i did make 3 props versions ,  one 90 degree , one 20 degree , and finaly one 20 degree reverse version
    To install  simply choose the one that suits your needs  and throw it in your pluggins folder , and your set to go !
    Special thanks to FANTA1990 who did make this mod
    Enjoy and have fun !
    Simfanatik !


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  15. Container carrier

    A container carrier that won't replace the other cargo boats in your harbors.

    well, is a huge boat, so I advice you to put some space in your harbors, ;-P

    This boat  was also a request from yoman3


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  16. Naval pack

    New version ships pack. Renamed to Naval pack.
    Addided: DD Fletcher and CA Nortgampton.


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  17. BLaM Police Cars MEGA PACK 2

    BLaM nerdly_projects
    Cop Cars Mega-Pack 2
    by nerdly_dood 
    This is a mega-pack containing mostly new police car mods, but also a newer version of my NYPD cars, and a greatly updated and expanded sheriff's car pack, which includes all my previous sheriff cars. In total, this mega-pack contains a pack of black police cars, Colorado state patrol, Denver, CO police, New Jersey state police, New Orleans, LA police, New York, NY police, Oregon state police, Roanoke County, VA police, Roanoke City, VA police, a pack of sheriff's cars, and a pack of police cars with a yellow stripe.
    UPDATE:  Roanoke police has been updated so that the text on the side more closely resembles the text on real Roanoke city police cars.
    Each one has its own readme file.
    Installation:  Pick A SINGLE dat file, put it in your SimCity plugins folder and play the game!
    Help and Support:Click here to report EVEN THE SLIGHTEST PROBLEM except to report that the lights on top seem bent, I cannot help that.

    Requests:Post in the same thread, but YOU MUST SHOW A PICTURE, don't just tell me you want Thistown USA police, I need to know what it looks like, UNLESS you can describe it rather quickly, as in "It has a classic American paint job, except the back doors are black too, with red and blue lights on top and it has a seven-point star on the front doors with a blue circle inside, and arched over that is the words 'HIGHWAY PATROL'." Which, by the way, is a quick description of the California Highway Patrol cruisers.


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  18. USA Police Pack vol1

    This is a pack of  18  Ford Crown Victorias , from differents USA towns , did use ( original 3d model by Swamper77)
    did resized and rounded it up , .dat file is from BLAM police car pack , everything is fonctional (beacon lightbar)
    and night lights , you will see thoses in your police parking lot too, as always simply extract one of the .dat file into your plugins folder and your set to go. only uses 1 police mod at the time
    Thank you and Enjoy !     Simfanatik !


       (50 Reviews)



  19. Elevated Rail Station Model

    Now You can change the colours ya selves.


       (14 Reviews)




    Yea ! yea ! yea !  so many gas station  but how to supply them?
    Well whit  my  new UDI Tanker Trucks , ( Custom model by myself ) i did uses ( Swamper77 freight engine truck )
    and modified it as result  , Tanker trucks , those are not perfect but very playable, they are new instances so that
    means you can play them all at the same time or simply choose the want you preffer, i did also make 2 files of each
    whit to texture files  512 x 512 high definition and  256 x 256 low resolution for slower machine so everyone will be please and there are not gonna be color boxes, you will find those trucks in the $$ weath menu vehicles menu
    no special icones but they are clearly identified like ex. ESSO TANKER , So take care when you pass on the icone
    (did try to add icones) whit no succes , i also tested thoses truck and they work just fine,
    the files include are
    Esso , Texaco , Sunoco , Exxon ,Shell , Gulf
    simply extract the file of your choice and you are set to go
    Enjoy !


       (73 Reviews)



  21. London Modern Double Decker Bus

    Two Examples of the modern London bus.
    Both based on the Volvo Olympian.
    One is in the standard red livery associated with London (Livery's vary depending on the operator of the service - in this case it is the 'Firstbus' Company)
    The other is in 'Metrobus' blue/yellow livery, a company which operates in South east London near where i live.
    More buses (single deckers to follow)


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  22. HSR Large Station gmax file

    remodeling,custumize,upload .....you can use this free.
    include only gmax model file



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  23. JENXPARISRow3and4

    Here are the gmax files of my 2 latest paris buildings. To save some file space (dial-uip connection) i didn't include the textures this time.


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  24. JENXPARISRowhouses1and2

    The gmax files+textures for the paris rowbuildings.


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  25. Mass Pak Industries News Media Division

    Further expansion of Mass Pak Industries has led to this new release.  This pak has 13 news vans to
    choose from and utilize in the UDI mode of the game.
    The available media networks are; ABC, BBC, CBC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, CTV,
    ESPN, FOX NEWS, FRANCE 24, NBC, SKYNEWS and the Weather Channel.
    please vote if u would, tanx


       (69 Reviews)




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