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  1. Today
  2. New True Earth update - Hong Kong. Check it out here:


  3. That was an amazing thread!


    It took 48 years from the discovery of the locking-out point of the game to get the thread itself locked out.  Now we know what it does.  Welcome to the Senate of Simtropolis! *:lol:

  4. Last week
  5. Bored as heck.Just wanna get stuff done


  6. Have finally unpacked the computer after moving house two weeks ago :rofl:

  7. coming-soon1.gif


    to your local plugin folder


    Get preliminary information now here


  8. SimCity 4 | REAL WORLD


  9. I get the impression, me standing naked before the wardrobe and choosing the clothes to wear and putting textures on a model in B.A.T is the very same task. And the blue socks don't realy look well with the grey suit and the comfy athletic shoes don't go well with both - even if they all look fine as separate items.

    Or maybe it's like cooking. You can't simply throw all the things they smell good into one pan and create something delicious. While orange and chocolate works and roast beef and orange works - it doesn't mean chocolate and roast beef works too.

    Creating and putting things together are different operations. It's like the difference between using a single calculation type on numbers or building up a term with different calculation types to get a formula. 

    So one clould say even to get dressed in the morning is much more complex than 1+1=2. And requires a formula.

    1. RandyE


      Here's an idea you might find amusing.  What if math could be developed to the point that we could write a formula that would score the lottery numbers with near perfect precision every time and the formula were so simple anybody could apply it?

  10. SimCity 4 | REAL WORLD


    1. ESP15


      Siempre pensé lo mismo cuando me salia ese edificio.. Me resultaba muy pero que muy familiar al maravilloso Woolworth 

    2. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      No sé, no estoy tan seguro... claro, la forma en general es muy similar (menos las secciones más bajas, que sobresalen un poco hacia adelante respecto a la torre principal en el caso de Lind Entertainment), pero el Woolworth cuenta con mucho más decoraciones y detalles mientras que Lind tiene líneas bastante claras y Art Deco. Por otro lado, puede que hayan simplificado el diseño para ahorrar trabajo.

      Sin embargo, si esto significa que estás construyendo cualquiera de estos edificios, ya estoy muy contento. *:thumb:

  11. The ATLAS OF BEAUTY (Mihaela Noroc) has been released.


    Look and ask yourself: at least for the sake of beauty - wouldn't it be worth to do something to save this planet?

    1. RandyE


      The pictures are very well composed and natural, a variety of ethnic appearances and cultural adornments.   Behind the scenes of these pictures more often is the ugliness that is killing the planet.  One pretty delicate little flower growing out of a mass sewer of smoldering stinking radioactive toxic waste is about as powerful an image of beauty I can think of, the flower may wilt, be smothered and consumed in the sewer, but it had the courage to stand up and shine, even if only briefly and hopelessly.

  12. Sabias que el link hacia tu mods tiene un error de "script"?
    (Bananas, perdi mis lenguas!)

  13. Earlier
  14. Hi hi hi!!!good to see you again!!!

  15. new trixie who dis


    1. Haljackey


      It's ya boi


    1. Jasoncw


      Thanks! *:thumb:

    2. korver


      Thank you very much Bastet *:)

    3. Diego Del Llano

      Diego Del Llano

      Thanks <3 !!! 

  16. I wake up and the first thing that comes to mind is NOMAD: Network Addon Mod Open Development. Anyone with a NAM contribution can add anything; code, textures, models, whatever.

    <Cue angry mob with pitchforks and torches>

    1. matias93


      Sounds nice, but I think not many of us would be able to produce something with enough quality to be at NAM level. I personally wouldn't be able to do that, not only for lack of time, but also of technical skills and artistic endowments. Maybe some users could be able to help, but they surely will remain a minority.

      Maybe a mentorship program to help new modders to get a hold of the internal workings of the NAM?

    2. Ganaram Inukshuk

      Ganaram Inukshuk

      Well, without any authorisation from the rest of the team, I can't go forward with the idea (I'm not sure if they're even keen on the idea), and even if they gave me the green light to go full blast on the idea... I had another bout of self-doubt, so there wouldn't even be a coordinator.

      Sometimes I hate myself for coming up with far too many good ideas and never pulling through with any of them...

      As it stands, if I initiated the idea right now, I'd end up pulling the plug because I'm way too scared of what I'd be making.

    3. matias93



      Sometimes I hate myself for coming up with far too many good ideas and never pulling through with any of them...


      Well, I have no idea about the rest of the issue because I don't know the internal doings, but about this I can say something: there is nothing wrong about creating ideas, give them to a wider audience and then doing nothing with them.

