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  2. IRM I-HT EZ Flo Laxatives by SimGoober

    Very nice.
  3. IRM I-HT EZ Flo Laxatives by SimGoober

    Can I make a small suggestion? It would be nice if you used the lighter version of the base texture, allowing for it to blend seamlessly into Sam 11 / Industriesam. The iid is 258d1000.
  4. IRM I-HT SC4Tech Factory by SimGoober

    Thanks for doing more high tech. Eventually I'll make a clean and friendly industrial park city.
  5. IRM I-HT SC4Tech Factory by SimGoober

    Okay, - if I understand right and you state that the term 'essential' - apart from a very few fixes maybe - is something subjective. If so, I simply missunderstood you. Sorry. But this restricted by this working together as a mechanism will result in conservatism. If you do like the ones before you did. It's not you as an artist, I was talking about, but about the risk this becoming a self-censorship by limiting your idears by being afraid of adding props nobody used before. 'Nobody will have it, they will have to download it - should I really include?' And because of this self-censorship new props won't come in use. I never intended to say you do this by your will or being a question of simple taste. But to be an effect of self-censorship regarding non-established mods. It's not because someone is old fashioned - it's more like being afraid running against the mainstream. Think of fresh lotters - don't we educate them this way? You used to many exotic props (so you'll be flogged on the market place!) And by no way I wanted to accuse you being old fashioned. Never ever this was on my mind for a second. I swear. As you explained it, why you did use these props - which I enjoyed to read and my thought was instead: "well, shure, he's right." My interest was (and still is) to understand this mechanism like a market that slowly concentrates on a few brands. How to prevent self-censorship on the use of props. Which, imho, became some kind of ideology here during the years. What I tried to say: if you limit yourself on a few dependencies, that's okay if you like to do so. exactly this - I never intended to critisize. There's nothing grumpy about that, really. But in no way - this will help users or users can benefit from this. Because at the end there is no difference if they have to download 20 dependencies at once (caused by one lot from one lotter) or 20 dependencies in a year (by downloading a lot here and a lot there). This is a chimera, maybe some psychological effect, and to download two dependencies here and two dependencies there seems to be more handy instead downloading all four at once. But at the end of the year it's all the same. What I try to proclaim - it is your choice, which props you use - and only yours, not to community to rule about this. It should be always your artistic/aesthetic choice and only this. And I never complained on your choice. But this sentence, maybe I missunderstood, sounding like to make this choice by thinking to do a favour to the users if you use only 'established' or 'essential' or 'common' props (at the end the term isn't that important but the motivation) - if you think to protect users from too many props in any way - it's like limiting your creativity for nothing. Because all those depedencies you avoid - they will download them anyway. Some other time, somewhere else. It's just they forget fast. They complain if they get a long dependency list at once, but if you give them a part of the same list each month, they won't complain. So it's this reason for being short in dependencies I highly doubt. You may have your own reasons - and they aren't even my business. I only want to point out - if you limit your creativity by limiting your use of props because you thinking to do something good to the public - you fail. You steal from your creativity for nothing. Because someone else will make them download all the dependencies you forbid yourself anyway. So this is no reason at all to limit yourself. This was my point - which isn't related to your lot at all or your work. It was related to your response to @tariely. So I was pretty off topic quite from the start. This might be the main missunderstanding and all my fault. I just started to think about that because of a sentence you wrote - but it doesn't touch your work, you present here. But maybe I attracted some people to this file with my bubbles? If this is the main result of me thinking in public - to attract people to nice lots - you can't be angry about me being off topic. Don't you?
  6. IRM I-HT SC4Tech Factory by SimGoober

    (whoops, didn't intend to make those trains running !...)
  7. IRM I-HT SC4Tech Factory by SimGoober

