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SimCity 4 Buildings

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Buildings (BATs) for SimCity 4.

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  1. One and Two World Trade

    The most highly anticipated BAT building is finally available.
    Whether you lived 10 blocks away or 10,000 miles away, these buildings meant something to all of us. It was a shrine to economic prowess, and was one of the most recognizable buildings in the world.
    Now you can remember them in all their glory, or remember those that were lost by placing this tribute in your SimManhatten.
    There are 4 lots in this package (all info is in 2 simple .dat files which should be unzipped into your plugins folder). One set of subway enabled landmarks, and one set of the same landmark with jobs. Plop cost for each tower is 250,000 and has a capacity of 25,000 (both jobs and subway passengers). Sorry for not seperating the jobs/no jobs version. If I would have done that, it would require me to include the model file with each version, doubling the amount of space taken up on Dirk's server.


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  2. GDV Water Taxi Station wBus Stop New Water Taxi

    This is a 10000 capacity modern water taxi station, functions like the original passenger ferry terminal, plus more.
    The 1x4 station comes with its own bus stop, saves us from wasting a tile to a bus stop.
    A compact yellow & black water taxi will transfer your sims from station to station, as well as the original ferry terminals. Good news: this GDV water taxi is a totally new passenger ferry boat so it won't replace the original passenger ferry. The game will randomly show the original passenger ferry or the new water taxi embarking from this water taxi station, as well as the original ferry terminal!
    Reasonable priced $0.10 per ferry ticket will add some simoleons to your city fund.
    Find it under Water Transit menu
    Rush Hour Expansion: required
    Enjoy! As always, comments welcomed! Also - this painstaking creation has suffered a nasty accident upon launch - a "6" as the first vote. Based on the way rating works here is, damage can only be balanced by a 10 vote. Pls spare a minute to vote [this item took me more than 6000 minutes to create]
    Check out other creations of mine at Golidva's upload page:
    or view/post screenshots at my BAT discussion: http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=49563&forumID=37&catID=13&search=1&searchstring=
    [uPDATE 5.28] Description text simplified. Dear moderator pls correct the Lot/Bat name to the shorter "GDV Water Taxi Station". Thx.


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  3. Petronas Twin Towers

    The long awaited Petronas Project has finally come to a city near you. The picture above is both day and night, night on the left, and day on the right.
    Unfortunately, I will be unable to frequent Simtropolis this summer, so consider this my "temporary going-away" present to Simtropolis (Dont worry, equinox plans to update the file if he can successfully make changes to the project).
    This building has 28,500 commercial office workers and features a true-to-life mall model found at the base of the towers, a skybridge, night lights, and a custom ui.
    A very special thanks goes out to Grover_G for the mall textures, equinox for the final rendering and packaging, and DarkMatter for his help at various points in the project. I also thank Bigmac and LiquidWave for hundreds of pictures to model the towers after, and the entire community of Simtropolis for their support.
    Lot Specs.
    Ploppable landmark with 28500 co$$ jobs.
    Lot size: 13x13
    Residential and Comercial desirability radius: 180 (it is a very tall building)
    Residential and Comercial desirability amount: 100 (it is a very beautiful building)
    Plop Cost: 400000
    Maintanence Cost: 12000
    Power Cost: 150
    Water Cost: 100
    Simply extract the contents of the zipped file into the sc4 plugins directory. Start the game and look for the Petronas towers in the landmark menu. Place in your city and enjoy.
    Link to the Petronas Project thread on Simtropolis: http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=47333&pageNo=28&num=30


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  4. NIMBY Collection 1

    This is a collection of "those" types of businesses. generally adult orientated, and not completely desireable in your cities. They are offered to add some gritty realism to your cities.
    These lots are offered to those looking for them. If you are not interested in these growing in your cities, then simply don't download them.
    There are, well, I forget how many lots and buildings included. This set has evolved over time, and I added a few here, and a few there. The smaller lots tend to grow in abundance in younger cities, before the education levels rise. They cause a negative park effect, and lower your mayor rating. If too many of them grow in close proximity, you will most likely see riots form... The good old bulldozer can remedy this. Or lots of police intervention.
    Some of the businesses included are :
    Blonde Bombshells The Queer Steer Deviant Desires Steves Adult Books Al's Gun Shop Goobers GoGo Club Tattoo Parlor Trixie's VI  
    All of the lots are growables. Some are also made as plops, which can be found in the landmarks menu.
    Base / Overlay Textures BSC Texture MEGA Pack Essentials BSC Essentials Files - Updated Dec 2005 Feedback and Support Please see my Building Thread on SimTropolis for any feedback or support issues. I will attempt to answer them to the best of my knowledge, and as quickly as possible.


