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Buildings (BATs) for SimCity 4.

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  1. McDonalds v1

    Is the world's leading food service retailer with more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries serving 47 million customers each day.
    Is one of the world's most well-known and valuable brands and holds a leading share in the globally branded quick service restaurant segment of the informal eating-out market in virtually every country in which we do business. Serves the world some of its favorite foods - World Famous French Fries, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets and Egg McMuffin. Our rich history began with our founder, Ray Kroc. The strong foundation that he built continues today with McDonald's vision and the commitment of our talented executives to keep the shine on McDonald's arches for years to come.
    www.mcdonalds.com   **UPDATED** 4/18/05   After learning new techniques I decided that this lot needed to be updated.  McDonalds has had a new facelift from the ground up including new textures, lighting and details. I have also made 3 different style street signs that will randomly change on the lots.   I am still awaiting the Custom UI's to be made but I felt that you should have the lot in the meantime.  This lot will go thru another update when those have been completed.  Also note that this is an exe file.   You will eventually be able to download the MAC version  from kbooms1w's website at: http://homepage.mac.com/kbooms1w/FileSharing7.html   McDonalds comes ploppable with 50 jobs and is a 4x4 LM lot also included is a CS$ 3x4 Growable. I also remade the 1x1 McDonald's Highway Sign lot. It will install into the parks menu. Plop one close to the highway for added realism . Hope you and your sims enjoy!   Special thanks to the BSC Team.


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  2. Modern MonorailBusSubway Station

    Capacity:10,000 Monthly cost: 25 I'm including a Monorail ONLY station too witha passenger capacity of 2,500. I released this update to correct somebugs on my previous version.
    I'm on the SimCity.com homepage!! yay!!!!
    Feb 2005 UPDATE!
    Now that Im a member of the NDEX team the original tread was moved to this location:
    There you can see the projects Im currently working on.
    If you have any issues with this or any other station feel free to postthem in my forum or PM me (brenda_xne). I would also love to seescreenshots of your cities using my station.
    If you want totranslate this station to another language or upload it to another sitefeel free to do it as long as you dont forget to mention who the authoris and also please let me know if you do it (I love seeing the modifications people do to it and their sites).
    Brenda Xne.


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  3. NDEX RailtoSubway Transition

    Pathed by Redlotus; modelled by Fosterk, Decius, DuskTrooper, and N74704.
    A fully-functioning network-enabled plop allows the connection of railroad tracks at the top of the ramp descending down to a connection to the subway network at the bottom is now a possibility! Trains visually descend into the 'pit' thanks to Redlotus' pathing for the lot. (thanks!) I happened to have stumbled upon the fact that referencing non-existant base textures in the game results in a 'see-through' effect, just what was needed for this lot and its LODs to work 100% correctly.
    Note: Like the Maxis network transition (el-train-to-subway), this lot has a minor 'bug' that is visual only. When plopping items around the lot, sometimes the ground texture of SC4 will 'cut through' the lot. The easiest way to fix it is to go into sub-terranean view then quickly return to surface view. It should look normal now.

    Menu: Subways and Misc. Transit
    Lot Size: 3x1
    Plop Cost:


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  4. Sunken Higway eye candy Set

    Sunken Higway Walls
    This little set is designed to enhance the look of sunken higways.
    It provides straight walls that fit on the slopes surrounding sunken ground
    higways. And it also contains special pieces to nicely integrate overpasses
    into your sunken higway network. You can find them in the parks menu.
    I recommend using the hole digging lot for ground higway to get the right
    slopes beside your higway, especially to get the terrain needed for the
    onramp pieces. To get them right you should dig a hole with the diggin
    lot then level the terrain by placing single street tiles. When done lay the
    highway and plop the overpass, hopefully you should get the right terrain.
    If not try playin arround a bit with the terrain tools somtimes its just tricky
    to get it right but in most cases it works fine.


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  5. Burj Dubai

    Here is my newest and greatest BAT : BURJ DUBAI

    Construction Time was 4 month. The Tower is 1005 Meters tall and has 192 Floors.
    The real Burj Dubai will bethe highest tower in the world. Completion is December 2008.