    This is not what I meant to say at all, and I am rather certain that it is not what I ended up saying at all, either. I did not mean to say "the old cars are essential, the new ones are not". And even more importantly, I never said, thought, or even only insinuated that the reason for my not using newer car props is the mere fact that they are new. (Btw, the latter is an allegation that I could regard as somewhat offensive if I were touchy - paints the picture of me as a grumpy old man refusing to use something new simply because it's new, without any reason whatsoever, just outof spite and closed-mindedness. I don't think I'm quite there yet. ). What I wrote was: "I could avoid further dependencies for something that I didn't regard as essential." It is an undeniable fact that adding another car prop pack would have added at least one download to the dependencies list. Loading times or game performance do not even come to play in this decision. It's purely about user comfort - "is another dependency really worth it for these lots?". The list must end somewhere, or it becomes unwieldy and unmanageable. The "essential" part is, as you correctly pointed out, the non-factual part of this sentence. It is my personal taste, preference, choice of material - which is pretty clearly expressed in the "I didn't regard as essential". Here you have the "I" which already makes it clear that it is a subjective statement from my perspective, and you have the "regard as", which clearly indicates it is my personal view and not at all intended to claim something as generally essential or not. And the reason for me personally not regarding those great new HD car props as essential for these lots is not the fact that they are new and that I have any problem with new stuff, but that they were not my preferred choice for looking clearly modern* (i.e. less versatile), for being the only HD component in an SD environment. _______ *not "modern" as in "newer uploads", but "modern" as in "representations of modern cars from the 90s and onward". The downloads themselves could be from 2005, and the aspect of representing modern cars and being HD would remain unchanged. The entire "if everybody did it like you, we would keep using the old stuff forever, and creators of something new wouldn't stand a chance" is groundless IMO, and for the very reasons you stated: People have different tastes and regard other stuff as "essential". They will look for the stuff that embodies the best compromise in terms of benefit vs. handling for them. For some people, this might precisely be modern HD car props. So they'll use them and help establish them. This is not a one-man show, after all. There are always other uploaders who help establish things. And it works from the downloader perspective, too: If most downloaders love a new pack, it will get downloaded many times. Creators will notice that a pack becomes very popular, and this might influence their decision: "Apparently, very many people are using this already, so if I added it as a dependency, most people would probably have it already. This means that they wouldn't have that many additional dependency downloads just because of my lots." Imagine the NAM: If 20 people were using it, uploader X might hesitate to make it a dependency for their lots if it only offered little benefit for their personal taste. They might think "I dunno, it doesn't look THAT much better with the NAM, and forcing such a huge and rarely used upload down the peoples' throats might not be worth it". However, the popularity that the NAM enjoys with the downloaders - on its own account! - makes it easy for the uploader to say "Aw, who cares - everybody and their dog probably have this already". Thus, new stuff will emerge and establish itself anyway, simply because we are a community of many, each with their individual taste. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what each of us prefers, because the STEX (and LEX, etc.) are a collection of any stuff that strikes the nerve of some people who like it - and ends up broadening the choice for anyone. Otherwise you could accuse madhatter106 of hampering download choice and slowing development because he disregards new dependencies and only uses Maxis assets to make his lots. Now you might say "But isn't there some truth in this? Imagine everyone acted like that..." and sure, from a purely theoretical point of view, a community composed of a million madhatter106's might never produce new trees or cars or textures. However, this is a purely theoretical construct that doesn't survive ten minutes in reality: In a real-world community, there is no "if everyone was like that" simply because not everyone is like that, ever. And this is good. Now, I'm not sure if anyone got any smarter after reading this or if we missed each other's points like two trains running on different tracks and the rest of the users just thinks we've gone completely crazy now, but there's that. Might be better hoisting a beer (or whatever drink you prefer) and enjoying what we have rather than overthinking it.
  8. IRM I-HT SC4Tech Factory by SimGoober