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  5. Devs AWEsome Fire Station

    One of the most anticipated releases of the year!

    "awesome!.." -SuperStar

    This is a Fire Station with simple Fire Station Stats, no dependencies, it comes with custom car props!!!!!

    As a bonus you get a matching police station!
    I know it is too good to be true, I hope you like it!
    If you like it, i could make a matching hospital, so i better start,  I know you will LOVE it!

    Please give credit to me if you use my props.


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  6. GDV Yacht Club

    My very first BAT dream was a yacht club. This creative baby was the 4th BAT project - after I learnt that amphibious buildings with custom foundations are among the hardest BATs to create. After two months of tears and joy, here it is. Costs quite a bit to plop. However, Roscoe's generous yacht club management pays you back $180 every month in coastal land lease! Ain't that cool.

    Menu: Reward, Water Transit Rush Hour: compatible but not required 
    Contains original GDV BAT 3d models = 2 
    MOD = Reward income $180
    increases high tech sector demand and draws rich sims to your city
    Rush Hour marina query sound 
    Time taken to create all components = 50+ hours 
    Time taken to test all components = 50+ hours 
    Dinners forgotten during creation process = 7 [uPDATE] 
    Confirmed to work as promised in the game by downloaders = YES!

    So...enjoy! Do comment and vote if you like it.

    Check out other creations of mine at Golidva's upload page: http://community.simtropolis.com/profile/25152-goldiva/content/?type=downloads_file or view/post screenshots at my BAT discussion:


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  7. Tower Life Building

    Origin: San Antonio, Texas, USA. 

    The crowning masterpiece of architects Ayers & Ayers. Completed in 1929 in restrained late-Gothic Revival style, its observation decks decorated with terra-cotta and festooned with gargoyles offer grand views of the city. Originally named the Smith-Young Tower after its developers, this was for over twenty years the tallest building in Texas and home to the city's top architects, lawyers, and insurers. Architects Ayers & Ayers would even claim a whole top floor with observation deck for 360 degree panoramic views of the city below. Intended as the initial centerpiece of a new downtown commercial center of landmark high-rises, the tower would never see its envisioned sister buildings completed, for the shocking onset of the Depression would crush further grand building projects. The building is currently named the Tower Life Building after its primary tenant, Tower Life Insurance. With its glittering wedding-cake crown gleaming in floodlights at night, this tower remains among the most popularly recognized and admired skyscrapers in San Antonio.

    I had hoped this could be a wall-to-wall or a diagonal lot, but the angles of the building base are just too bizarre. In exchange, I gave it a nice unpretentious plaza with an outdoor cafe.


    Lot Size: 4x4 Corner
    Plop Cost: 110000
    Bulldoze Cost: 12773
    Wealth: High Wealth
    Pollution at Center: Air 10, Water 10, Garbage 4, Radiation 0
    Pollution Radii: Air 6, Water 7, Garbage 0, Radiation 0
    Flammability: 38
    MaxFireStage: 4
    Power Consumed: 194
    Water Consumed: 1226
    Mayor Rating Effect: Magnitude 10, Radius 256
    Budget Cost: 150


    Lot Size: 4x4 Corner
    Plop Cost: 110000
    Bulldoze Cost: 12773
    Wealth: High Wealth
    Pollution at Center: Air 10, Water 10, Garbage 4, Radiation 0
    Pollution Radii: Air 6, Water 7, Garbage 0, Radiation 0
    Flammability: 38
    MaxFireStage: 4
    Power Consumed: 194
    Water Consumed: 1226
    Occupant Types: CO$$, CO$$$
    Building Value: 53906
    Capacity Satisfied: CO$$ 2200, CO$$$ 1501


    Lot Size: 4x4 Corner
    Growth Stage: 8
    Bulldoze Cost: 12773
    Wealth: High Wealth
    Pollution at Center: Air 10, Water 10, Garbage 4, Radiation 0
    PollutionRadii: Air 6, Water 7, Garbage 0, Radiation 0
    Flammability: 38
    MaxFireStage: 4
    Power Consumed: 194
    Water Consumed: 1226
    Style Tileset: Chicago, New York
    Occupant Types: CO$$, CO$$$
    Building Value: 53906
    Capacity Satisfied: CO$$ 2200, CO$$$ 1501

    DEPENDENCIESThere are No Dependencies required for this BAT.

