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  1. Today
  2. Modern HD Car Props

    Wonderful ! (I would have liked to see them in a parking though : depending on the parking style, some cars are sometimes just a tad too big.)
  3. Iris Bay

    Ooooh. This is deliciously weird. Splendid batting !
  4. Yesterday
  5. Diego's Puerto Vallarta Growables - Icon Vallarta

    Super-stoked that these are growable residential. Awesome deal as more unique condo/apartment towers in the game the better. And since I'm having a lot of fun with all your new sports parks, parks and plazas these will fit right in.
  6. Iris Bay

    Absolutely stunning.. followed your progress from start to finish right up to release.. Incredibly beautiful .. thank you for sharing your art with the community!
  7. Last week
  8. IBM Marathon (1250 René-Lévesque)

    thank you I'm sure I commented last year but don't see the log so I'l say it again excellent quality of modelling, modding and choice of building
  9. Hauzeff Building

    thank you for this beauty
  10. Diego's Puerto Vallarta Growables - Icon Vallarta

    It looks great, but the palm trees is bad. I build northern cities.
  11. Maxis DLC Landmarks (Mac Compatible)

    Thank you
  12. Madagascar

    Impressive map! Nice work as usual
  13. Madagascar

  14. MM_Underground Parking

    thank you this has a different look and I really like how it becomes transparent at night
  15. Realistic Civic Mod

    Great job! You had the same idea as me and this works perfectly for a CAM city that I'm intending to setup.
  16. RUM for RRW

    Looks sharp - really like the "stone" viaduct (and proper number of rails)
  17. SM2 RRW nsb Tex

    F.... I can NOT belive that I didn't write a review about this fantastic overlay texture set in the last 2 years, however I'm the one who mostly using these overlays on lots which were released (Heretic Seaport Project - Hello)... And several pieces ended up in this set after my request such as the recent diagonal pieces. Thank you so much, Nick (@Simmer2)! Well, as I said, after my holiday I start to work on the new seaport lots! This set is instant 5/5 of course, it gave me the inspiration and motivation in first place to re-do the whole PEG CDK3 and PEG-CDK3-SP and related lots with a newer and fresher look. And it is just the begining! - Tyberius
  18. Astoria OR - Boreal

    this is awesome, I moved from astoria last year, thanks for the map
  19. BSC Sanchez Importing

    Try with this one: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=736
  20. Electrical substation

    This thing is great, JUST DON"T LET IT EXPLODE!!! It has a 35 or 40 year lifespan and fills the city with radiation if it reaches the end of its life and explodes!!!!
  21. Solomon Islands

    still taking requests for islands, lads
  22. Maxis Tree HD Replacement Mod

    Really great, now there is so much more continuity between the parts of the city and lots with Maxis trees and the nice HD ploppables that have been created. Now even trees on the concrete jungle side streets can stand proud...
  23. SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4

    The crashes are gone!!! I tried and failed to crash the game with hovering NAM puzzle pieces over a transit enabled station and couldn't! I can now build GLR networks without losing the progress!
  24. Industrial Revolution Mod - Base Pack (Maxis Lots)

    Absolutely a masterpiece!
  25. Earlier
  26. Bougainville Island

    dang really gotta get to uploading more
  27. Papua New Guinea

    Big Fan of your work.. Could you please do the Marshall Islands? Particularly Majuro? Cheers
  28. Pedriana Pharmaceuticals

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