    Well, me, I respect that opinion. But first of all, everybody should use the things he/she likes and doing things according to his own needs and preferences. Like a painter who has prefered materials to work with - some does more watercolor, the other does more acryl, one scratches forms into the layer, another one paints forms on top of the layer. While it's interesting to observe different techniques and to understand them - the question of doing wrong or right by making it this way or that way can lead only to dogmatism in creativity/art. To demand artists not to paint with oil on canvas but making sitcoms for TV instead - because most people prefer to watch sitcoms instead of going to a museum and watch paitings - perhaps this will always happen and therefore the artist must be selfish on that - his creativity. Obviously - if he's a good painter but a bad punchline writer he would waste his talent to do sitcoms. So leave this to the artists, what materials they use, it's a a decission artistic licence maybe - while popularity will decide about it. And on many paintings public opinion changed during the decades. There were painter selling their paintings for some bread, 50 years later art dealers sold the same painting for 50 million bucks. So public opinion on art is like a butterfly - jumping from flower to flower with hyped beats of their wings. But ... ... to my little knowledge, if the data is organized well on your harddrive, it doesn't make much difference if the game processes one prop a thousand times or thousand different props one time. So regarding performance it doesn't make much difference if a lot has 100 different props or 100 times the same prop, they must be read anymway, both times the same way. To my knowledge it's not that if you use a single prop a hundred times it will be read only one time from HD but instead each placement causes an entry in the lot configuration data and must be read separate and loaded separate. But making empty lots instead of overcrowded lots would be good regarding performance. The total size of your plugin folder matters only on startup of the game. During game the datasize of the model files and the total amount of their presence matters - but not if they are all different or all the same. The result, regarding performance, to my experience is exactly the same. If you stay on default content an create lots with 100 times maxis fluffy bushes on it and plaster your city with it - you get the same performance loss as using 50 HD props of double size. So the amount of props used on lots and their size matters but not the diversity of props - being all different or not. Therefore I can't understand the argument regarding 'props'. The ones that came first to create cars being essential, those who doing props today not being essential (because new) and therefore can be ignored. How to explain? To me other props are essential. To other lotters other files are essential. Some always uses a bunch of girafe flora, some uses always cycledogg trees. This is okay, to have your own prefernces. But the result - if you see the whole - isn't what you say. At the end I will have all the dependencies. Or I stay only with your lots or I download the preferenced dependencies of other lotters. You, yes - your plugin folder may be smart and quick and straight forward - but just if I download three different lotters mine looks different - it's much bigger than yours. So, again, or I ignore all others and stay with your work only or your argument doesn't work as everybody has his own 'essential' props in use. So, on my part, there is not much meaning in the word 'essential'. The LBT mega prop pack for example - 'essential' to them. Do you use it, is it essential to you? Or mattb325 dependency packs? Are they essential? Of course - if you use his lots/bats. To you? For real, everybody has his own opinion about what is essential. And in sum - me as the end user have hundreds of dependencies in my plugin folder. All required, all needed - so aren't they all essential to someone who used them? So if you changed your mind on what is essentail, nothing would happen to me. It's your plugin folder that would increase, not mine, as mine is allredy fat because I downloaded stuf from many diffferent creators all wqith different 'essentials'. If all would do the same like you, yes - this would help. We would stay on a couple of old props and ignore all those new creators because they never can be essential because of us ignoring them. As essential only can become what is used frequently. It must be, by definition, the stuff that was there first. And who comes second to make car props, will loose. One could call this conservatism. To defend the old against the young to protect things from change - to refuse to renew the definition of what is 'essential'. But from my experience as a player, in eight years, conservatism didn't help to keep my plugin folder smart. You know, what's missing, to make it work? A common ground. With your conservatism you defend not a common ground but only your own ground and the next lotter defends his ground and me, my ground. And the downloader has to download it all anyway, all the ground, all the dependencies. Absolutely nothing is gained at the end. And therefore I doubt this argument to be something benefcial for the community. Still it's your own creative decsission and you should do as you like. I won't touch this. It's just the argument I can't share. Still, imho, when asked why did you do this, why did you use that - the best and most valid answer for me as an artist is: because I like it to do it this way. Making content for games - I don't do this for a better world or to enlighten people or to heal the weak. I do it for fun.
  9. IRM I-HT SC4Tech Factory by SimGoober

    Oh I get it perfectly, don't worry (you were NOT worrying, I know ) It was just a L.E. noobie's reflex. Y' know, at first we love those new and shiny toys... and then practicality sets in !
  10. Maxis Tree HD Replacement Mod

    Thank you for posting your findings here, @PaulSawyer! It's always good to know how a problem could be resolved. I hope I'll find some time tomorrow to edit the description accordingly.
  11. Last week
  12. IRM I-HT SC4Tech Factory by SimGoober

    Ah, so this is what you meant! Thanks for clarifying that. Well, for all those who might be interested, the reasons I chose these cars are as follows: Maxis cars come with those nice randomized car clusters that slowly appear during the morning hours and disappear towards the evening, simulating workers driving there to work and leaving for home - a feature that not many custom car props have, at least to my knowledge. Cycledogg's cars also feature day/night props and come in both regular and shaded versions, and since I used many of Cycledogg's props anyway, it was a logical choice and allowed me to get cars parked in the building's shadow properly shaded - another feature that no other car prop pack I'm aware of can offer. Both of these car prop series are pretty comparable in terms of scaling, both are rather generic and will look OK in many scenarios, and both are realistically subdued in colour. Many custom car assortments are very modern (i.e. they will look out of place in older cities), and I also think that many are oversaturated and will end up looking far too colourful. I could avoid further dependencies for something that I didn't regard as essential. While HD cars look great, the entire rest of the lot - including the main building - is all SD, so I didn't see much sense in having HD cars in an all-SD environment. Obviously, there's lots of personal taste and priorities as well as practical considerations involved here - your mileage may vary. For all those who don't like Maxis cars, some of the packs out there on the STEX contain props that will override their Maxis counterparts, so you'll see those custom cars in place of the vanilla ones everywhere without having to touch any lot yourself.
  13. Maxis Tree HD Replacement Mod

    I had a review overdue for this mod, the tree selection is spot-on and the SFBT tree mod override is the icing on the cake! Plus, any plugin made by TWrecks is guaranteed to be useful/awesome and of high quality. Time to replace the old one! And congrats on you 100th upload!!!
  14. MGB - Mattb325 Max's Microchips ReLot