    Let me know if there are any problems, as I do not have a city of sufficient size to test grow the growable version. Exemplar modding is another world for me, so who knows what I have really done. This model has been extremely long in coming, as I was planning it even BAT first came out, so I hope everyone enjoys it. A first BAT for me, hopefully there will eventually be more!

    Many thanks to everyone here and in the BAT Forums for their help, tutorials,and encouragement with this little project. I've downloaded gigabytes of great stuff from here, so it about time I gave something back. Enjoy!


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  8. Beijing Olympic Stadium

    Currently under construction in Beijing, China for the 2008 SummerOlympic Games. The perfect centerpiece for you SimCity Olympic parks!Also called the National Stadium, and also The "Birds Nest". Thisstadium will cost China about $423 million to build. But you can havethis stadium for much less!
    13x13 LM
    Crazy design i know, and i also know that not everybody likes thisstyle! so please if you don't appreciate kind of architecture do not DLor rate this. This took me months to make. I even had to render this in3 separate sections because my computer couldn


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  9. Sunken Higway eye candy Set

    Sunken Higway Walls
    This little set is designed to enhance the look of sunken higways.
    It provides straight walls that fit on the slopes surrounding sunken ground
    higways. And it also contains special pieces to nicely integrate overpasses
    into your sunken higway network. You can find them in the parks menu.
    I recommend using the hole digging lot for ground higway to get the right
    slopes beside your higway, especially to get the terrain needed for the
    onramp pieces. To get them right you should dig a hole with the diggin
    lot then level the terrain by placing single street tiles. When done lay the
    highway and plop the overpass, hopefully you should get the right terrain.
    If not try playin arround a bit with the terrain tools somtimes its just tricky
    to get it right but in most cases it works fine.


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  10. Burj Dubai

    Here is my newest and greatest BAT : BURJ DUBAI

    Construction Time was 4 month. The Tower is 1005 Meters tall and has 192 Floors.
    The real Burj Dubai will bethe highest tower in the world. Completion is December 2008.


    Lot Size: 12x11
    Heigh: 1005 meters with Spire (920 meters up to the roof)
    Floors: 192
    Category: Landmarks

    Its a Landmark-Version (no Jobs)

    I hope you like it.

    SPECIAL THANKS ON: ThorstenDHF, bixel and nobodyx.

    Thanks for Comments and Downloads.



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  11. Modern MonorailBusSubway Station

    Capacity:10,000 Monthly cost: 25 I'm including a Monorail ONLY station too witha passenger capacity of 2,500. I released this update to correct somebugs on my previous version.
    I'm on the SimCity.com homepage!! yay!!!!
    Feb 2005 UPDATE!
    Now that Im a member of the NDEX team the original tread was moved to this location:
    There you can see the projects Im currently working on.
    If you have any issues with this or any other station feel free to postthem in my forum or PM me (brenda_xne). I would also love to seescreenshots of your cities using my station.
    If you want totranslate this station to another language or upload it to another sitefeel free to do it as long as you dont forget to mention who the authoris and also please let me know if you do it (I love seeing the modifications people do to it and their sites).
    Brenda Xne.


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  12. NDEX RailtoSubway Transition

    Pathed by Redlotus; modelled by Fosterk, Decius, DuskTrooper, and N74704.
    A fully-functioning network-enabled plop allows the connection of railroad tracks at the top of the ramp descending down to a connection to the subway network at the bottom is now a possibility! Trains visually descend into the 'pit' thanks to Redlotus' pathing for the lot. (thanks!) I happened to have stumbled upon the fact that referencing non-existant base textures in the game results in a 'see-through' effect, just what was needed for this lot and its LODs to work 100% correctly.
    Note: Like the Maxis network transition (el-train-to-subway), this lot has a minor 'bug' that is visual only. When plopping items around the lot, sometimes the ground texture of SC4 will 'cut through' the lot. The easiest way to fix it is to go into sub-terranean view then quickly return to surface view. It should look normal now.