    Lot Size: 12x11
    Heigh: 1005 meters with Spire (920 meters up to the roof)
    Floors: 192
    Category: Landmarks

    Its a Landmark-Version (no Jobs)

    I hope you like it.

    SPECIAL THANKS ON: ThorstenDHF, bixel and nobodyx.

    Thanks for Comments and Downloads.



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  6. NDEX SeaView Tower by Oneil

    The SeaView Tower is a luxury residential tower, with a nice view of the sea, a swimming pool, and a large underground parking complex.  It houses 2,800 high-wealth occupants and has no monthly cost.  Some Sims like it so much, they buy permanent residences here!
    Two versions are included - a ploppable landmark (the Modd Squad has not yet discovered how to make truly functional residential plops) and a growable R


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  7. PEG MTP Mountain Theme Pack

    **This file is now obsolete and has been replaced by the PEG-MTP Super Pack**


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  8. The Cobb Oceanic

    The Cobb Oceanic: A high-wealth residential
    building housing 2256 sims.
    If your sims are frustrated because hi-rise buildings
    only contain small apartments, then they will enjoy moving
    into the Cobb Oceanic. Each unit is a spacious and
    luxurious two-story townhouse, with private balconies
    and spectacular views.
    The Cobb Oceanic also allows sims to relax in the rooftop
    pool area, or stroll through the tropical foliage at ground
    Many people assisted me in this building's creation:
    The rooftrop trees were modeled by KD5rax.
    The tables, umbrellas, diving board, and small potted
    plants on many of the balconies were modeled by
    fosterk12345678910. The textures are by n74704. The
    night-lighting texture was created by GOLDIVA. Technical
    and structural advice were given by CERULEAN and SimGoober.
    Many others made helpful suggestions in the BAT open
    discussion forum. Thanks everyone for all your help!
    Unzip all the included files into your plugin folder (in
    the "my documents" path) In order to grow the Cobb Oceanic,
    simply zone 4x4 and play! You must have the BAT update from
    SimCity.ea.com installed for the night lights to display,
    and you must have sufficent demand for 2256 wealthy sims to move in.
    The building is a growable, but a landmark is also included
    in the pack (but it will not contain residents).
    I hope you enjoy the Cobb Oceanic! -COBB


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  9. NDEX PanPacific Building by DuskTrooper

    Realizing they needed a large "status" building to set the city out amongst others, Chronos City - located in the Thanemontshire metro district - decided to begin construction on a special structure: the tallest built to-date in SimNation. Between its magnificence and the pent-up demand for high-wealth office jobs, the tower was a huge success. Companies of every conceivable type are contained within the walls of the monolith.
    This lot is provided as both a growable and ploppable CO


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  10. Canal Set

    Since I was recently told that the downloads section at SimCity Central will take longer to fix than we initially thought, I'm temporarily uploading the Canal Set on the STEX so people can still download this much-requested item.


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  11. GDV Yacht Club

    My very first BAT dream was a yacht club. This creative baby was the 4th BAT project - after I learnt that amphibious buildings with custom foundations are among the hardest BATs to create. After two months of tears and joy, here it is. Costs quite a bit to plop. However, Roscoe's generous yacht club management pays you back $180 every month in coastal land lease! Ain't that cool.

    Menu: Reward, Water Transit Rush Hour: compatible but not required 
    Contains original GDV BAT 3d models = 2 
    MOD = Reward income $180
    increases high tech sector demand and draws rich sims to your city
    Rush Hour marina query sound 
    Time taken to create all components = 50+ hours 
    Time taken to test all components = 50+ hours 
    Dinners forgotten during creation process = 7 [uPDATE] 
    Confirmed to work as promised in the game by downloaders = YES!

    So...enjoy! Do comment and vote if you like it.