      You are not responsible for what your ideas would become, and what's more, you are being generous enough to take what you feel are valuable concepts and giving them freely to others to ponder on them, or maybe even developing them; that is, by itself, a huge contribution that we couldn't have otherwise.

      Even if you take the task of executing this proposal, abandoning it later wouldn't be a motive for feeling guilty: in addition to offer a good idea, you have helped it flourish with your work. If someone else is wise enough to value it and has the determination to use it, your work won't be in vain and will be growth anyway. You shouldn't feel bad for not being a 'doer'; sometimes, what a community needs the most isn't a motivated doer, but a wise, experienced and reflexive thinker who can orient and encourage their peers. For your thinking and your doing you deserve our full recognition as a community! 

  17. Well, my interests have either got shuffled or died a horrible death, and apart from what's left of city simulation gaming, all I got left is flat design art and a very thin sliver of game development as new/surviving interests.

    Uhh, where do I start...?

    1. Fantozzi


      Mostly this isn't related to the subject itself but to something else in your life. To me it's the same on music/soundworks. 20 years I created music and sounds and funny stuff for public radio. Two years now I'm completely without inspiration. I have no clue where it went, how it happened. It's like having a big mountain of firewood but the spark is missing to set it on fire.

      I'm strongly convinced this spark can't be found. You are the wood and the spark must come to you. Therefore I use (and many other do, it's not my invention) the metaphor of an 'angel'.

      The old greek had a divine called 'Mnemosyne' (rememberance) who was to bring the spark to inflame, enlighten you and set your inspiration free.

      You can't command them - the angels, Mnemosyne. Only thing you can do, is to invite them.

      How to invite - the spark, the goddesses of inspiration?

      Make yourself empty. Go to the sea. Sit into the sand. Listen to the waves. Do this for one hour, for two hours, for some days. After a while you begin to hear a greater rythm, a transforming rythm. And from this rythm ascent violins and suddenly there is music in your head.

      Sometimes this works. But definitely you have to stop seeking and get rid of 'I must do'. You can't find inspiration by commanding it. Instead you must give inspiration the chance to find you.

      Well, at least, I think, this is how it works.

  18. I hope I'm not alone in the hype train after seeing that countdown watch at the top of the site!! 

    1. Haljackey


      All aboard the hype train


    2. Ganaram Inukshuk

      Ganaram Inukshuk

      Sorry; I didn't even pay attention to the counter or what it meant... I guess academia will do that to you.

    3. TekindusT


      @Ganaram Inukshuk sure working in public research takes a toll in one's brain!

  19. Hello, I just re-watched some of building a city from scratch and was wondering what twin towers you used because I can't find them. Thanks! :) 

  20. New True Earth update - Berlin (Pt. 2/2). Check it out here:



  21. Hola paisano

  22. Thanks for following me :)

    1. ESP15


      You're welcome my friend ! :D 

  23. Three days in a row heavy clouds hanging deep from the sky and covering the mountains and pooring rain and the air is like greymetallic mist. Even at noon you can't spent the lights. And the rain water overflow basin - not far away, where I use to take a walk, fills slowly with water of the exact same muddy grey. Man, this is annoying. It's like colors were washed away from world.


    1. RandyE


      Used to enjoy storms like that, but now wonder why they come less often.

  24. I've created a ratings thread for the City-Builder Games generally covered on ST.  As members and guests of ST we're fans of the genre of City-Builders so here's a thread where we can share the appreciation for the games.


  25. New True Earth update - Berlin (Pt. 1/2). Check it out here:


  26. I completed my entry for the new Forum Game linked below.  Check it out and have fun *:)   I played a mostly vanilla game with no money cheat. 


  27. Hi Odainsaker,

    just a little question: i am planning to do alexander column for cities skylines and i was wondering, if you maybe still have the textures you used for your great sc4 adaption somewhere? Would be really a great help. Thx and



    1. Odainsaker


      Hi peterycristi!

      An Alexander Column for Cities: Skylines would be wonderful to see.  Fortunately, I did still have the textures I used, though I must admit the textures are pretty messy and the materials they were used in were rather clunky.  Feel free to use them as you wish.  Be aware that the textures were long ago clipped and radically manipulated out of images downloaded from the internet, and I can't claim ownership of the original internet images, but I doubt anyone is going to claim copyrights on tiny image pieces muddled into unrecognizable SimCity renderings.

      I've attached 3 zip files here with all the textures I ultimately used, and have tried to indicate in each texture's naming where in the model they were applied.


      Odainsaker Alexander Column Textures 1.ZIP

      Odainsaker Alexander Column Textures 2.ZIP

      Odainsaker Alexander Column Textures 3.ZIP

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