    Menu: Subways and Misc. Transit
    Lot Size: 3x1
    Plop Cost:


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  13. New Anfield Stadium AKA Stanley Park

    As a liverpool fan, I've  been  waiting for this stadium to be built. However, in the last few weeks, I am building the stadium in the virtual world!!  So, for all you  liverpool  and soccer fans out there,  I prensent you with the NEW ANFIELD!
    The zip file contain one landmark lot of the size 11x12.
    There is no denpendencies for this lot.
    And please visit my thread here to take a look at my upcoming project.
    You'll never walk alone!


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  14. McDonalds v1

    Is the world's leading food service retailer with more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries serving 47 million customers each day.
    Is one of the world's most well-known and valuable brands and holds a leading share in the globally branded quick service restaurant segment of the informal eating-out market in virtually every country in which we do business. Serves the world some of its favorite foods - World Famous French Fries, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets and Egg McMuffin. Our rich history began with our founder, Ray Kroc. The strong foundation that he built continues today with McDonald's vision and the commitment of our talented executives to keep the shine on McDonald's arches for years to come.
    www.mcdonalds.com   **UPDATED** 4/18/05   After learning new techniques I decided that this lot needed to be updated.  McDonalds has had a new facelift from the ground up including new textures, lighting and details. I have also made 3 different style street signs that will randomly change on the lots.   I am still awaiting the Custom UI's to be made but I felt that you should have the lot in the meantime.  This lot will go thru another update when those have been completed.  Also note that this is an exe file.   You will eventually be able to download the MAC version  from kbooms1w's website at: http://homepage.mac.com/kbooms1w/FileSharing7.html   McDonalds comes ploppable with 50 jobs and is a 4x4 LM lot also included is a CS$ 3x4 Growable. I also remade the 1x1 McDonald's Highway Sign lot. It will install into the parks menu. Plop one close to the highway for added realism . Hope you and your sims enjoy!   Special thanks to the BSC Team.


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  15. Cologne Cathedral

    The Cologne Cathedral is the landmark on the city of cologne. Until 1889 the Cologne Cathedral was the highest building of the world with an height of 157 m.


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  16. OpenBooks Library

    Yeah, it's a library. I made this originally for SYM prod. chained university project but it never progressed much further.
    Lot is size 4x4, plop cost is $3500 and monthly cost is max. $1000. Gives jobs for 100 librarians I think. No dependencies.
    UPDATE: Version 1.01, updated the EQ boost stat, it's now closer to other library BATs on STEX.
    To install, unzip the file into your plugins directory.


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  17. Playboy Mansion

    Mayor, the Adult industry seems to be growing in your city. As a reward, one of the owners in particular would like to build a new residence. He got the plans from the architect who made that nice seaside Villa of yours, but is making a few "upgrades"....

    WARNING : This lot is designed to be plopped on a 3x4 parcel of land, overhangiong the water. The building will project past the end of the lot. If placed incorrectly, this could interfere with other surrounding buildings.
     Lot Details and Information Ploppable Reward Lot :
    Lot size: 3 x 3 tiles Reward Menu position: Rewards Custom Features : Menu Icon, Query, Query Sound Reward Requirements: 450 R$$$ Sims, 250 Water Tiles in City,
    3 BTE Nimby Lots. Jobs: 10 Civic Plop cost:


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  18. Black Hole Waste Management Corp

    Tired of Landfills that fill up? Want a way to get rid of garbage without the pollution and negative effects? The Black Hole Waste Management Corp is here to help. Mr. Black has designed a drill that will dig to a depth where the drill itself burns up as a result of heat from the Earth's core. He then caps the hole, lowers a dump shaft, and voila - no more garbage. No negative effects occur except the redish-orange glow at night.
    Plop - $5000
    Bulldoze - $500
    Maintenence - $500
    Capacity - 1,000,000 per month
    Power produced - 5000 watts
    No negative pollution on any level. Improves industrial demand in its area.
    This is a radical lot because I wanted it for a region I am doing. I always get tired of making more deals and adding more landfill, so I came up with this. I would appreciate any input, and I am willing to update this as people want. Thanks alot, and enjoy!