    Check out other creations of mine at Golidva's upload page: http://community.simtropolis.com/profile/25152-goldiva/content/?type=downloads_file or view/post screenshots at my BAT discussion:


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  12. The Cobb Grand Plaza

    The Cobb Grand Plaza: A high-wealth residential
    growable building housing 1151 sims.
    This luxury apartment building is designed in a style
    similar to the Cobb Park Plaza, elevated in order to
    provide a large open garden space at ground level, where
    sims may stroll through the tropical foliage. Also, like
    the Park Plaza, sims may take a dizzying elevator ride to
    the observation and restaurant decks, or ride all the
    way to the top in elevator 3 and relax in the rooftop
    pool and hottub.
    The rooftrop trees of the Grand Plaza were modeled by KD5rax.
    The tables, umbrellas, and small potted plants on the rooftop
    were modeled by fosterk12345678910. The textures were shared
    by n74704. Thanks everyone for all your contributions!
    Unzip all the included files into your plugin folder (in
    the "my documents" path) In order to grow the Cobb Grand
    Plaza, simply zone 4x3 and play! You must have the BAT update
    from SimCity.ea.com installed for the night lights to display,
    and you must have sufficent demand for 1151 wealthy sims to move
    I hope you enjoy the Cobb Grand Plaza! -COBB


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  13. Rural Sunken Highway Walls Bridge Skins

    Rural Sunken Highway Walls - Bridge Skins
    -A big thanx goes again to jeronij for allowing me to use his textures.
    -This is a collection of 10 lots designed to be used with my Rural Sunken Highway Walls Straight Sections and blend in with Jeronij's Residential And Rural Diagonal Walls Set V1. These Walls and Bridge Skins are meant to be placed on the slopes of a sunken highways nest to NAM overpasses, to fill in the green space and add some dimension. This is the first release in a series of highway wall lots. Corners, diagonals, bridge skins and others will follow.
    -You should use the Road Hole Digging Lot found in Smoncrie's Hole Digging Lots ver.2 to aquire the proper depth for your sunken highway, since all lots are designed for this depth exactly. Random base and top props are found in some pieces to help add variation to long stretches of wall.
    -Additionally these lots have intrusive overhanging props that project 5m into the highway lot. All things combined these lots are rather restrictive in there use as sunken highway walls set to a fixed depth. The lots are not in a dat so the overhang prop can be easily removed.
    -All lots come with a wire frame helper that appears when placing the lot. You want the arrow to point to the top for the embankment to function properly. It also helps if you place a road zot at the top of your embankment to help with placement.
    -Of course this is pointless without NAM, as the upcoming lots will show.
    This download comes with an html help document all lots found at the bottom of the power menu.
    ** This file contains an EXE installer for Windows users.
    **All discussions and support for this product are hosted in my thread Underbridge Scenery at Simtropolis Forums. Please read the html file before you ask any questions. thanx.
    ***Html links in installer are out of date. use these links for jeronijs sets.
    Dependencies: Jeronij's Residential And Rural Diagonal Walls Set V1,
    my Rural Sunken Highway Walls Straight Sections
    NAM, Rushhour
    Recommended:Smoncrie's Hole Digging Lots ver.2
    thanx to
    jeronij for texture use
    swamper for helping resolve some design issues
    my beta testers, greyvail for being especially kind thanx to
    andreas roth for help with the menu management lot (upcoming)
    and anyone else who i might have forgotten


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  14. One and Two World Trade

    The most highly anticipated BAT building is finally available.
    Whether you lived 10 blocks away or 10,000 miles away, these buildings meant something to all of us. It was a shrine to economic prowess, and was one of the most recognizable buildings in the world.
    Now you can remember them in all their glory, or remember those that were lost by placing this tribute in your SimManhatten.
    There are 4 lots in this package (all info is in 2 simple .dat files which should be unzipped into your plugins folder). One set of subway enabled landmarks, and one set of the same landmark with jobs. Plop cost for each tower is 250,000 and has a capacity of 25,000 (both jobs and subway passengers). Sorry for not seperating the jobs/no jobs version. If I would have done that, it would require me to include the model file with each version, doubling the amount of space taken up on Dirk's server.


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  15. SOMY Consolidated Hospital Complex

    This is an extra-large hospital that can accept ten times as many patients as the default hospital.  It has all the latest top-of-the-line medical equipment and the most qualified elite medical staff of the entire region.  Its coverage radius is about 2 to 3 times that of the large hospital, but you'll need to manipulate the ambulance funding some to prevent overcrowding in your large skyscrapervilles.