    Neat! The prop and texture selection blends really well with this model, and the SAM 11 street is a great touch. And the tutorial link is also a great idea.
  15. Van Prooijen Trading

    Te voy a poner un altar, mi hermano... This is just amazing, the reflections, the nightlights, the DarkNite version, I can't wait to see what other Maxis buildings you are working on for this project. As always, your work is thoroughly appreciated, keep it up!
  16. Maxis Tree HD Replacement Mod

    Hello. Great mod, but I'm having a slight problem: for some bizarre reason palms on streets and roads are not affected at all, they remain all maxis. I tried this mod alone without any other plugins and the problem stayed. Is this something to do with the mod itself, or something wrong with the game? Update. I did some more tests and found out two things: 1) The clean install I told about earlier wasn't really clean - my bad; 2) it looks like Cascadia Tree Controller was the cause of the problem - it loaded before the mod and caused conflicts with it in some way (I'm not savvy in that matter). I changed the order of the folders so that the tree replacer comes after the CTC and everything works perfectly. So, the problem solved. Thank you for the mod!
  17. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    It turns out there was an issue with the storage location for the past week or so. I've now corrected this and can confirm the NAM 36 download is back working locally once more. For anyone else who may have experienced time out errors, please try again.
  18. Bus Loop 3x2

    Oooh, I see you actually did network-enable it! Wow, this looks pretty cool now. Compact and busy... get it? bus-y? [I'll show myself out ]
  19. MGB - Mattb325 Max's Microchips ReLot

    The more compact 6x6 re-lot with more refined parking and landscape areas makes it a nice feature of a high tech. property. The grass areas can be further developed easily with MMP trees in-game, so makes it enjoyable to work with. Thanks. The water texture and shadows in the original are excellent.
  20. Van Prooijen Trading

    simply like this one... overall well done 5/5
  21. IRM I-HT SC4Tech Factory by SimGoober

    It must be the first time I really see them. You know what ? Being now able to tinker with the L.E. might have changed the way I look at lots, because I have changed Maxis cars for other ones (HD) on several lots, and the first thing I remember thinking when looking at the pictures was "Why didn't he change the cars?" I don't remember ever thinking that before. Whatever cars, I love your IRM lots -- I have them all !
  22. MGB - Mattb325 Max's Microchips ReLot

    I didn't use a new ID for the lot, so if you keep both lot files installed, one will override the other, you can never see both. That's pretty easy to fix (open in LotEditor, use Save As and it has a new ID). Not really sure why you'd want to keep the old one and the new really? However, because I didn't edit any properties, you still need the original SC4Desc/SC4Model files. Plus the original also has an additional larger footprint 8x8 Lot, which I didn't replace. So if you wanted both styles, you should be covered. When I realised the gap under the building was just right to squeeze in my IndustrialSAM street, it just seemed the most logical way to go. I didn't so much use KOSC's textures, as steal them (note it's not a dependency) . I say steal, but actually I just used the alphas of the dev kit to "stamp" the markings in place on my textures. Lining up everything was just too cumbersome with the released textures, so Instead I made a set of totally custom textures. But this really gave me the flexibility to keep the lot more compact, whilst keeping all those details I was going for. Hence the inclusion of the textures in the download, because they are so specific, it's doubtful they'll be of any use for other lots. Still I'm glad you like it. Frankly if I was going for your level of productivity, I wouldn't have obsessed over the lot like I did. But every now and again I see a model and just know it deserves this sort of treatment.
  23. London Stock Exchange

    Thanks for bringing us this excellently detailed model. It was a great move to mod it as a stock exchange, the Maxis one is just so wrong in European environments.
  24. MGB - Mattb325 Max's Microchips ReLot

    It's amazing, I love the original lot and the model too (I will use the model in my Seaport Project expansion at one point), but this one is so nice! One question however: can this work together with the original MattB lot? You wrote that yours is a replacement, but I do not entirely understand the sentence after this. If I keep the original lot and desc files or whatever is in the original MattB package, they could be existing together? I'm a little confused... Help me out, please! - Tyberius
  25. MGB - Mattb325 Max's Microchips ReLot

    Splendid re-lot! I love how the building, access street, footpath and zebra crossing line up perfectly. This, in combination with KOSC's parking textures and Girafe's trees, makes the entire lot super realistic. Thank you for sharing it! Looks like I can scratch it off my list, eh?
  26. MGB - Mattb325 Max's Microchips ReLot

    Thanks for the heads up, should be fixed now.
  27. MGB - Mattb325 Max's Microchips ReLot

    Excellent! Only the link to the dependency "Girafe Maples" does not work.
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