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  19. Bank of Simcity Plaza

    The SimCity Bank HQ is one of the tallest building in the world. Closing out at 99 floors this building is a true marval of modern BAT engineering. Designed by the firm of Joerg and Associtates the building houses the Bank of SimCity Group one of the largest financial groups in the World.
    Provides Jobs for 9000 CO$$$
    100,000 Plop Cost
    8x4 Lot


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  20. Taipei 101

    The long awaited Taipei 101 us finally available for download.  The lot size is 12x14.  It is a ploppable, commercial enabled landmark lot with 2000 medium wealth commercial jobs. I would like to thank equinox for doing the modding on the file and bixel for rendering it on his computer.  The package includes 3 in-game pics, 2 dat files, a lot file and a readme.  There are no dependencies, so just download, unzip to your sc4 plugins folder and enjoy.
    *special note: this file is over the ten megabyte upload limit but I have recieved special permission from Dirk to upload. Cheers


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  21. Underground Car Park

    Here is an underground car park with a little novelty where you can choose one of 5 nitelite neon colours (or a 'non-neon' version if you wish)! 

    All you have to do is unzip the folder, delete the colours you don't want (each filename includes the colour) and place it in your Plugin folder.


    Function: Garage/Car Park with 10000 capacity
    3x3 lot
    500 to plop

    No dependencies

    Have fun!


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  22. Shanghai World Financial Center

    I have just fixed the zoom 1 bug of the tower base complex. please redownload the new version. Or you can just enable the zoom1 level preveiw in the plugin manager.

    The Mori Building Group is utilizing expertise acquired through projects in Japan and China in this structure, towering 101 stories high, 492 meters tall, which will offer not only offices with leading-edge specifications but also the world's highest observation platform, a five-star hotel, commercial spaces that will draw sophisticated shoppers from around the world, and excellent conference facilities. Designed by KPF (Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates), this soaring structure will become a symbol of Shanghai's growth , China's potential, and the new era unfolding in Asia.
    Lot Size: 5x8
    Job: Co$$$6000
    Dependancise: BSC_CARCH_FSLPTTexture_Set1_v1.dat
    BSC Texture Misc Vol1.dat


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  23. La Tour Eiffel

    It has been over a year since I have uploaded anything to the STEX, but I finally managed to export something, a monument that needs no introduction.

    There are no special modifications to the lot, or any other graphical improvements within SimCity besides the tower itself.
    Although, I had originally intended to have the lot modified, I simply did/do not have the time to worry about any further progress.

    However, the model itself is greatly improved over the past uploads. This model includes the new esplanade, the Restaurant Jules Verne, elevators, stairwells, etc. Everything is scaled correctly (although, in real, life the Tokyo Tower is larger, in-game, it was scaled poorly; I used the Chrysler Building as my source of scaling).

    I must thank SimFox for helping me with my exporting issues and providing mea new lighting rig for BAT4max, and I must also thank the members who helped me in other issues during my progress. 

    For my progress with this model (and to see the amount time and effort I put into the detail), view this thread: 


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  24. Madison Simcity High School

    The Madison Highschool is one of the finest schools in the SimCity area. Built in 2001 its not exactly pretty but with a tight city budget its what we see every day in the suburbs. Th school has the capacity of 1500 students being served in the area of one large map. The buildign itself sits on an 8x6 base so is easilly placed in most grid patterns.
    Now on a side note something i never want to have to do to my lots but i feel that with the extra amount of complaining around here lately i will say this. I dont want to hear anything mentioning the the american flag being on this lot. If you have so much pride for your country that you wont download this becuase of that then i can have every darn bit as much pride for mine and here on simtrop i dont think it should be an issue so dont make rude comments like im not downloading this becuase america sucks.
    I usually have no problem with complaints about the lot thats somethign i can live with but to complain about the idea instilled by the nations flag on the lot is downright petty in my personal opinion and i wont put up with. So complain all you want about the building itslef.


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  25. The Library Tower

    This massive tower has dominated the Los Angeles skyline since its completion in 1989. Standing at a mere 1,017 feet, it is the tallest building in the United States west of Chicago. The "Library Tower" is a nickname given to the structure, due to the LA Central Library located near its base, but the actual name of the tower has changed with each corporate take over.
    It is now known as the US Bank Tower, but I have modelled it to represent possibly its most famous form, that of the First Interstate Tower that was made famous in the movie "Independance Day", where it was targetted by aliens and then demolished as a group of sign-wavers stood on the tower's helipad (located at the very roof of the building).
    The updated version also includes a version with several thousand CO jobs.


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