    Menu: Hospitals and Health Facilities
    Plop Cost:


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  16. ACB VLT Terminals and Jets Series 1 part 1

    After a very long wait, here it is! Voltaire and ace_bovenopdeberg present: Terminals & Jets pack 1 PART ONE. Not only does this pack provide you with new concourse styles, but also 2 entirely new aircraft. With the new jumbo 747s and the regional CRJs you can add variety to your airports that were dominated by maxis 707s.

    This is part one of the ACB-VLT Terminals & Jets Series 1 release. The .zip contains a .exe file that will install the content to your MyDocs\SimCity 4\Plugins directory. This part of the install contains:

    > 747 jetways (12 different liveries)
    > CRJ jetways (9 different liveries)
    > Models and textures from my previous packs. This means this pack can replace the older ones

    Q: Do these lots function as airports?
    A: Yes and No: Yes, they are zoned airport and appear in the airport menu. No, they do not have a capacity, jobs or commercial boost

    Q: Do these aircraft replace the maxis planes?
    A: No, the 747s and CRJ are gmax models modded as props

    Q: Can I use multiple liveries at the same time?
    A: Yes, because they are props, you can use them all at the same time

    Q: Can I make my own livery
    A: As of now, there is no 'paintkit' available to allow everyone to make 747 or CRJ-skins. Maybe one will be released in the future.

    Q: Some lots appear blank (No buildings). What do I do?
    A:  short answer: Install directly into the plugins folder. Why can this help? Especially if you have installed your SimCity game to a custom directory the total of "#Directory#\SimCity 4\Plugins\Aerospace Consortium\ACB-VLT Terminals & Jets Series 1\Etc." can be too long to load properly.


    This is only part 1 of the ACB-VLT Terminals & Jets release. You will need part 2!

    The jetways require these for 'ground clutter':
    BSC Mega Props JES Vol01 (can be found at SC4D)
    BSC Mega Props SG vol 01
    RMIP-2 SAE Vol 2

    It is highly recommended you also download Voltaire's RMIP-2 releases that allow you to build runways and taxiways.


    Created by:

    Thanks to:
    All the members of the Aerospace Consortium, in perticular:
    for their helpfull feedback, testing and ideas


    PS: I may update this file later to add some handy links or better description. When the actual file has been updated, I will post that explicitly.


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  17. Ninja Boulevard Station

    A Penta-functional Transit Building (is there such a thing? there is now!) that supports Parking, Buses, Subways, Trains and Freight, all dependant on what you connect to the building. A RH update of the MMTS Boulevard Station.


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  18. NDEX Diamond Financial Center

    The Diamond Financial Center, or "DFC", is one of the SimNation's greatest towers, housing the leading financial firms. The tower was named "diamond", as of the immense wealth of the firms occupying it. It's beautiful Post-Modern design will easily attract any eye towards it, making it a great addition to any city center.

    Lot Details

    Growable CO


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  19. Petronas Twin Towers

    The long awaited Petronas Project has finally come to a city near you. The picture above is both day and night, night on the left, and day on the right.
    Unfortunately, I will be unable to frequent Simtropolis this summer, so consider this my "temporary going-away" present to Simtropolis (Dont worry, equinox plans to update the file if he can successfully make changes to the project).
    This building has 28,500 commercial office workers and features a true-to-life mall model found at the base of the towers, a skybridge, night lights, and a custom ui.
    A very special thanks goes out to Grover_G for the mall textures, equinox for the final rendering and packaging, and DarkMatter for his help at various points in the project. I also thank Bigmac and LiquidWave for hundreds of pictures to model the towers after, and the entire community of Simtropolis for their support.
    Lot Specs.
    Ploppable landmark with 28500 co$$ jobs.
    Lot size: 13x13
    Residential and Comercial desirability radius: 180 (it is a very tall building)
    Residential and Comercial desirability amount: 100 (it is a very beautiful building)
    Plop Cost: 400000
    Maintanence Cost: 12000
    Power Cost: 150
    Water Cost: 100
    Simply extract the contents of the zipped file into the sc4 plugins directory. Start the game and look for the Petronas towers in the landmark menu. Place in your city and enjoy.
    Link to the Petronas Project thread on Simtropolis: http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=47333&pageNo=28&num=30


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  20. DuskTroopers Frank Archai Tower

    DUSKTROOPERS Frank & Archai Tower
    Plopable CO$$$
    Growable CO$$$ stage 8, 4x3lot size
    This is DuskTrooper's Frank & Archai Tower, which is a CO$$$ with about 4000 jobs. Both versions have the same # of jobs.
    It is ultramodern, with its shiny glass, stainless steel, and black metal facade. The building has a spectacular purple night lighting job that highlights the building's features, and light blue night windows.


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  21. CPTNo7AssortedTreeControllers

    UPDATE: same trees and controllers, but repackaged all in one file. Also, now includes install program written by Andreas Roth.  (Thanks Andreas!)
    any file beginning with CPT_No7
    any file beginning with CPL_
    Contains an assortment of god-mode and mayor-mode trees.
    For questions, comments, more info, and a tree guide with pictures of each tree go here.
    BSC Mega Props SG Vol 01
    BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01
    BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol02
    BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02
    BSC Props Jeronij Vol 02 Trees
    Jeronij Props Vol 03 Plopable Trees and Seasonal Woods
    2014-12-19 - Prens: Added up-to-date links + tags.


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  22. Black Hole Waste Management Corp

    Tired of Landfills that fill up? Want a way to get rid of garbage without the pollution and negative effects? The Black Hole Waste Management Corp is here to help. Mr. Black has designed a drill that will dig to a depth where the drill itself burns up as a result of heat from the Earth's core. He then caps the hole, lowers a dump shaft, and voila - no more garbage. No negative effects occur except the redish-orange glow at night.
    Plop - $5000
    Bulldoze - $500
    Maintenence - $500
    Capacity - 1,000,000 per month
    Power produced - 5000 watts
    No negative pollution on any level. Improves industrial demand in its area.
    This is a radical lot because I wanted it for a region I am doing. I always get tired of making more deals and adding more landfill, so I came up with this. I would appreciate any input, and I am willing to update this as people want. Thanks alot, and enjoy!


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  23. Robust Robots Inc

    Growable industrial high-tech, growth stage 3, 470 jobs, 2 lots (4x4 and 4x5 size).
    This is a fictonal building (I got ideas for example from Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum in Helsinki).
    If you think this grows too much, remove another .lot file.


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  24. DuskTroopers Keaton Plaza

    This is DuskTrooper's Keaton Plaza, which is a CO$$$ with about 3700 jobs. Both versions have the same # of jobs.
    Place the version ( s ) you want to use in the plugins folder, as well as the model file.
    The building blends several architectural styles into one neat package, and the materials used include a creme white limestone, a nice light grey travertine, steel roofing,
    and brushed aluminum. The night lighting was designed to show off the light facade of the building
    Plopable CO$$$
    Growable CO$$$ stage 8, 4x4lot size
    The plop cost is rather high, so watch where you place this!


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  25. Tung Chung Crescent

    The Hong Kong / Asia BAT Team

    Tung Chung Crescent
    BAT created by bixel
    Readme by bixel

    Rendering by Simfox
    Modding, lot design, by HONG KONG
    Check out the Hong Kong / Asia BAT Team thread at Simtropolis

    Introduction / Overview
    Tung Chung Crescent is the first residential development project in the newly developed town - Tung Chung on Lantau Island.It is jointly developed by five big local developers include Hang Lung Development Co. Ltd., Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd., New World Development Co. Ltd., Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd., Swire Properties and with the MTR Corporation. Its comprehensive transportation network offers quick access to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Conveniently located at MTR Tung Chung line terminal, it is 23 minutes from Central, and 15 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport. Lantau Island Express Way and Highway Route 3 takes you to city hub in just a short time.

    Surmounted by lush greenery podium and landscape garden, Tung Chung Crescent comprises eight blocks of high quality residential towers, and boasts a deluxe clubhouse. Tung Chung Crescent is the trans-era cosmopolitan with authentic flair that you hardly find anywhere else in Hong Kong.


    Newfoundworld Ltd


    Anthony Ng Architects Ltd

    main contractor

    Hip Hing Construction Co Ltd




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